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Mobile Phones UK is now S21

By S21, 18 Oct 2012

Mobile Phones UK (Mobile-Phones-UK.org.uk) launched in 2001 and we've been reviewing the best (and worst) of all things mobile ever since. We remember the days when a mobile phone was a brick that could just make calls and send texts. A lot has happened since, not least the transformation of mobiles into smartphones and the convergence of phones and computers to spawn tablets.

To reflect the way technology is moving we've rebranded our site as S21. We'll still be bringing you honest, unbiased reviews and recommending the best online retailers. We'll be expanding into new areas of technology too, and we hope you'll continue to like what we do as the tech world gets ever faster and more central to our lives. So remember:

S21. It's bigger. It's better. It's a whole lot quicker to type.

Find us on facebook and twitter @s21tech.

S21.com is owned by Landmark Internet Ltd.
Registered in England & Wales number 3647139.
Brushwood, Frilford Heath, Oxford, OX13 5QG, United Kingdom.

User questions

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Best 60 inch by around for under £800?

Asked by Craig Warwick from United Kingdom on 16th Jan 2018
Hi guys

Can you help?

I want to buy a new tv and I'm looking for the best one that £700-900 can buy me....do you have any suggestions?

I'm looking for a 60 inch but would also consider 55 if needs be

iPhone X review ?

Asked by Lee Bekier from United Kingdom on 5th Dec 2017
Hey guys

Think the iPhone X has been out for some time now and wondered if a review was heading our way on your website?


Smart phone specs and prices, with replaceable batteries?

Asked by Dec from UK on 24th Nov 2017
We all know the locked is in built obsolescence of the worst sort.
So it be nice to see a table of smart phones which have replaceable batteries against their features and annoying oversights.

Sometimes you just wanna see it quick e.g. if there,s a sale on rather spend days researching which is the best phone for you.


See all 12 questions

User comments

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Comment by John from Ireland on 22nd May 2018
Can we ask if you will be reviewing any items any time soon? This used to be my goto site for review of all things techy - but all seems to have gone quiet.

Reply by S21 from UK on 22nd May 2018
Hi John, thanks for your question. We plan to review the latest batch of 2018 LED TV releases within the next month.

Comment by Redfitz from United Kingdom on 13th Apr 2018
Where is all the reviews for recent handsets seems like this site gone cold or even died I mean last phones on front page ur reviews is Huawei p9lite lol whee is the honors 7x etc where is the galaxy S9 or the huawei p20 which is fantastic

Reply by S21 from United Kingdom on 13th Apr 2018
We are not presently adding new reviews to the site.

Comment by RobT from England on 30th Oct 2017
Have you ever heard of OnePlus phones ?

Reply by S21 from UK on 31st Oct 2017
We have heard of them, yes :) But they are still not widely available in the UK.

Reply by Rob T from UK on 20th Nov 2017
How about this then, wouldn't yopur readers like to know about this

Comment by Graham from England on 10th Jun 2017
Any review in the works for the Sony xz premium? Trying to pick between that and the s8...

Reply by S21 from UK on 11th Jun 2017
Hi Graham, we should have that review done this week.

Comment by Miroslav from Croatia on 1st Sep 2016
Good day,
I have a very important question, SONY KDL-50W800C its DVB-T2 terrestrial tuner given safely supports H.265 HEVC? I am seriously interested for TV, but I have to be 100% sure of that!

Thanks and regards!

Reply by S21 from UK on 1st Sep 2016
Hi Miroslav, we have re-posted your question on the KDL-50W805C page for users to answer.

Comment by Ian from Scotland on 22nd Jul 2016
Hi I went to order the Samsung UE49KU6400 49 Smart Inch 4K Ultra HD TV PQI 1500 through your link to Debenhams plus, I think you should remove this link as people (like myself) get fooled into thinking this is Debenhams.. its not, its a company called buy it direct, they have a terrible reputation on review sites like trustpilot .

reguadrs Ian

Reply by S21 from UK on 22nd Jul 2016
Hi Ian,
Thanks for your comment. There is no intention by us to mislead. Debenhams Plus is used by Debenhams to provide an extended range of products online. Orders are fulfilled by Buy it Direct under the Debenhams brand name.

Comment by Yatiso from ZA on 5th Apr 2016

I have noticed that you take very long time to review sony xperia mobile handsets...why? I am mean sony xperia x has been revealed for 2 months now but still no review from S21. It took you less than a week for S21 to post the review for Apple Iphone 5SE and Samsung S7 etc.

Thanks, Yatiso

Reply by S21 from UK on 5th Apr 2016
Hi Yatiso,
We always try to review mobile handsets as soon as we can, but the Xperia X isn't expected to be released until the summer, so we can't review it at this time. We've been fans of Sony's recent handsets, so we'll be sure to review the X as soon as we get our hands on it!

Reply by Yatiso from ZA on 6th Apr 2016
Tx for feedback

I am looking forward for your review.


Comment by John Browes from UK on 13th Jan 2016

In relation to my PANASONIC VIERA 50CX680B I have a question for you. I bought my new tv on the back of your review amongst other factors. Just something i'd like you to clear up for me............

I emailed Panasonic asking about this models UPSCALING capabilities, more specifically does the tv do this automatically or is there a manual setting for this. Their reply was -

''The television does not have the capacity to upscale, it will only receive 4K content from external equpment that has the upscaling ability.''

However, your review states that;

''The Viera 50CX680B upscales HD sources to UHD very competently, bringing out detail that you never knew was there, with only minimal artefacts introduced by post-processing.''

WHO IS RIGHT?!!!!!!!!! Please can you advise .......... many thanks.

John Browes.

[Hi John, this is S21. The Panasonic has no manual settings for upscaling to 4K. Video processing automatically upscales HD content. It worked well for us, even if Panasonic customer support don't think so.]

Comment by Mike from UK on 4th Jan 2016
Iíve just been browsing s21.com - I came across your site again while researching LED TVs - your review on the LG49UF850V was very handy - I bought one!

Comment by steve wilkins from england on 11th Oct 2015
great review site. but there are some phones you never seem to review. for example, LG have a smartphone called the Spirit- 3 sell it, it's a butget priced phone a la motorola's moto G. but you have no revew for it. [Editor's reply: Steve, we try to review nearly every phone, but sometimes we miss one. Sorry!]

Comment by Nigel Thomas from Wales on 20th Aug 2015
Great reviews but I can buy the Samsung UE48JU6400 cheapest in Tesco @ £645

Comment by Marco from Hungary on 15th Jun 2015
Great site with great reviews, just one thing that you seem to not have realized is that a lot of people are using these TVs as computer monitors. For example you state in your reviews of 40 inch UHD that there's no point in UHD for that size, but how about connecting it as a monitor ? UHD versus HD is a huge difference, as a monitor you get 4 HD size screens. I understand you're a TV review site and don't expect you to apply the monitor tests to these TVs, but it would be good to have at least a subjective mini review of using them as monitors. [Editor's reply: Thanks for your suggestion, Marco. We hadn't really considered the use of TVs as monitors in our reviews. A 40 inch display on a desktop is huge! Most computer monitors are below 32 inches, so I don't know how common this is. We'll see if we can add a note to our future reviews for how they perform as monitors.]

Comment by Qasid from UK on 28th Jan 2015
Good to see you guys again! I have been using your site for years, and it has been the most reliable source for reviews. I started off with the NEC e228, making my way through a lot of Samsungs (D900 - Omnia - Tocco Ultra) then went to Blackberry Torch (still probably the most productive phone I've used so far - just because of the slide qwerty keypad). I converted to iPhone with the iPhone 5 and just recently got the iPhone 6 Plus (128GB - already used up!). I also have a Samsung Galaxy S5 as it is very powerful in comparison to the iPhone.
I am sad to see that a lot of the old forms of phones (slide/clam) have now been all but terminated - all the phones these days are touchscreen/smartphones with similar forms. Hope this will change and they'll start bringing the sliders back!

Reply by S21 from UK on 28th Jan 2015
Hi Qasid, thanks for your kind words. There are still some manufacturers experimenting with interesting form factors - the new BlackBerry Passport is one of our favourites. The LG G Flex is, um, different. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is pushing the boundaries too. It often strikes us that people who use a touchscreen phone with a folding case are basically using a clamshell-style phone. Maybe they could make a comeback? But those sliders - they were so cool!

Comment by Kof from UK on 14th Oct 2014
Hi and good to see you back reviewing phones and have sorted out whose making the tea :-P!
I don't suppose you will be reviewing the Moto G 2nd generation or are you guys waiting for more updates from Motorola ?
I'm just curious if the 2nd generation Moto G is a worthy update or stick to the original.

Reply by S21 from UK on 15th Oct 2014
Hi Kof, We don't plan to do a new review of the 2014 edition Moto G. It's basically the same but with a slightly larger 5 inch display, Android 4.4.4 KitKat, a microSD card slot, and an enhanced camera. These are all welcome additions. As we already gave the original Moto G five stars, the new version easily deserves five stars too!

Comment by Frank from UK on 10th Oct 2014
Any chance of a review of the new moto x 2014?
I'm due an upgrade soon and was going to opt for the Sony z3 until I noticed this was being released, as well as the upcoming nexus 6 also being Motorola built.
To my mind Motorola has always been top dog when it comes to reception strength and being able to get a firmer grip on the signal, which, when you live and work in an area with relatively poor coverage, like me, is probably more beneficial than slightly faster processor speeds.
Keep up the good work, I've been a fan of this site for years and it's the first place I look for reviews when I'm buying new tech.
Thanks, Frank

Reply by S21 from UK on 14th Oct 2014
Hi Frank, thanks for your kind words. We don't plan to review the new moto x, as we don't think it's going to be widely available in the UK. It looks like a good phone, although battery life may well be a problem, judging from the specs.

Comment by Nick from UK on 28th Sep 2014
Hey guys,
any chance of a review of the oneplus one?
Looks as though it might be up their with the best phones of 2014

Reply by S21 from UK on 30th Sep 2014
Nick, not sure at this stage if we are going to review this one. Definitely maybe.

Comment by Kof from UK on 10th Sep 2014
Just wondering when you're going to bring the next review on any smartphone as it has been quite a while since you'd reviewed the last phone (Nokia 930)

I hope you guys ain't gone on strike or argued about who's going to make the next round of tea :-P

Reply by S21 from UK on 10th Sep 2014
The past month has been quiet, but don't worry, you'll be hearing plenty from us again starting next week! Just as long as we can agree on whose turn it is to make the tea :)

Comment by George from CZ on 17th Jul 2014
Hi guys. Do you have any information about samsung UE40H5000?

Reply by S21 from UK on 17th Jul 2014
It's like the H5500 but without Smart TV, and with only 2 HDMIs - check our review of the UE40H5500.

Comment by maqsood from uk on 4th Feb 2014
Hi I've been a great fan of your website for a few years now. Recently I decided to go from android to windows 8 mobile platform. Now I'm looking at possibly purchasing a windows tablet, however under the 'tablet' section I cannot see any reviews of these. Why is this? I looking into either a Nokia or Asus transformer windows tab. I look forward to hearing from you.

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Feb 2014
Hi maqsood, thanks for your kind comments! We have reviewed Microsoft Surface tablets, but not any of the Nokia or Asus Windows 8 tablets, as they are really not that popular. Unfortunately, we can't cover every single product.

Comment by ryan adams from united kingdom on 16th Nov 2013
hi I was wondering if you could help me choose a new mobile? I currently have an iphone 4s and am due an upgrade. I've narrowed it down to 3 which are, HTC one, sony xperia or the Samsung galaxy s4. I'm currently with o2. if there's a better network you could recommend also I would be extremely grateful.
thanks Ryan.

Reply by S21 from UK on 16th Nov 2013
Ryan, I suggest you read the reviews of those 3 phones here and also the user reviews of networks. We can't know which phone will be best for you.

Reply by ryan adams from united kingdom on 19th Nov 2013
cheers for the reply

Comment by Ashley from United Kingdom on 23rd Oct 2013
I have just read the 2014 smartphone post and very much enjoyed the style of writing. I have looked all over for a box to "sign up to newsletter" but I cannot find one. I have instead liked the facebook page and followed your twitter account. Would still like a weekly newsletter though...

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Oct 2013
We no longer have an email newsletter, as most users seem to prefer Facebook/Twitter. We do have an rss feed too.

Comment by Marcus C from UK on 10th Oct 2013
I always read your site when thinking about my next upgrade. I like your reviews and also like to read the comments people write at the bottom of the review. Speaking of which, there doesn't seem to be comments section for the Lumia 1020 yet?

Reply by S21 from UK on 10th Oct 2013
Thanks for the feedback and we have enabled user reviews for the lumia 1020 now - thanks for pointing out our error!

Comment by Joe from England on 2nd Oct 2013
Any reviews for the Huawei Ascend w1 ????

Reply by S21 from UK on 3rd Oct 2013
We will be adding Huawei reviews very soon.

Comment by Andy from UK on 4th Sep 2013
Hi I have submitted a few reviews on your website and everytime it's time for an upgrade I always check the reviews on here first. May I make a suggestion though and I appreciate you have loads of gadgets to test. But if like me you do not want a large brick sized phone/tablet (whatever happened to phone's getting smaller) you have to go into every phone review to find out the size of a phone - would it be possible to somehow put the size of a phone against the phone on the listings on the left of the screen?

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Sep 2013
Hi Andy, thanks for your suggestion. It sounds like what you are asking for is some kind of quick comparison or sorting tool. Other people may have different criteria they want to search by other than size, so a general comparison would work for everyone. We are currently reengineering the system that publishes S21, so this is one thing we may be able to do in the near future. Can't make any promises, but it's now officially on the wishlist :)

Reply by Andy from UK on 15th Sep 2013
Hi - Thanks for the reply - nice to see feedback acknowledged - sets your site head and shoulders above the rest - Appreciated...

Comment by james from england on 24th Aug 2013
Your website is absolutely great everytime it comes to upgrade I always check here before I buy! One little crititism is your adverts now make it impossible to read your reviews on a mobile device. On a laptop or tablet you can close them but not on a mobile please sort it out.

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Aug 2013
James, thanks for your comment. We have become aware that the banner on the left hand side of the page can present problems for mobile devices, and we are looking at this now.

Reply by S21 from UK on 13th Sep 2013
Now fixed!

Comment by John from UK on 24th Aug 2013
Hey can you do a review on the Padfone Infinity or compare it against other phones e.g. Galaxy S4, Xperia ZL, HTC One

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Aug 2013
Hi John, sorry but we have no plans to review the Padfone Infinity. It's just not a mainstream product in the UK.

Comment by Charles from England on 7th Aug 2013
For those of you that read this site on an iPod touch or iPhone and get that super annoying red advert half way across the screen when you start scrolling down. Start reading from the top and keep double tapping the bottom of the screen to move it down, that way the advert never appears and you can have the text over the full width of the screen.. Don't drag again though or it'll be back.

Using iPod touch 3rd Gen and iOS 5. Doesn't do it on my android phone.

Comment by Harry from UK on 16th Jul 2013
Can you please do a blow by blow comparison for the best smartphones in market today i.e. iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia Z vs Samsung S4 vs Htc One in terms of camera, speed, music and all?

Reply by Bhuvan from India on 16th Jul 2013
So what would be your pick between Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4? It would be great if you guys can come up with some comparison articles too as other expert websites are doing. Thanks.

Reply by S21 from UK on 16th Jul 2013
OK, there's clearly demand for an article called "iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia Z vs Samsung S4 vs HTC One"! We'll see what we can do.

Reply by Bhuvan from India on 16th Jul 2013
Thanks. The above article would really help.

Reply by S21 from UK on 16th Jul 2013
Here it is: Best smartphone of 2013.

Comment by Bhuvan from India on 5th Jul 2013
Hi Guys,
Can you please give a comparison of Sony Xperia Z vs Samsung Galaxy S4.
I am trying to decide between the 2 of them.
I like sony brand as I am happily using W810i for the last 5 years.(bought that after reading its review here only)
Xperia Z
Pros : Good music through headphones
Cons : Wifi Connectivity problems.
Galaxy S4
Pros : Good screen
Cons : Poor music through headphones.
This was my analysis. Can you please update me with your expert opinions.

Reply by S21 from UK on 6th Jul 2013
Hi Bhuvan, we had no problems with WiFi testing the Sony. Seems to be a marginal issue with some users. The Xperia Z is a brilliant phone, and if you like Sony, then it seems like an obvious choice. The only issue with the Xperia Z is that the waterproof seal on the headphone jack might annoy you if you use it for music a lot. Also, the phone isn't so easy to pick up, because of its shape. But these are minor issues.

Comment by Ste from England on 5th Jun 2013
Hi s21, by s21 is this the postcode you are based in? As in eckington/renishaw/killamarsh?

Reply by S21 from UK on 5th Jun 2013
Hi Ste, no we are based in Oxford :)

Comment by Jay from England on 31st May 2013
What happened to old reviews? There is no Sony Ericsson!!! So your advice to go to the manufacturer and scroll down doesn't really work does it?

Reply by S21 from UK on 1st Jun 2013
Hi Jay, try here.

Comment by Charlie from Scotland on 16th May 2013
I've just read your review on the Nokia 520. It states that the phone has an LED flash for the camera. According to the Nokia web site, there is no flash on this particular phone. How accurate is the rest of the review ?

Reply by S21 from UK on 17th May 2013
Hi Charlie, thanks for pointing that out. You are right, the 520 has no flash. That "leaked" into the features list from the review of the Lumia 620. We have corrected it now, but our view of the phone is unchanged - we had pointed out in our review that the camera works well in good lighting conditions. We hope that you will find the rest of the review (and the site) accurate, although it is never possible to guarantee perfection. At least, not until we have replaced our editorial team with robots!

Comment by phonesarephones from uk on 27th Apr 2013
why do these mobile phone reviews never comment on voice/sound quality of the phones when used for phone calls. after all they are mobile phones and it would be good to know for those who make and recieve calls?

Reply by S21 from UK on 28th Apr 2013
Hi, good question! We assume that a phone will fulfil its core function of making and receiving calls. In the rare cases where this is not true, we point this out in the review, e.g. iPhone 4. Generally speaking it is rare to find a modern phone that has signal problems or voice quality issues. If you experience these, it is usually a sign of poor network coverage or a faulty microphone.

Comment by Mamun from Australia on 9th Apr 2013
At last I found this site :D. I used this site (Mobile Phones UK) a lot for my research on mobiles. But recently I could not get the site searching with "Mobile Phones UK". I'm really exited that I got this site again.

Comment by Carl from England on 3rd Apr 2013
Really liked your site. Have used it many times and been spot on. However your older Sony reviews seem to have disappeared. Also we used to be able to get a list of all the phone reviews with basic info which was great.

Reply by S21 from UK on 4th Apr 2013
Hi Carl, thanks for your comments. Old Sony Ericsson reviews are here. Just click on any of the phone manufacturer pages and you'll see a list of all phones we've reviewed plus a short summary of each.

Comment by lee from England on 21st Mar 2013
Love this site - like many i read this site religiously when new phones are released. The question is though - where can mobiles go next...?

Comment by tony from UK on 2nd Feb 2013
i've been reading your reviews since i checked out a nokia 6310i, not that long a go in the great scheme of things bit it seems a lifetime in phone tech. glad to see you are still here and still doing well. it never ceases to amaze me how poles apart some of the owners comments are, its hard to tell sometimes they are talking about the same phone! So I agree, how about getting rid of some of the more numpty replys and leave more room for better, positive or negative, reviews?

Reply by S21 from UK on 3rd Feb 2013
Hi Tony, thanks for your kind words. We have been getting tougher with the numpties. Our golden rule is "does this review help others to choose a phone?" If not, we hit the delete button. PS. You wouldn't believe how many we have deleted over the years.

Comment by Steve Hayes from UK/FR on 27th Jan 2013
Not only have you nearly disappeared (as per other feedback), it seems to me you have zilched the old reviews.

No take it back you haven't, but you apparently HAVE removed them from the search. The only way I found them was because I persisted.

I don't like touch screens, the glass gets scratched, they dont go in a pocket, you can't see properly in full sunlight, so I needed to look at the older ones. I'd hope you can earn a crust by linking out to ebay and so on.

PS I'm moaning because I care

Reply by S21 from UK on 27th Jan 2013
Hi Steve. Nothing has been removed. The old reviews are still here. Just click on the manufacturer link in the left hand side navigation of our "Mobile Phones" section, then scroll down to find old reviews.

Comment by Frank from UK on 22nd Jan 2013
Found you at last! I think you need to pay google a little bit more to include your new name in the first page of a search for "mobile phone reviews". Anyway, I've bookmarked you now on my new laptop. Nice to know you're still here :-)).

Comment by Virginia Brown from USA on 18th Dec 2012
Thanks for your great web site. I've looked at several of your reviews and found them to be understandable and meaningful, even for the technically challenged (like me!)

Comment by NH from England on 9th Dec 2012
I've been using this site for the best part of 4 years. My favorite part about it is the fact that you keep the old reviews; I enjoy clicking them as they bring back rose-tinted memories ;-). Will you ever start doing video reviews? (Not a demand, just a question)

Comment by Alan from UK on 26th Nov 2012
Great site, I'm almost solely using it to figure out my upgrade from my old workhorse (HTC Desire.) I'd wondered where the site had went for a while, and stumbled back across this by fluke. Needless to say it's now bookmarked!

Reply by S21 from UK on 26th Nov 2012
Thanks, Alan. Hope you find your perfect upgrade. Remember to leave a review when you do!

Comment by Rich from UK on 24th Nov 2012
Do you still have a link to older phone reviews? I'm looking at buying a basic phone for work.

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Nov 2012
Yes. Click on the manufacturer link in the left hand side navigation, then scroll down to find old reviews.

Comment by Andrew Wiseman from UK on 18th Nov 2012
Yep - thought my favourite mobile phone review site had bitten the dust. I always used to get here by typing "mobile phone reviews uk" into Google, but now you're not there any more. Only found you by trying Bing and noticing one of the results talk about a rebrand.

Reply by S21 from UK on 19th Nov 2012
Yes, that was always a problem with our old name - people couldn't remember our URL. It's been exactly a month since we moved and Bing ranks us at #1 for "mobile phone reviews" and Google at #2, so we're making good progress at getting back our old positions on the search engines. You can help by clicking the +1 or like buttons on our pages, or by retweeting our reviews. Thanks!

Reply by Sue P from UK on 19th Nov 2012
Yes it took me ages to find your new website - but after a bit of digging I did, can't even remember how I did but I did. Happy now. BTW the old site didn't redirect me to the new site as you mentioned was the case in an older comment.

Comment by Nick from UK on 2nd Nov 2012
Maybe im a bit simple but its taken me about an hour of searching to find you after the rebranding to S21
Who knew?
Is there anything you can do via google that makes your new site easier to find as surely you are going to lose users to rival review sites.
i must learn to bookmark more.

Reply by S21 from UK on 2nd Nov 2012
Our old site redirects to the new one, but that doesn't help if you can't remember our old site address (that's one reason for the new easier-to-remember name). Google knows about the move, but it often takes several weeks to properly handle a domain change. Hopefully all will be well again soon. If you want to help, then please click the facebook "like" buttons or the Google +1 buttons, tweet us, or tell your mates about our new site!!! Follow us on facebook or twitter and you'll always be up to date on the latest tech.

Comment by Tel from UK on 31st Oct 2012
As a mobile telecoms engineer for many years, I know all too well, for lack of a better word, the idiosyncrasies of mobile phones on the market. And I have to say without bias that your reviews always comment on these 'defects'. You also point out their good points too, I hasten to add. As someone who gets constantly asked his opinion on various phones, some of which I have never seen or used, I have to admit that I ALWAYS use your reviews to answer their questions. You have never let me down once! Good luck with your new website.

Reply by S21 from UK on 1st Nov 2012
Thank you for your kind words, Tel! We always strive to stay neutral and objective and to give honest "warts and all" reviews. Our only bias is towards you, our readers. And thanks to all our users who over the past decade have contributed more than 50,000 reviews. It's these reviews that very often help us to identify problems with products. We are always humbled by the willingness of people to share their time and knowledge to help others in this way.

Comment by David from Middle Earth on 30th Oct 2012
Why S21?

Reply by S21 from UK on 30th Oct 2012
We wanted a short generic name. 21 suggests the 21st century. S stands for any word beginning with the letter S. We thought it sounded cool.

We're aiming to provide a road map for technology in the 21st century, starting with the convergence of mobile phones with, well everything. Check out our awesome technology section for a flavour of where we might be heading.

Reply by David from The Shire, ME on 12th Nov 2012
OK. The S can stand for sexy :D

Reply by S21 from UK on 12th Nov 2012
Love it!

Comment by KDM from UK on 19th Oct 2012
Congrats on the new site... keep up the good work! Just one comment... I wish you wouldn't show one line reviews from owners such as "this phone sucks" and "This phone is boring" they are hardly reviews and no help to prospective buyers at all.
Good luck!

Reply by S21 from UK on 20th Oct 2012
KDM, many thanks for your comments. With regard to one line reviews, etc, our rule for acceping a review is that it must in some way help prospective buyers to decide if they want to buy the product. "this phone sucks" doesn't say a lot, but it does say something. We sometimes receive abuse for deleting reviews, so it's a fine line to tread. I think we're going to get tougher from now on.

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