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O2 Mobile Broadband

 In a nutshell  

Last updated October 2013

O2 mobile broadband lets you connect your laptop to the internet on the move using a USB modem (called a "dongle") or via a WiFi hotspot.



Modems are available from £10.20 per month for 1GB of data. The charge includes WiFi access from 8,000 WiFi hotspots. Ofcom's survey of mobile broadband, published in May 2011 found that O2 offered the fastest average download speeds of all mobile broadband providers. O2 are our recommended choice of mobile broadband providers.

User questions

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O2 Mobile Broadband user reviews

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Average rating from 66 reviews:

Reviewed by Nigel F from Didcot on 4th Nov 2016
O2 mobile broadband. Complete rubbish. Has worked all of about 6 hours in a week. Rarely gets on network, only used about 0.02 G of a 12G limit because it can't get on network. Put a EE in, gets on network straight away and just works. Don't waste your money.

Reviewed by Alan Whalley from England on 11th Jan 2016
Have o2 broadband and I have to say, the download speeds are pitiful. There isn't an awful lot more I say on the matter, I swapped to them because they said the speeds where great and there just not.

Reviewed by sam from sheffield on 17th Jan 2015
Avoiding them at all costs,ive been with O2 1 year contract but I never had the crapiest sim card in my life like O2,they charged me 167 that I never had spend 1200 minutes like they told me,i had 22 a month to pay,after 4 months they changed to 25 in beginning they told me we will change nothing 2 years and for 2 years you will pay 22 and not more,but I was paying after 4 months 25,its gone 1 year like that,but now I changed sim card im with sim3 the previos one I never had a problem with sim 3,remember people you will have a problem with after 3 4 months,but at the beginning it will go smothe till you are in the game for good and after you will not be able to get out so easy without paying them good amount of money because that what they want,and also if you call them you need to wait 35-50 minutes,personly for me I will never ever get anything from O2

Reviewed by Andrew from Ireland on 15th Jan 2015
I have exacly same situation 17.99 a month contract not even went over limit i send product back after 12 days from purchase for refund of deposit 40 euro with i pay in o2 shop.I call to o2 and they told me i went over limit,no refund and i must pay 200 euros!!!!!!!!SCAM SCAM SCAM

Reviewed by Alby from UK on 23rd Jun 2014
I use a dongle on giff gaff (which uses the O2 network).Although the signal is very good, the data keeps stopping. This can be very frustating as i have to keep disconnecting & reconnecting to get anywhere.Really dodgy when making online purchases, as you can end up paying twice if you think the payment hasn't gone through

Reviewed by rice from uk on 9th Feb 2014
just recently purchased 02 dongle payg, it does not work or even connect, just gives weak signal, what a waste of time and money...dont recommend this.

Reviewed by Fiona from UK on 26th Dec 2013
Everything went well on my dongle broadband with 02 until a month ago when I could no longer see how many MB I had left. so I changed to pay monthly. They emailed me with a link to where they said I could see my data. But the link took me to a place where i had to jump through hoops, and there was no way to see my data. I went to the chatline, spent two hours getting nowhere. They kept giving me the same link. I finally managed to change my password (but it was really the password i'dd used before) ,but they seemed to think i wanted to see my mobile phone stuff, not my dongle broadband. The complaints chatline couldn't help either.

Reviewed by Xavier from UK on 19th Oct 2013
I have been an O2 customer for 9 years, during which time I have simultanously held accounts with Three, Vodafone and Lebara, allowing me to make reliable comparisons between the providers.

And through my comparison I found O2 to be the second worst provider (the worst is Vodafone, as I was nearly forced to sue them for fraud).

O2 used to be a good provider with quality network and reasonable prices. Unfortunately, since 2010, the service it provides has deteriated in a free-fall rate. In particular, I wish to highlight three reasons why not to join O2:

1. O2 costs much more than Three/Tesco mobile:
a. As a customer with O2 for 9 years, the "best" package they can offer me is for 25GBP/month. Three offers new customers 15GBP/month
b. The O2 contract is for 2 years, whereas Three offers a rolling contract, so you are not tied in.
c. Three also gives unlimited data for this contract. The O2 contract does not have any data allowance.

2. O2 has extremely poor customer service:
a. It takes on average 30 (Thirty) minutes for a customer service rep to answer the phone.
b. This waiting time apparantly increases once you have made it clear to them that you are interested in leaving O2.
c. For most other networks, I am able to start talking with a customer service rep within 10 minutes.

3. Poor network coverage:
a. In many parts of London (about 15mins drive from city center) you can barely get a signal for your phone. The data connection signal is worse.
b. I have found Three to give a particularly reliable network coverage.

In conclusion, although O2 used to be a reliable service provider, they are no longer worthy of the price they charge and unless your only other choice is Vodafone, you should avoid signing a contract with O2.

Reviewed by James Saunder from England on 18th Oct 2013
Bought o2 mobile because of BT Hopstop access which reached my office. Then a month later can't use BT anymore (cost saving for o2). Complained twice - not even courtesy to reply and marketing says access to 7500 free hotspots for o2.
1. These are free to anyone so no privalige to o2 customers
2. They are the worst hotspots available. I've had the Cloud when with sky and as I said above BT. o2 hotpots in local o2 shop never work - em[ployee said sorry no promises that they work! Second their range is poor, for COSTA you have to be in the shop. Why do o2 hotspots not have the same range as other providers??????

Reviewed by Ed from Uk on 15th Oct 2013
Bought a dongle with 2gb of data. The data gets wiped after a month and I only needed it to tie me over whilst I wait for landline broadband. WASTE OF MONEY! The dongle only connects to GPRS 70% of the time which the O2 tech support admitted wouldn't even load google. It's been nearly three weeks and I'm getting very frustrated. I think it criminal to wipe the data after a month if I'm not able to use it because their tech is rubbish! The 3G connection is fine because my O2 phone connects perfectly. DONT USE O2!

Reviewed by Nick from UK on 19th Jul 2013
Do NOT buy this. Incredibly unreliable, slow as a snail (I live in Wimbledon), but worst of all is the software. I've installed it on Windows 8, but I've had to run System Restore 3 times in 3 weeks just because it's the only fix for when the dongle decides to repeatedly connect and disconnect a second later. Their customer support hotline is an 0845 number, so on top of everything else you have to pay to have them help you fix a problem caused by their utterly horrible hardware and software.

Reviewed by pc from england on 26th Mar 2012
o2 dongle,very unreliable. keeps reloading softwear each time I put dongle in. won't connect most of the time. Really disappointing.

Reviewed by lee from england on 16th Feb 2012
DON'T buy a o2 mobile broadband ( dongle )they are rubbish they lose connection while you are talking to people they take ages to re connect ( when it decides to ? )WE LOOSE MONEY ON A REGULAR BASIS BECAUSE OF CONNECTION PROBLEMS and it won't connect to Facebook any more i no this because i connected it to my mates sky internet and it worked fine put the dongle in and got a blank page ?

Reviewed by Emmy from England on 24th Jan 2012
Well I wanted to buy wireless internet to my flat, first I asked virgin who didn't do anything about my order for about 2 months (!!!) so I cancelled that order and went into an o2 shop. They were very helpful and helped me set up a contract for wireless internet (like 20p/months), but they won't be able to come and install the phone line until in 1 month!! Why does it take so long time? I've already waited months to get the internet but I guess that's not o2 fault really... However, I haven't started using my wireless internet yet so I don't know how it works... I hope it works flawlessly - because that's what they promised... However, the shop assistant persuaded me to become a o2 customer (to get the internet cheaper - he claimed I would yearn lotsa money). to become a o2 customer, you need to buy stuff, of course. so I bought a dongle. He claimed I only have to top it up every three month or so with like 2 - I really hope this is true. I'm so tired of being misled by sellers! Well, there were LOADS of extra charges. You have to buy like 45 for the engineers coming to install the line, like 25 for the router, and 20 for getting the dongle... and then you have to be extremely careful when register on their website (they ask you to do this to get extra data to your dongle account) - so you don't accidentally agree on setting up more contracts and pay loads of extra money. The dongle works fine except from that facebook is not working! So overall, the starting charges ended up on like 100 which is crazy! I just hope I will get extremely GOOD service and that they don't trick me to pay loads of extra money like hidden charges.

Reviewed by Tom from England on 17th Dec 2011
Pros : Excellent 3G speeds (especially in comparison to 3, Orange and T-Mobile) Cons : 3G is impossible anywhere outside of major cities, 'unlimited data' actually meant 500mb of data per month, better value for money elsewhere. Just save yourself the trouble and get WiFi.

Reviewed by bridgie from ireland on 8th Dec 2011
o2 works great 4 me before o2 i was with another network it was terrible,couldnt download anything.i am so pleased with o2 thumbs up

Reviewed by iHateO2BuyThree(3) from UK on 1st Oct 2011
Please don't buy mobile broadband from O2!! It's terrible despite whatever some websites say! I checked my coverage and it was good. Bought a dongle and plugged it in my laptop and it was a different story! It literally took half an hour to load google and even then some of it was missing like the logo!!!!! This was all the time not just during "peak times". My usage would always go in like 3 days but I didn't even get to go on anything so I'm a bit confused! So, erm, yeah. DON'T BUY O2 MOBILE BROADBAND!!!!! BUY A DIFFERENT ONE!! *COUGH COUGH 3 COUGH COUGH!*

Reviewed by pete from uk on 1st Sep 2011
terrible company. they lie, refuse to give you a mac key and try and charge you for a service you cant even use due to sending them the router back. stay well away from o2 you'll have nothing but problems

Reviewed by Izabela from Ireland on 10th Aug 2011
Hi all, If you are planning on buying an O2 MODEM or an iPhone with O2 you will be so angry at their POOR functionality that you will detest O2 for a long long time for taking your money and not providing the services that they are supposed to. I've been using both for 9 months now (only 3 left till my contract terminates thank God!!) and I ALWAYS had problems with the Internet connection. It is so slow (and I live in Dublin city centre re MODEM) it takes 3 minutes for the Google homepage to load!! Technical support? Yes, you can try them if having the same conversation with them infinitely doesn't bother you. DO NOT BUY INTERNET FROM O2.

Reviewed by Gaz from UK on 12th Jul 2011
Very good 3G coverage (London Area) but the unlimited Wifi is of no use, it never in 6 months managed to connect but if I shut the O2 software down and connect manually I can get the BT Splash screen fine, boot up O2 connection manager and it tells me that the wifi is too busy or I'm too far away. In short dont buy this on the strength of the unlimited Wifi but the mobile coverage is good, reliable and fast, if it had been sold as mobile only for the price it would be 5 stars but I dont like to be mis sold so it gets 3.

Reviewed by Bowman from UK on 2nd Jul 2011
I got the O2 PAYG dongle. According to the O2 website I am in an area of excellent reception. I cannot connect at all and the system reports a weak signal I am returning this rubbish.

Reviewed by suzanne from wales on 10th Jun 2011
im very very unhappy with my network it goes off after 5 mins, depite my calls to o2 they are so unhelpful. i feel like im wasting my monthly bill of 35.00 for basically nothing. wont have o2 again after contract ends.

Reviewed by JA from UK on 6th May 2011
O2 is the worst neetwork provider I have used in my life. Their price is exorbitant and they are the most unfriendly lot I have encountered in the mobile companies world. The contract ended and when some days later I asked for my PAC code to keep the number they refused to give it to me arguing I should have asked for it before cancelling but how consumers are supposed to know all these details in advance, no network can use this number for 6 months anyway so they should be technically to give it back to me, I interpret this as a lack of will and a punishment to a customer who did not renew a contract at the end of it. Stay well away from them and be happier ...

Reviewed by dan from uk on 23rd Mar 2011
i have a 02 dongle and have purchased a month which is now 15 for 2gb and 30 days, 2 days later the data runs out and i havent been on any websites that involve streaming such as youtube! i now have 28 days on it and no data this really is a rip off because i only use it for web surfing and e-mails....

Reviewed by stuart macintyre from england on 7th Mar 2011
do not o2's mobile internet,PLEASE PAY ATTENTION,I have two contract phones with them a samsung smart phone + htc desire android, I was told i would be able to stream youtube on them from o2 shops "LIARS" if you only want a phone that can make phone calls, then o2 can do that| if you wan't internet usage go to ANY OTHER NETWORK because they all stream video, 3mobile + virgin + orange/tmobile I know stream video very well. 02 I can't wait until I finish with you.

Reviewed by Sue from UK on 5th Jan 2011
Bought an o2 pay as you go dongle as I'm not a heavy internet user. I haven't even managed to put any money on it yet because the only signal I can get (and that is very low) is talk talk and it lasts about 15 seconds before it goes off again. I've taken my laptop into every room of my home, even taken it outside and just cannot pick up anything. I live in Kent not outer Mongolia. I Didn't realise these dongles expire after 30 days if you haven't put any credit on them. I've now ordered a BT broadband contract. Hope I've done the right thing!!!

Reviewed by dave from uk on 23rd Sep 2010
got the 02 uk network pakage for family, with wi-fi yet we cant pick it up for free browsing for a year. o2 didnt warn us on anything, called customer services they didnt have a clue. we had to move to pick up wifi. they switched us over. they will rinse you. signal is terrible used o2 uk within 4 to 5 days they tried tell me we used it all up dont bother o2 uk. wifi only good point to an ending

Reviewed by Georg from UK on 20th Sep 2010
I cannot recommend them at all. Their mobile internet is !!!!extremely!!!!! slow, and that in the centre of London. Around train stations it is unusable. Georg

Reviewed by Alan Hudson from England on 5th Sep 2010
I have o2 mobile broadband and its adequate at best, the software always crashes, and includes a data counter that simply lies, though they promise to text you if you get near your limit, they do not, the overusage charges are crippling though they do disconnect you if you run it past about 240 (about 1gb over on a 40 a month 10gb tariff) the software's text service is dodgy at best. Just get real broadband guys, this sucks

Reviewed by jim from ireland on 17th Aug 2010
paid 250 to watch world cup on o2 broadband. Very dear!!!!!!

Reviewed by eoin from ireland on 12th Aug 2010
DISGRACEFUL.......cant say anything good about them.......hidden charges......outrageous overusage charges..shocking coverage....extremely slow broadband.......dont waste your money

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 31st Jul 2010
Some of these reviews are actually for home broadband not mobile broadband. I have home broadband from o2 and its great but mobile broadband from them is slow and unresponsive. Relies on a good 3g signal. If you have a BT landline and don't need access anywhere get o2 home broadband set up with router. Enjoy speeds of 11MB/S over WIFI, or 16 over cable connected to computer. These mobile broadbands are far slower and patchier but on the upside it will work anywhere, so long as its in a 3g area.

Reviewed by Dave Roberts from United Kingdom on 19th Jun 2010
Simply appalling. So frustrating to use, software install takes 10 minutes, increases Windows Startup by a good 30 seconds and is so badly designed, and un-responsive. It feels like it was knocked together in a day, with testing taking place over half a day. I was informed in the shop to expect 3.2 meg, if not 3g, then half a mbps, which I was overjoyed with. I was conned, paid my money then for hours after, grew more and more frustrated with awful software, and hardware that simply just doesn`t work. It takes about 2 mins to connect, then double that to load a simple page. Even though reception says Very Good, constantly an error would occur, saying no coverage. I just have to take it back to the shop, DO NOT use O2 Mobile Broadband, you will tear your hair out. I tried a number of computers, and locations which indicated on their website had great coverage.

Reviewed by Michael Gardiner from UK on 4th May 2010
DO NOT USE O2 BROADBAND!! Why? Because in their Terms and Conditions it states that if you leave them for another ISP you must return their router or they will charge you 50! Yep, even if you have completed the obilgatory 12 months period. They keep this part quiet of course, wouldn't want to deter customers from signing up. I have to say that it is a unique stipulation in my experience, no other ISP has ever asked for their kit back when moving on.

Reviewed by Andrew from Scotland on 12th Apr 2010
Switched from virgin to o2, best move ever! Even though i am paying for 20MB and getting 13MB max (this is due to BT not updating the exchange) its still brilliant. i live with 5 other guys and we download all the time, and surf whilst doing so. But, we get maximum bandwidth all the time. No capping policy which is great. And less than 10 a month! Really recommend!

Reviewed by Paul from UK on 4th Apr 2010
Terrible coverage - despite being told 'excellent' in the shop. Not enough bandwidth to watch video, websites take 2-3 mins to load. Amazingly, even my 3 donlge was better (but not great)

Reviewed by Phil from England on 27th Mar 2010
I cant fault O2. I even get internet with a very low signal strength. It very rarely looses connection. Iwould recommendit to anyone!

Reviewed by Aaaaaaa from Ni on 26th Mar 2010
Seriously what do u people expect if you want fast speeds just realise you have to pay the price of a landline as well mobile broadband is not meant to be fast, you can't expect the networks to know exactly what speeds ur going to get either so many factors come into what speeds you get, I.e. The buildin ur in, how many people in your area are using it, and obviously if u have a mast close by or not (and don't say they should put more masts up coz they cost millions) and if you want cheap deals like they do in the uk then think about it logically, everyone expects things to be perfect but we have thebest mobile networks in the world and the most competitive alot of other countries have to have credit on their phones just to recieve calls never mind what you get for mobile broadband

Reviewed by fred from england on 7th Mar 2010
The worst dongle on the market! it fails after 30 mins and i have to wait hours for it to re-connect. whatever you do, buy something else!!!

Reviewed by mirriam from london on 10th Jan 2010
i've got an o2 mobile broadand on 24 month contract for 40 when signing up with them i was living in walthamstow and the coverage was ok i am now living in essex and have no coverage at all. 02 says they dont cover this area they dont cancel the contract, they also wont drop my tariff i will never buy anything from 02 again even if its free!!!!

Reviewed by richard from uk on 8th Jan 2010
hey what the matter with you guys ;) 02 is actuallly really good, i had it for year now and when i had a problem, they fixed it up in no time

Reviewed by kev from uk on 4th Jan 2010
Worked quite well for 2 months. Problem with dongle, would not replace, advised to send for repair by shop. No assurance on length of time away. 02 direct very helpful, 02 shop customer services awful !!

Reviewed by kev from uk on 29th Dec 2009
i'll tell you, o2 pay as you go mobile internet dongle is like trying to strain water through a solid wall it is rubbish, when i had the device it was connecting to hsdpa network at between 20-40%, now it does not connect to hsdpa it connects to 3g occasionly but most of the time to edge network what does that mean, less than 10 kbs speed and to down load a small 28meg means just over 2 yes 2 hours and they call this a service how is it the signal is just usable and then over time it deteriates to nothing i am not happy rubbish service, i expected better form o2/bt

Reviewed by Laura from Scotland on 28th Dec 2009
I was shocked to read the negative reviews given to o2 for their broadband, I've had mine a while now and not once have I had any problems with it. The dongle cost me 15, the man that sold me it was very helpful and polite, while I explained to him the problems I had with the network3 and T-Mobile dongles - Which I'm NOT going to go into on here, I might get angry again!! LOL :-D Mobile broadband will never compare to NORMAL broadband, say that of Virgin or BT, but it is good as a stop gap or for traveling. What I can't get my head around is the amount of people who complain they can't download stuff, dongles were merely created to allow internet access, not for movie downloads. After using other networks, and now finally getting an o2 dongle I won't be looking back.

Reviewed by Bill from UK on 26th Dec 2009
Not happy with the PAYG mobile O2 Broadband at all. On my account web page it says I still have credit. Whenever I find the web page is running slow I find if I top up this problem some how automatically dissapears. Could it be possible this is done deliberately to get people to top up even though there is credit to get more money out of people?

Reviewed by Bridget from uk on 13th Dec 2009
so far my o2 pay as you go dongle has been great, but lately not very good signal, but i am quite impressed so far and i have had it for nearly a year.

Reviewed by Callum from Wales on 5th Dec 2009
im with 02 its descent enough for facebook...thats about it.. anyone know how 2 view webcam on msn with it or infact youtube...which tbh slow is an understatemant cheers

Reviewed by mike from england on 19th Nov 2009

Reviewed by Claire from England on 23rd Sep 2009
Really rubbish. I used to be on T mobile, but that messed up my computer so i decided to go onto 02 to see if it was any better, and i might as well go back to T mobile. Absolutely rubbish, takes forever to connect, and when it does i can't see any vids on youtube because it is so slow, or email, i can just browse, and even then it takes about 5 minutes...it shouldn't be this bad. Will this nightmare ever end????????????????????????

Reviewed by KATIE from ENGLAND on 4th Sep 2009

Reviewed by gianni from uk on 1st Sep 2009
the worst mobile broadband on the market, i left 02 for 3, there coverage is unbeatable and the price is outstanding.

Reviewed by Ikenna from London, Uk on 20th Aug 2009
I tell u this don't leave o2 to 3 network if you love ur life

Reviewed by Adam from UK on 7th Jul 2009
Bad area coverage. We used to use Orange UK and changed to 02 to see if better coverage and it's the worst possible. Takes around 10 - 15 minutes to pickup the 02-UK network and once connected, it connects at 56 kbps. Slow connection, slow program loading. Complained to 02 and will pursue.

Reviewed by Tony Calzone from UK on 22nd Jun 2009
Decent for checking emails and browsing, anything more, forget it!

Reviewed by Rachel from England on 15th Apr 2009
I got totally ripped off by o2. Please don't use them, it could happen to you. Supposed to pay 15.00 a month, supposed to get an email when nearly reaching 3gb limit. Never received an email, used less than 1gb over limit and monthly bill was 182.28!!!!! This is despite not being able to get any signal at all on a few occasions. Please do not get taken for a fool... like I did!!

Reply by Andrew from Ireland on 15th Jan 2015
I have exacly same situation 17.99 a month contract not even went over limit i send product back after 12 days from purchase for refund of deposit 40 euro with i pay in o2 shop.I call to o2 and they told me i went over limit,no refund and i must pay 200 euros!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Danny Harper from UK on 13th Apr 2009
Awful Customer Service and they lie through their teeth.

Reviewed by Piecan from UK on 6th Apr 2009
I've had good CS with o2. I left Plusnet, which is a very good company, so was worried it might not be as good. The change over was very fast and easy and I was kept in touch by text and email of the progress. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't have a place on their website with a current status report of any issues. Like many others I had the dns problem which caused lots of disconnections. Fortunately I found their forum reporting the issue and a temporary solution until it was fixed (which worked great). Plusnet have a very good website giving details of any problems and the lead time fixing them, which I miss.

Reviewed by alice x from dubi on 13th Mar 2009
o2 is a very good broardband i wud recomend it definitly my brothers is o2 (it is great) mine is orange (not so great)i wud recomend it!!!! thank you to all the dubi doctors for helping me

Reviewed by Kirsty from England on 12th Mar 2009
I felt obliged to write a review after taking out O2's pay as you go mobile broadband, as I'd used these pages to help me make the decision in the first place. Firstly; shop assistant in the O2 shop could not have been nicer or more helpful (without the pushiness I associate generally with phone shop assistants). Secondly, my only regret is that I did not buy my dongle sooner! The internet was very easy to set up (I'd previously had problems connecting my laptop to wifi internet so I was a little wary) and it works an absolute treat! Being able to top my internet up as and when without being tied to a contract is ideal as a student. The dongle was much cheaper than others have advertised at only 30.00 and I think 15.00 for 30 days unlimited internet access is extremely reasonable. All in all I'm very happy with my mobile broadband and would happily recommend it to anyone who, like me, live in a good network area. I haven't really tried it out on the move as my laptop is too heavy to really drag around with me. The picture quality is not as good as it is at university but there have to be some comprimises doesn't there? :)

Reviewed by Claire from UK on 5th Mar 2009
Had problems from the beginning. It kept dropping connection after 30 minutes and took hours to get back on. Cancelled in store under the 50 day guarantee and that was the start of the real problems. O2 now insisting that the account is still active and I owe money even though I have proof it was cancelled. Its taking loads of phone calls to customer service and the store and I've even had to go into the store. Still not resolved. The service is pathetic and the customer service is appalling. They are only interested in taking money. I've given 1 star but only becuase I can't give none!!! Stay away

Reviewed by Mark from SW England on 22nd Jan 2009
Have had nothing but problems with O2, have spent hours on the phone to technical services attempting to rectify thse issues but to no avail. It's been taken to the highest tier, and has been blamed on several occasions to upgrades to the local exchange taking place. Two months on and speeds are still slower than dial-up (3.4 kb/s on one download!!) and one computer in the hous eremains unable to connect to the 02 box entirely. Looking into cancelling the contract but I do not want to pay the 50 charge for cancelling the contract early and having had the broadband longer than the 100 day grace period. Avoid like the plague.

Reviewed by Laura from GB on 10th Jan 2009
this is ok and im in an excellent signal area but it is still really really slow. i ent 100% satisfyed but in my eyes slow internet is better than no internet

Reviewed by yenrod from NW England on 27th Dec 2008
Ive had O2 mobile broadband non-contract (usb dongle) for over a week now and as much im on 'low signal' im still getting HSDPA so the nets pretty quick and upto now has been good and highly recommendable. I was gonna check it out and if i never liked it take it back and buy my network of 8 yrs - vodafone 1GB offer but this has got to be better 7.50 for a weeks worth or 2pound a day or 15 for a month. Very Good

Reviewed by zhao from uk on 25th Dec 2008
very good

Reviewed by bryony from england on 25th Nov 2008
o2 is the best! i can get signal almost anywhere and they have the best offers all my mates are on o2 aswel now so thats good =)

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 17th Sep 2008
Do not pay 119 for the usb stick in order to get the 30 day rolling contract if you intend to cancel the contract for any reason. If after cancelling (several months after in my case) you decided you can make use of the service again you will not be able to use your existing hardware as O2 insist you have to buy ANOTHER usb stick to get a 30 rolling contract. It is a complete con

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