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LG 55UF680V review

 Review: September 2015  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: With the 55UF680V, LG has cut the price of owning a 55-inch UHD TV to the bare minimum. The design and styling of this TV are nice, the Smart TV functionality is good, and the price is almost unbelievable. But picture quality and audio aren't as good as we'd ideally like.



The UF680V is two steps down from the UF850V, and is probably the lowest we would consider going in LG's UHD (4K) TV line-up for 2015.

The UF680V has a different design, with a narrow metal bezel around the screen and a two-legged plastic stand. The handy "magic" remote isn't included with the UF680V, and we understand that the processor is slower, so the Smart TV functions may be more sluggish to respond.

There's very little difference between this model and the UF770V, and the price is almost the same too.

LG 55UF680V features include:

User questions

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Does this tv support hdr?

Asked by codie from england on 20th Nov 2016

Does this LG 55UF680V TV support HDR? If not, can a firmware update resolve this?

Asked by Adam from England on 12th Nov 2016
I brought the LG 55UF680V TV in 2016, it was manifactured in late 2016 but I can't find out if it has HDR or not. Some people say yes it does, some say the LG HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour either is a version of HDR or it is what LG calls HDR.

Watching You tube from Samsung Galaxy?

Asked by Lucy from Wales on 25th Jul 2016
Hi. Iv bought this tv for my son. He wants to watch his you tube videos on his samsung galaxy s2 tab to the tv. It is saying the tv is connected to the tab but when im going onto you tube on the tab and sharing it to the tv it just says connecting..and dont connect?

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LG 55UF680V user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Markw from Somerset England on 16th Feb 2016
Got this TVs a week ago and the bigger 60inch,
The 55 is outstanding but you need to calibrate the screen don't just leave it from opening the box. 4K is truly amazing and it shows how good and powerful these ultra HD sets are to cope with 2160 at 60fps, but then going back to sky and freeview you see how rubbish the guality is that we pay for, the upscaler will improve things to a degree but as we know sky HD is not true HD just 720p and its rubbish. Smart wise 2.0 is very good and the red bull tv and Eurosport tv I love as its all in 1080p
As said lg make excellent TVs and these are no different, but you need done knowledge how to set them up, and don't use 100% back light as you get light ghost bleed from the edges.
Just spent 1800 on 2 kg TVs and no regrets at all.

Reviewed by Colum from Ireland on 15th Dec 2015
This TV has so much motion blur it will actually make you angry. But I have to say the cinema sound on this TV is fantastic but I still brought it back to the store.

Reviewed by Tobi from Uk on 7th Dec 2015
This is the worst and very bad in picture, but sound very great.

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