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Three Mobile WiFi

 In a nutshell  

Last updated October 2013

Three Mobile WiFi uses Three Broadband to create a wireless network (WLAN) so you can connect devices like laptops or mobile phones to the internet completely wirelessly and without the need for a fixed broadband connection. You can connect 5 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously with speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps.



Nicknamed MiFi®, Three Mobile WiFi uses a Three broadband connection plus a wireless modem to create a fully wireless network that you can use to connect multiple devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the internet. You can use it to access the internet without any need for wires or a BT phone line. The system is very simple to set up and use, with no wires (obviously) and no software to install.

Use the links on this page to buy online and you'll get free delivery and a 14-day money back guarantee, provided that you return everything in "as sold" condition.

The speed that you experience will depend on whether you are in an area with "excellent coverage" (i.e within HSDPA coverage), "good coverage" (i.e. within 3G coverage) or "marginal coverage" (i.e. on the edge of the 3G coverage region. Three's HSDPA coverage region currently covers 91% of the UK population (data correct in October 2009) and offers download speeds of up to of up to 2.8 Mpbs. 3 are currently rolling out 7.2 Mbps coverage across the UK. You can check coverage by postcode on the 3 website. 3 claim that most people on the HSDPA network can expect a speed ranging from 1 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Ofcom's survey of mobile broadband, published in May 2011 found that Three offered significantly faster average download speeds than T-Mobile and Orange, but slower than O2 and Vodafone.

User questions

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I did a test with my O2 mobile data and checked the usage for playing a YouTube video. I checked the exact same video with the three mifi and it used at least four times more. Can someone explain this?

Asked by E McCann from Northern Ireland on 9th Oct 2017
I have a 40G a month mifi package with three. The speed is very good but data uses up very quickly for no apparent reason. I do know about data usage and how much should be being used. If afraid we have to depend on the honesty of these companies but I have become very suspicious of them.

Reply by Paddy from England on 6th Jan 2018
I just signed up for 100g pm plan. It's borderline criminal. For example I played a old game on PlayStation Now for 90mins and was charged for over 14g of data use.I contacted three live chat which basically told me that streaming games via PlayStation eats more data? Hello I already know this but over 14g in 90 mins,no way is that fair as streaming a game is more or less the same as streaming a video.
Why are all these companies out to bleed you dry? It's so unfair?

I would like to check my acount, because I can't bring it on my ipad.

Asked by Linda maidment from England on 10th Feb 2017

Just tried STV Player on 3 Mobile and it first gave me sound out of sync, tried again and there was no sound at all?????

Asked by HARRY BAYEN from SCOTLAND on 2nd Nov 2016

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Three Mobile WiFi user reviews

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