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Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (3.5)

User questions

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How do I use my phone PIXIE3(35)?

Asked by JEAN EDE from UK on 19th Nov 2018
Cannot read manual writing too small.

Does the Alcatel pixi 3 support WhatsApp?

Asked by Elizabeth from Ghana on 15th Nov 2018

Does it support whats app?

Asked by james from Netherlands on 5th Jul 2018

Does the alcatel pixi 3.5 have a qwerty keyboard?

Asked by len from england on 12th Jan 2018

Reply by BRIGHT from Ghana on 17th Oct 2018
Yh it have an android qwerty keyboard and installed swift keyboard

I have lost the dialler on my alcatel phone?

Asked by Stella from England on 24th Nov 2017

How can I get the flash to work?

Asked by donald from uk on 12th Nov 2017

How to add contacts and remove them?

Asked by Marion from Uk on 26th Oct 2017

How to on the gps sistem?

Asked by qwerty from malaysia on 30th Aug 2017

How do I get my SMS to make a notification sound?

Asked by Lisa from Australia on 25th May 2017
I have selected a sound, but when I receive a text it doesn't make an audible notification. I cannot find anything in settings that says it is on mute.

How do you enable the GPS on the phone?

Asked by Geraldine from England on 18th Mar 2017
I have a driving app that monitors my driving performance as part of my car insurance. This needs GPS enabled to run it.

Reply by Andrew from Wales on 16th Apr 2017
Unfortunately the Pixi 3 (3.5) lacks a GPS sensor, contrary to specs listed on many web sites.

I have the pixi 3 (3.5) and just reading this my phone does NOT have a flash. Why is this??

Asked by Samantha from England on 1st Nov 2016

Reply by Ed from uk on 11th Nov 2016
You don't have flash as there are many variants of same phone. check your exact model under battery or in settings under about phone. search for something like 4009x - note that letter may be different. 4009x is the simplest and most basic pixi 3. if you got dual sim there be "d" instead of "x".

What are correct SMS settings for Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3.5?

Asked by Michael from Australia on 1st Oct 2016
My phone keeps receiving the same past dated SMS each time the phone starts up. This repeating stops if the SIM is placed in another phone. All other SMS arrive once. So the handset itself may have wrong SMS settings that allow one particular SMS to arrive at every start up?

How to unfreeze phone?

Asked by Anthony from Australia on 29th May 2016

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