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Mobile phones with lowest SAR values

By , 21 Feb 2014, last updated 16 Feb 2015

For the past 10 years we've maintained a list of mobile phone SAR values for the phones on sale in the UK. The SAR (specific absorption rate) value is a measurement of how much electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by body tissue whilst using a mobile phone. The higher the SAR rating of a phone the more radiation is absorbed.

But which phones have the lowest SAR ratings? Here we bring you a list of the top 10 lowest emission cell phones currently on sale in the UK.


All phones on sale in the UK and Europe conform to the EU's SAR limit of 2.0 W/kg in 10g of tissue. But some are a lot lower than this. Here we list the 10 lowest SAR rated phones currently on sale in the UK. The SAR values shown are maximum values and in practice emissions from mobile phones will normally be lower than these figures.

SAR (W/kg)
Source of data
Galaxy A5
Galaxy Note Edge
Galaxy S4 Mini
Xperia Z Ultra
Galaxy S4 Active
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note II
Galaxy Mega
Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy S4


Well done to Samsung and Sony for working hard on reducing phone emissions! Whilst there is no evidence of harm from ionizing radiation from phones, it's always best to reduce radiation levels where possible.

Please note that S21 accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this data. All data has been collected from third party sources and in each case the source of the data is referenced. You are advised to verify the accuracy of this information for yourself. Under no circumstances will S21 be held liable for any loss, injury or damage associated with the use of this data.

User questions

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SAR values?

Asked by Marco from Italy on 6th Apr 2018
I would like to know some SAR values w/ distance of measurament, if possibile. In particular of these following device:

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi MiA1
Huawei P8 Lite 2017
Huawei P Smart
Honor 6x

Thank to you in advance.

Reply by Xiaomi nut from UK on 14th Jun 2018


With a little effort anything can get Goggled without breaking a sweat.

Sar rating on galaxy a5 2017 please?

Asked by michelle from United Kingdom on 14th Aug 2017
hi. can you tell me what the sar rating on the latest a5 is please? i looked on samsung and it says 1.39 which seems high compared to the a5 2016 you have listed here. please can you advise why it may be so different and whether its how the testing is done (a5 2017 is .5cm from body). thanks.

What is Sar level of Nokia 230?

Asked by Moreen Greenberg from Israel on 10th Jul 2017

See all 11 questions

User comments

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Comment by Azrul from Malaysia on 4th Oct 2017
Hi sir: could you help to suggest and email me latest 2017 phones with lowest SAR/EMP level? TQ!
Azrul - azrul.wahi@gmail.com

Comment by mary from uk on 5th Jul 2016
LG G350 Titan seems low SAR and simple?

Reply by S21 from UK on 5th Jul 2016
Hi Mary, the SAR value appears to be 0.72 W/kg, which is higher than the phones listed here.

Comment by senthil from india on 12th Jul 2015
Suggest me which phone is having less SAR Values for this year2015
What will be the SAR value FOR iPhone6

Mail me in;senthel84@gmail.com [Editor's reply: see the values on this page and also www.s21.com/sar.htm]

Comment by Lokesh from INDIA on 25th Jun 2015
I m using Xperia Z2 is it under SAR. Is itremains same all time of fluctuate according to heating of mobile or so.

Comment by William from Netherlands on 31st Mar 2015
The S4 mini does not always have that low a SAR rate. Unfortunately the Samsung-website states 0,332 for the 9195 model, yet says there are differences, connected to production dates, but if there is no way to tell on the bases of a unique product modelcode like EAN, prior to opening the package and checking the manual :( how should consumers buy the model they wish? In the phone I bought the 0,332 turned out to be 0.678 (European standards)for Head exposure.

Comment by Jack from Australia on 6th Feb 2015
A sane person never buys an iPhone (iCancer) or Blackberry. Their SAR values are really high and dangerous. Samsung and LG are the best.

Comment by devendra from India on 17th Oct 2014
Kindly tell me 3 mobile phone which has lowest radiation in India
mail id devendramadane@gmail.com

Comment by karan from india on 7th Oct 2014
Nice content to provide people with valuable information regarding personal safety

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Mobile phones with lowest SAR valuesMobile phones with lowest SAR values

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