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Apple iPhone 8 Plus review

 Review: October 2017  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Apple iPhone 8+ is a larger version of the iPhone 8. With a bigger screen and a superior camera, it's the best iPhone of the current generation, but also the most expensive. Compared with the 7+, the 8+ offers more memory, a faster chip and wireless charging.


iPhone 8+ vs iPhone 8

Apple offers you two choices: compact or massive. In other words, the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8+. The two phones are identical in most respects, so read our detailed iPhone 8 review to find out more. Here we'll just note the differences.


Yes, it's bigger. A lot bigger. Massive in fact. Weighing 202g it's even heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It's got a bigger screen than the iPhone 8, with a higher resolution, and yet phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 give you an even bigger and better screen in a smaller body.


The iPhone 8+ has a significantly better camera than the iPhone 8, incorporating optical zoom. Twin 12 megapixel cameras, one with a telephoto lens, enable genuine optical zoom of 2x. Serious photographers will certainly appreciate the difference, and there's no doubting that this is one of the best camera phones of all time.


Don't choose the iPhone 8+ if you want value for money or a compact phone. Choose it if you value Apple's ease of use, if screen size matters, and if you're a keen photographer. But be prepared to carry something huge in your pocket.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus features include:

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