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User questions

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Best 60 inch by around for under £800?

Asked by Craig Warwick from United Kingdom on 16th Jan 2018
Hi guys

Can you help?

I want to buy a new tv and I'm looking for the best one that £700-900 can buy me....do you have any suggestions?

I'm looking for a 60 inch but would also consider 55 if needs be

iPhone X review ?

Asked by Lee Bekier from United Kingdom on 5th Dec 2017
Hey guys

Think the iPhone X has been out for some time now and wondered if a review was heading our way on your website?


Smart phone specs and prices, with replaceable batteries?

Asked by Dec from UK on 24th Nov 2017
We all know the locked is in built obsolescence of the worst sort.
So it be nice to see a table of smart phones which have replaceable batteries against their features and annoying oversights.

Sometimes you just wanna see it quick e.g. if there,s a sale on rather spend days researching which is the best phone for you.


When do you update the website?

Asked by David from United Kingdom on 14th Nov 2017
For weeks I have been waiting for a review of the Pixel 2. Every time I go on its the same old stuff.

My sonyericsson k800i is draining battery and also blurs after sleep.is there any review on z5 premium dual?

Asked by olayiwola from Nigeria on 26th Jan 2017

I have been sold a new Gold Samsung J5 with a black colour back to it - is this normal?

Asked by Pauline Callaway from GB on 18th Jan 2017
I have recently purchased a brand new gold Samsung J5. It was sold to me as new not refurbished. It is a 2015 model.
On receipt I have noticed that although the face of the phone is Gold the back case is black.
Is this normal - the picture of the item I purchased had a gold back to the phone and I cannot find any examples of a gold face phone with a black back. They all appear to be gold.
Does this mean I have been sold a refurbished phone?

Also, I purchased a leather type case for the phone, I have used the phone a few times and now the leather/man-made phone has stuck hard to the phone and I cannot remove the phone from the case. Makes me think the phone is overheating?
Any ideas, comments appreciated,
thank you,

Reply by S21 from UK on 19th Jan 2017
Hi Pauline, the standard J5 Gold has a gold front and back, but we can't say 100% that the other combination doesn't exist.
As for the case, all phones get hot, and putting the phone in a case will make it heat up more, but not hot enough to make a leather case stick like that. This website gives some practical advice on the subject.

Apps very poor.

Asked by Rob from UK on 22nd Dec 2016
I can not believe you recomend this television when the great british public are being sold a pup and conned, have you not read the problems people are having trying to watch any catch up tv be it the BBC I player or the ITV hub. The stores are fully aware and still selling these Tv's. Samsung have not got there act together and people are very frustrated, companies like yours need to take a lead and not recomend these products or at least state the issues they have,then maybe the koreans will get there act together. If there's nothing wrong with our money there should be nothing wrong with the product.

Reply by S21 from UK on 23rd Dec 2016
Hi Rob, our understanding is that the vast majority, if not all, Samsung TVs now support the iPlayer. Some of our users have needed to reset the smart hub in order to access it. We don't have any further information on this issue.

Why no Siemens washer dryer reviews?

Asked by James Whitaker from UK on 19th Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 19th Oct 2016
Hi James, we are expecting to review some Siemens washer dryers by the end of October.

When will you review the HTC One X9 and S9 ?

Asked by DWa from Australia on 10th Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 10th Oct 2016
Those phones are not widely available in the UK and we won't be reviewing them.

Hi, when will you review the Fairphone 2?

Asked by LRW from UK on 23rd Sep 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Sep 2016
Hi, we have no plans to review that phone.

Panasonic 58DX800E (Or 802B) and media players

Asked by Panicos from Cyprus on 30th Aug 2016
I have recently (less than a month) purchased the HiMedia q10 pro (media player) and tried it on my Full HD tv (Sony 46W905). I have purchased a brand new 4K TV last Friday (Panasonic 58DX802) and tried to watch a few movies during the weekend using q10 pro kodi and also its media player using my own movies.

Unfortunately the results were not as expected. I had the following problems:

1. Most of the times i turn on Q10 the TV is recognized as 1080p and not 4K. I am using the default HDMI cable that came with the Q10. As a result when this happens i have to manually change the settings to 2160p 60Hrz manually.

2. When watched Full HD (1080p) movies on Q10 either using KODI (SALTS) or my one movies the quality of the picture is not very good. You can see shades on the screen (especially darker scenes) the colors seem like they are wrong. Whatever settings i changed on the TV (picture settings) i still have the same problems. Do i need to do anything on the Q10 pro? IS there anthing else i need to fix in order to have good picture quality.

Please advise whats is the best thing to do when you are watching 1080p on a 4K TV.

Reply by S21 from UK on 31st Aug 2016
Hi Panicos, sorry but we have no experience with the Q10.

What is the rating of the 49ks7000? Four or five stars?

Asked by Johan Heikoop from Holland on 14th May 2016
Samsung tv 49ks7000. What is the rating about this tv?

Reply by S21 from UK on 14th May 2016
Hi Johan, we haven't reviewed that model yet. But see what we wrote about the KS8000.

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