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Bosch WTW87560GB review

 Review: November 2016  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Bosch WTW87560GB is a premium-quality condenser dryer with a very high energy efficiency rating of A++. It has a huge 9kg capacity, so is ideal for drying large loads of laundry at once. Be aware though that drying cycles are long, and be certain that you understand the difference between heat pump dryers like this one and conventional models.



The Bosch WTW87560GB condenser dryer is a premium model, using a heat pump to deliver an outstanding A++ energy efficiency. Smart in looks, with a big LED display, a rotary dial to select the programme, plus additional touch control buttons, it certainly looks the part.

Be aware that this model is deeper than most dryers, so check your kitchen dimensions before ordering.

Drying performance

Like all condenser tumble dryers, this appliance is easy to install, as no external vent is required. Instead, water collects in a tray during the drying and needs to be emptied manually at the end of each programme. For added convenience, this model is fitted with a self-cleaning condenser.

This dryer has an unusually large 9kg load capacity, which is a benefit if you have large loads to dry, but can be a problem if you don't have the volume of laundry to fill it, as heat pump dryers are designed to work at maximum efficiency with full loads. Partial loads may also become tangled and not dry well, particularly if sheets are dried on their own.

The machine comes with a variety of settings, and has the convenience of auto-dry, but if you're hoping that you can just set it running and take out your clothes perfectly dry, you may be in for a disappointment. The machine is designed to dry clothes to a level of dryness suitable for ironing or transfer to an airing cupboard. It won't get them fully dry.

The Bosch WTW87560GB uses a heat pump to heat the air, recycling warm air to maximise energy efficiency. This can produce big savings in electricity usage, as the dryer will use less than half the energy of a conventional dryer when operated at full load. However, heat pump dryers aren't necessarily the best choice, as they have a number of drawbacks. The main problem is that they take much longer to dry, as they run warm rather than hot. You can expect to leave the machine running for twice as long as a conventional dryer - typically 3 to 5 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. Heat pump dryers are also rather sensitive to ambient temperature, so are not suitable to use in a garage or outbuilding.

With a noise level of 64dB, this model is averagely noisy for a tumble dryer - about midway between the wash and spin noise levels of a typical washing machine.


Bosch has a good name in appliances, but heat pump dryers have a lot more to go wrong than conventional dryers and can be expensive to repair. This model uses a self-cleaning condenser, which sounds convenient, but we have doubts about whether it will have long-term reliability.

Conclusion - low energy, but be careful

You might think that by spending this amount of money you're buying the best possible tumble dryer, but that's not really the case. What you're buying is a machine that's capable of halving electricity use under optimum conditions. The amount of electricity you save will never make up for the inflated purchase price, and you may not be satisfied with its performance. At the very least you should expect to wait much longer for the drying cycle to complete. On the positive side, you'll be doing your bit to reduce energy usage.

Bosch WTW87560GB features include:

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