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Miele WMB120 review

 Review: March 2016  

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: The Miele WMB120 belongs to the German appliance manufacturer's superior W1 range, and is arguably the most reliable washing machine you can buy. As well as being designed to last for 20 years, it's a joy to use, with simple clear controls, a useful display panel, plenty of wash options, plus the ability to use Miele's CapDosing detergent system. It's an incredibly quiet machine during both washing and spinning, and has a very fast 1600rpm spin speed and high A+++ energy efficiency rating. Outstanding!



The Miele WMB120 has premium styling and premium build quality to match. Of course, it ought to, because with a RRP of £1,049, this W1 range model is the most expensive washing machine we've ever reviewed. Miele's style is much more traditional than newcomers like LG or Samsung, but this model is a lot more contemporary in looks than Miele's cheaper machines.

It's built like a tank, with an enamelled front that's resistant to scratches, acid and corrosion. It weighs almost 100kg, with cast-iron anti-vibration counterweights, and is probably the heaviest washing we've ever tested. It's also an unusually deep appliance, so be sure to measure up carefully before buying.

The aluminium ring around the door gives it an upmarket and modern edge, and the LED display panel also helps to identify this as a 21st century appliance. The simple rotary dial and push buttons make this is a very easy machine to use, and the lack of too many advanced options means that there's little need to consult the user manual.

A child safety lock is fitted, and you can also set up a PIN code to restrict access to the machine.

Washing and performance

The Miele WMB 120 has an 8kg load capacity, making it able to wash larger loads than the cheaper Miele machines, and it will adjust automatically for partial loads.

The available wash programmes are Cottons, Delicates, Dark Garments / Denim, Shirts, Woollens, Outerwear, a Minimum Iron setting, plus a 20-minute Express 20 option for quick washes. A separate Spin option is available, as well as a Soak and Pre-Wash. A Pre-ironing option uses Miele's soft honeycomb drum and steam to smooth garments prior to finishing.

The machine can wash right down to temperatures of 20°C and even use cold water, although we suspect that most people will prefer to blast their laundry at higher temperatures to guarantee freshness.

The machine has a very fast 1,600 rpm maximum spin speed, and is rated "A" for spin performance.

As well as using conventional detergents, this model is compatible with CapDosing, which adds special detergents, fabric conditioners and additives using single-use capsules. The capsules contain pre-measured doses and fit into the fabric conditioner compartment. You can choose between six special detergents (Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare, Proofing agent), three softeners (Aqua, Nature, Cocoon), and a Booster for dealing with stubborn soiling.

After every wash programme, the detergent dispenser drawer is automatically rinsed through with several powerful jets of water.

The WMB120 has an A+++ EU energy efficiency class. Its ProfiEco EnergySave motor makes this an exceptionally quiet machine in operation.


The key reason for buying Miele is the company's unrivalled reputation for reliability. All Miele washing machines are tested for 10,000 operating hours - the equivalent of 20 years of use.

Conclusion - expensive but outstanding

None of Miele's washing machines are cheap, and the W1 models are substantially pricier than the W Classic entry-level range. But the WMB120 is even better built than the basic models, can handle larger loads, with better washing performance, significantly quieter operation, faster spin speed, and the ability to take advantage of Miele's advanced CapDosing system.

The fact that this machine is built to last for twenty years means that it's more of an investment than a cost, and when you spread the expense over such a long period, you could argue that it's great value for money.

Miele WMB120 features include:

User questions

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What is the difference between the wmb120 and the wkb120?

Asked by Hannah from UK on 3rd Jan 2017
2 current Miele models- seem pretty much identical?!

Reply by S21 from United Kingdom on 4th Jan 2017
There are minor differences in the styling - for example, different coloured door rings.

Reply by WONDER WASHERWOMAN from UK on 17th Jan 2018
The WMB has a couple of extra buttons, including a rather weird "outerwear" (gentler wash presumably) button.
The other extra button which is useful is "prewash".
The WKB has a similar rotary knob, but the prewash is incorporated in a couple of settings on it rather than having a separate button.
The website says one possible advantage of the WKB is that one can reduce the height by removing the top panel on the casing.

On the 20 minute wash, can you set the spin to 1600 to complete the wash and spin, or do you have to wait for the cycle to stop and then set the spin to 1600? Thank you.

Asked by Ally from Scotland on 30th May 2016
With our Samsung, the max spin on our 15minute wash is 1200, then we have to then set the spin to 1400, for a better spin, do we need to do the same process with this Meile? Cheers.

Miele WMB120 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.