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Nokia 105 review

 Review: October 2013  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: A cheap, funky, featherweight phone that's tough and has superb battery life.



Here are 3 good things about the Nokia 105:

1. It's dirt cheap. No, we mean really cheap! Like, how can Nokia make it so cheap?

2. It's totally a funky-looking phone. It actually looks cool. Even though it's chunky it weighs hardly anything.

3. Battery life, whoa! Like 35 days of standby!

And because we really like you, we're going to tell you 2 more cool things about the phone:

4. It has a dust-proof and splash-proof keypad.

5. It has an FM radio, a torch and 5 built-in games.

Nokia 105 features include:

User questions

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Where is the SAR?

Asked by jake from uk on 12th Oct 2017

Does the nokia 105 have a reminders on it?

Asked by baz from uk on 11th Oct 2017

I can't hear the caller?

Asked by Joshua from Kenya on 13th Nov 2016

See all 4 questions

Nokia 105 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 12 reviews:

Reviewed by Nick from U.K. on 14th Jan 2016
What's not to like? At 20 quid it's no big deal if you loose it! I wanted a phone with good battery life and it sure has that. It's small and light and does everything I need it to do.

Reviewed by Inez from UK on 17th Oct 2015
It's strange but I've looked for the timer and stopwatch but don't seem to have those features even though there supposed to be on the Nokia 105. Am dissapointed but other than that it's a good little phone.

Reply by Ian from UK on 29th Mar 2016
You can access the countdown timer and stopwatch by selecting Menu then Extras which contains both features along with a few others. It's possible to save them as options under the Go to/Right key feature. I hope this helps if you haven't already discovered these features.

Reviewed by dufus from cambodia on 27th Feb 2015
awesome. 10/10. would defiantly recommend.

Reviewed by Harvey from England on 20th Nov 2014
great starter phone and only costs less than 1 pound 5 games........ great for texting but you should turn off auto guesser because if you miss spell words then it does not give you another word

Reviewed by J. Jappe from Sweden on 21st Sep 2014
The best phone in the world!

Reviewed by Ian from UK on 9th Sep 2014
I can only echo John's review of 7 August. I had a Lumia 625 for a while as I wanted to have email and internet access on the go. However, I found myself yearning for the simplicity and extended battery life of an 'old school' Nokia, even if it meant foregoing email and web access. This handset does everything a mobile phone should do in terms of making calls, texting and setting alarms/reminders. It also has a number of extra features I find useful such as a stopwatch and countdown timer. (I had to download an app for the latter with the Lumia which tells you a lot about 'progress' in handset design.) The cyan colour body is great and the call quality is fine, although the volume could be louder, as noted elsewhere, the only reason for not awarding five stars.

Reviewed by john from UK on 7th Aug 2014
I bought this phone as an rebellion against the anti social revolution that is the "smart" phone. It would be the perfect phone if only the call volume was a little louder. Its audible but in a noisy environment it can be a little hard to hear. I use an old Nokia 6310 and to be honest the software is really dated and I would use my 105 if only the call quality was that little bit louder.

The 105 is so small and light you hardly notice its in your pocket and the torch feature is brilliant. The screen is bright and easy to read and the keypad is excellent.


Reply by John from UK on 11th Sep 2014
The call volume CAN be adjusted using the D pad! Its in the manual as well (duh). I now have the perfect phone and have bought 3 extra batteries and am contemplating an additional handset to keep in the car.

Reply by John from UK on 26th Aug 2017
What is the D pad??

Reviewed by Tom from Hong Kong on 4th May 2014
Of course I have other 'phones. I cannot think of many people who would buy this as their main 'phone. Having said that, I can think of a few reasons why someone would want to buy one as a second (or third) 'phone.

When I worked in a Government department in London, the rule was very strictly "no smartphones, no cameras", no matter what your security clearance level. Even way back then, when feature 'phones were still plentiful, very few came without cameras. The Nokia 105 has come a little late for that purpose, as I left Government service years ago, but I imagine it would be an attractive option to anyone, these days, whose job comes with similar security restrictions.

I also think it would be great for younger children. My son's school allows students to bring, keep on their person and use mobile 'phones (usage is supposed to be restricted to break time, but the photos they post on Instagram suggest otherwise). I'm sure everyone is aware of the problems of cyber bullying, 'sexting' and other such things that are made easier by young people having ready access to cameras in 'phones that are connected to the internet. My son's school has a policy against photo-taking, but once students are allowed to have their 'phones out at school, such a policy becomes all but unenforceable. The Nokia 105 not only doesn't have a camera, but it also has no web-browser, no social-networking apps or any other of that stuff. If my son insists on having a 'phone 'for emergencies' (because apparently the 'phone in the school office isn't good enough for young people, today), or to keep in touch with his friends, then fine, but he's not going to have something that can get him into trouble. Also, of course, if he loses it, breaks it or it gets stolen, it's no big loss.

Then there's my work. My boss wants everyone to be on WhatsApp and Facebook and all those things, for business networking purposes and so as to give him more channels to urgently contact people when they are away from their desk or on holiday. Along with a handful of others, I have rebelled and refused to hand over my social media contact details. What I really needed was a second 'phone. A cheap-as-chips dumb 'phone that I could stick a pay-as-you-go SIM card into and use as my 'work' 'phone. And that's just what I've done. The Nokia 105 allows me to make and receive calls and to divert incoming calls to my voicemail, so I never have to be disturbed outside of the office. Simple and just what I need.

I would also consider using it as an emergency back-up 'phone for keeping in my car. It's fairly rugged (though I haven't drop tested it), very light, has a handy torch and uneblievably lond battery life. I don't go to festivals, but I do travel to high crime areas, and this 'phone would be perfect for that, too. I have travelled to mainland China extensively over the last nine years, and have been pickpocketed and robbed eight times. A 'phone like this I could easily afford to lose (if anyone would even want to take it).

As for the 'phone's functionality, I am impressed. It lacks a lot of stuff that you think would be troublesome, at first. For example, there are no volume keys. It turns out this doesn't really matter. The 'phone has a pretty standard sort of set up that should suit most people except perhaps the hard of hearing.

I bought my 105 in Hong Kong, so it comes with the option of using Chinese, which is great for sending messages to colleagues, but switching languages is a bit long-winded so I'll probably just stick to English. This is the only real criticism I have of this 'phone. I love the old school tactile keys; my SMS messages really fly along, much faster than with my giant touch screen 'phone.

I love that one of the alarm tones is 'radio', but you must remember to have some headphones (none are included in the box, by the way) plugged in for this to work. I also love the handy expenses spreadsheet, the nifty little calculator, the fairly bare-bones converter, countdown timer, stopwatch, calendar with reminders... and that's it! Just about all the basic stuff you could want. And all it works without any fuss.

I couldn't give this 'phone an 'outstanding' rating, because it is so unremarkable, but I absolutely love it. It is such a refreshing break from the smartphone world.

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 9th Mar 2014
I have a smart phone, but for business use I bought the Nokia 105. I only need it for calls, possibly texts. The battery is astounding,like any phone I get I condition the battery by complete discharge and recharge cycles. When I got the phone, it had charge in it, it lasted 2 weeks before I gave it the first charge!! It wasn't even full and I've made entry of phone calls on it already!!

Great price, can't really beat this if your looking for a basic, calls and text phone, with great battery.

The bonus is the colour, I chose blue, but white and black, both look fantastic!

Reviewed by Hinxa from US on 10th Jan 2014
Khotaaaaaaaaaaaa Set.
i got it 4 months go, demn got sick and now is in hospital mean at repairing lab

Reviewed by Phil from Collington on 21st Dec 2013
It wants to be a Lumia when it grows up,
it reminds me of a cute child that everyone falls in love with but has the IQ of a Gerbil.

Reviewed by lee from england on 22nd Oct 2013
I'm gonna bin the android and get this:

Memory: 8MB, 384 kB RAM

It has an FM radio, a torch and 5 built-in games

- Though I done a BT search on the train the other day & got a 6303 !!!!!! - remember them lol

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