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Nokia 130 review

 Review: February 2015  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Nokia 130 is cheap and basic, but with very long battery life.



The Nokia 130 is a very cheap phone with an old-style alphanumeric keypad. It's an upgraded version of the Nokia 106, and is smaller, lighter, and with a larger battery.

Like the 106, this phone has no camera, although it does include a radio, and can play music and videos. It features Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as a 3.5mm headphone connection. There's almost no onboard memory, but a microSD card slot lets you add up to 32GB for storing music.

Battery life is a key strength of the phone, with up to 13 hours of talktime, or 46 hours if used as a music player!

Nokia 130 features include:

User questions

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Where is the SAR?

Asked by jake from uk on 12th Oct 2017

How do I register with EE, and do I receive a Top-Up Card with the phone?

Asked by Rob from UK on 6th Jun 2017

I need a basic phone for emergencies,is the Nokia 130 pay as you go?

Asked by Derrick from UK on 30th May 2017

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Nokia 130 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 8 reviews:

Reviewed by Robert from England on 29th Jul 2017
Nokia 130 is a good basic mobile phone but although it is advertised as having blue tooth connectivity, would not connect to the blue tooth in my car. I took the phone back and was issued with a replacement but again connectivity failed. I was given a refund and I went back to my tried and trusted Nokia 110 which is by far a more superior product, which cnnocts with no problem at all. The only reason for replacing it was cracked screen, but I solved that problem by purchasing a complete brand new case for £2.75 and only took 10 mins to fit.

Reviewed by Nagaraj from India on 21st Mar 2017
Recording mode in this phone fesility?

Reviewed by manoj from india on 7th Nov 2016
Best feature with best price.

Reviewed by Gary from United Kingdom on 29th Mar 2016
Best phone I have ever owned.

Reviewed by Kai from UK on 25th Feb 2016
Bought for 19 pounds as I broke my smartphone. Pleased to find out it can play music for 46 hours before running out of battery, at least 5 times longer than my last phone! And if this one breaks it's only 20 pounds for a new one rather than hundreds.

Reviewed by CLEDWYN DAVIES from UK on 17th Feb 2016
Bought it for ten pounds at the local EE and at the price it"s a great little phone.

Reviewed by Ian from U.K. on 5th Jan 2016
I bought this in protest after I stupidly put my iPhone in a waterproof coat when it was raining and the deluge of humid air destroyed it. I'm done with smartphones.

Reviewed by Pat Gallagher from England on 18th May 2015
I use my phone to make and receive calls, this does that, smart phones I really don't think so. Try looking at You Tube and the talks of Dr Devra Davis. BTW if I drop or smash it, pretty hard to do, and I need to replace it, that's about 20 or less, and you can use it anywhere as no self respecting thief wants to nick them. It's all I want. Iv'e had i phones, keep them.This is perfect for me.

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