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Fridge freezers

Choosing the best fridge-freezer is no easy task. Let S21 help you find the most reliable, ergonomic, high quality appliance that's just right for your kitchen. Read our expert reviews and user reviews to find the best fridge-freezer from the dozens available.

Samsung RB37J5330SA reviewSamsung RB37J5330SA review
The Samsung RB37J5330SA is a premium-quality 60cm fridge freezer that's unusually tall and deep, to maximise storage space. With designer looks, a thoughtful and practical interior layout, solid construction and super-silent running, it's an appliance that we can highly recommend. It comes with a 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor.
4 starsClick for details
Samsung RSG5UCRS reviewSamsung RSG5UCRS review
The Samsung RSG5UCRS American-style fridge-freezer has one of the largest food storage capacities available. With a built-in icemaker and plumbed water dispenser, it's ideal for a modern family, and has ample space for frozen and fresh food, including generous bottle and can storage in the fridge door, and a rack for wine bottles. Clad in stunning Stainless Steel, it's finished to an extremely high specification, and ought to endure many years of use. Highly recommended!
4 starsClick for details
Samsung RB29FWRNDSS reviewSamsung RB29FWRNDSS review
The Samsung RB29FWRNDSS fridge-freezer certainly makes a statement in your kitchen, with its brushed steel doors and built-in chilled water dispenser. It has a decent storage capacity, is low on electricity use, and very quiet thanks to its digital inverter compressor. It's well-built and comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor, and gets an "excellent" rating from us.
4 starsClick for details
Samsung RSA1RTPN reviewSamsung RSA1RTPN review
The Samsung RSA1RTPN A-series American-style fridge-freezer offers absolutely enormous fridge and freezer capacity, and at a very competitive price. With a silver steel finish, a chilled water dispenser, and Samsung's digital inverter motor for added reliability and efficiency, it's an affordable kitchen luxury, and is very highly recommended.
4 starsClick for details
Beko CFL7914S reviewBeko CFL7914S review
The Beko CFL7914S is wider than standard-sized fridge-freezers, so check your measurements carefully before buying. It has an attractive silver finish, and good storage inside, both in the fridge and freezing compartments. It's not particularly energy efficient, and it can be noisy when running, but it's well built and should last.
3 starsClick for details
Beko GNE60520X reviewBeko GNE60520X review
The Beko GNE60520 is an American-style fridge freezer with ample and versatile fridge and freezer space, and premium stainless steel looks. It has a lot going for it, but sometimes betrays Beko's budget origins. We'd recommend it if you can find it at a good price.
3 starsClick for details
Samsung RB29FWJNDSA reviewSamsung RB29FWJNDSA review
The Samsung RB29FWJNDSA is an excellent fridge-freezer with an attractive platinum silver finish, slightly marred by its plastic door handles. The appliance is super silent, thanks to its digital inverter compressor, which comes with a 10-year warranty. This model is good value and comes with a non-plumbed water dispenser that's easy to refill and still leaves plenty of storage space inside.
4 starsClick for details
Hotpoint RFAA52S reviewHotpoint RFAA52S review
Hotpoint's First Edition RFAA52 S is cheap to buy and economical to run, but doesn't have a lot else to recommend it. It's a compact full-height fridge-freezer that will slot into a cramped space, but it doesn't have a lot of storage capacity, and it needs regular defrosting to prevent the build-up of ice.
2 starsClick for details
Samsung RH56J6917SL reviewSamsung RH56J6917SL review
The Samsung RH56J6917SL American-style fridge freezer has truly cavernous capacity, with its unique Food ShowCase design offering convenient access and flexible family-sized storage. Its stainless steel and tempered glass construction is beautiful and flawless. It's the perfect appliance for a modern kitchen, but very expensive.
4 starsClick for details
Hotpoint FFU4DX reviewHotpoint FFU4DX review
The Hotpoint FFU4DX is an American-style fridge-freezer with a very generous fridge capacity and decent freezing space too. The stainless steel finish gives it a contemporary look, and its build quality seems very solid. With a good internal layout and fully frost-free running, it's a very practical solution for a busy modern family.
3 starsClick for details

Fridge freezers reviews & articles (archived)

AEG S53620CTXF review - The AEG S53620CTXF fridge-freezer is one of our favourites. It's expensive as slimline models go, but is a stunningly beautiful appliance with rock-solid build quality, backed up by AEG's top reputation for reliability. It has one of the best interior layouts of any fridge-freezer we've reviewed, and it's one of the most energy efficient you can buy. If you can afford the price, we think you'll be delighted with this appliance, and it should give you years of trouble-free service.
Beko CXFG1685DS review - The Beko CXFG1685DS is a good value fridge-freezer with high-end designer looks and solid build quality. It has a good interior layout with the added benefit of a built-in water dispenser. It's not the cheapest model to run however, nor is it the quietest.
Beko CXFG1685DW review - The Beko CXFG1685DW is a compact and inexpensive fridge-freezer that offers a lot of storage space and is very well designed. Smart-looking, with a built-in water dispenser, the CXFG1685DW impresses with its looks, build quality and practical interior layout. With features like auto-defrosting and a chrome wine rack, it offers a lot for a budget model.
Bosch KAN58A45G review - The Bosch KAN58A45G American-style fridge-freezer is a stunning designer appliance, clad in stainless steel and with a fully-plumbed ice and chilled water dispenser. It's fully frost-free and provides massive amounts of chilled and frozen storage capacity. It's well worth its price, and our only issues are its relatively high electricity consumption and noise levels.
Bosch KGN34VW25G review - The Bosch KGN34VW25G is a slimline fridge-freezer with a good balance between fridge and freezer space. Finished in White, it's a quality product and feels built to last. The interior is mostly well designed, and there are a good range of useful features, including auto defrosting. The price is competitive and the appliance should provide years of trouble-free use.
Bosch KGN36NL30G review - With a brushed metal Inox Silver finish, the Bosch KGN36NL30G fridge-freezer is as beautiful to look at as it is to use. This slimline appliance has a generous storage capacity (especially in the upper fridge section) and is well designed, with easy-open doors and a good internal layout. It's good value too, and has exceptionally low running costs with an A++ efficiency rating. Outstanding!
Bosch KGN39VL31G review - The Bosch KGN39VL31G fridge-freezer fits a lot of storage into a narrow space. The fridge section in particular is huge. It's a beautiful appliance, with stainless steel doors, and has excellent build quality. It's quiet and efficient too, and is well-priced. Only a few oddities in the interior layout prevent us from awarding it 5 stars.
Bosch KGN39VL35G review - The Bosch Serie 4 KGN39VL35G fridge-freezer is exceptionally tall, packing a huge amount of storage into a standard 60cm width. Finished in gorgeous brushed stainless steel, it's a high quality appliance inside and out. Other features to note are its A++ efficiency rating and super-silent 39dB noise. Frost-free, with LED interior lighting, this is a highly recommended model from Bosch.
Hotpoint FFLAA58WDG review - The Hotpoint FFLAA58WDG fridge-freezer is solidly-built and has a super-smooth graphite finish and practical door handles. A built-in water dispenser gives you chilled water on tap. Inside, the fridge and freezer sections are a little cramped, partly because of the water tank in the fridge door. The appliance is moderately energy-efficient, but can be very noisy in operation.
Hotpoint FSFL1810G review - The Hotpoint FSFL1810G is one of Hotpoint's better fridge-freezers. It's larger than average, and has good freezing capacity and a well-designed fridge compartment. Its graphite finish is practical rather than premium, but overall it seems to be well-built and reliable. It scores well for energy efficiency, but isn't the quietest appliance you can buy. We recommend that you shop around for a good price.
Hotpoint FSFL58G review - If your kitchen space is limited, the 55cm wide Hotpoint FSFL58G fridge-freezer is an option. With an attractive graphite finish, good use of interior space and automatic defrosting, it's a decent product. But we don't think it's quite as cheap as it ought to be, and we're not convinced by its build quality or noise levels.
Hotpoint SMP85BSB review - The Hotpoint SMP85BSB fridge freezer has a stylish Anthracyte black finish, with silver-coloured easy-open handles. It's a smart look, and this extra-tall appliance gives you loads of freezer space, although the fridge storage is compromised as a result.
LG GBB539PZCWS review - The LG GBB539PZCWS fridge-freezer is a slimline appliance with a stunning mirror-effect Stainless Steel finish. However, while this looks amazing, it can quickly pick up marks and lose its appeal. Although this is a reliable fridge-freezer with good features, we feel that it's over-priced for what you get.
LG GBB539SWCWS review - The LG GBB539SWCWS is a slimline fridge-freezer with a low price, but premium looks. The freezer section is smaller than average, but overall the design makes good use of the available space. With a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 2-year warranty on other parts, we'd recommend this as a safe, reliable purchase.
LG GBB60PZGFB review - The LG GBB60PZGFB is an unusually tall freestanding fridge-freezer with a gloss metallic finish. It's frost-free with a practical interior layout, and good value too. But what really makes this model stand out is its exceptionally efficient and quiet linear compressor, which achieves an unprecedented A+++ energy rating, making it the best energy-saving fridge-freezer that we know.
LG GSL325NSYV review - The LG GSL325NSYV American-style fridge-freezer has stunning designer looks with a brushed stainless steel finish, easy-to-open doors, a non-plumbed chilled water & ice dispenser, plenty of fridge and freezing capacity, and is one of the quietest fridge-freezers you can find.
LG GSL325PVQV review - The LG GSL325PVQV American-style fridge-freezer is one of our top-rated kitchen appliances. It combines stunning designer looks with easy-to-open doors, a chilled water & ice dispenser, masses of storage, and a price that's really not unreasonable.
LG GSL545NSYV review - The LG GSL545NSYV American-style fridge-freezer is a premium appliance, with beautiful looks and superb build quality. We love its easy-open doors and high-tech looks. It offers enormous amounts of fridge and freezer space, and a convenient non-plumbed water and ice dispenser. Its linear compressor is super silent and comes with a 10-year warranty.
LG GSL545PVYV review - The LG GSL545PVYV American-style fridge-freezer has a stunning Platinum Silver finish and rock solid build quality. A non-plumbed water/ice dispenser and super easy-open doors make it perfect for the family. It has a huge storage capacity too, is very quiet and comes with a 10 year warranty on its linear compressor. The only issues we found were that the water refill is fiddly, and the salad drawers don't open and close that well.
Miele KDN 12823 S-1 review - If you think they don't make them like they used to, the Miele KDN12823 S-1 will prove you wrong! With its boxy retro styling and solid build, this is a practical fridge-freezer with a strong emphasis on quality. Its EasyOpen handles make it super-easy to open. It's completely frost-free, and offers plenty of fridge space, with a simple uncluttered layout.
Miele KFN 12924SD-1 review - Miele's KFN 12924SD1 fridge-freezer has a distinctive, slightly retro look. It's very tall, and packs in a lot of storage space, especially in the freezer section. Built to last, and with effortless door opening, it's undoubtedly a quality product that justifies its high purchase price.
Samsung RB29FSJNDWW review - The Samsung RB29FSJNDWW fridge-freezer just scrapes a 4-star rating from us. This appliance has a smart gloss white finish that's let down by plastic handles. Inside it has a simple, practical layout that maximises storage, and it's very quiet in operation too. But it seems over-priced for a model that lacks any added features and doesn't really stand out.
Samsung RB31FDJNDBC review - The Samsung model RB31FDJNDBC/EU fridge-freezer in black gloss finish looks stunning. This tall fridge-freezer offers plenty of storage space, especially in its large freezer section, with the added convenience of a no-plumb chilled water dispenser. It's exceptionally quiet to run, and comes with a full 10-year warranty on its compressor. If you compare prices carefully on this appliance, you'll find that it offers exceptional value for money!
Samsung RB31FEJNDSA review - The Samsung RB31FEJNDSA fridge-freezer is smart, well-designed, has plenty of storage space, and has premium styling and finish. It's super silent and very energy efficient too, thanks to its inverter compressor, which comes with a 10-year warranty. Very competitive pricing makes this a "must buy" appliance.
Samsung RB38J7635SA review - The Samsung RB38J7635SA is one of the best 60cm wide fridge-freezers you can buy. Highlights include its premium Silver finish, built-in water dispenser, truly immense fridge and freezer capacities, and super-efficient energy rating. It's also a very quiet machine, and comes with a 10-year warranty on its digital inverter compressor. It's a top fridge-freezer!
Samsung RS53K4400SA review - New for 2016, the Samsung RS53K4400SA is one of the best fridge-freezers you can buy, and one of a tiny number that S21 has given a 5-star rating. Huge storage capacity, beautiful finish, ultra-quiet operation, and a fully-plumbed ice/water dispenser: there's nothing we don't like!
Samsung RS58K6487SL review - The Samsung RS58K6487SL is an American-style fridge-freezer with cavernous storage capacity. It's a beauty, with a smooth metal finish, recessed easy-open door handles, and a (non-plumbed) water and ice dispenser. Inside you'll find loads of space, with extra-deep door shelves. Our only complaint is that the water reservoir is fiddly to refill. It's very pricey too.
Samsung RS7677FHCSL review - At S21, we've reviewed dozens of fridge-freezers over the past year, but the Samsung RS7677FHCSL is the first one that's impressed us so much that we've awarded it a 5-star "outstanding" rating. This American-style fridge-freezer is exceptional in every way, yet it's priced very competitively for what it offers.
Samsung RSA1UTMG review - The Samsung RSA1UTMG American-style fridge-freezer offers very generous fridge and freezer space for a family. With a beautiful brushed steel finish and LED display panel, it has a clean, very contemporary look. The built-in icemaker and water dispenser are also nice features to have. At S21, we think this model offers excellent value for money.
Samsung RSG5UUMH review - The Samsung RSG5UUMH is a heavy-duty workhorse of a fridge-freezer. It's capable of meeting the needs of a large family, with its mammoth fridge and freezer capacity. It's beautiful to look at too, finished in satin silver, with a blue LED control panel. The plumbed icemaker and chilled water dispenser are perfect for modern living. The appliance is very solidly built and comes with a manufacturer's warranty of up to 5 years. And finally the price seems very reasonable to us. We highly recommend this model!
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