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Three Broadband

 In a nutshell  

Last updated October 2013

Three offers the cheapest mobile broadband service in the UK, starting at 7.50 per month, and offering a massive 15GB for just 15.99 per month.



The Three network has the longest established 3G network in the UK, and so is a natural supplier of mobile broadband services. The service is very easy to set up and use: you simply plug a modem (or "dongle") into your computer's USB port, and you can then access the Three broadband network from home, work or on the move.

Maximum speeds are now 21.1 Mbps with the dual channel DC-HSDPA dongles. The basic 7.2Mbps USB modem is now available free on all except the 1 month contract. The HSDPA network covers 91% of the UK population and is easy to use.

The speed that you experience will depend on whether you are in an area with "excellent coverage" (i.e within HSDPA coverage), "good coverage" (i.e. within 3G coverage) or "marginal coverage" (i.e. on the edge of the 3G coverage region. Three's HSDPA coverage region currently covers 91% of the UK population (data correct in February 2009) and offers download speeds of up to of up to 2.8 Mpbs. 3 now offers 7.2 Mbps coverage across the UK and is starting to offer 21Mbps. You can check coverage by postcode on the 3 website. If you find that the service is not as good as you expected, you can return your Three USB Modem within 3 days of purchase. If you purchased it at a distance (via telesales or online), you can return your 3 USB Modem within 14 days of receipt provided you have not used your 3 USB Modem for more than 3 consecutive days. You'll also have to return the original boxed accessories and documentation "as new". 3 claim that most people on the HSDPA network can expect a speed ranging from 1 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Ofcom's survey of mobile broadband, published 26 May 2011 found that Three offered significantly faster average download speeds than T-Mobile and Orange, but slower than O2 and Vodafone. This survey was based on 4.2 million tests run from September 2010 to December 2010. Ofcom noted that the most important factor affecting mobile broadband performance is location, so check coverage in the area you plan to use the service before deciding on which network to use. The average speed obtained by Ofcom with 3 was 2.3 Mbps.

User questions

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Why is your broadband service unfit for purpose?

Asked by Joan Mallon from Iteland on 16th Sep 2018
Your broadband service has gradually become worse and worse. 2 years ago, you said this was due to upgrades in service. No improve my followed, became poorer. Recently, essential upgrade again, now the broadband service is no longer a service. It doesn’t function, sporadic is a compliment. When I can access the net, the complaints about your service are nationwide. Why?

Why is it three broadband wont even load the homepage most of the time as it is so painfully slow?

Asked by philip morris from england on 15th Oct 2016
Even when it does finally come on it is so slow its like watching paint dry ive put up with this four years now it gets worse not better.

Three Broadband user reviews

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Average rating from 1579 reviews:

Reviewed by Legion from UK on 10th Jul 2017
Some advice: h+ is atrocious -- Tortuously slow, pages only start loading after a minute. What you want to do is lock the signal to LTE via phone info... it prevents calls, but it does give a permanent, unbreakable 4G signal when browsing/downloading.

Orly good thing about Three is all-you-can-eat internet - regularly eat over 100gb a month. £10 increase coming. That's bad.

Reviewed by Rebecca from England on 21st Apr 2017
Rip off...Gives you data for 5 minutes.

Reviewed by Kenneth from London, England on 11th Mar 2017
3 have been trying to repair their mast in my area for over six month with no luck,
so my signal is being sent to another mast a lot further away and more congested.
When I spoke to 3 all they did was apologised and said they have no idea when the work will be finished. I've been getting a speed of less then half a MB (down from 12-20 MB) for over 6 months and all they can do is apologised. 3 mobile broadband is no longer fit for purpose.
I've been with 3 since they started their mobile broadband service, but no longer I'm off.

Reviewed by Colin Gibson from U.K. on 26th Dec 2016
SLOW CONNECTION TO WEB, cant remember the last time I watched a video online as I dont even bother now because I know it wont play!...Just trying to top up,which is an absolute joke! 37 minutes so far and still not connected to their site...15GB DOES NOT LAST FOR A MONTH either!..POOR SIGNAL IN RURAL AREAS..I live on a narrowboat and only get strong signal in towns and cities...From the look of the reviews on here,3 really do not care about their customers AT ALL!!!...Enjoy the last 15 I will be spending with you 3 (if I EVENTUALLY get a connection!!!)...48 minutes AND I AM STILL WAITING TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY!!!!!!! YOUR SERVICE IS A JOKE,I will be changing providers in the new year.


Reviewed by merv rees from powys uk on 23rd Dec 2016
3 are taking the micky 15 don't last a month no more cost me 95 this month goodbuy 3 in the new year your a con.

Reviewed by stu from uk on 19th Dec 2016
Goodbye 3 you are a waste of time.

Reviewed by bolt from sussex on 26th Jul 2016
I have had mobile broad band on dongle due to no service from BT used to be happy with 3 but data usage has become excessive almost double without using computer more and poor or no service in evening and overnight even when we have good signal is now too expensive will change provider asap a year ago I would have given 5 stars.

Reviewed by Ian from Gloucester UK on 17th Jul 2016
I have been using Three Mobile Broadband on a monthly contract for some years and it used to be good - I used to get download speeds at home typically in the range of 17 to 21 Mbps but lately it is usually in the range of 4 to 8 Mbps - it is a long time since I got more than 9 Mbps. I have recently taken out a contract with EE 4Gee Mobile Broadband and their speeds are many many times faster. I will be saying goodbye to Three when my contract expires.

Reviewed by Danny from London on 28th Mar 2016
Three mobile in my opinon is a con. I have all you can eat package but just been told I only have 4 gb if I use my iPad linked to my phone it's reduced to 4gb.
What a con buyer beware this isn't fit for purpose at all.

Reviewed by Anna from uk on 4th Mar 2016
Got a 15 pound voucher for internet should last me 30 days which it usaly does. But it lasted me 3 hours. Not very happy. Anyone know why please.

Reply by blue from uk on 15th Apr 2016
This happened to me too. For approx 1 year I was paying 15 for a month of internet access, and always had data remaining at the end of the month. Then one month I paid 15, and it was gone in one day. I hadn't used the internet any more than usual. I contacted 3 to try and resolve this but they insisted there was no mistake. Not happy.

Reply by Nora from England on 3rd Oct 2016
Yes same thing happened to me, was told me its because of the pop up adverts, so I topped up and the same thing happened, it used to get me 13 days of use with lots of downloads and 3 videos. When I topped up in May I apparently used up 500mb from downloading about 20 pages from the internet on things like the weather etc. I have since stopped using it but until I can get a mobile phone and broadband contract want to use mobile broadband I am wondering because I had used a top up voucher with them if they are able to tamper with the data usage, I am thinking of getting a new sim and no longer purchasing a voucher since a sim cannot be tampered with.

Reviewed by wrekes from uk on 27th Nov 2015
Three has sa!dly declined and the writing is on the wall for them! This time next year it will be a case of ,"TOLD YOU SO!".What a great pity I hate to see a once great company go downfall executives take note.....

Reviewed by Dave B from England on 19th Sep 2015
Was good 5years ago,every, other company got better 3 just got worse and worse and worse poor tech support, total rubbish topup system which somtimes takes your money but dosnt top you up,then you have have to spend hours on the phone trying sort it out, have now thrown the rubbish dongle in my rubbish bin.

Reviewed by hugh from scotland on 8th Sep 2015
download speed is rubbish 2 GB took 4 hours to download.

Reviewed by jennifer from England on 26th Aug 2015
I live in Eynesbury , st neots , cambridgeshire and the dongle signal i get is useless . sometimes it wont even load the homepage . My advise to anyone changing providers is get a 1 month contract first and then if you get a good signal get a longer contract . That way your not stuck with it till the contract runs out , as i am now . I brought a 3 pay monthly sim for a dongle as they told me it was a good signal . Well its terrible , it takes between 7 to 20 mins to load the home page if i am lucky , otherwise i just have to turn it off and try again later . No way to run a company . The local mast is only running at half power , useless is not the word i sometimes use .

Reviewed by Paul from Scotland on 22nd Aug 2015
Service is great, but why does it take at least 20mins to top up online. Today it was 37mins, my longest was almost an hour. Is it a ploy to get you into a contract or is it just pants service? I have great speeds here, can watch videos so why the feck does it take so long to top up. I've been with 3 for years and it never used to be like this. Four stars for service but only one for the 'top up'.

Reviewed by vk2015 from uk on 17th Aug 2015
i have tried to get my PAC from Three but in spite of giving it to me i ended up having a scandal for 1, 5 hour before getting it. they would just not listen and keep selling to me in spite i said that i already obtained contract from vodafone!just absolutely disgraceful treatment of customers!

Reviewed by Pat from UK on 9th Aug 2015
My 3 15.00 dongle top ups used to last me a month easily. Now recently credit gone so fast it's become very poor value. Looks like I'll be leaving.

Reviewed by jane from England on 8th Aug 2015

Reviewed by joh from england on 1st Aug 2015
I been with 3 for years yesterday I got a 15pound top up hours later my credit had gone why.

Reviewed by julian sciville from uk on 18th Jun 2015
when i first had broadband off three it was very good. that was about 7 years ago. It has slowly got worse and now it has become near useless for some weeks. I am now thinking of leaving as other brands say they now cover my area.

Reviewed by William H from UK on 12th Jun 2015
I use this network occasionally via a MiFi into an iPad.
Generally the network works pretty well. BuT the top-up process (I buy a month when I need it) is desperately slow, and has been for the last few months. Just doing it now, taken 10 minutes and it's still not finished.

Reviewed by Anthony Shawcross from England on 11th Jun 2015
Why am I paying for a dongle after four years

Reviewed by mart from uk on 3rd May 2015
intermittents speeds dropped connections
maximum of 3.2mps sometimes..12 hour data throttling
so your 1 month all you can eat data is really only 2 weeks
the fastest ive found on payngo is virgin media its really fast
if you want to browse just dont try to download anything coz 12kbs
a second is all you will get specially on p2p

Reviewed by richi from England on 26th Apr 2015
3 are rubbish and especially thier useless Glasgow office..

Constant every single day same thing, lose connection, browser not responding, phone crashes, no email connection. Etc etc. Etc?????.....
Sick of their stupid, lame same old excuses and lies...

Time to leave these Scumbag amateurs!....

Unlimited data yea right, unlimited Failure time after time after time time after time?...

Three need a bullet in their head, no more chances, no more time, no more lying, just Death to this Loser network, you pay Cheap you get S. T....

Reviewed by Mike from Wales on 14th Apr 2015
Absolute rubbish they spout ! Been working / living on the same site near Swindon for 3 years , the signal has never been good here but it was useable ( wait around 30 secs for a bbc news page to load ) however lately , at 1500hrs the speed drops form roughly two and a half meg to 0.05mbps , cant even attach a pic to an email and send it , yet at midnight , boom , its back up to 2.5mbps and you can set your watch by it . Finally phoned them today and after speaking to several asian ladies I was put through to a techy that tried to blame everything from my device to weather conditions , I wasnt having it at all so they are going to ring me within seven days with an answer (I wont be holding my breath) and a possible fix . It has to be 3 messing with the bandwidth or output power of masts , its not just me , other lads on the site are experiencing the exact same problem with 3. Rip off Britian at its finest and we are mugs for putting up with it . The French would have the nation on strike if this happened there .

Reviewed by Michelle from Scotland on 29th Mar 2015
I have four ongoing mobile contacts with three, ungraded one last month, went to do same with second but won't offer me HTC 610/620 for 15 or less, which other providers can, with me an existing customer with many contacts they refuse to offer me same price, and stick to 17 pm. Poor poor service for loyalty.

Reviewed by tom from uk on 24th Feb 2015
3 = good prices, good coverage, good speed...

...but rubbish top up system.

It can take more than half an hour to top up.

Reviewed by simone from England on 15th Feb 2015
I cant wait for my contract to finish! I phoned to cancel my original dongle to be told my signal was bad because it was so old. I agreed to update to new better dongle at a discounted rate and it was worse than ever. I was told to take it to a Three shop for testing to find out they cant even test them there. Carphone warehouse confirmed the NEW dongle was broken. Got a replacement and still a signal so weak it to 20 minutes for it to load up to my daughters school website for her homework, we couldn't even get it to load the page we needed. Total joke! Wouldn't recommend Three to anyone except maybe my worst enemy.

Reviewed by midia from England on 12th Feb 2015
Absolutely rubbish, signals bad; Three customer services coming up with stories i.e one of their masts down and this will be fixed tomorrow ect. Never worked, paying 40 for rubbish. Have had a friend with EE , its signal was 100% better than three. Never will go with Three again Rubbish.Doesnt even worth a Star, but could give less!

Reviewed by Iang from London on 26th Jan 2015
I can confirm the basic thrust that on my phone the '3' data service is rubbish: about 2 months ago 3 all-you-can-eat started declining to be useless. For weeks on end it provided no service, and for some days just marginal service, unable to do any real work. 1Mbs would be fine, but 100bs is BS. DNS fail, etc.

Reviewed by James Henderson from Scotland on 6th Jan 2015
Been having connecting issues with this E353 dongle all year 2014 and i still am having problems. i live in Invergordon just across the water from the 3G mast at Rosemarkie and i always have all 5 bars loaded so i get perfect signal but i keep getting disconnected 5 seconds after getting connected most times. also i get my dongle reset each time too when i go to properties and configure it to a higher speed. i use mine mostly in the house and was so fed up forking out a standing charge every quarter to BT....so i opted for a mobile dongle......BIG MISTAKE....Why r brits mugs paying out standing charges anyhows? yanks and canadians never do pay standing chages at all.....so my friends and relatives living there tell me. When r we going to get a group going demanding that these forever increasing rip-off standing charges be abolished?

AND 3G r the only ones uo here that can give u 3G. In fact i am so fed up with it all that i am planning to get back onto landline again as i hear we r to get fibre optic up here in the next few months.

last year i was on the 3G live help line and was told by some asian that my dongle needs replacing as they only last 2 years. WHAT UTTER RUBBISH!!!!

Reviewed by mart from england on 3rd Jan 2015
traffic shaping unusable from 3pm to 12am
fluctuating speeds,no tethering unless you use a 3rd part app
random disconnects when downloading and the download speeds
i get vary from 80kbps to 600 kpbs wich is abysmal in a modern world...saying that i will use it till they stop the unlimited data then i will go back to two cans and a piece of string coz there is no way im going back to voda with its data allowance...ive found round here that virgin mobile
blows the pants off 3 or voda but you try p2p downloading and it aint gonna happen (at all)so as far as virgin is concerned ..cant download wont use no matter how fast a web page comes up

oh yeh just a tip for you ..if you want to get rid of the annoying over 18 control..
goto the APN changing part of your smartphone or dongle
and change three.co.uk to 3internet
and use the very latest version of firefox or if you use opera set it in turbo mode
and voila no more "you have to be over 18 etcetc"

Reviewed by Ian from north Wales UK on 16th Dec 2014
I am on the all you can eat tariff and what a waste of money! Hardly get a decent signal anymore so missing important phone calls and lucky to get Internet now. Disgusting how 3 treat there customers I hope they get fined millions for a not fit for purpose service. Come next March I will be going else where.

Reply by Rory from UK on 2nd Feb 2015
Me too. In central London, they've changed things recently and we're now getting dial up speeds most of the time during the day. When it was 3G, it was often & meg and more (they called it 3.9G) often into double figures. Then 4G meant I'd often get speeds of 15-25. Since the new year, it's been less than 0.5meg, often just 0.1 or 0.2 (I've even had less than dial up, less than 0.05.) It was great but it's now pathetic. We've both been on 3 for over 10 years but will stop when these contracts are up in June. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Reviewed by David Butler from United Kingdom on 30th Oct 2014
Over the last week, these are the results of trying to download updates/win10 preview. TomTom 32Mb update - estimated time 29hours, New PC Widows 8.1 updates - failed twice to complete. Win10 3.6GB download - estimated time 5 days!
Service absolutely unfit for purpose with pages unavailable, timeouts and some download speeds showing 0kb/s , maximum I've had is 93Kb/s. 3 shop told me there were problems with masts in Wakefield area. 3 technician told me nothing wrong with masts in Wakefield area. After 30 minutes on the phone and various undisclosed diagnostic tests, they sort of admitted something wasn't quite right. However it would take 7 days to fix it.As 3 Mobile is my only link to the internet and the need to be able to use it anywhere in the UK, this reply was unacceptable.So, I've now got several PCs ( 2 new) requiring Updates a new TomTom that I can't register or download updates for and I'm continually having to retry accessing the Terminal Cancer support groups I need for my condition. All this seems to have no effect on 3 Mobile getting their finger out to help me. They used to be good, but they really are rubbish now!

Reviewed by Ian from uk on 29th Oct 2014
Live in Sussex, Worthing to be precise, have already posted a reply to a previous comment on dissatisfaction with this service. Just dropped in to see what is being said now and it appears no new comments since August...have people given up trying to get what they are paying for!!!!! or has all comments been stopped on this thread? Me Im still struggling to use the internet, just did a speed test and it managed a download speed of 0.01mbs....so even opening plain old emails is a struggle. This service is appalling and they should be held to rights for failure to meet their side of the contract, they take my money and turn a blind eye to the issues. I am at my wits end with this so I think its time to get onto the regulators and report this situation, anyone agree !

Reply by Susie Scott from England on 30th Oct 2014
Ian-thought it was me -or my Chrome Book! Three advised me to erase my memory two weeks ago.Being a dinosaur,I paid someone 43 to do so. He lives in Harrogate,-and had no problem- immediate connection. I live north of York-no connection,-after 2 years of satisfactory reception. So I rang Three again-who THIS time admitted it was their problem-assuring me it would be fixed soon-and that I would receive a complementary 10 "Pay -as -you -go" Month-(-my normal method of payment) A week later,still no reception. I wasted an hour hanging on to speak to a "Technical Adviser". Like you I resent them having my payment with no service,and am looking for alternatives. If I wasn't such a slow typist,I would contact the Regulators-please do!

Reply by Ian from uk on 4th Nov 2014
HI Susie Just to let you know I have lodged an official complaint wit the regulators, not just from me, but all those that have posted on this site....I have given them the link so that they too can see the issues that we are all having to endure. Whether some comes of it I have know idea but its a starting point. I copy here a copy of my complaint why not just copy it and send it to them, the more of us that do this the more chance will be listened to...strength in numbers maybe..
Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you on my behalf of thousands of users who pay '3' the providers of mobile calls and broadband both in the home and on mobile phones as we are receiving a service that is not fit for purpose. I previously used a MiFi dongle with this company and really had no issues accept for the cost. When my contract ended with O2 I decided to take '3' sim card that offered 'eat as much as you can' data. Initially it was reasonably good but became totally unreliable offering fluctuating speeds from 5mbs (rarely) down to 0.01 or zero. I have spent hours on the phone to their customer support, followed all their instructions to no avail. They offer me and others a myriad of excuses as to what the problem can be but never resolve the situation. As I said I am far from being alone with this situation and I really believe that they are taking our money under false pretenses as they cannot deliver the service we are all paying for, so technically in breach of their contract to provide the service that we have all signed up to. If you wish to see proof of this take a look at this site, and the issues go back on the site some 5 years and you will see that I am not alone with this issue :- www.s21.com/3-mobile-broadband.htm I feel that as the regulator for this industry you should investigate these issues and take '3' to task on their service provision which fails their customers dismally throughout many parts of the UK. We as individuals may not be paying a large monthly bill but even so we should be receiving what we signed up for, that being a service which is fit for purpose!! I trust that you will take this matter into hand as I wish to share your responses with all the others who are in the same predicament as myself and hope and trust that we will see some action that either compensates the many thousands involved or that the provision of the service becomes the service that we all signed up for and pay for. Yours faithfully xxxxx
Be proactive and let us get what we pay for!!!!!

Reply by K from England on 6th Nov 2014
Hey, do you guys have the email/address where I can send this complaint? Or point me in the right direction I'm not sure where to send it. I'm sick of paying for internet I can't use. Thanks in advance. Down with three!!

Reply by Kay Jay from Newark, UK on 10th Nov 2014
Hi there, been a three customer for past 4 years, it's never been very fast and sometimes didnt work at all but now it takes 15 minutes to load a page! think its disgracefull for 16 pound a month! I would like to write to them too, can anybody post an email address please ?

Reviewed by Hugh from UK on 27th Aug 2014
Recently (last ten days???) the DNS lookup is dreadful, to the extent that my initial login with an MBB dongle says "DNS lookup failed", and so (if I believed that) I would say "not oaf merchantable quality" or "not fit for purpose". Yes, once connected to a single site the performance is ok, but if a web page switches to other URLs (eg to googleanalytics) then every single one of those DNS lookups causes a long delay. Dreadful.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 15th Aug 2014
I live in Chailey in East Sussex and after trying 3 mbb for three months ditched my unreliable landline because Openreach don't want to dig up the 100ft concrete path that covers their defective multi pair copper cable from the nearest pole to the cabinet. All was well until the end of April when 3 became slow. Its got progessively worse and now although the connection is rock solid, after downloading the first page it all locks up.Interestingly, when I enter a web address in Chrome, the upload wheel spins endlessly which suggests that there's a DNS issue (see Derek B below), as ping tests are fine. If I can ever get to the webpage, file downloads run at a reasonable speed (2.5Mb). The Three bozo in India told me my problems were due to an issue affecting all wireless devices in the UK (yes folks, really: Putin must be jamming us) but he would get back to me in 48 hours. There's seven left and I'm not hopeful. As there are many of you here who feel cheated, anyone interested in launching a Class Action against 3? While we all moan individually on forums like this, nothing will get done.

Reviewed by anders from UK on 11th Aug 2014
I live in Sussex in worthing. And more and more the mobile internet on my mobile is down , but it seems to be only around the town. As you get outside of the town full 4G comes online. And when reporting it to three even after a week of the problem. They claim that the is no problem.

Reply by Ian from Sussex on 23rd Oct 2014
I live in sussex too and I have been having problems for weeks now, speeds jumps from 5+mgbs down to .01mgbs or no connection all the time. I have spent hours on the phone trying all they can suggest and to no avail....still a hopeless situation. I use my iphone 4s to tether with my pc and laptop and I spend more time trying to get a connection than actually using the internet...so frustrating and I see I am far from being alone with these issues. As an example my iphone needs the latest update (after the last one I lost wireless and bluetooth capabilities on the phone and apple dont give a proverbial about that either) and to do the update was going to take over 15 hours...gee its only 38mgbs for goodness sake!!!!!! Breach of contract I think!!!

Reviewed by paul from uk on 17th Jul 2014
Ive tried EE which was brilliant at first on 90day sim only fast up till sixty days then rubbish ,lost 30days of use due to rubbish signal purchased new 90day sim only brill to start with then again not usable even with signal but only 2G yes your eyes arnt deceiving you,thats good olde worlde 2G,never thought THAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE, vodafone was brilliant but for last 6months its eithermaking then braking its signal ,strangley the cheapest appears to(at least at the moment!)be the most reliable, and thats 3network,mabe its just my area who knows, i just wish theyd all stop messing around and all be the same network,they will in the end anyway come on you bunch o wasters get it sorted once an for all,thats all folks:-{

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 14th Jul 2014
I've had a 3 pay as you go dongle for about 3 years and its always been bad (cant watch any moving clips etc. and takes ages to load pages etc. etc.) but this year even worse and now I cant even get online for the past 10 days.
It is utter rubbish and a rip off.

Reviewed by johnjones from england on 10th Jul 2014
used 3 mobile broadband for nearly three years.due to slow speeds I was persuaded to upgrade when my contract ran out in June to a 15Gb package. This includes a "high speed " dongle. Now my download /upload speeds are so slow it is like watching a candle burn down? paint drying is quicker?!. jones, Marple Cheshire.

Reviewed by one three three from uk on 14th Jun 2014
Worst connection speeds ever. everytime i talk to them they say if there was anything i could do on my end i would do it. then they say that downloads are limited between 3pm and 12 midnight so i should try again, outside of these peak times.

this page took 5 minutes to load, i tried to run a speedtest and i had to take the battery out of my phone and reset my sim card because my connection actually cut out completely.

after id rebooted my phone the results of that test are...



....im still waiting for the page to load, im not sure if its ever coming back.

.24 mbs second download

and... god knows how much upload, ill have to wait around to find out, i might read a book.

really bad service, they are limiting the downloads and you can just feel it when you using the internet. if i start 10 downloads at the same time i can get up to 2.5mbs per second.... but i never can get that speed on any one single download.

online gaming with three is a joke, if your serious about online gaming, you want to steer clear of their service completely, youll only end up breaking your computer. and its gonna be cheaper to just go with a landline broadband provider.

ive complained 5 or 6 times now, and finally they are sending someone out to check the tower in my area. i live in a major city, there is no 4g available in my area yet.

encase your interested my upload results came back and they are 0.03mbs a second.

if your thinking of getting three for anything other than maybe checking your emails you might want to consider a 56k modem.

im giving one star for all these reasons, and the fact that i think the more stars i try put on here the longer im going to wait for gif images to load, i just dont have that much patience.

Reviewed by Ruairi from ireland on 3rd Jun 2014
canceled my account 3 months there sayin i still running my broadband joke something should be done to them

Reviewed by telboy from uk on 25th May 2014
i have used 3 on and off for over 6 years. i say on and off cause 6 years ago they were the only company offering mobile data at all where i am.
Now 6 years later all other companies are offering mobile in the town, and of all of them 3 is by far the worst. despite being only 400 mtrs from the main mast for example i get timed out on every web page i have been to, and am now using a mifi high speed modem. WHich i shall be selling as useless here. This service is worse than it was 6 years ago. Time 3 had their licence taken away for misrepresentation. High speed UK !!!!!!!!!!!! Forget it.

Reviewed by Kolibri from UK on 20th May 2014
The dongle dashboard (intended for viewing via the default gateway in your browser) did not work, meaning I was unable to check my data usage (kind of important when you'll be without broadband altogether in the event of a disconnection), so tried setting up a My3 account on the website which only told me to expect to receive password in the Three PC connection manager *after* the registration process. One problem. Three didn't bother to configure the connection manager for Windows 8. Good to know.

Customer services are open daytimes Monday to Friday only, so if you inadvertently run out of data on a Friday night, you're pretty much out of luck till Monday morning. The 3G works, but this service couldn't be more stingy and tacky if it tried.

Reviewed by tea from wales on 17th May 2014
Just cancelled today, stuck with it for 4 months but useless internet speed from most locations I am at.

Speed would go from bits to megs (but mostly bits) in a heart beat - nothing to with signal just "massively" oversubscribed.

Shame really as unlimited tethering sound awesome for the price - but they cant no way deliver it.

Oh and cancelling be forceful (and record the call over the speaker ) the guy ( call centre abroad it sounded like ) was kept putting the cancellation on hold trying to get me to change my - in the end had to shout how many dam times do you want me to say it - just cancel.

Reviewed by Miles from England on 1st May 2014
This was a trick. My contract came to it's end of 18 month's.
I stopped the direct debit,yet 3 keeps sending me bills?
I ring them up and they tell me (despite the fact I have stopped using it, and the contract ended, that unless I tell them 30 days in advance I am leaving their service "3" - I will still have to pay them, regardless.

I still refuse to pay!

It's like charging for electricity that hasn't been used, etc......

Their service was so poor, it would take ten minutes to open my e-mail - variably from day to day. Awful. 18 Gyg a month I had, but would barely touch "3" Gyg.

Perhaps that's why they are called "3".

I do not recommend "3" to anyone. Their technical team is a joke, promising to repair/upgrade a service mast, and never doing it. They take the money and don't up the bandwidth. Rubbish.

I hope their head office in India (who you will have to try your hardest to comprehend when complaining to them inevitably) has the worst Delhi belly imaginable - all at the same time!

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 30th Apr 2014
1.5 years ago I signed a contract for monthly payments sim only. Unfortunately, the network signal is weak and disappears without a reason, so I decided to break the contract. It was a subscription of 12 pounds a month. 2 bills before deciding came for the amount of 27 and 29 pounds. After the break the contract I got a bill for 62 pounds, with no connection was doing that were on the bill, and some of them were double-counted. Every second voicemail was counted as a minute. I do not recommend, and he never would use the services of this thieving company. I advise everyone to be careful.

Reviewed by George from UK on 28th Apr 2014
I have a 3 Dongle. its so slow even though it shows HSDPA that I cant watch any moving clips like news vids or you-tube etc.
I've had it on a lap top and two desk tops and its still rubbish.

Reviewed by gerald whyte from n,ireland on 23rd Apr 2014
this is the worst provider i have ever had when this contract is finished i wont be coming back.

Reviewed by Ecker from UK on 23rd Apr 2014
Things got so bad for me that I was spending more on phone calls trying to sort out 3's problems than I was paying for the confounded thing. Don't expect any requests to have your contract terminated to be successful, you'll get the equivalent of the "Send the dame the bedroom bug" response.

Reviewed by Mark from Britain on 14th Apr 2014
I've been using a Three PAYG dongle in my laptop for around 26 months, and I only use it indoors at home.
I've never had any kinda problem with Three, apart from once when their online top-up page went AWOL for a weekend.
Sound as a pound.

Reviewed by phil from west midlands dy5 uk on 27th Mar 2014
Amazingly I have held on to a signal long enough to read about 20 reviews and have yet to find one that says anything good about 3 broadband, and I agree with everything I have read.Three broadband is absolute rubbish,there should be some way of prosecuting them for taking money under false pretences.I think the problem lies in the fact that they have duped thousands of customers with their super deals and now they are vastly over subscribed and obviously can't deliver.Its an absolute disgrace.It's about time the Office of fair trading or Ofcom put the skids under these people and protect the long suffering user from further misery.I can't wait to get out of my contract

Reviewed by phil from west midlands dy5 uk on 27th Mar 2014
I have been suffering three mobile broadband now for about 8 months and its absolutely junk.The speed is so slow I could walk faster and the drop out is a joke, some days I have difficulty getting a connection at all.I use my phone for tethering and was told my local store that it would be fine,they even checked the coverage and said it was very good.For the first few weeks it was ok, not quick but ok, since then it has been downhill all the way,I have complained several times at the three store but they are totally not interested saying they cant do anything about it,basically they have your money and couldn't care less.I cant wait for my contract to end.Buyers Beware!

Reviewed by James from N Ireland on 26th Mar 2014
I hate Three Mobile because the speed is slow except for spells in the early morning - but even more annoyingly without being asked they continually turn on adult filter to save them bandwidth - every time its the same time just when their phones are turned off. My advice to anyone would be don't rely on Three mobile as your primary supplier. By all means have them as a 2nd or 3rd option but do not try to rely on them as your main Service provider as they are simply a bunch of clowns that can't even speak English to "Mr James"

Reviewed by jim hogg from Scotland, close to Glasgow on 25th Mar 2014
Tried to post a review yesterday but 3 was so slow and afflicted by so many drop outs that I couldn't . . . for spells the speed etc is fine, then suddenly for no apparent reason the speed drops to ridiculous levels - 0.2 of a MB per sec yesterday and frequently very slow today . . . They've been marketing 4G for some time but nothing has happened. . . I'm going back to Virgin because the last few days (with good atmospherics) have been dreadful.

Reviewed by paul hill from england on 16th Mar 2014
had three mobille broadband for years. been great but gone really bad last few weeks. cant speak to a custmer service person cos theres no option when you dial 444. al i get is connect to internet is off and web page not available. daughters phone and laptop the same. get about 10 mins service a day. had enuff. youve lodt my custom going to vodafone on tuesday.

Reviewed by Dan from UK on 25th Feb 2014
Three are awesome :-)
I was six months into a 24 month contract on their 15Gb data plan with a free iPad.
The speeds have being getting progressively worse and the connection drops every 30 seconds, which is not ideal when you play cash game online poker.
After many complaints they agreed that their service is terrible, freed me from my contract with no penalty whatsoever, and only charged me 134 for the iPad.
I now have no contract, no poor service, an iPad, and a selection of stable networks to choose from on a monthly rolling deal.
They have lost me money at the tables countless times, but I feel they compensated me by allowing me to choose a real broadband provider :-)

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 23rd Feb 2014
I was with 3 for a fair few years. At first everything was well, internet speeds were good. I was paying 20 for unlimited use. Now, I'm lucky if I can get online with them, it can be so frustrating. Between midnight and tea-time the following day is the best time it seems. Not good when you're asleep or out at work is it?
Also recently checked a bank statement to find that 3 have been taking more money than they should have without notifying me. So not only do they give a bad service, they rob you as well.
Would I recommend 3 to anyone? NO! I'd say shop around.
And watch the bank statements guys.

Reviewed by bj webster from scotland on 23rd Feb 2014
rubbish is good coment.hate it,yes.the rating are set to high they should run form -9 to 1.& thats not being offensive. A NOT HAPPY USER.

Reviewed by Derek B from UK on 18th Feb 2014
I have had 3 SIM for about two years - never used the dongle as my Sony has WWAN built-in.

Usually OK, but recently have had occasions when I can connect (pinging sites by IP address shows this) but cannot open a page in a browser or connect to my Exchange server.

cause is their DNS going missing. (Shown by pinging site by URL and getting 'not found' and when pinging their DNS IP, no response from the 3G connection or outside.

Tracert shows it going walkabout at one of two IP addresses (same ones inside and outside their network, but opposite ways round)

They seem to think I have a problem connecting (I do not) because I cannot open a page, and that the hardware might be at fault (it is not, I can both connect and access resources that do not need DNS.

Can I get this across to their support people? Nope.

I get told that I have to re-boot my machine / turn my modem of / reseat my SIMS card, and when I try to explain that a lot of their users are likely to be affected by this, and that I do have some idea what I am talking about, the phone line goes dead.

So far today, I have made four calls lasting over 15 minutes, and others.

This is not good and there does not seem to be a way round the allegedly technical support staff.

Reviewed by Oxana from UK on 3rd Feb 2014
I got absolutely the same problem as Joseph Parkes and totaly understand how you feel. I wonder if I can bring the 3 mobile to court, because I lost half of my clients and half of my business due this issue


Reviewed by Joseph Parkes from UK on 13th Jan 2014
Have had 3 network mobile broadband for about 5 years, it's had it's good and bad days, speed goes down in bad weather and is fine on dry sunny days, the same can be said of my phone, for two phones and a mobile dongle I pay 75.00 per month, every was not bad until xmas day of 2013 whilst on the mobile broadband experienced quite a few lost connections, it then got worse over the day until it behaved as if someone had just switched it off we are now into the 13th January 2014, I tried various ways of communications including going to a 3 shop, the assistant treated me like some idiot of a pensioner pensioner telling me that a Samsung Galaxy S3 could not have data / gps or wifi connected at the same time, (in amongst 3's instructions it tells you that under certain circumstances you should connect all three)"One up to me" she then showed me a map of my area based on my post code which was coloured pink she said that the signal was very low which would mean that I would not be able to use the dongle, she then said that the white areas meant there was no service available, When I asked why my service had gone to nothing, "it affected my mobile phone as well" she said that she didn't know and that she had got no solution to my problem, previous to this encounter I had phoned Mumbai in India who had me changing usb ports / sitting by windows and moving around the room, she could not sort the problem out or explain it. Now given that 3 boast that they serve 97% of the uk's 3 phone users and 91% mobile broadband and that I was in both of these percentages prior to xmas day 2013 what I asked had happened, "by this time I am getting hot under the collar" I eventually lost my temper and left the shop on my way out she said sarcastically have a nice day to which she received the reply "in front of some potential customers" I will have a nice day when I get a reliable service than yours, Phone another number (500 on my 3 mobile)spoke again to india who checked out my complaint and said that things had changed and that he would get an engineer out to check the local mast, he said that if they were unable to sort the issue out then they would cancell the remainder of the contract on the basis that they could not supply the service that I was paying for, So I live in hope, I have got to wait 10 days when they will notify me of what they have found, Needless to say that if they are successfull I will let the contracts run until renewal only I won't renew them, Watch this space, Footnote, Last week they offered me a phone (extra to my present contracts)on 4G network the offer was declined by myself with the quip how can you offer me this 4G service when you know that according to you I'm in a bad area and that you can't maintain a 3G service to me, there was no reply

Reviewed by Rick from UK on 6th Jan 2014
There should be some kind of 'negative star' available for rating this company. I strongly urge everyone not to spend a penny in Three. Many people I know, myself included have been utterly deceived by their customer service in order to rip customers off as much money as possible (e.g. they wont tell you that if you decide to use the PAC code to transfer your number, you must use it otherwise they will keep charging you). Particularly, when you decide to end the contract they will use every possible trick to make you think they end the contract, when in fact they continue to charge you. This include direct lies (e.g. they ensure you on the phone that no more fees are required to close your account and then they will come up with some ridiculous charges). Some of my friends had to take thinks to court. Unbelievable that this company is still on market in UK.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 6th Jan 2014
God this is just an awful experience from start to finish.

Please please do not use 3 for mobile broadband. It's not actually the reception which is not too bad.

Their charges for going even 1mb over your monthly allowance is extortionate. Their dispute resolution is an absolute joke.

I would rather not have broadband than encounter this nightmare of a company again.

p class=reply>Reply by Paul Madley from UK on 4th Feb 2014
Three engineer admitted to me that the reeeeeeally slow speeds in Manchester are because they're oversubscribed and the network can't handle it. 3 years ago I used to get 8 meg download. Now it's more like 0.8 meg...

Reviewed by Pedro from UK on 3rd Jan 2014
I have a now tv box this network will not even stream spotify ..... Pile of junk

Reviewed by JAro from UK on 1st Jan 2014
Three mobile broadband is useless. Speed is really not what you would expect. Watching clips on youtube is very often hard or impossible. Unfortuntely have to stay with them until contract finishes, which means still over next 12 months.


Reviewed by gez from uk on 30th Dec 2013
I was with orange/T-Mobile and changed to 3, I have discovered that this is one of the worst mobile broadband services I have encountered. It would appear that if you do not use the 3g for two hours it seems to go into some sort of sleep mode and a complete power reset is required to get it going again. I never encountered this issue with orange/T-Mobile might just have to go back to them.

3 stop taking money under false pretenses!!!

Reviewed by finbar from scotland on 17th Dec 2013
allways cut of load a pish

Reviewed by mark from uk on 15th Dec 2013
staggeringly bad- the highest i can expect is 20k a second and that is only after 11pm as it flat out doesnt work after 10am in the morning, they are abysmal, i want my money back.

Reviewed by norma from UK on 23rd Oct 2013
I have been with three for 4 yrs never had any trouble but the last six weeks when using Skype keeps dropping out after 2 mins getting fed up with it as I cant talk to family now on Skype thinking of changing to another network but don't know what network is best

Reviewed by Dill from Ireland on 8th Oct 2013
Three are a nightmare to deal with on the phone. Completely incapable of listening to difficulties and become aggressive, shaming and bullying. Initially we were given a dongle which we useless and had to phone up fifteen time before they would listen. They then agreed to get it sorted and did but tried to charge me for the previous weeks in which we had no internet coverage. We are now finishing we them thankfully and trying to close our bill which I have done but now want an extra months payment! I feel sorry for tge employees.......what karma they will have......!

Reviewed by danny wilson from UK on 29th Sep 2013
I'm getting speeds of less than 500kbps consistently no matter what speed tester I use, what device i use or area i am in. I cant watch bbc iplayer or youtube and three keeps insisting that im getting speeds of 11mbps plus. Thay say that all other speed tests are inacurate except theirs at their end. If this were true then i would be able to watch bbc iplayer and youtube. Three are liars so don't trust them. Three built for the interNOT indeed.

Reviewed by jake from UK on 18th Sep 2013
Signal cuts out far too often, can't watch online video, upload/download speeds measured in kilobytes per second, poor connectivity with many websites. The idea that I'm actually paying for this is ludicrous. Won't be for much longer.

Reviewed by timmy johnson from UK on 11th Sep 2013
Absolutelty true. Three Built for the interNOT. I have been in contact with three CS many times complaining about the internet connection being rubbish even though I have tried in many different areas and devices. In relation to where I live, all three CS say is My area has good coverage. When I tell them that yes I know I got good coverage as I see a full bar signal on both my phone and dongle, but the internet connection is very slow on HSDPA and none existant on 3G. Three does not have the brain power to undertand this. Or do they? So yes, 3G does not even work for the internet and yes THREE BUILT FOR THE interNOT. Three drag people in with their great offers but can not live up to expectations. When you think about it, three are very intelligent as they are obviously obtaining money by deception within the law.

Reviewed by Jon linex from UK on 7th Sep 2013
Whilst I agree with most of what you all say (3g, HSDPA, Rubbish internet on three in every area or device), do you actually understand TRAFFICSENSE? My problem is that three says TRAFFICSENSE applies to all tariffs. What a load of rubbish as on mobile broadband I actually notice my broadband was slowed down after 12 midnight to non existant. Thats why I went to virgin. Virgin is great along with giffgaff, 02, vodafone, orange and t mob. dont ever go with three as they are useless all round. "Three built for the interNOT". PERFECT SLOGAN FOR THREE.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 5th Sep 2013
Avoid Network 3 dongle. I've used this company since about 2006, having own several dongles for this provider. Between 2006 till about 2010, the service was fine with only occasional outages due to bad weather or 'upgrading'. Since 2010 it has got worse and worse - due to throttling it seems - and is now UNUSEABLE, even for minimal browsing (e.g loading Google). The bandwidth is much worse than dial up modem. There is useable bandwidth only from about 2300 until 0400 or so. That this company takes peoples money and consistently has failed to provide a viable connection - AS ADVERTISED - is totally unacceptable. Avoid this internet provider at all costs. 0/10. Totally useless!

Reviewed by Jony marlow from UK on 4th Sep 2013
Yep, three internet/broadband is defo a load of rubbish in any area or device and I can confirm that 3G no longer works for the internet on three although HSDPA is stupidly slow. Lets wait to see how rubbish 4G will be for three. 4G is good everywhere else but let us all see how three mess up 4G. I think that "Three built for the interNOT" is defo the new slogan for three and we should all get this out on social media. "Three built for the interNOT".

Reviewed by Teri from UK on 2nd Sep 2013
Ya, I agree, three are built for the interNOT. When you contact three customer services they say that there is no problem and there is good coverage in your area. Yes, good coverage but terrible internet. Three just dont understand that although signal and coverage are good, the internet conection is rubbish no matter what area you are in and whatever device you are using. So ya, I could not have put it better myself. Three absolutely built for the interNOT. Well, on the upside, with 4G coming soon (actually 3.9G) we migh just be able to watch a 10 minute clip on youtube in 30 minutes. Three built for the interNOT.

Reviewed by Bob from UK on 1st Sep 2013
Three built for the internet! Ha, more like built for the interNOT. Three Are brilliant for calls and text along with signal, however, when it comes to the internet, three has to be the worst network ever. Sure they do some brilliant internet and data packages BUT, and thats a very big BUT, What good are those brilliant internet and data packages if their internet connection is useless. For those that dont know, three uses a technology for the internet at the moment Known as 3G and HSDPA. Now HSDPA is faster than 3G and those in the know are aware of this. Now when signal is on HSDPA, a page take like 3 minutes to load and you can forget about streaming bbc iplayer or youtube and all this applies no matter what area im in or device im using. When the signal drops to 3G however, all internet is lost completely. So 3G does not work at all. This is all no matter what area I am in or device I use. Three, built for the interNOT.

Reviewed by Chris Nicholls from UK on 1st Sep 2013
Very poor download speeds dreadful connectivity always dropping every 2-3 mins cheap and very nasty about par for the whole of the UK mobile telecom industry. No watchdog to protest consumers worthy of mention let the industry police itself !!!!!!!!!.

Reviewed by tim from UK on 1st Sep 2013
Rubbish network for internet no matter what area I am in. Pretty ironic for a company that claims that they are built for the internet.

Reviewed by Keith Batty from UK on 1st Aug 2013
Re:- Three mobile dongle Huawei E367 I paid for this 2 years ago as I was sick of poor signal and dropouts. It was supposed to be the best at the time. No improvement / lots of excuses by the tech bods at three etc etc So after a heated exchange on the phone with them I had to renew my contract by upgrading to a wireless dongle on the new high speed system. They wanted 21 for it but relented when I complained that I had not been getting a reasonable service for the last 2 years they agreed to supply free and reduced my monthly bill by a few pence a month. Speeds have miraculously increased-what a coincidence as soon as I sign up for the new 2 year contract the service gets better!!! Who'd have thought LOL

Reviewed by Janet from Tyne & Wear, Britian on 1st Jul 2013
I would never recommend this company to anyone they are a rip off avoid at all costs. The dongle is rubbish and customer service is deplorable. Avoid at all costs. I want out of my contract I might as well be throwing money down the drain. Would not ever give it 1 star but that's the least available.

Reviewed by darren from britain on 12th Jun 2013
awful company with NO SUPPORT i have been trying to get out of my contract for nearly two years
product was mis-sold...they will take your money with no intention of providing you with the service you pay for
been refused a deadlock letter for all the time stated above
so am unable to use ofcom to help

Reviewed by ktf from UK on 28th Apr 2013
Have had dongle on contract for five years was always really good but last 6 months it has started to drop all the time, timing out etc, my 3g on mobile phone is much more reliable and faster even when i have a full signal the dongle times out. I will not be renewing with three although they do offer the best value for money its no good if you cant use it for much except emails or a few minutes browsing, i want youtube!!

Reviewed by Tony from UK on 22nd Apr 2013
I bought a three dongle, but I cannot play U Tube videos. I have tried many things to rectify, but to no avail. I would not recommend 3 mobile broadband, I will get an o2 dongle when my 3 credit runs out.

Reviewed by steve from england on 10th Apr 2013
3 broadband worst customer service no help keep getting sent to technical deptment no help thay denie bad service charge u for stuff you don't even know any thing about. quick to ring you when you owe them money but when u ring them to complaine your on hold passed to the next person then on hold again. my advice don't sign any contract with them coz you will not be able to cancel. regardless if you get no connection coz in contract it says there no guarantee of service.3 Broadband usless...!

Reviewed by sickened of ruislip from UK on 8th Apr 2013
Poor POOR quality- connection is on & off when it suits 3mobile, gigabytes go missing from monthly allowance for no good reason other than the surly staff member on the other end of the line says so, allowances are rarely updated (if ever) on the 3homepage the staff drones insistently refer you to like its some sort of great oracle, so ultimately you really have no earthly idea where you are from month to month, & to cap it all, at the grand old age of 48 I find myself being blocked from a funny gif website by an adult filter. 3mobile, you all ought to be 1st against the wall when the revolution comes, you liars, hypocrites & bare faced criminals

Reviewed by Billy from UK on 5th Apr 2013
I've been with 3 since the dongle were first introduced & it has been a fairly reliable network but recently in Lanarkshire Scotland it has just got worse. Loses signal & have to reboot. I'm close to the end of my contract & won't be renewing. Im going back to BT where it's the most reliable & stable connection. I would rate the 3 network Zero but it doesn't give you the option so 1 will have to do

Reviewed by jason roberts from UK on 2nd Apr 2013
ive had 3 dongle for two years and recently it keeps going down does any one know why i have to reboot every 10 min or so also i've read about high useage when on you tube it has to do with with picture settings a HD format high resolution uses way more of your allowance than say 360dp

Reviewed by Mike Austin from UK on 19th Mar 2013
I have been using 3 Mobile for just over a year. The sim cards are cheap at around 11 for 3Gb over 3 months from Amazon. Don't top them up via 3 Mobile. It is too expensive. Throw them away and get new ones. 3 Mobile was great up to about 1-2 months ago. It was reasonably fast and reliable - and good value for money. Now it is very slow and often disconnects. There is always a strong signal where I am, but internet access just stops or slows down for long periods. I have another two sims to use up. I will be checking out other possibilities when they expire. At the moment, the service is barely acceptable.

Reviewed by Rob Lefevre from UK on 18th Mar 2013
Was great last October, but now can't watch youtube videos (set as low as they'll go), most images won't load, despite saying there's an excellent signal! When they tried to call me about the problem (on their mobile) there wasn't enough signal!! Utter rubbish. (London area)

Reviewed by lionheart from UK on 11th Mar 2013
seems best late at night when everyone's gone bed. stays connected mostly, here in South West, but speed was better 2011 Q3 - 2012 when I didn't upgrade to HiLink. also tried giving feedback on their website, several times to no avail--actually I saved said message: I keep on going over my 5GB data allowance, even with the resource-hogging 3Connect software supposedly there to warn me when I've almost used it all up. It is inaccurate at displaying my remaining data, as is often the 3 website, not updating to show the true latest data allowance available upon a recent internet session. For example it once showed I had 100mb left when in fact I had already used it up and was surely amassing a 20 extra bill. There ought to be an option to cut off internet usage without going over the limit. Most recently the 3Connect software texted me to say I was over 7 outside my data allowance--about an hour after actually using the internet; so good thing I stopped browsing when I did or that would've been another 20 overdraft bill. I've so far amassed over 47 in bills consecutively each month. Very displeased. I'm considering a different service--one that isn't a con. Being a student, I'm poor enough of as it is!

Reviewed by Storme Watson from UK on 5th Mar 2013
had mine for a few years, was ok but last couple of years very pretty slow and constantly disconnects. would strongly recommend avoiding! I'm going to go elsewhere. shame you cant test them in situ then buy. S watson

Reviewed by dangregable from west sussex on 4th Mar 2013
Bought a 3g dongle from Currys.Ok for a bit slow so Currys told me Huawei e367 dongle would speed things right up.So i bought it,and somtimes it is fairly good for emails looking up things on the web,but thats where it stops. ytube keeps buffering mostly in the eve.I phoned up Three to cancel my contract 11 mths remaining.They want 181.94 to cancel early.The full payment to end service.
When you phone customer service they do not listen to you,put you on to another agent,and go throght the same again name,first line of address and post code,date of birth. put you on hold,then ask you it all over again and again.After a hour and you have got nowhere.YOU DO WHAT I AM DOING NOW.DONT BE A FOOL LIKE ME STAY WELL CLEAR PLEASE.

Reviewed by David from UK on 25th Feb 2013
I've had PAYG mobile broadband from 3 for around 18 months and generally the service is fine, but then I am almost in direct line of sight of the nearest base station. The user website is a bit clunky especially when checking usage. It doesn't seem to be very accurate - the amount of allowance remaining can drop dramatically which suggests that the system doesn't work in real time. Unfortunately the local base station crashed last week and I had the misfortune to have to ring their call centre. A sorry saga of being fobbed off every call with promises that it would be fixed within a specified period and that I'd receive a text/call informing me the problem is resolved. I called back after the first period elapsed only to be told it may take another couple of days to fix. I asked for a manager to call me to explain exactly why it is taking so long to fix - no callback at all. Then received a text via the dongle saying it could take another 7 days. The call centre simply work to a script, refuse to answer reasonable questions from paying customers, fail to call back when promised, keep putting you on hold so they can fill in forms or transfer the case to yet another department (with the usual promised callback that never materialises), and constantly extend the timescale for resolution while steadfastly refusing to explain why. The service is fine when it works, but the company doesn't understand the concept of 'customer service' when things go wrong. An extremely frustrating and disappointing experience.

Reviewed by AtkinsonsITS from UK on 6th Feb 2013
When I first started using the 3 Dongle in 2009, I was very happy with it. It was fast and reliable. Four years on however, I have a completely different opinion. It is generally slow - usually at peak times. It crashes regularly too - also when it is getting intensive demand placed on it. I carry out user testing, which requires smooth surfing from one webpage to another. 3's dongle is severely lacking to carry out such tasks. I am going back to a physical (ethernet) network because I have had enough of it. I can take this inadequate service no more.

Reviewed by Tross from UK on 29th Jan 2013
Very poor data usage internet speeds!! Was ok at beginning of 2012, getting worse (and even intermittent) by the week! Call centres need serious pushing to get past the "remove battery stage" Eventually they found a fault with network, promised would be fixed end dec 2012, still waiting!

Reviewed by steve from UK on 23rd Jan 2013
used 3G for ages and watched as the service has gone down hill it use to be a fab services but now its rubbish since HSPA+ WHAT DO YOU THINK

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