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Bosch WTE84106GB review

 Review: October 2016  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Bosch WTE84106GB condenser dryer is a basic model with the convenience of auto-dry. It's simple to install and use, but lacks reverse action rotation, so clothes can become tangled - especially sheets. The "Cupboard Dry" setting leaves laundry still damp, so don't expect to be able to wear clothes taken straight from the dryer.



The Bosch WTE84106GB is an entry-level, no-frills condenser dryer. The appliance seems to be reasonably well built, with a solid door and integrated handle.

The control panel has a simply layout, with a rotary dial for selecting the programme, a touch-control Start/Stop button, and a low heat option.

Drying performance

This condenser dryer is very easy to install, as it needs no external vent, but instead collects water in a removable compartment at the top left. This slides out easily and needs emptying after each use.

The dryer's usual operating mode is auto-sense, which means that it continues until the moisture level of the load drops to a certain level. The Iron Dry setting leaves clothes fairly damp, and even when using the Cupboard Dry programme your laundry won't come out dry. The machine is intended to dry clothes sufficiently for transfer to an airing cupboard, but you may still find that you need to run an additional timed programme, or hang them on a clothes horse to dry before they are ready to be put in an airing cupboard.

The machine has a good-sized 7kg capacity, which is enough to dry a full load of laundry. The dryer performs best when filled to its design capacity, and is less effective at running partial loads. The drum has no reverse rotation action, and so clothes can become tangled. Sheets in particular, if dried on their own, will tend to roll into a ball and come out damp, so be sure to load the machine with care.

With a noise level of 66dB, this model is averagely noisy for a tumble dryer - about midway between the wash and spin noise levels of a typical washing machine.


The average lifespan of a typical tumble dryer is around ten years, and with care this machine ought to last that long. Be sure to clean the all the filters regularly in order to keep the machine in good working order.

Conclusion - a popular, basic dryer

We've rated this machine 3 stars, as it's a no-frills dryer with no added extras, but with some care and attention it will get the job done. It's well priced too. If you expect clothes to come out perfectly dry, this machine is likely to disappoint, but if you're preapred to work with it, it will help you avoid the vagaries of the British weather and minimise the number of shirts and socks hanging up to dry.

Bosch WTE84106GB features include:

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