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Huawei P9 Lite

User questions

Sorry - questions and comments on this page are now closed.

How do you zoom in when about to take a photo?

Asked by Chris from England on 20th Dec 2017

I bought my phone in south africa, but it doesent want to take an international sim and its supposed to be unlocked. Can this be fixed?

Asked by Darrilyn from USA on 14th Sep 2017
On a ceuiseliner working, want to put At&t sim for when we in US PORTS.

How do I make the P9 lite connect to Windows Media Player?

Asked by Jan Townsend from GB on 13th Apr 2017
All my previous smartphones have connected automatically to WMP but the P9 lite doesn't. I want to put music of my choice on the phone. How can I do this?

Can't move apps to SD?

Asked by Redfitzy from United Kingdom on 31st Mar 2017
I can't seem to save apps to SD card on this device every other android I've had I've been able to move apps may be it's emui i don't know.

Reply by Fred from UK on 15th May 2017
Perhaps this will help: https://source.android.com/devices/storage/adoptable

Got new Huawei lite there's a x were the signal should b and is saying emergency calls only.

Asked by Julie moorehead from Northern ireland on 6th Feb 2017

Reply by Jason from UK on 30th Mar 2017
Phone is barred that means - I think.

Can I use swipe instead of tapping letters when texting or searching?

Asked by Georgina from Uk on 16th Jan 2017
This is in my experience, a much faster way to type.

Reply by Chris from United Kingdom on 1st Feb 2017
I've got the p8 lite.. but it's the same UI and yes I use swype.

Which colour would you recommend (looks better), Black or Gold?

Asked by Sam from Kenya on 20th Dec 2016
Am ordering online.

Reply by Hui Qi from Malaysia on 30th Dec 2016
Hey I would recommend the gold one, it makes the phone look more premium and it gives off a lovely shine under the sun or in any bright location.

Reply by Redfitzy from United Kingdom on 31st Mar 2017
I've got the black one looks nice.

Having trouble answering calls, do i swipe the screen or single or double tap the screen?

Asked by ben from england on 9th Sep 2016

Reply by vivi from philippines on 18th Sep 2016
You just tap the greeb button to answer a call.

Reply by Jan Townsend from UK on 11th Apr 2017
You swipe the circle in the middle over to the green phone.

Huawei P9 Lite is better or Samsung J7, which is better for next 2 years?

Asked by Dav from Philippine on 10th Aug 2016

Screen Protection?

Asked by Rico J from Philippines on 27th Jul 2016
There is no information about screen protection? Do you think it will be tough too? Like gorilla glass tough? Or at least dragon trail.

Is it possible to move installed apps (moveable) from internal memory to Micro Sd card on the Huawei P9 Lite?

Asked by Tom Johnson from Sweden on 21st Jul 2016
It seems that only files and photos can be stored on the Micro sd card and not moveable apps stored in internal memory. Why is this so?

Reply by asif from bangladesh on 24th Jul 2016
Moreover, out of this limited 16GB, 8 GB is dedicated & you will have only 8 GB to store other stuffs. But my question is, from this 8 GB, can the stuffs are transferable to SD card?

Reply by Arvy from Lithuania on 29th Aug 2016
Yes, It is possible with Huawei. I am very glad that all games and files goes to MicroSD card. You can set microSD card as Internal Memory.

Reply by vivi from phils on 18th Sep 2016
Not really. When the app is downloaded and installed from play store it uses the internal storage. Upon checking the apps in the settings, I am unable to move the file to SD tho I havent tried donwloading the data and apk in the pc and manually store the files in the Sd card and install from there.

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