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Miele TDA 140 C review

 Review: October 2016  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Miele TDA 140 C is a solidly-built condenser dryer that should give you years of trouble-free service. It's an entry-level model from Miele, but still pricey by most standards, though economical in use with a 'B' energy rating. It's quiet too, and easy to use with automatic programmes, intelligent drum reversal, and automatic condensate drainage.



Built to exacting commercial standards, the Miele TDA 140 C is a bit of an ugly duckling to look at, but is very solidly constructed with a scratch-proof, corrosion-proof enamelled front.

It's a condenser dryer, so is very easy to install. Water is collected in the slide-out front door at the top left. A light indicates when this needs emptying, but if desired the condensation can be drained off automatically via a hose directly into a sink or a U-tube.

The dryer is very simple to use, with a range of programmes selected via a rotary dial, a start button and an LED display showing the time remaining.

Drying performance

The capacity of this dryer is a hefty 7kg - enough to handle a full-sized family laundry load.

The dryer operates well, with a choice of drying settings - from machine iron, which leaves the laundry damp, to minimum iron, leaving clothes dry enough to be put into an airing cupboard. There are settings designed to handle cottons, mixed loads, and woolens. Intelligent drum reversal keeps the clothes from getting tangled and creased during drying.

You can even use the automated fragrance dispenser to scent your clothes.

The machine is quiet too, with a noise rating of just 63dB.


Miele has an unrivalled reputation for reliability, and the build quality of this appliance is first rate. You should regard this machine as an investment that will give you ten years or more trouble-free operation.

Conclusion - a highly-recommended dryer

This Miele tumble dryer costs more than most, but it performs well and should prove to be very durable, making it an economical buy in the long run. You'll appreciate its ease of use, effective drying performance and extra features.

Miele TDA 140 C features include:

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