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Nokia 108 review

 Review: June 2014  

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 108 is a cheap, basic phone with an alphanumeric keypad, a basic camera and an FM radio.



Nokia continues to bring out these very basic old-fashioned phones with alphanumeric keypads. The differences between them are minor. The 108 is almost exactly the same as the Nokia 113. It's a dual-band phone with an FM radio, music player, memory card, VGA camera and Bluetooth. It's good value for the price. But if all you want is a cheap phone with strong battery life, be sure to shop around because some of Nokia's other models are even cheaper!

Nokia 108 features include:

User questions

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How do you text from contact's name?

Asked by jhakyter from uk on 30th Nov 2016

Is Nokia 108 3G?

Asked by trevor from england on 28th Oct 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 28th Oct 2016
No, it's dual-band GSM.

Where is the volume nokia108dual sim? Cannot find it in book.

Asked by Ginny from England on 13th Oct 2016
How to turn phone up and down volume

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Nokia 108 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 18 reviews:

Reviewed by Sean from UK on 29th May 2017
It looks like the $12 gongkai phone with a QVGA backlit LCD and a safer charger.

Reviewed by james woodhead from UK on 16th Feb 2017
I have a Nokia 108 an I must say It`s very good . I want a phone not a machine that does anything and everything . this will do for me just to make a call or text . and I must admit to really admiring the Nokia range over many many years . I`ve tried many different makes of phones but always gone back to Nokia !!!!

Reviewed by Ruth Shepherd from UK on 17th Nov 2016
I bought this phone to replace my last brick (Nokia c1-01) which finally died after quite a few years. I wanted something fairly basic- ie phone/text/ occasional checking email/ occasional camera. ie , I wanted one the same as my last one. I assumed this one would be more or less the same. The 108 is rubbish. Texting is very inconvenient: every time you need to do a punctuation mark (except full stop or question mark), you need to go through about 3 menus to find it. It will not save messages as conversations - you need to find all the messages separately in the inbox, and in the sent box. Although it claims to come with a camera, you need to buy a separate memory card to take even a single picture. There is no internet access at all. The only reason I can think of for Nokia to bring out a phone which is so much worse than it's previous model, is to put people off buying cheap basic phones, and make them pay more than they need to on fancy smart phones.

Reviewed by Hritwik Debnath. from India on 17th Aug 2016
i love this phone.

Reviewed by frances from south wales on 17th Jun 2016
Its an ok phone for simple texting and ringing but the camera has no uxb cable so cannot upload photos onto a computer, only transfer to another phone when they are side by side, disappointing.

Reply by Jon from United Kingdom on 25th Mar 2017
UXB major problem

Reviewed by Fred from England on 7th May 2016
Bought this phone as I wanted a cheap phone which wouldn't have any hidden costs and was small enough to comfortably fit in my pocket.
1) Cheap to buy, cheap to run, excellent battery life.
2) The camera and other media features, although at the lower end of the spectrum, are functional and easy to use.
3) It has a torch which I thought was a bit gimmicky, but I've actually used it quite a bit for meter readings etc.

1) Too easy to disable screen lock
Previous candy bar phones required you two press two keys in quick sequence to unlock the screen in order to guard against accidental use. With this phone, if you don't have the security feature requiring a 5 digit access code set up, then a single press of the Unlock soft key activates it. It's all too easy for this to be pressed during carry.

2) Time out lock only occurs if you're not in any of the menus.
You can set a time-out so that following a period if inactivity the screen will lock, but this will only happen if you leave the phone showing the home screen. If you are in the middle of a menu, then it will remain active although the screen will turn off, but will resume activity as soon as a button is pressed. So if you leave the phone, you think it's off but it becomes active in your pocket when a button is accidentally pressed.

3) Viewing/responding to a missed call is live and overrides the screen lock meaning you can accidentally view/respond.
If you get a missed call or message the soft keys to view/call become immediately live without you needing to unlock the screen. If you didn't answer because it wasn't convenient, then these keys can easily be pressed during carry.

4) Missed call/message indicators disappear.
There seems to be a bug in the software which means that after some time you'll no longer get missed call/message notifications. While this cures the issue described in #3, it means that in order to check if you have any missed calls or messages, you'll need to unlock the phone first. When this first happens you look at the blank home screen and assume no-one has contacted you.

5) Limited (i.e. useless) Bluetooth
As described elsewhere, the bluetooth is enveloped in some proprietary package "Slam" and only works to transfer files.

6) Preloaded speed dial.
Perhaps this is more the fault of the network provider, but my phone came preloaded with speed dials some of which were to expensive 118 directory enquiries numbers. Although you can overwrite these preloaded speed dials you cannot delete them and have nothing associated with a number. I've therefore had to create a dummy contact and assign all the keys I don't want to use to that.

Reviewed by Duncan from UK on 11th Feb 2016
Perfect starter phone for kids - no worries about social media, no worries if they forget to charge it for a few days. No worries if they leave it somewhere and it gets lost, or damaged, or dropped in breakfast milk.

Reviewed by geoff from uk on 6th Feb 2016
good basic phone BUT will not work as handsfree car phone on bluetooth.... can only transfer files with bluetooth

Reviewed by istumac from uk on 1st Feb 2016
does all you need to send and reieve calls and texts, battery life superb. very reliable.

Reviewed by Freda from England on 22nd Jan 2016
Bought as non smartphone replacement but v disappointed that despite having Bluetooth in menu and finding my devices it won't pair! Grrr. Bluetooth option was one aspect I wanted in the phone, so feel conned. Also can't add many calendar entries before it says memory full. Shame as I've always been a supporter of Nokia phones.

Reviewed by Brett McBain from UK on 31st Oct 2015
What's not to like? I have always bought the cheap and cheerful Nokia phones, and my 108 is an "upgrade" from my trusty 100. The difference being that the 108 has an mp3 player, and a camera (for what that's worth, don't expect too much). The key point about these Nokia basic models is the battery life. I can quite easily leave the charger at home, go away for five days, and it'll still be half charged. They are pretty tough little fellas too. Once you've mastered opening the damn thing up to change cards around (a Nokia trait!) then you're sorted.

Reviewed by Little Lisa from Bolouexe on 28th Sep 2015
I have this pice of junk, I hate it, I want to microwave it as it is so frustrating. What happened to Nokia, they only produce garbage now.

Reply by Fred from England on 7th May 2016
They were taken over by Microsoft.

Reviewed by dave from england on 26th May 2015
the nokia 108 is a fine cheap little phone. if like me you are old fashioned and hate smart phones. this is the one for you.. no thrills just a basic phone with a battery that lasts 3/4 days. unlike most smart phones my i phone barely lasts out the day. without a recharge..

Reviewed by Jakob Peake from uk on 18th Apr 2015
I absolutely hate the nokia 108 because it doesn't have good Wi-Fi, the mobile call range is very short and you cant even send a message without it saying "message sending failed".

Reviewed by von from from england on 4th Apr 2015
carnt pair this model to your ear piece as it doesnt have software to do it load of rubbish beware

Reviewed by Jean from Uk on 11th Feb 2015
Hi just purchased Nokia 108 and cannot pair to Bluetooth device. Has anyone else had this problem.

Reviewed by sue from england on 12th Jan 2015
Hi i brought this phone for my mum so she could take and send photos but every time we go to sent one it says via slam witch i gather is Bluetooth how do you send as a normal text?

Reviewed by Janice from England on 7th Dec 2014
Good value for money but has annoying bleep on keypad which you cant get rid of as when you press keypad tone, you select and it says ok but does not give you the option for a silent keypad.

Reply by Keith from UK on 7th Dec 2014
Hi. Go to settings.Tone settings.Scroll down to Keypad Tones,then left scroll key 'til it's off.

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