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Asda Mobile

User questions

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When on my Asda mobile making a call it says in call and also it doesn't ring either.

Asked by Nazmeen kasim from United Kingdom on 16th Aug 2018

Why are we having trouble with our mobile on Asda E E went down on Sunday and still not good now it’s Monday 23rd July?

Asked by Julia mckenzie from England on 23rd Jul 2018

Festive bundle does not work?

Asked by will from uk on 16th Jan 2018
ive bought the festive bundle on the 11/01/2018 for my iphone 6
asda text me saying the bundle was active But on trying to conect i didnt get no wifi
i telethoned them and they advised me to reset my setting and clear my browsing history i did this but still got no wifi
i telethoned them again and was told i may have a 3G sim and need to replace it with a new sim
they said they would send me one out on the 11/01/2018
on their bundle site it says it will be delivered next day and today the 16/01/2018 it still has not arrived.I have now lost 25% of my bundle time
When i menchioned this to the adviser she said yes but you’ve some of your bundle
i replied yes the only telephone calls ive made are to you.
she replied no you have another number on your account you called.i said yes but i didn’t get through
she replied yes but that still stands that youve started to use this bundle.
my argument is i should have been adised i would need a 4G sim on the site one buys the bundle from.I asked for a refund but she said we dont give money away,Ireplied yes but you expect me to give my money away and i’m only on state pension.

I'm on Asda network and my phone will not ring and keeps playing up and breaking up when I'm on the phone. Is this the network or my phone?

Asked by Shannon from Manchester on 13th Jan 2018

Trying to change number to new phone been waiting 3 day's no one seems to care ANGRY.

Asked by Susan from United Kingdom on 4th Jan 2018

If you buy a new bundle before your previous bundles 30 days is up, will you get it then or have to wait?

Asked by Amy from England on 1st Sep 2017

Reply by tony from UK on 26th Sep 2017
text below taken from ASDA mobile FAQ website

"If you wish to end your bundle early and buy a new 30 day bundle you can text the word END followed by your bundle name to 2732. This will remove the bundle and any remaining allowance allowing you to buy a new 30 day bundle."

Why do you not support short codes?

Asked by Anne wade from U.K. on 16th Aug 2017

Configurations message?

Asked by Ahmad from Newcastle on 22nd May 2017
How can I get configuration message for useing mobile internet?

Why is my phone showing sim invalid?

Asked by Jackie from UK on 21st Apr 2017
I haven't used my phone for a while and now it's showing sim invalid.

Every time I top up it supposed to be a month I am going to change my sim as it has run out again. like I said not getting a month.

Asked by ruth from cheshire on 16th Feb 2017
Just writing. To say not happy with sim card every time I top up it seems to be running out earlier each month was ok when I first changed to Asda sim card but I don't feel I am benefits. From this the last 2 months its getting earlier to top up doesn't seem that long ago I topped my phone up and now its at least a week early it needs topping up again its usually. The end of the month now its now again very early.

Can I keep old number?

Asked by sylv from uk on 6th Feb 2017

How to get voicemail when out of credit?

Asked by Helen boyes from England on 5th Jan 2017

I have got ASDA pay as go and have it quite a while and don't use it very often I am trying to get my credit balance It used to be but cannot get one with the old number Why?

Asked by JDay from UK on 23rd Jun 2016

Reply by rik from uk on 17th Jul 2016
Same here.

Why will the settings for 3g data connectivity not work with my galaxy s5?

Asked by Janes from Scotland on 5th Jun 2016
I've been sent the settings via text and followed all instructions, still no data connection!

Reply by Sharon from Uk on 7th Jun 2016
Hello..i had to google how to get my 3g. Did settings manually. Worked first time. Hope this helps.

I topped up IO POUND BUNDLE thinking I was getting offer of 10 for price of 15 but I have only been given 600 mins unlimited texts and 600 mb data. Why is this?

Asked by Pamela Kelly from England on 25th Apr 2016
I got new chip off internet was supposed to be 1000 mins unlimitet text and 1000 mb data.

Reply by mateusz from GB on 27th Apr 2016
Ask Asda mobile but dont expect the answer you want or to actualy get through to their customer service or be able to use the data or calls. Very limited usage i'm afraid. As a previous comment says "Cheap but not cherfull"!!!!!!!!!! Take your custom elsewhere , you deserve better.

Can you use a asda sim in a ee phone?

Asked by Bill from England on 19th Apr 2016

Reply by mateusz from GB on 27th Apr 2016

I have a Oukitel u8 smartphone. Can I get on the internet when no WiFi available?

Asked by chris from uk on 14th Apr 2016

Reply by mateusz from GB on 27th Apr 2016


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