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Everything Everywhere (EE)

 In a nutshell  

Last updated October 2013

Everything Everywhere (EE) is the first 4G mobile network in the UK.



Formed by the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK and owned jointly by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom, Everything Everywhere Limited is the UK's biggest communications company.

EE's 4G service launched in 11 UK cities and is now rolling out across the country. If you move out of 4G coverage, your phone will automatically switch to 3G or GSM.

4G speeds up to 100Mbps are theoretically possible, but in practice, download speeds of 12 - 15 Mbps are expected. Typical upload speeds are 5-6 Mbps. That's still a lot faster than typical 3G speeds. This extra speed will enable more use of the mobile web, especially video streaming.

To make use of the 4G network you'll need a 4G LTE-compatible phone, tablet or dongle. EE uses LTE Band 3 (1800 MHz). You can also use a 4G mobile broadband dongle.

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Opening mms?

Asked by mohammed.mustefa from 0908318043 on 10th Sep 2018

Looking for a new provider inn my post code bh119ep?

Asked by Mrs S . Bond from bournmouth on 11th Aug 2017

Everything Everywhere (EE) user reviews

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Average rating from 121 reviews:

Reviewed by Mark cooper from Uk on 14th Jul 2017
Having been a happy EE customer for years your coverage has got worse and having rang for the umteinth time you can still not tell me when it will be up and running again. You say I have to give you 30 days notice to end my contract which I am already out of will never use EE again totally dissapointed with the circus that goes on there you should get a ringmaster to look after the clowns please feel free to contact me any time.

Reviewed by Redfitzy from United Kingdom on 30th Mar 2017
I switched to this network because I bought a second hand phone locked to ee and so far seems good I have no problems at all apart from I don't get as much data as I did with o2 and also I miss o2 app as gives lots of deals so when I can I'm going to get phone unlocked and put my o2 sim back in that's not knocking ee it's great just I prefer o2.

Reviewed by Robert from United Kingdom on 13th Mar 2017
Due to complete a 24 month contract. I have been with orange/ee for a number of years and would classify myself as a loyal customer. However when looking at upgrade deals, they are offering secondhand mobiles (good as new) with hardly any offers on usage. When I contacted them, they said to be offering the best network they could not offer deals like other providers. I have the email as proof. They keep phoning me during the day despite the request for them to call after 5pm. I will be leaving ee and my wife will be following suit. In my calculations they have lost approx £750. The market is wide open and need to compete with better deals for loyal customers. Not good business acuity in my mind.

Reviewed by Kaye from UK on 28th Feb 2017
I opened a new contract with EE as I thought it would be easier in order to keep my number, for 10 days I had to call them daily in order to be passed around to different departments and fobbed off with it is in progress and will be sorted by tomorrow until I wanted to cancel the contract as I was still in the 14 day cooling down period. However because I took out the contract in store they would not let me return it and so now I am stuck with a 24 month contract with a company I do not want to pay any money to and 18 days after taking out the contract my new number still hasn't been transferred. The customer service has been appalling and hey have not come through on any of their promises. Other phone companies provide far better service so I would recommend going with them as EE clearly just care about their profit.

Reviewed by Steve from United Kingdom on 1st Dec 2016
Was an EE pay as you go customer for 2years when they called me with offers for contract. We decided on a contract and was told I would have £15 that I topped up a week earlier credited off my first bill.

When my first bill came in their was no credit. I figured a simple mistake ill just call them. The customer service agent said I would not be getting the credit because I had used most of my data and minutes in that week. I told them they knew the figures when they offered me the contract and cant just move the goalposts after id signed.

I gathered some information then called back to make a complaint and get the actual figures for my useage as they seemed way off. The new advisor said the figures arnt available to them and she doesnt know where the other agent got them from. When asked if I could be put through to complaints department she promptly credited my account.

Although I eventualy got what I was promised I was not happy with the way it was sold and handled. It made me feel like I was begging for something I didnt deserve. This is all within the 1st 7days of the contract. Thankfully I am in the cooling off period so will be cancelling.

Reviewed by Ruby from GB on 15th Nov 2016
Very pleased with ee. Nothing to add really.

Reviewed by Simon S from U.K. on 13th Sep 2016
Very good at the start but then problems atop problems. Speaking to them I was told to call Apple because iPad might not be supported (really?) then so many mast failures offered as the reason for no connection to 4G mifi. In a three week period I phoned EE almost daily but no response worked. Finally the MIFI was shown to be faulty and a new unit later (so 5 racement units later I have a passable but not stable signal - could go off any time.)
If I could offer a tip, don't be put off by their level one or two folk - keep going and insisting on speaking to someone who can help. The only people who helped me were in their Welsh office. The Newcastle office guy said (with laughter) "well I can cancel the device if you want". I'm sure EE are ok with losing customers, I'm checking with their sales director.
BTW anyone else been given the thin or fragile SIM card story? The incompatible iPad? The 'it must be your fault' line? Do they roll their own reasons or have a script?
Fine so long as everything is fine and some good people genuinely attempting to help. EE management should get over to S Wales and let the folks there show how good customer care can be.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 20th Aug 2016
Hello, I recently purchased the £19.99 sim only deal with EE. My main reason was because of the 16gb of 4g data per month. Looking around this was far the best value I could find. So far my experience has been very positive. The signal around my home & work commute is strong & consistent. But by far the best has been the data. Wow 4g is superb.
I regularly have over 60 mbps & so browsing on my phone is so smooth & quick.

Reviewed by lakshmi from india on 12th Jul 2016
Hi I dnt think anyone had wrote such review before. But its nt for EE however its for EE customers. I m an indian I work for EE. Before I say anything let me tell u ma English might not be as good as urs or may be its nt grammatically correct but whatever ill write below I m very sure that u will understand it. Here when I say You I m referring to all my brothers and sisters in UK. Guys I really love to speak to someone who is thousands of miles away in a completely different and beautiful country. When I speak to customers I really love to know more abt UK. Every country is unique and has different culture.. I m really sad and m crying from depth of ma heart today. I hve got a customer who dont want to speak to any indian. She was nt even ready to give her name.. I felt so terrible , she called in and started saying in a very sarcastic tone that she dnt want to speak to any indian. I just told her my name and asked how can I help her? She straight away asked me to txr her call to any British agent.. this is just one of the experience s and ihve got lot of such experience in ma 2 yrs career with EE. I know u guys are frustated sometimes nt happy with service and many more reasons.. but we r here to help u. Problems come with solutions. M nt able to say exactly what m gng through but I m getting humiliated every day being Indian. I have to pay bills and send money home. Lot of times I thought ill leave the job but I cant do that. People whoever reading this message can u pls pass on my voice.. pls let my brothers and sisters in UK know that m also as special as they are. I have same feeling and emotions. I hve self respect and I also love ma country. Pls dnt have any perception in advance before u speak to someone. Give them a chance atleast.. we really work hard all the day. U hve no idea what all we have to go through everyday. But we can help each other.. please.

Reviewed by Jenny from uk on 8th Jul 2016
Very happy with EE. Always a strong signal & fast internet.

Reviewed by Momo from UK on 19th Jun 2016
We had no choice but to go with EE as they took over Orange - they tried to assure me everything would be the same but it isn't. We have insurance on our smart phone which we pay monthly for and the deal is that you receive a replacement phone if your claim is accepted. Our claim was accepted last Thursday and the phone was supposed to arrive the following evening between 6 and 10pm. It is now Sunday evening and we are still waiting as they sent it to the wrong address on Friday and Saturday evenings as their staff didn't pay attention to the correct address on the drop down menu. At my wits end and after numerous phone calls I get through to a 'manager' who couldn't even repeat my mobile phone number back to me correctly but did say that I wouldn't be charged for not being at the wrong address - this is the level of untrained staff you are dealing with at the insurance company and they are just not fit for purpose.

Reviewed by Bob from uk on 30th May 2016
I have only recently joined the mobile world after nagging from my daughter therefore my knowledge is very small. I went with EE on pay as you go on the advice of a neighbour & so far its been excellent. The signal on my phone is always strong & calling is always nice & clear. I cannot comment about the internet as my phone is not set up for this.

Reviewed by drewbe from uk on 25th May 2016
I started out on one2one years ago then went to virgin mobile then dropped onto t mobile with another phone on orange, since t mobiles early days as then known as one 2 one and virgin using t mobile as a virtual network, i found coverage first class with little difficulty in making calls in most places even up in the hebrides ! the gripe i have with orange is annoying texts reminding me i have not topped up as yet in any given month, and t mobile dont do this, but it can take longer for credit to show with t mobile, and this week was the worst yet with a call to CS as my credit was not there after 30 mins it actually was going to take 2 hrs as t mobiles systems were being updated during the day, of which if my phone was to have zero credit then i would not be able to use for that 2 hour window. so that was a black mark to t mobile, i would say despite oranges sms reminders they have a better overall experience.

Reviewed by sam from London on 16th May 2016
Can't understand the negative reviews about poor customer service. Surely one buys a contract or pay as you go and that's it. I've been with T mobile and now EE for many years and in all my time I've hardly needed to contact customer services and when I have its usually painless and quick.
As for EE now it's been excellent. I travel all over the country for work and the signal is always strong in all parts of the UK. What else can I need?

Reviewed by Dave C from England on 11th May 2016
I've been with Orange from the start and have a 07973 number my loyalty discount is ending and Orange are stopping giving loyalty discounts to get consumers to change to EE and my monthly cost was going up to £9.99 and would be transferred to EE with NO Orange magic numbers.
I think they are doing away with Orange so I will looking for a new supplier.
The coverage is very good but consumer service is rubbish will be looking for someone who uses the EE network at a reasonable cost with hopefully good consumer service.
Why don't EE/Orange answer reviews like other supplies very strange.

Have given 1 star should have been minus 5 stars.

Reviewed by JACK from UK on 11th May 2016
Best mobile network by a mile. The data speed is superb & always find a strong signal.
I've just received a free Samsung s7 on my new contract all for £25 per month well pleased.
Customer service was excellent & very friendly negotiating my new deal.

Reviewed by Daniel from Northern Ireland on 8th May 2016
Very very bad customer service! I am small business owner, my brand new phone is faulty, I pay insurance and I'm told I'll get a new one at some point tomorrow!! Disgraceful when I'm paying £80 a month! I wouldn't recommend this network at all!

Reviewed by Barbara from UK on 27th Apr 2016
I bought my first smartphone earlier this year which came with a "free" £10 bundle from EE. I was annoyed to find that this bundle doesn't allow me to send the STOP text you need to do to opt out of some company's marketing emails. As my usage is very low, I've decided to switch. Now find I cannot get my PAC code either without paying them as this call isn't covered in the bundle. Found a landline number to ring and got through straightaway, but the operator wouldn't give me a PAC code unless I gave him the number of my new SIM card, which I haven't yet got.
Small irritations in the overall scheme of things, but I feel they are just trying to make it more difficult to switch.

Reviewed by sc from UK on 22nd Apr 2016
Terrible signal, customer service did nothing to help when I was in contract for 2 years, apparently all there boxes to connect to your wifi were all out of stock (that would make it possible to phone from my apartment).
Will never use this company again and have recommended others to not as well.

Reviewed by Sash from London on 20th Apr 2016

Reviewed by JC from Uk on 11th Apr 2016
Just upgraded my yearly contract. There is a special deal 16gb of data with unlimited calls & texts for a years contract for £16.99. Fantastic value especially the 4g data which is three times faster than my home broadband. Rang up and within 24hrs everything was sorted out.

Reviewed by Mark Lock from England on 28th Mar 2016
Last month I exceeded my voice allowance, not by a little in reality, some 400 minutes over my 1000 minute call allowance and was supplied with a very extortionate monthly bill of circa £225 (normal bill is just £27). FYI, I have never exceeded my call allowance in the past, nowhere even close. Normally my usage is somewhere in the region of 400-500 minutes per month. I do however regularly get close to my data allowance and when I get close to it I receive text alerts happily reassuring me that EE will keep me informed as to my proximity to my monthly limit. I get nice alerts at 80%, 90% and at 100%. I always know where I stand with my data. I always assumed the same would hold for voice (never having got even remotely close it was only an assumption and a very flawed one at that it seems). It seems that EE in their infinite and ever greedy rational have decided to offer this as a service but only as an opt-in service (3 of the operators did not even know this service existed by the way so how do they expect the customer to know?) whereas the data allowance alert seems to be set for all (at least I never opted in for it). I can only see one argument for making this an opt-in service and that it to benefit EE with the ability to present customers with huge bills when they exceed their allowances. Anyway, some 5 or 6 calls later, 3 of them to chase a response, 2 attempts to raise said complaint only to find the first attempt was not even logged and I finally get a call some 8 days later by an operations manager telling me basically tough!!! Apparently, EE are very happy to have charged me some £200 pounds for exceeding my allowance and they will not compromise on the amount. Now, I know they can and they do compromise, it just seems to be a lottery as to whether or not they will. In my case they are not prepared to budge. I offered to pay twice my monthly contract rate which would easily have covered the minutes I used but no, they are not willing to entertain that as an option with me. I have used EE for in excess of 10 years now. Guess what, not anymore! As soon as my contract is up then it is a wave bye bye to EE along with the other family owned contracts – I have a big family btw! Told EE this as well, guess what – they did not give a monkeys!

Reviewed by J.P from London on 24th Mar 2016
Yes no complaints from me. Happy with EE. The signal is always strong for calls and 4g data. Always been sim only so I can't comment on longer contracts. The price per month is reasonable at £13.99.

Reviewed by Dee from UK on 22nd Mar 2016
Very happy with EE. I have just negotiated my new contract and managed to foster 10gb of data per month paying slightly less. Big shout out to Sharon the EE call worker. She was fantastic & very helpful.

Reviewed by C W from UK on 6th Mar 2016
Call centre workers for this company delete data from your account and try to harrass you about silly thing in the middle of calls such as saying you have a rubbish phone or that you are getting a good deal when neither has anything to do with what you are calling about. Reminded me of the lazy-eyed character call center worker in the Phonejacker series - She had no clue about anything and would say anything in order to try to justify her minimum wage packet whilst seemingly enjoying every minute because she was genuinely that dim. They also tried to steal money from me until I made several complaints and they generally tried to act like they were right about everything whilst being proven wrong time after time. It was ridiculous. I recorded it all and reported it to ofcom.

Reviewed by P Gibson from Scotland on 29th Feb 2016
Worst customer service and hidden charges!

Thought I was getting a great deal through a third party website when I got a pretty cheap contract..... the sacrifice was terrible customer service and hidden charges when cancelling my contract. Customer service reps were mostly advisor's who don't have English as their first language. Therefore any time you have a slightly complex query, you have no chance of getting it resolved. Hidden charge for transferring my number after contract had ended which I wasn't informed about. Won't be back again, I strongly advise to avoid, it's not worth it.

Reviewed by Susan from UK on 25th Feb 2016
Just renewed my 2 year contract with EE. I managed to negotiate double the data I had for less money per month so I am one happy bunny! The telephone lady was loverly & easy to deal with.

Reviewed by John from UK on 16th Feb 2016
Well done EE, no complaints from me. Best provider for 4g by a mile.

Reviewed by TJ from UK on 13th Jan 2016
Been with EE since they took over T Mobile. They were so expensive at the start that I only stayed because of complacency. However the last few years they have been much more competitive. The signal & data has always been excellent so no complaints there. Customer service has also always been excellent.

Reviewed by Gray from Uk on 9th Jan 2016
Very happy with EE. I have been a Three customer for years but since they stopped the unlimited service I decided to try EE. So pleased I did as the 4g data is superb getting 90mb speed regularly on my Sony z3. Well done.

Reviewed by julie heminsley from uk on 7th Jan 2016
EE are not maintaining their masts.

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 4th Jan 2016
I have been an orange customer payg for over 20 years and had orange company phones up until EE had brilliant reception throughout uk then EE much poorer service often no signal Have friends on EE who have contracts and find problems with customer services especially when trying to cancel my advice to them is first write to EE telling them you are cancelling your contract and request they send you a final statement then cancel D/D best done immediately after a payment is taken important you do not use your phone after cancelling D/D they will no doubt say they will cancel your contract and final bill will be on your next D/D point out you have cancelled D/D and when they write to you with final balance provided you agree the balance you will send a cheque This method has always worked for me in other areas plus by writing to them you have proof of requesting cancellation requesting final bill not the you said I said of phone calls. Most important don't be bullyed these company's they will often threaten court action or contact debt recovery company's REMEMBER ONLY HIGH COURT BAILIFFS CAN ENTER YOUR PROPERTY AND DEMAND PAYMENT even county court bailiffs cannot enter your property without a warrant which can only be issued by a Judge as for affecting your credit rating unless you default on agreed payment it won't happen as they do not want a damming report in the papers etc.

Reviewed by Carmen from UK on 3rd Jan 2016
*overcharged/errors on the bill for 5 months in a row
*roaming issue occurred 5 months ago -Not sorted out yet. I went abroad twice since I joined the company and I was not able to make or receive calls
*company refused to open a complaint/record complaints in the first 2 months
*company took the money(unauthorised) out from my account refusing to show the bill
* is a norm for customer service people to cut off, be rude, be verbally aggressive, not to record the notes correctly, not to record the complain
*Tech team whatever level it is 2/3 is absolutely useless8
*never get compensation for not being able to use the service
*there is no complaint policy visible/no complaint team active

Reviewed by Barry from UK on 22nd Dec 2015
Just left EE after a 2 year contract finished. Had no problems during the contract, signal was pretty good almost everywhere. Unfortunately, when it came to leave, EE showed their true colours. I gave them 30 days notice that I was leaving, as they required, they then charged me £8.99 to unlock my phone to any sim - this is normally done free with every other network! Day before contract expired I rang them for my PAc code, gave it to my new network, who swapped the number on the last day of the contract. 2 days later I get a bill for £38 because "I didn't give them 20 days notice that I wanted my PAC code" - The bloke on the phone was embarrassed when I kicked off at him, he knew it was a scam. Anyway, I've left them now and as they wouldn't back down on the £38, I've got my company who use EE company phones to swap to Vodafone! So that £38 has cost then over £1k per month from my company - suck on that EE!

Reviewed by Kaye from Uk on 16th Dec 2015
After seeing all the ads sayin how 4G EE is the best internet provider and they say it's the best connection with no buffering!!!! After having my contract a year I can honestly say WHAT A LOAD OF WAFFLE iv never had a full reception or a strong enough internet signal to even use my 4G even wen connected to wifi iv gone from one end of the country to the other in the past year and no matter where I go my signals are rubbish and I'm constantly tryin to make calls and can't and use my internet but can't and what do EE say?? It's a problem with the phone mast????? WHAT ALL OF THEM???to wich they reply yes but it shouldn't affect my phone so it's the phone and I need to speak to apple tech support to wich they say there not my service providers so I have to speak to EE when all the wile my friends that are on PAYG don't have these problems ??????

Reviewed by James from UK on 6th Dec 2015
Very pleased with EE. I have been with them for seven months now. By far the best 4g coverage in the county which is a fact now. Never had to call customer services so don't know what those below are doing wrong.

Reviewed by Nawaf from Uk on 25th Nov 2015
Now I'm leaving ee after 2 weeks of problems. I would advice everyone to not join ee because customer service are rude and useless couldn't solve the problems I had for 2 weeks and they trying to put the blame on my and my phone lol. I would go to any network as long it's not ee or belong to ee.

Reviewed by Kevin from USA on 23rd Nov 2015
Here in the UK for 5 months. Coverage and all that is fine except in West Scotland, but the process of topping up is, well, I was going to say 3rd world, but it's much better in Morocco, Mexico, and other rougher places. For instance, I have a cellphone topup plan and an ipad topup plan. To top up the ipad, they say call 0845 XXXXXXX. But when you do that, the phone says "you don't have enough credit to make this call. I can't topup on line because of a failed credit card 2-factor authentication. I have to go to the ee shops were some pimply minimum-wage bot tires to figure it out, fails, gets the manger, he ends up callling the central number blah blah. Every effing month. I feel sorry for them of course, they are undertrained and have to take the brunt of customers' anger. But EE sucks. And Orange is just EE so avoid them too. Here's the kicker, EE is even worse than US cell-phone setups.

Reviewed by Kim from UK on 20th Nov 2015
I cancelled my contract and asked on the phone if it was OK to go ahead and remove EE from my direct debits on online banking. The person on the phone said that yes, as a payment had just come out I was OK to cancel the direct debit. EE then tried to take a further payment after I'd cancelled the direct debit. When I received the letter stating that my payment hadn't been collected I contacted the customer services to explain the situation. After being put on hold for 20 minutes while the operator spoke to her manager I was told that no, I had to pay the last amount as they had no record of me cancelling the account. I had to re-cancell the account. I was told either to pay up or to go through to the customer complaints process. I didn't pay, initially believing in the process, then filled out the customer complaints email but got no answer. I thought the problem had been dealt with but then received another letter threatening my credit rating and that my 'debt' would be sold to a collection agency. I called the number to pay the amount because I don't want that, and even THEN it wasn't easy - the automatic payment process switched to a person who needed to take all my details again. When she asked for the payment due date on the letter (there isn't one) I was told I couldn't make the payment. So now I have to pay but can't pay. After I took her employee number so that I could try the complaints process again she magically could take the payment without the mysterious disappearing due date. Please for the love of humanity, if you're reading this before getting into a contract please don't sign with EE or Orange, or T-Mobile (they're all the same company).

Reviewed by Faith from United Kingdom on 4th Nov 2015
EE is far most the worst decision I have ever made , they have Unreasonable charges and terrible customer services. Please think twice before getting a contract with them.

Reviewed by Evan from United Kingdom on 27th Oct 2015
EE are great for data, getting a large amount of data each month, I disagree with the price of their tarrifs. I also disagree with their poor customer service on the phone.

However when it comes to getting coverage you always get a network everywhere you get, never not getting a network. If you are not phased by poor telephone service then their network is brilliant for coverage/network!!

Reviewed by Rich from UK on 26th Oct 2015
unusable reception, incompetent CS, just a whole world of frustration dealing with these cowboys.

Reviewed by Les Rich from UK on 20th Oct 2015
I was originally a Orange customer since 2004 and then went to EE in 2013 I never had much call to deal with customer services when I was with EE.
Then the company where my wife worked got taken over by Vodafone so I could get a very good deal on a contract, and as I had only 2 months left on my existing EE contract I decided to change and pay the cancellation fee. That's when it all started, when my final bill arrived they had charged twice for the cancellation charge which came to total of £97.61, so I eventually got through to a customer service representative and explained, 'yes I can see that, we will send out a revised bill for the correct amount' she informed me.
2 weeks later, they took out the full amount of £97.61 as was the amount on the original miscalculated bill. so again I rang up and eventually having to explain to about 6 different people, they said they will give me a refund of £56.81, which they did a few days later. so happy days I thought.
I then receive a letter saying I had to pay the amount they had just refunded me within 7 days or it will be passed on to a debt recovery agency.
so again I go through the rigmarole of getting cut off, every time they transfer, explaining to about 6 different people and then getting put on hold etc. only to be told that they never took the full amount out of my account they only took £40.80, so I explain to the guy on the other end, I am online looking at my bank statement and the full amount came out of my account and I have a receipt from EE saying they received £97.61. NO he says you have incorrect information you need to speak to your bank, and I will ring you back in 10 minutes. so I speak to the bank and they confirm the amount of £97.61 was taken.
so I wait for the call back, I hour later no call back, I then go through the whole procedure of explaining to every man and his dog the situation, 1 hour and 50 minutes later I am transferred to yet another person, who tells me I have to send in my bank statement as proof. I say why do I have to send in my personal bank details, YOU (EE) send me the statement showing you only took £40.80 out of my account, NO we don't do that. so eventually I speak to a manager and he says take a screen shot showing the direct debit and that will suffice, so I send the screen shot to email address he supplied, and asked for a confirmation e-mail of receipt. 1 week later still no reply via e-mail, so again I phone up, bearing in mind, I have paid in full, I don't owe them anything and they don't owe me anything. But yet I am the one chasing them for an answer, so again after another hour on the phone, I explain to the guy, I don't owe any money, so send the debt recovery people as I can prove payment. so I will not chase this any more. I have still not received any acknowledgment.
so the moral is the customer service is diabolical, I would not ever again entertain EE as a service provider, even if they were the cheapest in the UK.

Reviewed by Aga from UK on 19th Oct 2015
My friend suggested EE I said why not this was the biggest mistake!!! It took 3 weeks for engineer to come around to reactivate the landline than we have waited another 2 weeks for the rooter to arrive being honest we are still waiting!!! How they expect people to live without internet. EE if you can’t keep up with the demand DO NOT take any more orders!!! Disappointed.

Reviewed by Ania from England on 30th Sep 2015
This is a review for your terrible company.

I have been a loyal customer for 2 years now. It was time to upgrade after having a 24 month contract on an iPhone 5s. Oh it happened to be that the 6s was due to come out so I thought I would ring to find out further information.

I then found out I've apparently got a new contract out for a Sony phone? £34.99 a month.. Well that's incorrect!! Turns out someone had cloned my identity and got a contract out in my name with the same bank details. So now.. I weren't able to upgrade for a while. No one was able to tell me any information about who this may have been, surely I should know as its my details? My sim then got blocked for 2 days so I had no phone at all due to the fraud upgrade. Anyway I waited and thought this would blow over.

So I got a new sim, rang up again and again and again to try gain information about what's going on, my ee app was wrong EVERYTHING was wrong! Still no upgrade.

I then finally got told I can upgrade and the fraud is being ' in process ' so I went ahead and ordered an iPhone 6s 64gb 10gb data! Oh and an iPad for no up front cost!!

So I got an email though with all details and now it said my phone is only going to be 4gb so I rang up and asked if that is right and they said oh we promise it is definitely 10gb!! IT WAS NOT !!!!

15 days later I got a bill through for £415 pounds!!!!!!! Because the person who helped me upgrade actually inputted the wrong information and I received the wrong iPad and iPhone. So I now have to pay 200 upfront cost for The iPad and my new phone.

Oh i can't even leave because it's past 14 days of being able to return the items!!!!!!! All voice recordings are also lost on my account and the fraud has not been sorted out , after TWO MONTHS!!! Yet I have to pay this money for someone else's mistake.

Can you help because I will take this further and make sure this company no longer runs


Reviewed by Disgruntled from UK on 26th Sep 2015
10 years as a T Mobile and then EE customer, my time with EE is done. I am still under contract with EE until January next year but am off later to get a Tesco mobile. I have 3 business phones with them but they couldn't care less. People who call me get my answerpone, the phone doesn't ring. Spent too much time calling 150 and getting the same old rubbish. Tech 2; useless. SIM swap; a waste of time. I just can't be bothered with them anymore. Since EE, they have gone down the pan and treated me like a "floater".

Where are the minus star ratings?

Reply by jacky from UK on 29th Feb 2016
I spent months telling EE the problem with incoming calls was not my phone but EE. I eventually rang OFCOM who gave me a number to ring the EE exec who sent out a new phone. It is not as bad, but people are still telling me they are not getting through at times.

Reviewed by Amanda from UK on 24th Sep 2015
I wish I could put 0 stars they do not deserve 1,
DO NOT GO WITH EE unbelievable amount of stress to go through even after you cancel.
0 stars.

Reviewed by Sam from Uk on 15th Sep 2015
Switched from sky after 5 years to save on money. Been with ee for 7 months. In that time have had no connection for a total of 37 days. Have had 2 BT engineers and 2 routers but still problem persists.

Customer service is atrocious. If they can not solve your problem, they will hang up! When you ring back you have to start again. Been trying to cancel but apparently I have to report a fault for 30 consecutive days.

Do not buy!

Reviewed by Martine from England on 19th Aug 2015
(Can't actually think of any!!!) the only pro I could possibly think of would be the lovely staff in the stores. That is all.

•I am never billed correctly, they always take out more than they should (checked my bills and I haven't gone over, made calls to bad numbers etc).
•Service is horrendous, my line just goes dead on almost every call. Nothing to do with my area as I live in a city and everyone around me has signal.
•It is extremely rare I get 4G like I actually pay for.
•Raised these issues politely to EE in which they said they would get back to me in 72 hours, 2 weeks later I'm still waiting.

Reviewed by Chloe from England on 12th Aug 2015
Customer service have bad manners not helpful and rude! EE have for the 6th month running took £20 extra out of my account when my price plan is £24.99! Not acceptable. Told me every excuse under the sun. The company as a whole are rediculous and I wish I never signed up and wasted hours after hours of trying to get hold of someone at EE so they couldn't actually get a bill correct.
Waste of time
Displeasing service.

Reviewed by William nash from Wales UK on 26th Jul 2015
Absolute pile of junk the advert is false advertising
1) can't get 4g everywhere
2) or even Internet everywhere
3) buffers all the time
My partner has a contract with tesco and have to rely on her Internet to do things wish I'd hadn't gone with them can't wait to leave.

Reviewed by Ian B from London, UK on 17th Jul 2015
Started with TMobile & now EE. I have always been very contented with both especially EE now. I can only explain my experience just like anyone. You have to go with someone so I can't understand all the negativity with some comments not just EE but all the phone companies. Most people choose their provider, are happy with the service and get on with their lives. The few that comment are usually the angry, bitter ones. While I am neither but decided to have my say. EE very happy with them well done.

Reviewed by Scarlet from UK on 15th Jul 2015
0 stars... but apparently that is not an option.

I am actually getting bored with having to deal with the awful customer service from EE.
It all started with my 4 attempts to set up a direct debit with them over the phone.... and for some reason each time the person on the other end of the phone failed to do this successfully. This resulted in me late paying 3 bills and getting declined for my joint account for poor credit. this took me over a month to resolve and many phone calls to EE, Credit Expert and HSBC, time and money I will never get back.
My second issue with EE is not just the amount of spam but also the timing of these pointless messages. The one at 3am being my favorite.. who needs sleep huh!
My third and final gripe with EE lays in just the generally poor customer service that seems to be provided. There staff seem to no understand, or care about the customer. Which I must say is a primary trait of someone who works in customer service!!
I truly cannot wait until I can cancel my contract in a months time. I will not be going back to EE and I will not be suggesting them to anyone I like.... to be honest I wouldn't even what people I didn't like to be treated the way EE treat their customers.

Can I just say EE... occasionally a 'sorry' wouldn't go amiss...

Reviewed by Mark I from Uk on 14th Jul 2015
We have a business contract with EE and work nationally within the uk. EE is by far the worst network we have used. Calls when you actually get to make them last no longer than 30 seconds before dropping out, you are constantly greeted with the double beep tone and then switched off. Something I haven't experienced since the late nighties. The performance of this network is causing us major issues in the day to day running of our business and I recommend to avoid this network at all costs.

Reviewed by Mario Coletti from UK on 11th Jul 2015
I have been with Orange, then EE since 2006, pay as you go first, with contract in the past 3 years.
Due to travelling and need to communicate abroad from the UK and to the UK I was 'attracted' to the EE trap called 'free upgrade' that the company tries approximately half way through the contract.
Visiting the EE London Westfield (Shepard Bush) store on the first floor I was greeted by a student of oil exploration called A****.
Through illegible scribbles (that were never given to me) I was promised an expensive flat rate for roaming, data, calls to / from UK + plus an i-phone 6; given the 'package' I felt it was expensive but fitting my needs hence worth considering.
On top of that I was given "for free" a look-like Go-Pro camera also 4G enabled (through SIM).
What's behind this Big EE Scam?
a) lack of clarity in the package they sell you (in my case the promised data and calls abroad were not included and turned out to be outrageously expensive), they never show you a clear price rate card, but tend to confuse you with words and hand written scribbles (which will be never given to you after purchase, in case you change your mind).
b) WATCH OUT the tablet and camera 4G. The reason why my package was expensive is because had the £10 for this included, but never asked by me!. It is a big rip off that they 'give you for free' but charge you £10 a month - that for 24 months (£240) that is an extortionate value for the 'toy' they give away (the camera is a poor plastic copy of a GoPro one by all means)
c) Once you have realised to have been ripped-off THERE IS NO WAY TO GET OUT!! - the 150 Customer service may tell you that you have a 14 days return policy, but you must claim it back at the store. Once you get back to the store you will be handled by the 'store manager', in my case a guy called "A**********" an aggressive and rude individual that would turn you around denying the existence of such policy (apparently true) treating you like an idiot because you signed in trust the wrong contract for you and not caring for a second about the fact that you are the customer.
The fact that you have been a customer for many years doesn't count for such a scam company - it will just be seen as an opportunity to rip you off even more.

Reviewed by SB from UK on 10th Jul 2015
Excellent company. The signal for calls & data has always been strong. And prices are now much more competitive than before. Finally a mention for the customer services over the phone. The few times a needed to call they have always been polite, friendly & dealt quickly with my call.

Reviewed by Amy B from UK on 10th Jul 2015
Well what can I say about these money grabbing thieves!! I have had a contract for 2 years worst mistake I could have made! finally my contract is up and are with O2. Me and my sister have had nothing but trouble with this network! we got a bill in for over 200 pounds!! when I called the customer service team they were rude and changing there story, he 'suggested' the reason my bill was so high was because we were using SMILEY FACES!!! what a joke. paid the bill as there was nothing we could do. Last week was my last months payment to them and I got another bill through for 310 pounds! called them once again and like before he couldn't make up his mind. He said he will look into this and got a call 3 days later suggesting that I didn't pay my bill for last month which I did to the bank!!! I haven't got a leg to stand on because I threw the receipt away. I am so angry and disgusted with this company!!

I only rated a 1 star because there isn't a 0!!!

Reviewed by Declan from Uk on 2nd Jul 2015
With them 3 months. All of a sudden, I get little or no signal. My girlfriend is with Virgin who uses the same network, no signal also. I called technical support and their response? It's your handset. I have had to get a sim only contract from Tesco and fortunately I can make calls again. I would advise anyone never take out a long contract with any provider. Going to cost me £25 a month for a while to come. Stay away from EE. They're not interested if the network is having issues. Arrogance is breathtaking. If you live in Halewood, merseyside, don't sign up.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 20th Jun 2015
Very pleased with EE. I have been with them for 6 months. The call signal is always strong & data regularly consistent.

Reviewed by kevin johnson from UK on 2nd May 2015

My flatmate and I recently decided to sign up to EE Home Broadband and EETV. We were of course very interested in such a competitively priced TV and entertainment package.
Having spoken to a couple of friends, who had heard very negative comments about EE in general, I was a little wary so had a look online, including this very Facebook page, to see what the feedback was. I saw mostly angry customers voicing their frustration online, seemingly due to them being unable to get anywhere with EE's customer services.
I always take online social media comments with a huge pinch of salt, and I figured we had a 50/50 chance in things working out so decided to trust in what we had been told by the store salesperson and went ahead.
Well I can only say I truly wish I had trusted my own instict and stayed away.
We are now over 3 weeks with no broadband whatsoever. You get told that you will be up and running within 10 days of activation, and that you may experience an 'intermittent service' during that time. So far we have had nothing at all!
I work from home, and my flatmate also runs a small company from home too so the internet is vital to our day to day work activities. This is of course not EE's problem, and 10 days without service relying on our mobile data was something we were prepared to do, however over 3 weeks without it has now resulted in us having to pay a lot of extra money to repeatedly increase our mobile data.
During this ordeal, we have made repeated calls to EE's customer service line. We have managed to successfully speak with them 8 times. Numerous other calls were made but after waiting for an average of 40 minutes, and on a couple of occasions over one hour, we had to give up.
Of the 8 conversations, 5 were with the technical team, who each time went through the same checks and advised that for some reason our account was 'locked' and they needed to submit a work order to another team. The first person advised that it will be unlocked and working within 48 hrs. 2 days later the next person advised word for word the same thing, only this time it would be working in 24 hours. 1 day later, another person repeated the very same info and advised it will be unlocked and working in 4 days! 5 days later we were advised the account was for some reason locked, but they will submit a work order to another team and it will be unlocked and working in 48 hours!!!
That was 3 days ago, and I have now been speaking daily with the cancellation team, as they seem to answer their phones, asking for our contract to be cancelled as we no longer have faith that EE are doing anything to fix this. I was also then told that they had set up the account incorrectly in the first place.
I have explained all the above to 3 different people in the cancellation department now and literally pleaded to cancel the contract as they have completely breached their side of it by providing us with no broadband and absolutely no service whatsoever. They had also said we wouldn’t be charged, however they HAVE taken the payment from us for a service we are not getting access to.
I am now being told that even though EE have provided no services whatsoever we would have to pay a cancellation fee to come out of the contract. Clearly a very clever way of taking money from people for nothing in return.
The current status with our account is that we have to wait another 3 days for them to ‘speak with BT’ to see what is wrong. This is after another 2 and a half hours on the phone this afternoon to them.
I believe that our experience is not a one off, and is in fact very common but I guess most people prefer to just pay the fee to be rid of them. I think that the way we have been treated by EE has been utterly disgraceful. I cannot believe that in 2015 a company can be allowed to operate like this, and I truly hope that more people might stand up to air their full and honest experiences here with the aim of saving many people time and money in the future.
If you are, like I was, feeling 50/50 feeling about signing up, GO WITH A DIFFERENT PROVIDER! Unless you are prepared for the amount of time you will need to spend on hold, or repeating the same checks over and over again.
I genuinely wish I had never started this process and will NEVER have anything to do with this company again.
I work in customer service myself and am utterly appalled by the lack of care or interest EE shows to their customers. I have requested to speak to a customer services manager but they will not put me through. I have requested call backs but nobody ever calls back. I have been hung up on 3 times, and not through myself being aggressive. As I mentioned, working in customer service I understand that it is not the fault of the person on the other end of the phone, so have remained perfectly polite throughout.
This experience has caused nothing but stress, time wasting, additional costs and possible loss of earnings due to being unable to work as normal.
I have successfully stopped 1 person from signing up with EE already, and I truly hope that this information helps others in moving away from EE.

Reviewed by SB from UK on 20th Apr 2015
I have problem with EE as well we called 150 to cancel the contract twice in December the person on the phone said its all done but all a sudden when we were checking our bank statement we they still charging £40 since three months we live in Bangkok and visit UK every year. I called customer service person

On 7th of Dec 2014 in uk we went to Exeter EE store and brought Osprey EE black and signed for one month contract with direct debit. We called 150 to cancel the direct debit lady on the phone said its all ok and done. All of a sudden in March 2015 we were going through our statement we saw EE is still charging 40 pound since January 2015 and did not cancel direct debit. Spoke to customer her name is VICKY THOMAS on Monday 6th April was very very rude person after talking to her from overseas about more then 20 minutes straight away she said you won't get the refund back not even understanding what am I trying to say, then said don't put words in my mouth and kept reapting "in our contract says etc etc" non stop then I said to her very firmly don't talk to me like this. Cut the long story short she said she will check and call back be on 8th April Wednesday still haven't called me.
This is my request to EE please refund our 120 pound ASAP and stop behaving so so rudely with customers. If we don't hear from EE we know where we stand and will proceed accordingly. WE WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK TO EE.


Reply received from FACE BOOK
Hi Shahnaz, I'm really sorry to hear that you've continued to be billed for the contract that you requested to cancel previously. Unfortunately we no longer have access to customer accounts via Facebook so we're unable to help with any account related queries such as this. Please contact our customer services team on 150 from any EE handset or 07953 966 250 from any other phone to discuss this further. Thanks. ^CW


Please read below I put on face book today and below that is the reply I received. Ofcourse I know they don't have an access to my account but at least they could have forwarded my requested to the right person but no seems its not in Company culture to help customer so I thought lets email you and lets see what you can do!!!!


Thank you for your email dated 17 April 2015 received in the Executive Office.

Having reviewed your account I confirm that there is no evidence that you contacted EE to request disconnection of the account. As per the terms and conditions of your agreement you have to give 30 days notice to cancel.

The first note on the account to state that you made contact was on the 06 April 2015. At this time Vicky Thomas agreed to cancel the numbers within 48 hours as a gesture. When you called as there was no evidence that you had requested disconnection you should have given 30 days notice, so Vicky went outside of process for you.

She also requested a report to see if anyone had accessed your account and this came back that no one had. Owing to the above information there is no evidence that you contacted us to request disconnection. As a result we will not be offering a refund of £120.00. If you have evidence to support your claim that you did request disconnection please send it to me and I will review your case.

Although this may not be the response you had hoped for I trust this clarifies EE's position on this matter.

Yours sincerely

Amy Davidson
Executive Office, EE


Reviewed by dereklnicholson from uk on 7th Apr 2015
Changed my tablet sim to EE what a mistake. No coverage in pe283by. Rubbish.

Reviewed by Olutauo from UK on 17th Mar 2015
My experience with EE as service provider has been nothing short of night-mere. Their staff lack basic Customer Care Skills and their attitude 'I can’t be bothered' is becoming an illness affecting the company.
Added a mystery number which I did not request and it took over 3 months to resolve that. However the number kept showing on my EE Mobile application account but will not show on online account.
This number kept showing in my monthly data statistics and now the number has used more than 40% of my data. Complained to EE when my data ran out 10 days before the refresh date, one David Lumsden requested a screen shot which I sent. Till now, no curtsey call or acknowledgement or even update !!
I have been without data to go on line or for the phone to function for 5 days. I have called several times with no one knowing what is been done or taken ownership.
They are bunch of lazy staff and will not even show empathy.
They are the worst mobile service provider. !!!

Reviewed by Paul from England on 14th Mar 2015
EE are a waste of space. My wife and I were on Asda mobile so ended up on EE by default since EE took over the service has been atrocious. The signal randomly comes &goes when you do manage to get through you sound like Norman Collier due to fluctuating signal strength.

After complaining and getting nowhere we are just going to ditch this worthless operation and go for 3 or 02. If they are half better that will be a massive improvement. Zero rating should be included to cater for comments on this operation.

Reviewed by Stephanie McClain from Scotland on 10th Mar 2015
EE are the most diabolical phone company in service. They give you endless numbers and contact details with no help in return. They are useless and a disgrace. I have been a pay as you go customer with Orange for five years and ever since they joined EE they have went down hill. They take money from your bank account with no agreement, loose your account details and are rude when you question this act. Everyone on the EE customer service I have referred to has told me they cannot help, they are a total disgrace and I don't know why they're still in business.

I wanted to give them 0 below, but the lowest is 1.

Reviewed by Neb from UK on 6th Mar 2015
Just arrived in London and was lazy finding a broadband operator. Now I regret not taking the time to look up on the internet for comparison. And since I am stuck with them for 2 years the least I could do was warn you against this lazier than I am provider. Should you get any issue, do not even bother calling the CS, the only thing you will achieve is get even more annoyed than you were before the call. They cannot do anything: do a gesture of goodwill, pass you to a manager, help you... They will only say they are sorry which is fine, but is not the reason you called in the first place. Hope I'll get my broadband connection one day... you certainly will before me.

Reviewed by anon emp from England on 5th Mar 2015
The company has become very greedy more and more money yes it's a business but that brings higher targets, staff are measured on 4 main areas however there are 12 targets in total that management focus on more than the staff. EE is becoming very greedy inflated prices cheaper to online and take a deal with a 3rd part dealing direct with EE cannot match any of the deals.

Reviewed by sharon from uk on 29th Jan 2015
Absolutely diabolical service received cannot wait for contract to be over and move go another network. Rubbish signal and customer service YES REALLY and "hazel bullimore" how dare you call people "ferrets" just because they dont agree with you, what gives you the right??

Reviewed by georgia from united kingdom on 24th Jan 2015
Rubbish network, even worse customer service would not recommend!

Reviewed by Hazel Bullimore from England on 19th Jan 2015
I've been with orange for 7 years and have stayed solely because of the GREAT customer service I've received! I'm reading that this is not the case for you all but I certainly wouldn't change. The service from EE was also second to none. Friendly helpful and I got a great deal. That said I wouldn't go into a shop as found them horrendous and rude. Probably shouldn't name them but the 2 guys that have helped me today have given me the best customer service I've ever received from anywhere! Jamie Chappell and Derek Lowcock, Thankyou for not only your help but also your politeness and having a laugh and giving me a fab deal. I've named you for all the neg ferrets that think these good reviews are fake!!!

Reviewed by Mohanad from UK on 18th Jan 2015
EE-store, only cares about selling, selling and selling. They pay no attention to customer retention (and that is essentially why I am switching providers and never coming back again and will advise against doing business with you). Let me list down some examples that have occurred to me over the past 2 weeks only:

1- It all started with a TOP-UP SIM, that I was promised it would work within the first hour. Surprisingly it did not, so I came back the next day to the EE Store and was asked to wait another 48-hours [Insert question mark here]. So I waited 48 hours and yet the SIM isn't working, and my money is still in your company's bank account. Then the store advised me to switch the SIM for me and give me a new number (they could not even solve the problem, they just run away from the problem).

2- The new SIM worked for a couple of days, I did not manage to finish my balance yet, and it stopped working at all. I could not even connect to the EE network in order to call "150". So when I went to the store again, they handed me the handset (really? I am the customer and I have to hold the headset and call technical services? Why don't you have technical service at your store?!) I wasted 45mis of my valuable time to learn that the number I was given, was not registered for EE network. Apparently, I was given a number that belonged to another network, which worked for the first couple of days, then the original owner was able to pull back the number to their network again! And guess what? Your great service team at the store advised me to change the number once again. So I told them, hey, just give me my money back. (And the didn't, because I used "some of the credit")

3- The broadband, oh what a nightmare! I was promised that I would have service on 10 days maximum. It has been now 18 days and I still have got no service. Whenever I call the customer service "07953966250", I get transferred to the technical service team, that never picks up. Just two days ago I was put on hold for 2 hours, literally 2 hours! What kind of service is this?

This has really been the worst experience with a network provider ever. I am definitely going to share my experience on the internet so that no one else gets to have this sort of inconvenience in their lives, ever.

Reviewed by m from uk on 19th Dec 2014
To those that are with EE and the service they recieve, thats good for you but a large number of people are not happy and to call them all bitter is ridiculous. I have received some of the most atrocious customer service from EE, took months to get a simple data problem sorted and no, it was not me or my phone that was at fault was passed from pillar to post, no one would take responsibility and was given conflicting advice. Give them their due, some of the people that i spoke to at the call centre were very helpful but the shop staff leave a lot to be desired. Reading some of the other network reviews it seems customer service is an issue for them all, why in this day and age is bad customer service tolerated?

Reviewed by jamie from uk on 18th Dec 2014
Three is much better and they might be buying EE. Bring it on got to be better than this shower of cowboys

Reviewed by j from uk on 17th Dec 2014
Haha gotta love all these fake reviews lmaooooo ee are useless just look at their facebook page and the numerous complaints must be a lot of bitter folk ant haha

Reviewed by Ant from UK on 14th Dec 2014
I was encouraged to join EE by a persuasive customer service employee after trying to get a better deal at the end of my T Mobile contract. I wasn't offered much discount except the 4g and the promise of the fast Internet so decided to chance it.
Well that was over two years ago and now? Well I am very content. I live in the North of England but travel all over the country and for the most part have found my phone signal to be excellent. Same with data and the excellent 4g coverage.
In answer to an earlier review. I also think it's usually bitter ones who reply to review sites and 99% of people getting on with their lives happy with a service never bother. So here's another one who has bothered and is happy!

Reviewed by me from uk on 10th Dec 2014
Why keep moaning about customer services the previous review says? Maybe because people have eceived awful service, i have received some of the worst service from EE and it was nothing to do with signal. To suggest everyone that has signal issues needs to buy a new phone is a stupid comment to make. Funny all these "outstanding" reviews one after the other, prob by either the same person or an EE employee, very easy to spot and no doubt another after this saying how bitter etc i am lol. If they work for you then good but to me they have been nothing but trouble, everyone has different experiences but to suggest the bad reviews are bitter people is ridiculous, not as ridiculous as the same person writing loads of good reviews lol ;)

Reviewed by Nicola from England on 7th Dec 2014
Most shockingly bad company ever. Disgraceful internet. Can hardly connect to the internet, send watsap media, or even connect to start a convo. The 'customer service' team as they like to call themselves are the rudest people I have ever come across and was appauled at my treatment after I finally left after many threats to leave. I was charged for many months or exceeding my data allowance when I moved into my new home and was not actually ever able to use the internet, it was forever saying connecting! I was surprisingly refunded one month. But it is still not justified. I am now with 3, and they are 10/10! Unlike EE they don't charge you for breathing! Great connection, 4g in majority of Zones, astonishing deals and unlimited internet and texts and high number of minutes for £15 pound a month. I couldn't ask for anything more.
I will never advise someone I know to join EE. What they are doing should be illegal.

Reviewed by Savannah from Hague on 6th Dec 2014
Only go with EE if you're not bothered about getting calls, making calls, sending texts or getting texts.
Oh and only if you're not bothered if you can use the Internet or not.
You can definitely do all these things if you go and stand by a mast somewhere, but if you want to use them in every day life EE is not for you.
22 months to go and after 20 years with Orange, I'm gone.

Reviewed by Keith from England on 5th Dec 2014
Very happy with the phone company EE. Totally agree with the others on this reviews who are also satisfied. Glad others have spoken positivly because usually only the small minority but angry people bother to post whilst the majority who are happy keep quiet.

Reviewed by Jack from UK on 1st Dec 2014
Read the last review. What it is really saying is; don't buy into a 24 month contract. Great advice. I have a 12 month sim contract with EE and it's perfect. Great call signal and data all for £12.99 a month. What more do you need? Don't listen to the bitter negativity of earlier reviews.

Reviewed by Prince Omelette from UK on 1st Dec 2014
Don't read the soft-soap reviews at the top of this page, scroll down to the disgraceful truth.
This customer's review: I'll say AVOID only because there's no 'Throw them off a cliff' option. Finally left my contract after 2 years. Getting them to activate visual voicemail, honour their promises of a particular monthly allowance or simply get their risible apps to operate, took desperate persistence, self control and was not my idea of fun. If u can't always get past a login screen then alarm bells should be ringing. But it's their unwillingness to explain convincingly, why they are still so awful when it comes to pac code time, that really grates.The feeling of being bent over and having my pockets emptied by grubby tricksters, will hang around like a rotten smell, for some time yet, I expect. Treating the customer with such condescension is not acceptable. Save up and buy your lovely technology in one go, so that organisations, like EE can't take advantage and ruin what should be a positive experience: Obviously if you are not locked to one provider, you can change your £10 per month or less sim, at short notice. The service provider delivers or you walk. Power at play. Be good to yourself, don't sign up, especially long-term, to EE. You're welcome.

Reviewed by Mose from Manchester on 30th Nov 2014
My 2 year EE contract has recently finished. I was looking around to see what other companies offered as my previous contract was £35 a month. I was happy with call signal & date coverage just too expensive. Howver after speaking to the friendly retentions people I have come away with the same mins, text & date for £20. So well pleased!

Reviewed by Shaz from London on 28th Nov 2014
I have been with all the mobile companies throughout the years as I try & chase the best deals. I am now on EE.
its just as good as the others. The call signal is ok only occasionally dropping in my house.

Reviewed by James from UK on 27th Nov 2014
So far very pleased with EE. I managed to find to good sim only deal instore and it's working out well with call quality and mobile data signal. Time will tell.

Reviewed by Kevin from Scotland on 26th Nov 2014
Extremely pleased with EE. I have been with them since they started. To be honest the first few years were not so good with high data costs and poor customer service. However things have improved so much now. The prices are now more competitive and customer service much improved. It's Britain's biggest mobile company for a reason.

Reviewed by Mary S from Kent on 25th Nov 2014
I love Everything, Everywhere. The service quality is really good and when you phone for help the line quality to the helpdesk is good too.
I am glad I signed up with them.

Reviewed by Phil from London on 24th Nov 2014
Started with T Mobile and they were always my network even in the days of One2One. However the last few years they have gone down hill so a few months ago I jumped ship onto EE. To be honest I was worried especially with the earlier negative reviews on this site. But I am glad I didn't listen to the haters. It's been excellent. The price is no dearer than others and the signal strong. Finally the operators. Again a lot of negativity. Don't listen to them. Whenever I have spoken to them it's been fine. Very friendly and reliable. Go for it.

Reviewed by Mercy from uk on 24th Nov 2014
So happy with EE. Previously I was with Three. They were excellent a few years back but since have become awful. EE have given me much more value.

Reviewed by Shea from UK on 24th Nov 2014
Very pleased with EE. They sorted out a very reasonable deal for me at one of their branches & so far its been fine. The signal strength has been very steady & the telephone operators are always friendly.

Reviewed by Sharon from London on 23rd Nov 2014
Moved from 3 after spotting a good priced sim only deal in a EE store. Great value unlimited mins, texts and 2g data for £10. G always have a strong signal and the data is so fast.

Reviewed by Cliff from UK on 23rd Nov 2014
Great company, just upgraded and was given extra 2g data so can't complain.

Reviewed by JJ from UK on 22nd Nov 2014
I have been with all the major networks contract and pay as you go over the years. EE has become the best. It was extremely expensive when it first started and the 4g data miserly. Now it's just as competitive as all the rest. I have a great value sim only contact and anytime I have spoken to the operators they have answered quickly. I don't know what others have been doing on earlier reviews to have a poor service.

Reviewed by Jason from London on 21st Nov 2014
Really happy with the network especially the customer services. I had an issue with my contract but it was dealt with really promptly and with respect. The speed on 4g it also excellent and the signal strong even on my commute into the city on the train.

Reviewed by Sandra from UK on 21st Nov 2014
This company is shockingly poor. Their website sends you around in circles and the telephone contact is the worst I have ever encountered. When is a merged company not merged? Answer: When it's EE. I signed up with EE but am constantly asked whether I am TMobile, Orange etc. more surprisingly none of EE staff appear able to tell me. I was asked to set up a password online but they couldn't tell me how. Don't get me started on their App! Grrrrrrh!

Reviewed by Mark from Yorkshire on 20th Nov 2014
Been with EE for a few years and really happy with the network. The signal is always strong apart from data sometimes drops.

Reviewed by Angela from London on 19th Nov 2014
I am really pleased with EE so far. I have a 12 month sim contract and currently halfway through. The signal is excellent both 3g & 4g. Also anytime I need to speak to customer services they are always polite and helpful. All in all excellent.

Reviewed by Tim Broad from England on 18th Nov 2014
Money orientated and poor customer services

Reviewed by Andrew from Kent on 18th Nov 2014
I was on a T Mobile sim only 12 month contract for 3 years. Because they would not budge on any loyal customer discount near the end of this years contract I decided to look else where.

I spotted a EE sim only year contract with a discount in one of their stores so decided to chance it.
When the first bill was taken out it was for the normal price rather than the discount. It took a lot of hassle to sort out as the phone rep needed proof that I had the discount. So after taking photos of my contract and emailing them back to EE as well as another call it was eventually sorted out.

So far the signal and data has been fine. I await next months payment to see if it's correct.

Reviewed by raf from surrey on 9th Nov 2014
The ee company is absolute disgrace, customer service is very poor.
I've been with t mobile for over 4 years. As my upgrade was due I wanted to switch to ee on sim only contract.
Made deal with sales department over the phone, confirmed it 3 times to make sure I've got the right deal for my money and after I got new sim I found out I've been lied to.
Missold plan with half of the minutes and data, basically complete different deal.outrageous
When called customer service the weren't willing to amend it, refusing to admit the mistake. Told them they will sell any kind of plan to fool ya
Really dissapointed with the company, no one even appologised for misselling me wrong plan, no alternative was offered so took my PAC code and going somwhere else, never coming back. Avoid Habib from sales dept

Reviewed by stay away from UK on 31st Oct 2014
Stay as far from EE as you can!! signal is rubbish. I have no 4G after 21 months of contract and was told would have it within 3 months. Customer services are as rude as hell and never call back when they say they will. They tried to tell me i have to deal with that issue inshore as it wasn't them that advised me, even though it WAS an EE store that advised me. No corporate responsibility.

STAY AWAY from these cowboy miss sellers. They have no idea how to run a business let alone a network!!!

EE worse ever mobile experience by a mile. So many complaints its incredible!!


EE website

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