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Beko GNE60520X review

 Review: March 2016  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Beko GNE60520 is an American-style fridge freezer with ample and versatile fridge and freezer space, and premium stainless steel looks. It has a lot going for it, but sometimes betrays Beko's budget origins. We'd recommend it if you can find it at a good price.



The GNE60520X is a bit of a departure for budget appliance maker Beko. It's a big American-style fridge-freezer with an interesting 4-door layout offering loads of versatile storage space. Priced at a level normally associated with premium brands like Samsung and LG, can it compete effectively with the big names?

Design & features

The GNE60520X gives an excellent first impression. Finished in stainless steel with metal bar handles, it has a very solid build, and a stylish, slightly-industrial design. Look inside, however, and some design defects become apparent. The drawers are made from quite flimsy plastic and need a good tug to open. It doesn't feel like a premium product costing around a thousand pounds.

But there's no denying that the storage space is big. In fact, the interior fridge space is perhaps the biggest you'll find in any fridge freezer. There are four separate chiller compartments (2 large; 2 small) with 3 deep shelves above. The door space is large and flexible too. Somewhat irritatingly however, both fridge doors need to be open in order to slide out the salad drawers. This seems like an elementary design error.

The freezer space is big too, and is divided into two pull-out drawers. Separate cooling systems maintain the fridge and freezer sections, preventing odours transferring between the two.

Wider and deeper than a normal fridge-freezer, the GNE60520X will probably need to be positioned as a stand-alone appliance.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

The appliance has an A+ efficiency rating, but don't be deceived by this. A+ is the lowest rating you'll find in a modern fridge-freezer, and the GNE60520X, because of its huge size, is one of the highest consumers of electricity you'll find. That's normal for an American-style model.

It's an averagely quiet machine in use, but high-end Samsungs and LGs are significantly quieter.

Among budget manufacturers, Beko has a solid reputation for reliability. This model seems to be very well built, and we'd expect it to put in years of trouble-free service. Just be careful with those salad drawers!

Conclusion - generous storage, but only if the price is right

There's no doubting the enormous storage capacity of the Beko GNE60520X. It's a good-looking appliance too, with its stainless steel finish and nice design. The interior is well laid out, apart from that tricky problem that we mentioned with the salad drawers and the doors.

But the Beko GNE60520 competes directly with premium fridge-freezers like the Samsung RS7677FHCSL and the LG GSL545NSYV. Both of these models have rock-solid build quality and designer looks. So we'd only recommend the Beko if you can find it at the right price. It's exclusive to Currys, so there's no point shopping around, but here's a tip from S21 - the price varies considerably, and if you're patient, you'll be able to pick it up for significantly less than £1,000. At the right price, it's a bit of a bargain.

Beko GNE60520X features include:

User questions

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Can the doors be taken off so as to make it easier to squeeze through narrow hallways ??

Asked by Les from England on 22nd Sep 2016
The fridge's final resting place is very spacious, but getting it through the hallway and round a bend it is narrow. If the doors can be removed it would be a lot easier.

Reply by Ian from Dewsbury on 20th Jul 2018
Yes, the door hinges can be completely unscrewed so you can push it in narrower places, you can also pull out the freezer drawers with the handles you'd be chopping off around 12 cm of its depth dimension until it reaches its resting place... be careful though with the stainlesssteel finish, it can scratch easily and does not take abuse well.

Beko GNE60520X user reviews

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