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 In a nutshell  

Date: March 2016

FreedomPop is a new telecoms company, operating in the UK since 2015. FreedomPop offers a free basic mobile service, including free talk, text, and data. Just order a FreedomPop sim card, download the FreedomPop app for Android or iOS, and start making free calls and texts!


About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a US company that launched its services in the UK in 2015. The company claims to be the UK's first 100% free mobile phone service carrier.

Can it really offer free calls and texts? If you have used FreedomPop in the UK, please leave a review below to tell us about your experience.

User questions

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Why have you just taken money out my bank,when im not even with you?

Asked by Mark Barnett from Uk on 23rd Feb 2018
So not happy be very careful with your details with freedomrobbers I call them.
Went to pay a bill too be told not enough in my account,strange has I knew I had.
Well I would of been ok if it hadnt of been for freedomrobbers to help themselves to my money.
Best thing is I dont even have a sim or account with them?
Did have last year very very briefly,wad also compensated and sorted and finished my time with them.
So 3 months later they think they can just help themselves!!!!
Best thing is trying to actually speak to someone,or even finding a working telephone number.

I need to council my simply account please now.

Asked by Mark from United Kingdom on 11th Apr 2017

Reply by REUBEN from UK on 13th May 2017
@Mark UK: yes, it is virtually impossible to cancel your Freedompop account. Their UK 01138870823 widely advertised number has been disconnected. They want you to call the USA to cancel your account. Their email address doesn't work. Their registered office is an accommodation address in London.

Of course, all they wanted was your bank details.

Freedompop think they are clever. They are not clever.

Write to your bank to stop this dubious firm from taking any more cash from your bank account.

Problems making calls and sending texts?

Asked by Goddard from Uk on 27th Feb 2017
My telephone number is 07737555648. I pay £4.99 a month for freedompop services. I can't telephone without an interruption and can't text at all. I can't get the app because my device is incompatible. What's the solution?

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FreedomPop user reviews

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