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Three Mobile WiFi

 In a nutshell  

Last updated October 2013

Three Mobile WiFi uses Three Broadband to create a wireless network (WLAN) so you can connect devices like laptops or mobile phones to the internet completely wirelessly and without the need for a fixed broadband connection. You can connect 5 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously with speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps.



Nicknamed MiFi®, Three Mobile WiFi uses a Three broadband connection plus a wireless modem to create a fully wireless network that you can use to connect multiple devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the internet. You can use it to access the internet without any need for wires or a BT phone line. The system is very simple to set up and use, with no wires (obviously) and no software to install.

Use the links on this page to buy online and you'll get free delivery and a 14-day money back guarantee, provided that you return everything in "as sold" condition.

The speed that you experience will depend on whether you are in an area with "excellent coverage" (i.e within HSDPA coverage), "good coverage" (i.e. within 3G coverage) or "marginal coverage" (i.e. on the edge of the 3G coverage region. Three's HSDPA coverage region currently covers 91% of the UK population (data correct in October 2009) and offers download speeds of up to of up to 2.8 Mpbs. 3 are currently rolling out 7.2 Mbps coverage across the UK. You can check coverage by postcode on the 3 website. 3 claim that most people on the HSDPA network can expect a speed ranging from 1 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Ofcom's survey of mobile broadband, published in May 2011 found that Three offered significantly faster average download speeds than T-Mobile and Orange, but slower than O2 and Vodafone.

User questions

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I did a test with my O2 mobile data and checked the usage for playing a YouTube video. I checked the exact same video with the three mifi and it used at least four times more. Can someone explain this?

Asked by E McCann from Northern Ireland on 9th Oct 2017
I have a 40G a month mifi package with three. The speed is very good but data uses up very quickly for no apparent reason. I do know about data usage and how much should be being used. If afraid we have to depend on the honesty of these companies but I have become very suspicious of them.

Reply by Paddy from England on 6th Jan 2018
I just signed up for 100g pm plan. It's borderline criminal. For example I played a old game on PlayStation Now for 90mins and was charged for over 14g of data use.I contacted three live chat which basically told me that streaming games via PlayStation eats more data? Hello I already know this but over 14g in 90 mins,no way is that fair as streaming a game is more or less the same as streaming a video.
Why are all these companies out to bleed you dry? It's so unfair?

I would like to check my acount, because I can't bring it on my ipad.

Asked by Linda maidment from England on 10th Feb 2017

Just tried STV Player on 3 Mobile and it first gave me sound out of sync, tried again and there was no sound at all?????

Asked by HARRY BAYEN from SCOTLAND on 2nd Nov 2016

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Three Mobile WiFi user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 160 reviews:

Reviewed by Jo from Uk on 13th Jan 2018
Hate it I bought a 2gb dongle for my laptop and I've not even used it an hour all the usage as been drained it's discusting.

Reviewed by Baz from England on 31st Oct 2017
Hello all, been with 3 mi fi for 3 years now so I know what uses data and I know how much I use on average per month, I only use one laptop with the 20gb/month no mobiles or anything using any data. Last month the mi fi used 2 gb data per day and by the 11th day of the month the 20gb was used up so no internet for me for 17 days. Ive not done anything different on my laptop not watched videos/music or anything. Ive contacted 3 but they don't give any help. ive already used 5gb in 3 days this month with less than 3 hours usage. I'm into a contract with 3 until sept 18 so cannot cancel. Ill never go with 3 again when this contract finishes they are a waste of time.

Reviewed by Michael short from uk on 3rd Aug 2017
Absolute rubbish hardly used and after about 30 mins had gone through 2gigs. Contacted 3 now help at all all they did was sell me more.

Reviewed by Helene from UK on 30th Jan 2017
Well, I am glad I am not the only one. It’s a shame I didn’t find out these reviews before I took Three, but that’s the problem when you can’t get online during most of the week, you don’t get to read online reviews!
I took a ‘wifi bank’ (Huawei E5573 4G Mobile Wi-Fi) with an allowance of 2GB per month back in November, for £9 per month. Up to then I had been using Giff Gaff on my smartphone, £7.50 for 1 GB, so Three looked like a better deal and it would enable me to connect my laptop and my chromebook if needed. I wanted the internet access for emails and general browsing (paying bills, checking bank accounts, transferring monies, reading the news, occasionally downloading the odd PDF) while commuting every day (5 to 8 hours so I don’t get much done in the evenings), and very occasionally at work. I checked the coverage for the area through which I commute and my company’s offices, and although both are in rural areas, according to Three’s website, it was supposed to be excellent. In fact, the signal is too low for me to get on the internet for most of my commute, and during most of the day at work (I can’t exactly walk round the office to try and pick up a better signal, not very discreet…) and I will find out that I have used 10 Mb just trying to get onto the internet, without having ever having managed to download a single page. The signal works fine if I am travelling by coach to London, or if I am in London, but that only happens a couple of times a year. The signal is also very good at home, where I don’t need it, as I have Virgin. Even though I hardly ever used the device, I found out I had gone over my allowance for every single month since joining: December was particularly bad (£31.19 bill even though I only used the device for a week) and when that happened I checked the Huawei app on my smartphone, and found regular messages, posted in the middle of a single night, informing me I had used £10, £15, £20, £25 etc. I think what happened is that one or more of my devices connected to the Huawei in the middle of the night, to check for Windows updates or similar. I now keep the battery outside the Huawei when I am not using it. The other big issue is that the Huawei app shows I have an allowance of 100 Mb only, when my contract is for 2 GB. I haven’t had the time to go back to the shop to try and sort it out.
The only good thing is that because it is a 2-year contract, it has helped raise my credit score a little. Maybe that will help me get a mortgage. But as far as internet use goes, it’s back to Giff Gaff: better signal, and the £7.50/1GB deal lasts me a whole 3 weeks.

Reviewed by Beth McH from UK on 10th Dec 2016
We bought a 3 Dongle as we have no broadband signal. It worked for a while then 3 changed their interface. Basically they are saying we now need to upgrade our computer which worked fine until they fiddled with their settings.
I am hoping that 3 mobile will be refunding the cost of 2 dongles bought in good faith and made useless by a needless change to their top-up programme.

DON'T go with this company. They constantly make 'upgrade' changes that cost YOU money.

ps like others we've topped up, had the page freeze and lost the top up voucher. I've called them and they've paid up but make sure you use a free-phone number and DON'T pay out even more for phone calls.


Reviewed by Ace from Surfer on 18th Nov 2016
Got 3 Mifi 2 days ago with 3GB free. This ran out in 20 mins of streaming on BBC iplayer. Topped up £25 and converted that to 7GB and to my shock 1 day of browsing the web and watching less than an episode of Top Boy on all4 I'm out of data.

Incredible so I've called 3 and they're talking like that's normal to pay that much when my3 mobile has unlimited web for £25. I'm fuming. This company needs reporting and to be fined and I need a refund.

P.S: there should be a 0 star option below.

Reviewed by Diane harrison from GB on 17th Jun 2016
Moved l13 old swan in May can hardly connect now..glad i got o2 data cos i'd be more fuming! when I lived near l6 everton signal was alot better tho not perfect!we pnly have 3 wifi for our pc may change soon!

Reviewed by kikka ace from england on 1st Jun 2016
To all all three mifi uses i have the same problem with my 3 mifi loosing the connection (alot). But the other night i was going through the settings and noticed that the pre shared wep key had 3 options, so i changed it from WPA/WPA2-PSK TO WPA2-PSK and so far i have not had any issues with the connection dropping. Hope this helps everyone out there with this problem. Would apprechiate any feed back from u guys ......thanx.

Reviewed by diane from uk on 1st May 2016
Totally disappointed with 3 my Wi-Fi comes and goes. Told 3 this and all they say well it's showing good reception!! Well try living here then!!! They won't do a thing. Been with three for 11 years and this past 9 months it's awful. Also have phone with them, again never get a continued service. Annoyed.

Reviewed by Paul Vickery from UK on 8th Apr 2016
I bought a 20gb mobile mifi on Sunday. By Thursday, I had used it all up?!!! What!??? I browsed the Internet, wrote emails and downloaded playlists from my computer to my phone. Er... That's it. The playlists were large and I've probably downloaded about 300 songs. Now some of the songs took so long to download because of the wifi connection. Could that be the problem? Anyway, I'm not a happy bunny. Please help.

Reviewed by Diane from uk on 19th Mar 2016
terrible customer service signed up agreed monthly data no problem for first 7 month then problems with no connection after several weeks of this went to shop where ipad was wiped clear and service resumed. Bank statement showed an extra £50 had been taken from my account this was during the time iPad was not in use, following lengthy phone call still no explanation offered to refund me £25 but not happy as my contract was capped so they had no right to take extra money from my account......fuming was told They can do this can they????

Reviewed by Allen taylor from Uk on 17th Mar 2016
My WiFi with three is a load of rubbish it keeps going off all the time and I don't intend paying for something I'm not getting.

Reviewed by NED from NORTHERN IRELAND on 4th Feb 2016

Reviewed by Des from England on 30th Jan 2016
I bought the dongle from three it has been up & down not very fast ,but they have just super pumped the signal so now get 4G not 3G & average download speed 25-45mps upload 5-20mps so for me it is a very good service now i can't complain.

Reviewed by Leon White from England on 26th Jan 2016
I was as happy as larry until i changed to a 12 month contract and simultaneously they did some engineering work in my area, now the signal is up and down like a strippers knickers, had issues with the cap i had on my previous account, which they did not transfer over. therefore got a whopping 2p charge which bounced my DD and i got a £10 bank charge, which they refunded but not the 2p (petty), thier website stated that i had 3 answers to how much data i had left 1. your account is suspended due to unpaid dues (they owed me £11, 2. 8gb, 3. you have used all 20gb in 3 weeks!!!
didnt get very far so lodged a complaint, cancelled my contract and DD, now awaiting written confirmation of my complaint, which i doubt they will get right!!

Reviewed by fuming!!!! from uk on 8th Jan 2016
Topped up my three dongle, got signal got on to Google got to see one page then received a text stating I had £0.00..... I didn't even get to look at anything. I am fuming that £10 has just gone before I even had a chance to blink!! I will not be using three ever again...I give it no stars!!!

Reviewed by Michelle from Ireland on 20th Dec 2015
Absolutely dreadful. NEVER connects to the internet, it's ridiculous. It'll connect for a couple of minutes if I turn it off and on again but then stops working again. Avoid like the plague. Never again will I get anything to do with 3.

Reviewed by Larry from UK on 19th Nov 2015
I purchased 3 Mi-Fi from a local store a few months ago. I was led to believe that I pay £16 per month via direct debit on a 30 day rolling contract. Then.., when my bank statements came through, I noticed that 'Three' had taken over £40 on more than one occasion! What is that about??., I wasn't even getting 10Gb anyway!! After numerous calls, I was told that there is a 'cap' that goes OVER the 10Gb data allowance, which was certainly NOT mentioned to me. I cancelled the direct debit and have been pestered with calls from 'THREE' ever since, often 3 or 4 times a day demanding I pay another month! This is bordering 'HARASSMENT' Then they say that when paid.., they will (wait for it....) ''RE-INSTATE MY SERVICE''! I wish these people would TAKE NOTICE when I tell them that I cancelled my Direct debit, because I wasn't getting what I was paying for anyway, and yet they want me to 'pay for ANOTHER MONTH (???). It seems that the staff are either deaf, stupid or can't be bothered to help the customer without fobbing us off with the proverbial 'B.S' simply to scam as much as they can get out of us.
I certainly won't be recommending this scam outfit to anybody. I am seriously considering sending an email to BBC's 'Watchdog' program. This company needs to be exposed for what it really is! Nothing short of a scam outfit with 'hidden' charges etc etc!.
Bottom Line?..., AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. I'm only giving one star rating, because unfortunately, there isn't a Lower rating to give these rip off merchants!

Reviewed by Anonemous from United Kingdom on 18th Oct 2015
It just says that the signal is down when we are abroad!! Someone please help!!

Reviewed by MissT from United Kingdom on 4th Oct 2015
The mifi has always been brilliant for me and I've never had any issues. To answer the questions to some of the users regarding using excessive data check which applications are running in the background (on iPad) and if any apps are sending push notifications i.e emails sent to the device as they arrive. I disabled the running of several apps when I'm not using them as this was consuming data without my knowledge. You can access apps in settings on iPad. Same goes for using a laptop or PC check that emails isn't constantly synchronising and automatically retrieving emails as they arrive. Also check any anti virus isn't using too much data by checking settings on your anti virus programme and set the programme to update just once at start up of the computer. Or alternatively set it to run updates manually. If you cannot access the login page because you have forgotten the password you can reset the device by removing the back cover of the mifi and there's a reset button which you then press and hold down with the point of a pencil for approx 5 secs until the device flashes 3 times then turn the device back on and connect to the Internet using the wifi key which is printed underneath the battery cover then access the login page using the default password which is "admin" to change the password and username to something else. Also change your wireless key to something else if it's a second hand device. If you have connection issues you can also change the settings from 3G to 2G whichever signal is stronger for your area. Not all areas of the UK Or countries worldwide are providing 3G signal some areas will only pick up a 2G signal. Also you can scan for networks manually in the login page then select 3mobile as default and save the settings. Signal issues are usually a problem with the area you live having a poor 3mobile signal. Test your device in a different area to see if the signal improves then you know the area you live is the issue if it doesn't change then reset your device if it still doesn't work then it's a faulty device. Other signal problems can occur if you have placed it near another device like a tv, mobile phone, or anything containing metal components i.e "house or car keys" can interfere with radio frequency then causes signal loss. Hope this helps!

Reviewed by Ruth from UK on 8th Sep 2015
'Three' staff do not listen to your requirements. When you politely complain about problems, such as signal cutting out and not being able to use a printer through wi-fi,the stock answer is, we've never had this problem before. Business ethics is not something they believe in. Commission based staff will tell you anything. The CEO of 'Three' should put customers before profit and then the company will progress.

Reviewed by lily oage from uk on 8th Aug 2015
I have never had problem with my mobile contract BUT recently got mifi for daughter to use and apparently used up all data before month was up and they allowed £50 over, I didn't ask for an allowance of £50 over data allowance, customer service disgraceful.

Reviewed by Bronagh from tyrone on 7th Aug 2015
I bought mine second hand went to 3 shop got new sim card today but last guy had it had a password on it rang 3 they were no help at all so can anybody help me.

Reviewed by beverley gant from uk on 5th Aug 2015
Got my modem today easy to set up and I'm 72. Had a normal dongle before but want to connect other devices to network. I have to say I'm impressed it's on the mantle in my front room laptop is in small bedroom. It's a lot faster than my dongle. No hesitation in recommending if your in a good coverage area.

Reviewed by michael Russell from UK on 3rd Aug 2015
had a myfi for a while, so convenient in you pocket system, very handy if fixed broadband is off, can replace it very conveniently, trying it out in Europe for first time in August soon, interested to see what it's like in Tyrol and journey by coach, through Belgium France and Switzerland etc.

Reviewed by Ali from UK on 21st Jun 2015
I had two mifi contracts for two years, one for personal use and one in a holiday let for the guests to use. I never had any warnings of approaching the 15gb monthly allowance. I was furious at the cost per mb if one of the units went over the allowance so I rang and complained. I had not been told about this 'feature' when I had taken out the contract. It was in the small print of the contract received later but this is important enough to make it compulsory to include it in the verbal agreement over the phone. But I did manage to get it turned off so that usage ended when the 15gb ran out. So, if you want to save money, ring them and demand they do the same for you.
For two years I was quite happy with connectivity but both contracts ran out in the last couple of months. I ended one and moved the other onto monthly. I can end it at any time now ... and I am thinking of ending it right now. Connectivity is atrocious. The internet drops out every few minutes and the only way to get it back is to turn it off and on again (I press the 'renew lease' option in settings). I can get it back for a full five minutes that way before it drops out again. This has been going on for a week now, on all our devices. After talking to customer services for hours, who came up with nothing I hadn't tried already, I was put through to technical who admitted there is a problem and others have complained too. So technical, why didn't you tell customer services? Three, get it sorted or I'm terminating my payments with immediate effect and demanding a refund because you are not supplying the contracted service.

Reviewed by Jill from England on 13th Jun 2015
How can I cancel my 2 year contract cos it's usage is shocking!

Reviewed by Alex Brooke from United kingdom on 29th May 2015
I have toped up my three g dongle £15 it did have connection but now it hasn't.

Reviewed by Bianca from UK on 19th May 2015
HATE HATE HATE having this contract. I went in-store to inquire, as I wasn't keen on paying for expensive line installation in my new house. I had NO idea about how much data I need each month, but the sales assistant reassured me that 15GB was plenty and that she even watched Netflix daily with her MiFi. It seemed like a GREAT idea! £15 a month for a tiny, wireless connection!

I used the internet quite frugally at first, then eventually started a Netflix subscription. My data allowance ran out in two days. I phoned up Three, outraged, but they simply just suggested I don't stream movies anymore. I'm so frustrated, I wish the sales assistant in store knew what she was talking about, otherwise I never would've entered into this contract! She had a duty to help educate people like me who had no idea, so now I'm stuck with this ridiculous contract. It's SLOW (Three suggested that it depends on what time I'm online...I could barely load a web page even at 3am) and my data even ran out this month after specifically AVOIDING large streams.

I've tried so hard to get rid of it, but I'm stuck. I've phoned countless times, filed complaints...There's nothing I can do. Thanks Three! Please train your staff better.

Reviewed by Robert MacLeod from Britain on 16th May 2015
Why is it that when you get a contract phone for three mobile, the bill we have to guess as they don't send out written bills in time,they want cash even though your internet access starts again on the 26th but they want cash on the 15th an not on the day you pay your bill like any other company,an WiFi we get charged for even if you have your own hotspot of your own indoors,if anyone has any ideas id appreciate your feedback.I'm very disappointed at the company three all the hidden costs they don't tell people,the way the staff treat you in the shop very ignorant I'm changing my mind an they are a ripp off,if you try an call them its India we end up calling who half the time cant understand what I'm talking about I'm definitely not going to recommend there crevice to anybody I know its the usual,my contract is 16£ for my phone per month plus insurance 4£ but its always over the 20£ contract,ie hidden cost's so its a one from me until you sort your company out.everyone says EE are bad nothing like three,TERRIBLE.cant wait to get out of the contact.

Reviewed by Arthur from Ireland on 12th May 2015
Wireless in Ireland is terrible.

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 19th Apr 2015
The service is incredibly poor and the connection is terrible. Even with 5 bars it's still bad. Furthermore, it took 2 hours to download a 500mb game! If I was you, I would stay away from these products, as they will drain money out of you for a scrappy service in return.

Reviewed by Andrew J Palmer from UK/England on 9th Apr 2015
I have been on my Mobile WiFi with '3' for the past five years whilst living on a boat and have had speeds faster than BT broadband in Norfolk and in parts of London, Scotland, Midlands etc. I used to be on Vodafone who assured me that their network was the best but it was terrible so cancelled it years ago.

I am very impressed with my wifi and would not change it now for anything - unless it changes of course which can happen. I have been over my monthly limit of 15Gb monthly and was aware of it and paid the extra without a problem - they do tell you if you are near to going over your limit and yes it is expensive but the system is very good.

So long as '3' do not change their systems then I shall remain with my WiFi and shall have no problems recommending them to anyone.

Thank you

Reviewed by sarah ford from england on 17th Feb 2015
I have tried to cancel my concrete and I have been unable to over and over again. I am getting very annoyed with this service. I hate it!!!!!

Reviewed by Venu from Uk on 7th Feb 2015
Extremely poor service from Three. The network is very limited. The devise works hardly for 6 months. It is very difficult to terminate the contract. Extremely disappointing. Paying money for no reason.

Reviewed by John Abbey from IRELAND on 21st Jan 2015
They will at some stage tell you that you are going outside your package and charge you a heap of money for going over your limet,they do it to everyone just to make more money from you,i was with them years and then it started so I got rid of it.

Reviewed by Les davies from england on 18th Jan 2015
my 3 wifi dongle is not getting a signal, as if the network is down

Reviewed by catherine price from wales on 4th Jan 2015
I'm really disappointed that I've no usage left again second month running .I've had my tablet for just over a year & its never happened before .now if I wanted to top up using my tablet I couldn't do so because nothing comes up to do so .really disappointed

Reply by Toby from UK on 15th Jan 2015
Check your update settings esp apps like facebook as often when they reset they set the sync to every 10 mins etc!! Set all to manual

Reviewed by David from England on 27th Dec 2014
We live in a static caravan and the only Internet we could get was with the on site system which was far from satisfactory. 6 months ago we entered into a contract with 3 for their Myfi and we are now using the Huawei E5756e and apart from a few teething problems in the beginning caused by maintenance on the arial, we have found it to be far better than we expected. We run 2 IPads and a laptop on it and have very little trouble. The only downside is that we are restricted to 15Gb we would like more.
Overall we are very happy with the Myfi and would recommend it to anyone wanting intrernet without the added expense of a BT line

Reviewed by Ryan from England on 23rd Dec 2014
I have to be honest... I was previously a Three "The one plan" tethering hog typically tethering 20GB to 40GB a month (I would let the world and his wife tether my connection, used it as my home broadband as it was 10x faster than my ISP, after all, this is how I was sucked in to three) but as you know those good days came to an end and Three kicked me off the one plan (my plan to let my contract roll was not allowed by Three).

I had looked around for other network providers and no one can offer what 3 do at a similar price so with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and ignoring all the poor reviews I went into 3 and got myself the Mifi Huawei E5330 and I have to say I'm glad I did. I lay £15.99 a month (as I also have a mobile phone contract with three) and I get 15 GB of data a month and I have no problems with my connection and I am still getting faster broadband than I did with my previous ISP... And I would say it will probably only get better once the one plan hogs have all been phased out...!

So whilst I'm still slightly unhappy about being kicked off the one plan I now understand why they did it and I'm actually saving myself money by having my home broadband disconnected and using the MiFi....! So I'm a happy three customer again! (Although that bad taste in my mouth is still slightly there!!!)

Reviewed by Rory from England on 21st Dec 2014
Shocking signal absutley useless they are robbing millions with this device people pay for a service and get very poor results this is an outrage they should be made to pay everybody back for the lack of good service it's unbelievable they are still allowed to sell it disgraceful pay up three we want money back you have failed on a major scale.

Reviewed by Carol from United Kingdom on 11th Dec 2014
The reception is very very poor and I live central manchester. That shouldn't happen! The internet runs even slower at night which is when I normally do most of my work on the PC. That being said I hardly get to use this wifi properly because of it's bad connectivity so I just wonder how the data still manages to disappear. It's a nightmare and I would not recommend it to anyone. I am going to cancel my contract asap.

Reviewed by Robert Arthur Needham from uk on 27th Nov 2014
The huawei e5220 mobile broadband is total rubbish I can only get speeds 0.03 to 0.34 in hull and all you get are excuses I would not recommend it to anyone I do not know where to go in hull as their is no decent broadband suppliers

Reviewed by Eoin Smith from Ireland on 20th Nov 2014
I also have huawei mifi and its possibly the worst thing ive ever used. i dont know if its the 3 network thats bad or if its the modem they have supplied, but when i play my ps3 online 30% of the time its perfect and the rest it is laggy and wont connect online. when i use it for my laptop it wont load hd quality videos because it takes years. when i ask 3 support i get asked all the stupid questios and told all the "genius" tips that never work. im in a 5 bar area so they cant blame it on the signal. do yourself a favour and stay away.

Reviewed by Paul Mayhew from UK on 30th Oct 2014
Have had a huawei MiFi for just over a month now. Works really well and good speed but the data just disappears. Tonight I had 2542mb left from my 10gb allowance with update due in two days so watched a film. In 50mins it had used up all of the data. This would have lasted on my mobile (also 3) for at least 4 days. They quote a film on 720 should use up to 1000mg so where did the other 1500 go?
I'm very sceptical of the management of data allowance.

Reply by LAWRENCE YOUNG from CHINA on 16th Nov 2014

Reviewed by john from uk on 7th Oct 2014
worst thing I ever did was to get my 3 mifi, it is loosing internet daily when it does work its so slow. never again will I use my 3

Reviewed by John C from UK on 1st Sep 2014
I have a contact with three and couldn't be happier, it's better and cheaper than the competition, the mi fi dongle looks a bit dated and cheap. But that's my only negative comment.

Reviewed by rich from uk on 3rd Jul 2014
Bought the 3 mobile wifi (Huawei) 4 months ago most of the time I have no signal. Have contacted vodafone and have been told to press reset button or change my browser, complete waste of time.

Reviewed by Sarah Cound from England on 30th Jun 2014
In Cambridge the Three MiFi connection is really, really slow. It is worse than dial up nearly 20 years ago. I have no idea why a city that prides itself on science and innovation has to accept such appallingly bad service - I do know the university has a separate system which I assume must be great! We poor tax payers get dreadful service at high expense.

Reviewed by Ken Hall from Ireland on 15th May 2014

Reviewed by petra from uk Peterborough on 19th Apr 2014
Can't get internet connection wfi on any of the stagecoach busses or the trains are any other providers this has been like it for just over a week what has happened

Reviewed by JerseyGirl620 from UK on 26th Mar 2014
I do love trying out new gadgets so when I got wind of 3's MiFi I thought it was just what we needed due to travelling so much & to save ££'s at home. We got the 3 MiFi nearly two yrs ago and can't wait until the contract ends in Aug this year. We lived in East Midlands and in the south. Signal was pretty good most places, but very unreliable during normal extended use. Device screen shows full bars while pc and mobile or tablet say no internet connection. What's that a out??? I had to remove the battery and reboot/reset it numerous times to get it going again. Yes I too had many chats with cust serv to no avail. In fact my husband's expecting ME to work magic on the gadget in the morning coz its bugged out again and he's ready to drop-kick it outta the window!! Oh yes they sent us a new replacement last year after I complained. But we still have same problems. They are more concerned about getting you to take on more mobiles or other devices with them to keep you trapped. But we've already arranged to go back to broadband for home use and mobiles for travel as almost everybody's offering free wifi now wherever we travel. So would I recommend this gadget? No not at this point. There would have to be some mega improvements in many areas first.

Reviewed by gezza from portugal on 16th Feb 2014
come on UK get your act together, i got a e5330 here in portugal and get 13 mb download everywhere i go. Uk really is a cheap skate country, mast s no good and not enough while they rob you blind

Reply by Margaret from UK on 19th Jan 2015
Hi,my friend bought one of these as they are in Portugal for 3 months with their caravan. She says it won't pick up a signal. Any idea why or are parts of Portugal no good?

Reviewed by Lee from UK on 29th Jan 2014
I love these devices but if you pay more than £10 it should be "all you can eat". We are in the age of smartphones now & people are doing all kinds of data intensive stuff on their phones, I don't see the problem with allowing the same on MiFi / dongles as most people use these for laptop when away from their home broadband (cable).

I give four stars, the device is great but the plans don't do them justice.

Reply by john from uk on 3rd Apr 2014
spot on, i agree £15 for 15gbts, or £1 a gig, should be all you can eat data

Reviewed by pierce from ireland on 2nd Jan 2014
I was with 3G as a wireless broadband costumer for 4-5 years. I moved from Cork city centre to a very rural location and 3 still worked. I up-graded from the dongle to the mifi router this year november 2013. The coverage was really great. My 3 G bill was always 21 euro each month regardless of usage. Got a bill for 98 euro. Astonishing? Not as astonishing as the discovery i made with costumer service on the phone. One told me I was always prepay while another, the second told me i was a bill payer the third told me i was now both. Even after topping up by 10 euro on the interm of that months billing they say i still owe 98 euro. My neighbour, rural 3 miles away also the same bill amount and the same problem. Astonishingly its the same amount. What are 3 up to bare swithching off their loyal costumers. I unplugged and remain so. Today i bought a newspaper and bought a DVD for less than a days internet. I will not need to stream the news tomorrow or the movie as i now own them. BOOO to 3 and their new rip off of the costumer policy for short term gain.

Reviewed by paul from london uk on 9th Nov 2013
I have the older version BLACK square thing and don't use one of these on a tablet it DOES use up all your internet dater very easily and in days / hours. but as for laptops its brilliant. I got 66 to 72 hours a month out of it on a laptop and that's brilliant

Reviewed by Pauline from England on 18th Oct 2013
Do not go anywhere near one of theese i didnt even turn my wifi on and three said id used all my data!!!!! How???? And they said £15.99 a month on a 1 month rolling contract why are they taking £35.99 when ever they feel like it?? And u ring to discuss this and get no where but thro to india. And then they say u have to pay us what u owe i said i told u to cancel it 2 month ago they obv didnt do and tried to put the blame on me.... Three.co.uk ur a disgrace and as for ur wifi stick it where the sun dosnt shine

Reviewed by gavin saunders from ireland on 15th Sep 2013
this is the worst wifi in all of ireland. its supposed to be able to have 5 people on at a time with out slowin down but if you have more then 1 it goes slow. they give u a boaster to help improve on your strengh but it makes it worse. if i could give this wifi 0 stars i would.

Reviewed by RS from England on 8th Sep 2013
No problems, Very fast internet , Always good reception . Before i got this i checked on the Three web page if my area is covered and it was. Very Good

Reply by patricia bowden from England on 1st Oct 2013
Hi I am have a problem setting mine up I have a sim. But to top up I have to enter mobile/device number but cannot find a number it will take. Help. Please.

Reviewed by rich from uk on 26th Aug 2013
great for two years then stopped. call escalated to three uk support who did nothing. cancelled contract after waiting 14 days for a response. silly company.

Reviewed by Mark from UK on 20th May 2013
pretty rubbish all in all. Sporadic speeds in central London. I had a short term let with this internet included and it pretty much sucked....

Reviewed by Elke from UK on 18th Feb 2013
I have had the 3 WIFI for a while now...... worst dongle i have ever tried. Well, not actually the dongle but the 3network is absolute rubbish. I was told Nottingham had a very good signal strengh for 3 network, and so it used to but not for a long while. One minute you,re on 3G but within seconds youre on Emergency only. wish I had never trusted 3..... nothing but fob offs when you phone

Reviewed by Mike from UK on 18th Oct 2012
Just bought E586 with 10gb PAYG. Total disaster. Speed of 0.5mbps. Can't wait to cancel in a month. Lost 80 pounds. And that's W11 London.

Reviewed by Bill from uk on 9th Oct 2012
Watch out for out for the out of bundle charges for the 10gb per month 1 month rolling contract. It does not automatically shut you down at the 10gb limit, it then charges a fortune 10p per mb.

I do a lot of meetings with cam contact from my mobile facility hence why I crunched through the usage,so just be aware. I will cancel my contract and return to payg, but I certainly wont go to a monthly full contract with three after this. It is as bad as when the first mobiles started stuffing the customer on excess to bundle charges.

Very sad , the reception is good, the mi fi E586 is superb, just no way to gaurantee to restrict the billing ( a cap doesnt work so many excemptions )

Reviewed by Ed from UK on 21st Sep 2012
As a veteran of mobile broadband,having had stints on both 3 and T-Mobile,with brief interludes on both Vodafone and O2 between times,I found myself in something of a quandary a year or so ago,having moved from an area where all were level pegging,to a locale where the signal is variable at best,and simply non-existent at worst.After months of faffing around with extension leads,adjusting settings,sitting outside/upstairs,a work colleague said he had a mifi up for grabs.I didn't have a tremendous amount of faith to begin with,but what a revelation!!!The signal is now faultless throughout the house-no lag or buffering on Iplayer or You Tube-totally transformed my experience!I hate dealing with Three,as they are a notorious nightmare(even though the network is really good),but now there's no need to!I have even considered ditching pay as you go for the two year 15GB agreement,as I have used 500mb in one night on several occasions!!

Reviewed by Chris from London UK on 12th Aug 2012
My contract for MiFi 15Gb started in April 2012, and worked well for 2 months then hit the rocks. 1. The local mast is continually being 'repaired' so no service for blocks of 5 days at a time 2. Service dips in and out so cuts out every 10 mins. 3. Customer service is a nightmare as you get passed from pillar to post. 4. Agreed call back times and dates from tech dept not honored. 5. Overall the product is not fit for purpose.

This is a total waste of money and i'm trying my best to get out of this contract, which is proving difficult. Beware.

Reviewed by Elaine from UK on 2nd Jul 2012
Took out contract on E586 last October to use in park home and, similar to the previous reviewer had excellent reception and download speeds for about eight months in a rural area. Was able to receive continuous tv catchup viewing on laptop etc and would have awarded 4 stars (minus the one because technical helpline was unable to tell me how to link up printer and had to work it out myself). Unfortunately about a month ago started to lose connectivity and unbearably slow both on laptop and I-pad. Hoped that downloading updates might help but no difference whatsoever. Can anyone suggest a reason for this as I still have nearly a year on my contract and have no landline to obtain broadband.

Reviewed by Paul from London, UK on 8th Jun 2012
Been using 3 and the Huawei E585 for about a year. First eight months or so quite good. Past four absolutely dreadful. Impossibly slow, and this in Zone 2 of SE London. Slower than dial-up. Totally unacceptable at £16 a month. Will be cancelling soon. Couldn't really recommend it.

Reviewed by Trudi Hughes from Uk on 7th Jun 2012
Reception and connectivity on my Huawei E585 Mifi device (on 'three' network) noticeably much slower than a year ago. Wonder whether increased usage and / or possible lack of maintenance / upgrading to mobile phone network responsible? Area in which device used: Gt Dunmow, Essex. Any ideas, anyone?

Reviewed by KARL BALL from ENGLAND on 25th May 2012
Since having the MIFI I am so frustrated. Despite having a great signal strength (the dispaly shows I have the maximum available)It is unbelievably slow. Even typing this short message is making me so angry because I am constantly loosing conectivity, I would not reccomend this to anyone.
Do yourself a favour and do not sign up to a contract that does not deliver what it is supposed to.
Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish

Reviewed by Penarthian from Uk on 11th May 2012
We use the 3 mi fi and have had it just one year. We run a Touch and iPad from it and on occasions a laptop as well. We have wi fi in the house but when we are out and about it is excellent. We paid for the device and usage for one year and this was far the cheapest option. We now own the device and another years charges are considerably lower.
This was a cheaper option than buying an iPad where we needed to pay monthly for connection. This way we can run up to 5 devices for the price of one!

Reviewed by Jackie from UK on 8th May 2012
I have been trying 3 mobile WiFi E586 from home for over a month from my mini mac in the hope that I could replace my home broadband. I am less than 200 yards from the transmitter and it always show 5 bars or H. Unfortunately I usually get only 1MB download speed. It is very fast in town though. It looks like I'll have to return to Virgin for use at home.

Reviewed by Charlie from England on 20th Mar 2012
I have the newer version of the 3 MIFI, the speed is great, the batteries great. The usage is appauling. The first 'gig' took me about 3 days to go through and was going up mbs until it reached a 1000 which is 1gb
but once youve hit the gb mark. the length in between each gig is shortened to 100mb? it's going fast.

Reviewed by Stephen Ward from UK on 3rd Mar 2012
I have had the 3 mobile USB device for 2 years, it doesn't work, never has.
I have upgraded my OS to windows 7 and it still doesn't work.
I have had screaming arguments with the Indian office who are worse than useless, in fact they are the worst of all companies.
I have used my real name so that should 3 wish to resolve the issues then they can contact me.
Buy a different one.

Reviewed by Chris hurst from england on 2nd Mar 2012
good tool for me works on my boat so i am not paying for home broadband whilst i am away on holiday etc, the 3 help cantre is absolute rubbish manned by poorly speaking foriegn staff and they failed to send a replacement faulty base station instead sent me another modem fools i asked for a warranty claim but the base station is only covered for 3 months i am seeking advice on that one? so at this moment in time its a good deal with usual call centre rubbish backup buyer beware

Reviewed by dan37 from uk on 2nd Mar 2012
hi i have a 3 mifi e586 it is grate its better then a home wifi as you can used it out and about in a car or a train
or in a camper van on a bus if you have a home hub it ok but you are paying for it when you are not there this you can used anywere i go around uk a lot so its not worth my haveing a home wifi i caan used this in home aswell i get good signel i have all ways had o2uk on phones was not relly a fan of three but now there are very good i give it five stars very good three

Reviewed by VR from Canada on 20th Feb 2012
I got 3 mobile wifi for my daughter in London. They advertise that you can use up to 5 devices and that 15 GB is "plenty" of internet. They even have a chart on their website that supposedly calculates how much you'll use on average. Well it is completely false advertising. She and her roommate used all the allowance in 2 weeks, just doing their homework and regular browsing - not watching movies or anything. And now it turns out you can't get more GB except by paying 10p per megabyte. So their bill for 3 weeks is now running at 50GBP. Absolutely outrageous. And you can't even cancel because the cancellation fee is the full cost of the contract. In other words, there is no cancellation option. DO NOT USE 3 MOBILE WIFI.

Reply by Kevin Knight from Englad on 15th Mar 2012
I must reply to this post. I have used 3 mobile broadband for the past 4.5 years with various methods of connection. I currently have an E586 MiFi unit that I use extensively in my caravan. I travel all over the UK with work and use the van instead of hotels. Both my wife and I can be connected to the device doing all the surfing we want. Between us we have 2 iPhones, an iPad, Macbook pro and my works Win7 laptop. We have a 15Gb contract and we have never exceeded this. My wife subscribes to an online TV show and I often view UTube videos. Updating the iOS devices is all carried out using the 3 network. I cannot understand how the 15Gb is used up in 2 weeks if they are not downloading loads of stuff. Check the daily use on the My Account section on the 3 website, it might suprise you!

Reply by Dave Herbert from UK on 19th Mar 2012
I agree totally with the first reply, 15Gb would not be used by 2 people browsing and doing homework in that time period. There's been some video usage to have hit the limit in 2 weeks, I would say the three usage calculator is reasonably realistic.

Reply by Richard White from UK on 6th May 2012
I don't agree with this review at all...15 Gb is a lot of usage and not just homework! I think you should check their my account section. You will probably find lots of vids have been dowloaded/streamed.

Reply by BL from UK on 25th Aug 2013
I agree! I changed from a pay-as-you-go contract to a rolling monthly contract. With only normal surfing and email checking using one PC and a tablet,no streaming, movie/video downloads and so on, we apparently used the whole 15Gb of data in less than three days! Something very wrong here - I previously used no more than 3-4Gb per month with the same equipment and general usage. Tech support were only able to recommend changing my password (not the problem, we're quite remote from other houses) and switching the device off most of the time. Eventually (at the end of a 90 minute telephone call) I was advised to use another supplier and so I shall. This is a rip-off - it's a rubbish service and dishonestly marketed - how can a light user be charged for 5Gb per day?

Reply by Kerrie from uk on 13th Dec 2014
We have used 3 mifi for 3or 4 years, but in the last few months, (since the last contract ended) we keep going over the 15gb data, even tho we never went anywhere near it before. Last month our allowance was gone in two weeks - despite the fact we had been away on holiday for 5 of those days! We have turned off every update, checked for viruses and keep it unplugged but still the data keeps disappearing. I just listed it as a metered connection and as soon as WiFi connects it drops at a mb per second - without even any browser windows up! I just spent an hour online, ordering a gift and it used 1.7gb! So give the kids a break, I doubt they're streaming - last wk my hubby downloaded a game which was 128mb and 2.5gb disappeared - three data just disappears and the helpline don't know where it goes.

Reviewed by William Read from United Kingdom on 20th Feb 2012
The dongle is a Huawei E585, all worked well for 5 months then it got hot and stopped working. Took it to the 3 shop and they sent it away. It came back with a generic letter saying that it had been dropped/crushed and was unrepairable! I phoned the repair number straight away and the bloke told me that this was a generic letter when a device can't be fixed (how dishonest of 3), and that I had to re-contact customer services and get it refunded or replaced. I then had the run around from 3 and after 4 very long calls (in excess of 45mins) was told a manager would ring me to see what could be done. You guessed, no call! I am now having to go to the ombudsman to try and get this resolved. I find this all so despicable, that 3 can treat people this way and keep getting away with it. Incidentally if I was a contract customer instead of PAYG, no problem, instant replacement. Now that tells you alot about how their contracts are ripping us off.

Reviewed by Samantha from UK on 16th Feb 2012
3 Mifi is bad. We bought it because it said it could connect gaming devices, like Nintendo DS Lites. No. It cannot. I sat for hours trying to get it to work...the second you press the button to set up the Network, you have been sucked in and there's no going back. I rang 3 within 6 days of ordering the device to cancel the contract (it says there may be a small fee to return the device to factory settings). They told me to do this and this and to call back if it didn't work. So obviously it didn't work so I called them back. They told me to try calling Nintendo about the possibility of the DS being faulty and pretty much said ..'Have a good day' before I could continue what I was saying. Called them back instantly and asked to cancel and they said I couldn't. My mum rang back the day after and a woman said she was unsure if we could cancel and would have to speak to a manager, she said she would get back to us, but they never. We decided to just stop the direct debit, and then I got a call to say we had missed a payment. These calls continued about 3 times a day and eventually the online manager told us we could cancel the contract. Hurray...but thats not the end...I continued to get calls from several departments about missed payments and when I explained the situation the woman started shouting at me, she called me balshy and aggressive. Ok so I'm a geordie with a strong accent I was just talking. The same woman continued to call me over and over again, despite having talked to the online manager. The calls have only recently stopped. The account, after two months of negotiating, has now been closed.

Reply by Cobble from UK on 20th Feb 2012
I found it works on every console and handheld except the DS due to the DS's outdated Wi-Fi protection. 3 Mobile Mifi uses WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security protocol - DS can only read WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). That's why you'll notice a grey padlock next to your SSID on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup screen instead of a red one. 3DS works fine though.

Reviewed by Crutch from uk on 14th Feb 2012
The first month connection was pretty decent. Then it went to pot. To the point where I phoned up, literally begging to have my contract terminated. Customer services show no respect, knowledge or compassion. Ignoring upload/dload (which varies from 0.04 - 4mbs, but rarely gets passed 2mps) my ping (which is what you really need to monitor) is pathetic. I've recorded ping speeds in the 1000s! Recently getting a 1650ms ping. Basically that's nearly 2 seconds to send a very small request out and back instead of doing it in the blink of an eye. It doesn't sound that bad, but try and think how many requests/processes involved in loading a simple website and you get the idea of why you shouldn't use this service (even if its just to load Google, do a search, then switch off your pc and carry on with your day!!!!)

I look at my mifi I'm disgust, knowing that ill never get out of my contract cheaply and that I've been stitched up like a good'en.

Nb I also live in Birmingham and was quoted excellent reception. I also implemented all the speed boosting tips 3 are so eager to point out. If anything, maybe putting you off from going with 3 might improve my embarrassing speeds.

Reviewed by Wilko from UK on 1st Feb 2012
I thought 3 mifi was the bee's knees when I changed from T-Mobile. The peed was faster, the ease of putting the mifi where the best signal was etc etc and the price being much better .... £15 for unlimited (although slowed after 2GB) on T mobile ...compared to £15.99 for 5Gb on 3. After a month of perfect use and great speeds I started to get problems. 9 times out of 10 I get the HSPDA signal, but as soon as the signal drops to 3G I lose internet connectivity completely until the HSPDA returns!! Customer services is terrible, very condesending, thanking you for having any knowledge more than them. Infact I would go as far as saying that I would probably get more help standing outside the school gates and asking one of the kids to help me!!!

Reviewed by Heidi from Uk on 13th Jan 2012
Just bought a macbook pro & mifi from three on payg, so far it is great, faster than our home broadband (we do have rubbish speeds at home) it gets a signal in places we never thought it would eg Clumber park, had a vodafone dongle before &. It was so slow it was unusable, but bearing in mind other comments from people about their problems we went payg so if it all goes wrong we aren't locked into a contract of any kind, so far we would highly recommend the three mifi.

Reviewed by Pin from Uk on 10th Jan 2012
Outstanding!!!! I've tried many on my commute southampton to London Andriod tethering on O2 = fail. Android tethering on Giff Gaff = Fail. So i picked up one of these babies (black version) from cash convertors for £15 hahahaha those cowboys gotta luv em. Suffice to say i snatched it. Went for a lovely stroll to Three shop and bought the cheapest payg 1gb month card..to trial out. All i can say is Woooow!!! At last i have full internet on the move!! Damn this thing is faster than home virgin!!! I don't deal with customer service...haah i buy my gb's infact...i will be ordering on ebay 3GB X 6 = 18GB Data in 6 months @ £23.50 ..all good for my needs. Why ppl bother with contracts is beyond me. :)))))

Reply by Brian from Uk on 24th Apr 2012
You are talking cobblers. I get the same train to London and use the same huawei mifi - it will not get a connection for large parts of the journey - it doesnt work at all in Winchester, or north of Basingstoke. It doesn't even work all that well between Wimbledon and Waterloo. 3s coverage is the problem - the device does the job, although the battery life is very poor.

Reviewed by Tony from United Kingdom on 2nd Jan 2012
I have been with 3 for about 5 years or more. I must say that the customer service could certainly be improved. I always ask to speak to the managing director now because I am fed up with being thrown from one department to the other and speaking to people who I can not understand. I recently took out the 18 month contract with 3 and the new WiFi service. I must say that the new device is a great idea, WHEN IT WORKS! I must of had MUG written on my forehead at the time because the dongle I was previously using works 100% better than the new WiFi device. I have now thrown the WiFi device to one side and I have gone back to using my dongle. As a web developer on the move, I found myself getting more and more frustrated with the loss of connection. I am now using the dongle again with no problems at all. Also, be sure to check your paperwork. The customer service advisor, who upgraded my device on the phone, said it would be an 18 month contract. The 18 month contract turned out to be a 24 month one!

Reviewed by sophia from Essex on 2nd Jan 2012
Terrible service from this company, BEING CONNED FOR EXTRA USAGE when don't download anything. Stay clear

Reviewed by Darren from UK on 14th Dec 2011
I also have the later version - the black Huawei MiFi. Very fast, I can stream video and only occasionally get buffering messages. Nigel, you should call the call centre, I did and they offered me 15GB for £16. Also the amount of data you have used is displayed on the device, so you don't even need to go into the console to check how much you have used.

Reviewed by Nigel Thain from United Kingdom on 1st Nov 2011
Absolutely brilliant. I use one of these (the later black version) for work. Never had a problem at all. Great value and good speeds BUT.... and this is a warning. DO NOT GO OVER YOUR 5GB LIMIT. I did, without realising it and I was stung for 10p per MEG !. To be fair(ish) to three, they sent a few text messages to my 3 control panel, but if you dont actively look at it, and there is never a need to, you wont see the messages. A warning email would be better (for me, but obviously not for 3 !!)

Reviewed by Uni from UK on 25th Oct 2011
My Experience with Three has been on par with any other mass consumer company, although, the download speeds on HSDPA are very nice when they work. Luckily I'm in a fairly decent position so I have (on occasion) reached over 4mbps (yup, 500+kB/s). Only for Short bursts though and my average (when its working) would be around 2 mbps (200-250kB/s). The problem with these mobile networks is consistency, one minute you could have a perfectly stable connection, and for seemingly no reason at all it drops and fluctuates, this happens anywhere, using any computer, for any network, it is the nature of mobile broadband. I'm on a Phone contract with an non-capped bandwidth, In a single night here i could download 3-4GB of data, a night mind, thats over 100GB/mo. The price seems OK, not great, but just OK. Three's Customer Services are pretty poor to be honest, your sent to call centres mostly in India, These people wont get paid much, so don't expect them to do extra work to help you if you know what I mean. Not very good at all IMO. Although better than most other providers. You _can_ game on these networks, provided you dont mind randomly de-syncing in any game you play (not all, just randomly any one). The network, for what it is, is excellent, coverage is easily searchable using three's coverage map, and is quite accurate. the biggest drawback is harsh traffic shaping techniques which almost prevent peer-to-peer networking. 4/5. The Customer Service is Mediocre and reminiscent of that of the old BT days (without the waiting time), Although I admit waiting times are much lower, still not perfect though. 2/5. The Price is OK, more expensive than a few other major providers but they dont give you HSDPA with unlimited data. 4/5 Conclusion is the service is Good, its by far not perfect, number of improvements to customer satisfaction can be made with UK call centres, Less harsh traffic shaping methods, and a bit more responsive to negative feedback.

Reviewed by Chris from UK on 17th Oct 2011
I have the 3 MiFi device and I travel a lot in the UK, stay in hotels, work in offices, every week. I only use with my iPad but I think it's a fantastic device. Fast, useable strait out of the box have had it for about 10 months on PAYG with 3. But I have to agree with other comments about customer service which is appalling and seems designed to get you to give up. But escalation does the trick. I just ask for technical service but thankfully i have not had any issues with it for ages now, including paying for my top up and this was incredibly frustrating at first. Overall, for me, it's excellent.

Reviewed by Jerry johnson from Ireland on 12th Oct 2011
My partner purchased a Three wirelesss modem as we alredy have Three mobile broadband via a dongle. We were advised by their 'customer service' that we could use the sym from the dongle with it as we wanted to be able to conect an iPod Touch. They said that it would obviously use more data from the account as we would be spreading it over several devices. Firstly it wouldn't connect to her desk-top computer wirelessly, it had to be connected via a USB port, this was useless as although the computer connected, the iPod struggled to pick up the signal, even though it was right next to the modem! After some experimenting, we figured it would work fine with a laptop and the iPod, but simply wasn't working with any other device if plugged into the desk-top. The biggest shock was when I tried to log in to my 3 account a couple of days later,I couldn't connect to anything other than the Three Homepage. I checked the data allowance on the card by returning it to the dongle and found that I had a bill for 75 euros as the wifi modem had used up all the data and they (Three) had allowed it to work outside the data allowance. As the WiFi modem wasn't doing what we had hoped, and had now caused us to have to pay a further 75 euros, my partner rang Three to arrange to send the WiFi modem back to them under the 14 day money back guarantee that came in the box. She got through to someone in India and they refused to allow her to return it! They said they would only take it back if it wasn't working! Well it isn't working as far as we're concerned, and the 14 day Money Back guarantee does not specify any terms what so ever for getting a refund! After spending considerable time talking with them, they still refused to register the guarantee and would not give us an address to return the Unit. The 'Guarantee' is useless. The advice given before we purchased was useless, and even though we have sent an email to their complaints department (still awaiting a reply!) we still have no way of returning the modem and getting our money refunded. I intend to cancel my account with them in January and would urge everybody to give this fly by night company a wide berth! Since being with them we have had poor download speeds and terrible customer service!

Reviewed by rich from derby england on 9th Oct 2011
i have had my wifi four over a year now living at 3 diferant addresses during this time and speeds have been great and three service is good will allways try and rectifie eny problems eaven when you do not have a resept

Reviewed by Pasquale from UK on 19th Sep 2011
I've had mifi for the past 2 years and it is a piece of technology that I would reccomend to everybody who is on the move at all time, I use it at home and most of the time the connection its excellent, but sometimes it slows down drammatically and at this time what I do is, turn the device off for a couple of seconds and then switch back on again, and it runs as normal and the speed going back to the excellent, I sometimes take it with me with my laptop and also I use it with my mobile phone. what can I say this is called technology and for once they got it right.

Reviewed by Gyula from England on 16th Sep 2011
I use a pay as you go all you can eat data plan,chopped down to micro size.fits in ipad2 and now I get unlimited Internet for £15 a month. RESULT

Reviewed by KotCR from UK on 13th Sep 2011
Unsure why, but while I always have a good signal, this is only usuable for me in the early hours of the morning. I get good, solid speeds between about 1am and 7am of about 1 mpbs, but between 8am and midnight, despite still having a strong signal, I'm lucky to get 5kbps. Yes, that's kbps, not mbps. Most of the time during those hours it will remain at 0 or 1 kbps, a practically non-existant internet connection. Seems to be little point having an internet connection that you can only really use during the hours you should be sleeping. However, like many other people commented, for the first fortnight or so of using it, the speed was always good even during the day. Almost seems like 3 intentionally throttle down your connection speed once they've caught you in their elusive trick and have your money.

Reviewed by Sebastian from UK on 11th Sep 2011
I bought this product purely for online gaming. I signed up for the 15BG 18 month rolling contract, which i purchased early in mid 2011. After fixing the settings so no-one else can join the network it creates and diabling the SSID broadcast so no-one else can even see it on Mi-Fi- scanning software, I saw it safe to use. At first the connection seemed perfect. (How wrong can a man be?) Until only a few months of use, the 'Signal Strength' began to slowy creep down, almost through each use - randomly swithcing between Highspeed (H) and 3G, eventually to stay on 3G at a strength of 1 to 2 bars - this is totally unusable for any kind of decent online game or, in fact anything worth doing at all. 'What did I do wrong, 3?' I dont know how many countless, joyfull hours a day I (used to) spend gaming, nor do i spend time counting the ammount of hours I spend doing it. All I know is that Im not gaming. That, and the fact that my 18 month contract (which is still costing me £15.99 a month) will expire in December 2012 - I month that is regarded by some people to the the end of the world as we know it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

Reviewed by Chris from england on 1st Sep 2011
Excellent bit of kit, indespensible if always on the move, or a frequent commuter, picks up a signal just about anywhere, but don't expect iplayer or the like to not have to buffer every now and again. Saying that I've had mine since they came out, it's proved very useful, on their 15gb contract, as a moderate to heavy user it still is not enough to fully replace home broadband.

Reviewed by Will from UK on 1st Sep 2011
I have had this for a year now. When I first got the mifi it was great, speed was amazing and websites loaded really quickly. In the past few months this has all gone downhill very fast, to the point of being almost unusable. I am signed up for a 24 month contract so still have to see out half of this, for a poor service. Feels like I bought one product but was given an inferior product.

Reviewed by James Sargent from United Kingdom on 18th Aug 2011
Had mine for about a year now, and had two of the same unit. Both have had problems staying connected and would drop connection even if there is a decent HSDPA signal. Would avoid.

Reviewed by albert desalvo from UK on 17th Aug 2011
Not a review as such... but a suggestion, if your wireless speeds were great and have significantly decreased over time... check the channel your wireless network is transmitting as the reason my be due to interference on the same channel as more and more people establish home networks etc and generally wont change from the default settings. I plan to buy one of these today, as I have only heard good things about them.

Reviewed by Kevin Horne from England on 16th Aug 2011
I made the mistake of signing up for 2 years. The reception is poor, slow and frustrating. Customer service gets you through to Paul, Kev or John in India and from there you go around and around in circles till you get fed up and give up. On the good side my contract ends at the end of this year and will I be renewing? You guess. Would I recommend 3? Certainly if you like dialup speeds, the world’s worst customer service and throwing money away. In life it is said that you get what you pay for. With 3 you pay for nothing and no matter what they say about cancelling if not happy or satisfied forget it; you have a better chance of seeing England win the football world cup or a politician telling the truth.

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