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LG 60UH850V review

 Review: July 2016  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The LG 60UH850V delivers the picture quality that a 60 inch screen demands, with full support for the HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards. This "Super UHD" TV is a superb all-rounder, with a top audio system to match the excellent picture quality. It also comes with BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, Netflix 4K and Amazon Instant Video.


LG 60UH850V review

The LG 60UH850V TV is a good choice if you want a really big screen. It's identical to the 55 inch model, except in size, so read our in-depth LG 55UH850V review to find out more.

Initially priced at around £2,200, the cost of owning this big beast has dropped considerably, making it good value for money compared with other over-55" screens.

LG 60UH850V features include:

User questions

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How come your review rates 5-stars-outstanding, and the two reviewers rates 1-star-poor 0,5-1 year later?

Asked by Lennart Svensson from Sweden on 19th Jul 2017
This is not the first time I read similar differences in time. It seems that the manufacturers puts extra effort in deliver top quality when releasing new models, and shortly after the manufacturing quality is lowered, perhaps by changing production facilities. Do you have any comment on this differences?

Reply by S21 from UK on 19th Jul 2017
Hi Lennart, there are often big differences between user reviews as everyone has different requirements and expectations. If you read the user reviews of the 55" model, you'll find that they are positive.
To address your specific point, we don't believe that there is any deliberate lowering of manufacturing quality, although it is always possible that some batches have problems.

Is this model able to be placed on a wall?

Asked by Julian from United Kingdom on 9th Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 10th Oct 2016
Yes, it uses a standard Vesa wall mount size of 300x300.

LG 60UH850V user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 3 reviews:

Reviewed by Nathan from United Kingdom on 12th Aug 2017
A very good high quality TV that requires correct, precise and complicated setup! The one star reviews are not an accurate overview of the TV. I had the same frustrating issues (ghosting and jittery imagery) when I first installed the TV. As a TV and audio geek with a large number of games consoles, 4K blu-ray player, Tivo box and AV receiver I was very disappointed with the horrible picture quality and, not believing a flagship TV could be so bad, I spent 2-3 days learning the menus inside out and playing with every setting, which finally resolved the vast majority of the image quality issues. By successfully tweeking the many options in the picture menu I removed all ghosting and 99.8% of the jitter. Now, only when watching HD channels, the image will almost pause - just for a fraction of a tiny second - in times of visual busyness. This most frequently happens when adverts swap over during breaks etc. It does not happen often (once during a 5min ad break maybe) but its there. The standard def TV picture quality is not as good as I'd like or my 50" Samsung that the 60" LG replaces. The image is 10" larger so I'd expect slightly worse quality, but not quite this much degradation. The TV's tuner/decoder just isn't as good at converting standard signals as I'd have liked, but the HD TV image quality is superb, and I've gotten used to the lesser SD quality. The third and final issue is the backlighting. When watching dark images the TV isn't the best at managing light bleed. The TV's LED zoning isn't great and it means blacks around objects can be washed out and grey. A bit annoying when watching a dark movie, but I am being picky here as only OLED can produce true blacks. It's just that, for a £2000 TV (originally) I would have expected slightly better. For everything else the TV is an absolute triumph! The colour reproduction and clarity is outstanding, the resolution quality is excellent, the sound amazingly good (considering the thin nature of the tele), the features (smart TV, Web OS, Inputs and menu's) are fantastic, and the included magic remote is a pleasure to use. The TV is 100% EXCELLENT for 1080p and 4K gaming and makes the XBOX One S, PS4, PS3 and Nintendo Wii U and Switch look epic. Once you've gotten your head around the menu, all the hugely tweekable features and set the TV up correctly it shines. For the price I paid in 2016 (£1200) I'm very happy with it.

Reviewed by Robert from United Kingdom on 11th Jul 2017
Initially i was impressed with this tv. The picture looked stunning until there was any movement then it blures up and jitters all time. Im very disappointed in this product, as i was advised this was best on the market at the £1500 by currys who talked me away from Samsung. When people move they look like they have ghost around them its that blured. Its like watching movies on kodi with poor internet signal. My old samsung is 10 times better and its 10 years older. Do not buy this unless you want to waste your money. Ps4 and xbox one S is rubbish on this tv, it's not fit for purpose. 3D is ok, sound is good but thats about it. Its really slow and seems so backdated. Sadly i can not get my money back but thankfully its insured so it will be falling off the tv stand soon.

Reviewed by John from England on 9th Jan 2017
Specs are impressive but sadly the performance does not match !! Jittery motion with football and formula 1 and even with fast motion in films. VERY DISAPPOINTED. The only plus is that it has 3D otherwise I would go back to Samsung. Also be warned that I could not participate in BBCs UHD/4K test via iPlayer recently because the TV is not compatible with HLG and LG couldn't / wouldn't say if this TV would have a firmware update in the future to make it compatible for when BBC starts broadcasting in UHD/4K. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TV nor would I recommend any UHD/4K TV until the terrestrial channels confirm the technology needed to receive those broadcasts. As far as I am concerned I wasted 1600 and annoyingly you can get them now for 1100 - I wonder why? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

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