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Hotpoint FFAA52P review

 Review: October 2015  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: If you're on a tight budget, then you may be tempted by the low price of the Hotpoint Aquarius FFAA52P. Be warned though, that there are reasons why this fridge-freezer is so cheap. The build quality is basic, its reliability is questionable, the storage space is cramped, and it's quite noisy too. On the positive side, it's very compact, cheap to run, and it is very cheap to buy.


Design & features

It only takes a moment in the company of the FFAA52P to realise why this 60cm width fridge-freezer sells at such a low price. The build is plasticky and cheap-looking, and inside, the plastic drawers and door shelves are made of thin plastic that could easily break. The external control above the door looks unsightly, and the freezer door is quite hard to open, requiring a good hard yank.

Inside, the layout seems quite practical, but the FFAA52P manages to do the opposite of Doctor Who's TARDIS, offering much less space than other appliances that are the same size on the outside. To be fair, this is partly because it's not as deep as most other fridge-freezers, so if space is particularly tight, this might be an advantage of this model. Be aware though, that the fridge space is really very limited, and the door storage in particular is very small.

Although this is technically a frost-free appliance, many owners find that it does ice up and needs regular defrosting.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

This appliance is A+ rated for energy efficiency, and is actually quite economical to run, mostly because of its small capacity. It can be quite noisy though, and is in the habit of emitting loud cracking noises from time to time.

You can tell from the build quality of this appliance that it hasn't really been made to last, so even though it's cheap, it might turn out to be a false economy. On the other hand, if you take good care of it, it may prove to be excellent value.

Conclusion - cheap for a reason

Several reasons in fact. It's smaller inside than it looks, and the so-called frost-free function doesn't seem to work very well. Its appearance is plasticky and very basic, and noise can be an issue too.

On the other hand, there's no denying that it's cheap to buy and cheap to run.

Hotpoint FFAA52P features include:

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Where is the temperature control for the freezer and fridge?

Asked by m.e.jones from u.k. on 20th Mar 2018

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