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 In a nutshell  

Last updated October 2013

O2 is one of the "big 4" mobile networks in the UK.



O2 was formed in 2001 and is part of Telefónica O2 Europe. It was originally part of the BT group and is one of the biggest mobile operators in the UK, with over 18 million customers. In addition to voice, messaging and data services, it also provides 3G mobile broadband, fixed broadband and home phone services.

O2 launched its 4G service in August 2013, with monthly contracts starting at £32/month and with music, sport and gaming services included. The initial coverage is in London, Leeds and Bradford with a further 10 cities planned by the end of the year. Be aware that O2's 4G service does not support the iPhone 5.

User questions

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I've been with the same mobile company 18+ yrs but last 5 hardly any cover and none at home for last 5 years should I pay my bill?

Asked by Ger Richards from United Kingdom on 16th Jun 2017

How much does it cost to change from O2 mobile to Virgin mobile?

Asked by Grix from UK on 1st Mar 2017
Pay As You Go only. Also how long does it take?

Why am I being offered a second hand phone when mine wasn't broken? It was in excellent condition only problem was after marshmallow update wifi couldn't be used.

Asked by Mrs Claire Jones from England on 22nd Nov 2016
Did the software update on the 7th October 2016 after I did that wifi would no longer work on my Samsung gakaxy A3. Spoke to o2 who said it was a Samsung issue. Samsung took my phone twice for repair and problem still existed so o2 took phone in the 7th November and they still have it now they were waiting for parts then it was with an engineer now they waiting for parts again now iv been told I need a replacement phone but it will be a reconditioned one and someone else has used it, this is unacceptable as I never broke my phone they are not on it out of order been on phone around 35 times to be told it's a repair fault then repair saying its a customer service fault I was cut off about 3 times in one day.
Never before after 15+ years have I ever had such bad customer service, I am not accepting a tatty phone when mine was in mint condition, I think o2 should pay off my existing contract and let me have a new phone as I still owe £80 on this phone and iv not even had it for over a month yet I'm still having yo pay the bill... Come on o2 sort this out.
Customer service is shocking.
Time to go to another network I think.

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O2 user reviews

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Average rating from 589 reviews:

Reviewed by Michael from UK on 7th Oct 2018
When starting a new O2 contract it's best to block all Direct bills to mobile, Premium bar and International Bar to your account, you can always remove the bars later by calling customer service. On new contract or upgrade from 1 October 2018 you can now set a Spend cap at £0.00 to protect you from unexpected bills as you can always change this by calling customer service. Most people on this form don't quite understand what a contract means. You are agreeing to pay a monthly charge for 1 or 2 years plus any extras charges which you must pay. If you cannot guarantee you can afford it for the year(s) don't sign up use pay as you go no excuses please. Look after your phone and insure it, 2 years is a long time paying for something you have broken or had it stolen. I have used O2 (Cellnet), EE (T-Mobile & Orange), Tesco, Virgin, Vodafone and Three for over 26 years and I find now it's easier to buy my phone outright and look for the new SIM only deals. It's so easy to change network with a PAC code and your number changes over the next working day and automatically cancels your existing contract.

Reviewed by Jason from UK on 2nd Oct 2018
Just changed from Vodafone to O2 for £20 20GB sim only which now have Spend Caps on contracts from 1 Oct 2018 tutor Vodafone do not have Spend Caps. (Capped contract) Signal is the same as Vodafone which is the best for indoor an outdoor coverage. My number was ported over the next day and I was amazed it was all finished by 11:00. Phone O2 to set a premium rate bar for all calls and premium texts on my account and I feel overall very satisfied from the service I have received. My family and most of my friends are going to change to O2 when their contracts are up.

Reviewed by Wino binato from Stevenage uk on 3rd Apr 2018
An 02 fone mast by us has been out since last year oct 2017 its now april 2018 if you dont think this is true check 02 signal checker then type sg15 to check my post code keep checking each week and see for yourself how useless 02 are we all expect outages but not for 7 months this is the truth check that i am telling the truth save yourself from this rubbish network.

Reviewed by smc from uk on 25th Jan 2018
STAY AWAY from o2,if you value your sanity, they are the worst there is, go anywere but o2,

Reviewed by Helen from Uk on 31st Oct 2017
Gave me the wrong phone set up insurance I didn’t want and the said they will refund and don’t.

Reviewed by pam watts from uk on 26th Oct 2017
if your business happens to be unlucky enough to have between 10 ad 100 phones with O2 business , you will find they refuse to take calls from customers. You can call the general business line, who will say you need the 10/100 team, but unfortunately they can't put you through. In fact not even they can contact the 10/100 team. The best they can do is emaill someone in the 10/100 bunker and ask them to return your call , within 24hrs. Unbelievable, but that is the level of service

Suddenly, you the customer, have become the service provider. It is your responsibility to be available to take their call within the next 24 hours. You will find they will try once and if they don't get you,,,,,, well they tried!!!. Honestly, it is a complete stitch up

it took 4 weeks for me once to get to speak to the 10/100 team and somehow it was all my fault, Me, being the customer.!

We are in the process of moving our 15 phones over to EE. The reception probably isn't any better, but at least when I call I am put through to a human being, and in the case of EE, so far, a very professional person who has resolved any issues we have

We have a full on day at work. I do not have the time to be at O2's beck and call. I want a responsive mobile company who will respond immediately to the few problems we have. We don't need to contact them that often ,but when we do, they need to sit up and look smart.

Thankfully other providers are available. If you are a flat out small business working all the hours, like ours, stay away from O2

Reviewed by Mohammed from England on 6th Oct 2017
I’ve been with all networks I have my personal number with EE no doubt EE are good as golf but their in door reception at my work place was awful and due to nature of my job we don’t get access to WiFi to use WiFi calling. The only network with better coverage indoor for me is O2 so I decided to give it a go.

I took the web chat route and after. Few seconds I was connected to an advisor who was extremely helpful and courteous. Also gave me three months free line rental on thr sim only deal I got disconnected due to a poor connection on my phone I reconnected and it was a different advisor who was as helpful patient and courteous. Offered me the same deal when I explained to her. Therefore so far no issues. O2 customer service is definitely better than Vodafone and Three. As for network coverage and call quality it’s great thr call quality I find better than EE however net speed is slower. 4G coverage is also not as vast as EE but I have a 4G signs, anywhere I go.

I would definitely recommend.

Reply by Rob from UK on 30th Nov 2017
Should have gone to another provider using the 02 network - look them up (can't list them here due to rules) but there's certainly cheaper providers using the same network.

Reviewed by fran from UK on 11th Sep 2017
What a joke, first they tell me they will match any 30 day sim only deal for me. waste nearly an hour of my life and then tell me they can't do it. then try and sign me up for a year at a higher price, crazy people!

Reply by Rob from UK on 30th Nov 2017
Their Sim Only 'deals' are a rip-off! I left them for Plusnet Mobile and got much more for much less. There's other providers out there!

Reviewed by Henley Bailey from United Kingdom on 28th Aug 2017
Awful company that knows it owes me £400 and blocked me from FB when asking for it back.

Awful company, I returned a phone to them within the 14 day period. They accepted the return and their system shows they owe me the money for the phone (around £400) but they don't refund it.

I've been on the phone with them many times and they just ask me to wait 5 days and it will be in my account. 5 days comes and goes but no refund.

After many times of doing this over two months, I went to social media and they blocked me from their Facebook page for talking about it. I contacted their CEO, still no resolution - looks like I'm out £400. :(

Reply by Rob from UK on 30th Nov 2017
Phone Ofcom and report it and they'll log it and even give you some advice on the steps you could take to get it back. All the best.

Reviewed by Reggie Andrews from United Kingdom on 30th Jul 2017
I am not happy with O2 company I have been wrote to O2 company over they maybe not believe with me wo lives alone one roof of my own nobody have family with me because I have one bedroom home ny home is belonged to Poole housing partnerships so I will one left Poole near future why I feel not happy at my home area really I wish like secret left soon and enough is enough with this thanks for once again ths.

Reviewed by Grace from Uk on 26th Jul 2017
Worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life don't even bother calling them they are completely incompetent rude and horrific! This is what happened to me:
So I tried to upgrade and add two iPads to my account.
Got hung up on twice
Called 6 times for the link when I eventually finalised the deal they got my email wrong and the level of incompetence was ridiculous they couldn't take down the correct email.
Eventually got the links then there was a system failure couldn't get it.
Then got hung up on again.
Eventually went into store and got a worse deal thanks o2.
Then I get a text the day after saying my order has been dispatched I have no idea what was ordered. I walked away with everything at store.
So begrudgingly I called the customer services again they told me someone had ordered something in store on my account. IT WAS NOT ME. They told me nothing could be done unless I went into store. It's my mothers birthday I can't go into store Sammy advised me I had to go and she wouldn't look into anything until I proved that wasn't me. She was HORRIBLE.
I then called back and spoke to Marium who was lovely and cancelled the fraudulent order.
I am disgusted with the customer service Sammy didn't even report it as fraudulent she advised me she had no idea if I was telling the truth that I might have gone in my lunch break! I don't work anywhere near the store. She wouldn't even tell me what actual store it was she just said it was the last one I went into. Well that could have been any because IT WASNT ME.

Reviewed by Ben from England on 19th Jun 2017
In short I think o2 customer service is awful. I was over charged on my first bill from o2 due to being charged for multi media messages (many people have had issues with o2 and charging for MMS) o2 promised to reimburse some money which was never written on my customer file notes to confirm they had authorised giving me a reimbursement and after not giving me the money back they then after several lengthy conversations said they would give me a reimbursement which actually never transpired so now I am totally frustrated and can't be bothered chasing them! I never ever had any issues with MMS charges from Vodafone coz they don't charge for MMS and they always professionally dealt with me.

Reviewed by Yu from Russia on 16th Jun 2017
It's a rip off phone provider, they're the most expensive and least connective phone providers in UK after 2010. Most of my friends don't do contracts with O2 because they're rip off and the customer service is terrible. They have bunch of foreigners who can't speak English.and those foreigners are so rude. I'm so glad that I changed my contract to Vodafone. Cuz at least they don't rip me off. I used to pay £35 a month for 1GB internet and unlimited texts, calls whilst in vodephone I'm paying £25 with 25GB internet and unlimited texts calls. Everyone change your contract from O2 to vodaphone.

Reviewed by Mr Gray from UK on 26th Apr 2017
02 Customer service I have found to be extremely poor.
The staff in the shops are very poorly trained and give erroneous information.
The customer service on the phone take a long time to reply, over 30 mins, and
refer your complaints upward and you get no further response.
The shop personnel are not allowed to make any decisions beyond the trivial.
Don't use O2, if you have any problem you will find their service dreadful!

Reviewed by Redfitzy from United Kingdom on 30th Mar 2017
Best network I've been with I always use pay and go and o2 and giff gaff my favourite I love the o2 app it's great.

Reviewed by Leanda from England on 14th Mar 2017
Would just like to record how well I was dealt with by Jessica in the call centre. I had a problem and was quite upset and she sorted it out for me Thank you jessica. Call made 20.15 on Tuesday 14 March 2017 Very pleased with the outcome.

Reviewed by paul from england uk on 10th Mar 2017
Not happy at all with the services 02 are providing. Giving me wrong infomation and wrong delivery days. Also telling me a phone was been preped for delivery when the phone isnt in stock. I would advise futer customer to go with a different provider to a company who knows what there doing.

Reviewed by Sian from UK on 9th Feb 2017
Disgusting customer service, messed about, told things that weren't true, awaited phone calls that never came, passed from pillar to post and spoke to some rude people on the way. Appalling and will take my custom elsewhere.

Reviewed by Albert ryder from Uk on 24th Dec 2016
Shocking abroad . Messed about for weeks. Utterly useless.

Reviewed by Niamh Vallely from United Kingdom on 28th Nov 2016
O2 customer service is the by far the worst in the country.
Nobody has the answers to any queries so you will be passed around and put on hold for most of the day.
They are rude and inconsiderate, as well as infuriating.
On top of that, I have had no response from the complaints department and when I have tried to resend the email, I am informed that the service is currently down.
Completely Unacceptable.

Reviewed by Luxi from Uk on 5th Nov 2016
Dont sign up with O2 until you read this!

In my life as an adult, O2 is the worst phone company that I've ever used, their network coverage is very very very bad, their customer service sucks as well and communication between the department are not even effective, and they have customer service representative in india, south Africa and UK and other countries but I had to go through the painful frustrating task of dealing with call agents from these 3 countries, and if you're on the phone to them make sure the bad network dosnt cut off the call, because if you call back another agent from a different country will pick and won't even have a clue what you talking about because the previous agent didn't leave notes. When a company called mobidoll started scamming me, O2 played along nicely from June 2016 to October 2016 I had paid close to £200 this is money I paid ontop of my line rental and device fees, (money paid to mobidoll) O2 promise me in August that, they'll rais a dispute on behalf, we'll, that never happened after about hundreds calls back and forth with long waiting times and explaining myself over and over again I almost went mad from frustration, well not only did it put a massive impact on my credit score, I ended up paying every single penny before the barring on my phone was removed, they promised not to charge me once the dispute is raised, they even made me pay late payment charges, well the last payment I made was in October for £34 which they told me my problems are finally over, WeIl right now my bill came and they're still charging me late payment fees, it very sad to rub money of innocent vulnerable customers. This is a good confirmation that O2 are horrible, they don't care about their customers and teamwork hand in hand with these scammers which makes them scanners too, there's a lot to say which I can't post it all here, my heart is really broken because friends warned me about O2 before signing up with them. I keep paying money I don't have every month, extra money ontop of my tariff and they always give me explanation that don't make sense, I can't wait for my contract with them to end and be free, I'm really stressed about all this. I won't ever recommend O2 to anyone at all.

Reviewed by J from Germany on 25th Oct 2016
Terrible customer experience!!

Reviewed by Heather Russell from Uk on 24th Oct 2016
O2 recently outsourced their mobile customer service to Capita, who offshored it to South Africa. I have no problem with offshored call centres other than their total and utter lack of power to do anything useful when something goes wrong other than 'fill in a form'. Or if you want to escalate, fill in another form. O2 have effectively driven a wedge between the people who handle the call and the people who fix problems and as a customer this is for the first time in a decade making we seriously think about leaving O2.

Reply by Anita Lind from United Kingdom on 31st Oct 2016
You took the words right out of my mouth! I've had 2 contracts with O2 since March this year and 7 months on have yet to get network coverage or signal anywhere inside or outside within an area of several miles around my home. This is a familiar story from many other O2 customers I've heard as well as some Vodafone users too I've spoken to (and as it happens Vodafone share the same ariel O2 uses!! And thus also same issue they refuse to admit to or acknowledge!) After numerous complaints alerting O2 to the issue,I've been told that unfortunately 3 if their masts are not positioned to include my home address location and cannot be adjusted to do so meaning no improvement should be expected in future either. So for my troubles I've been offered £50 CREDIT toward my bill so generously making up for the 7 months of the service I've been unable to use which I've already paid for and what remains of 2 24month contracts I'm trapped in paying for the service I'll never be able to make use of for the full duration of both contracts!! Wow I'm Speechless.

Reviewed by Jen from U.K. on 11th Oct 2016
Their customer service is atrocious! .. I've contacted them multiple times and still no solution! Each time I have to give all my details just to be told the same bs! So sick of this >.<

Reviewed by Sean from Uk on 7th Oct 2016
Before you buy from o2 I'd like to tell you that I managed to rack up £16300 within 24 hrs I have 2 phones with these and been with them over a year and up till now they've been pretty good not the best but the phone worked and and had no issues with calling my clients unlike some of the other major suppliers.
Yesterday I recive a text saying I'm £22 over my bill no problem quite happy to pay that but today I get a text saying I'm over £16300 over my bill? Obviously I'm not going to pay that so if your on o2 or planning on buying a contract then be warned at some point you could probably be screwed over like me.

Reviewed by sam from uk on 4th Oct 2016
I have used many providers but o2 is the worst as they steal data and let spam numbers to steal my money and do not do anything to stop it!!! Will never use them again!

Reviewed by Jess from England on 23rd Sep 2016
O2 is an absolute joke - total waste of time trying to get anyone to help you
I have been trying to get my phone unlocked for the past 11 days. I took a contract out with three unaware my phone was locked to o2. I phoned o2 to get it unlocked and was told it would take up to 72 hours. I have phoned up every day since then and am always told 'another 24 hours'. I have been promised a call back 4 times and never had one. Everyone always just claims there is nothing they can do. I have been hung up on twice. No one seems to be able to transfer a call as the call has been dropped numerous times trying to transfer to different departments. Absolute waste of time trying to talk to them. Going to have to resort to buying a new iPhone at this point just because they can't do a simple job.

Reply by Glen from United Kingdom on 19th Oct 2016
How was your phone locked on o2 when you purchased your phone with three. All phones from three are unlocked to all networks even iPhones. Seem bitter mate!

Reviewed by Annie from U.K. on 22nd Sep 2016
I have had virtually no phone service from O2 since May of this year (it is now September). Apparently the contract I have with O2 allows them to provide no service, but does not allow me to terminate the contract & be refunded until the problem is resolved. (4 months so far!!). Today, I have spent so far 2 hours and 20 minutes waiting for a 'live' chat Huh! I have had messages at approximately 2 minute intervals telling me how busy they are & that they will get to me as soon as they can. May I suggest that if they are that busy, they employ some more staff.
As far as I am concerned, the 'service provision' I have from O2 sucks, and I would advise everybody to totally avoid becoming involved with this network.

Reviewed by HF from UK on 13th Sep 2016
I swore by O2 until about 2 years ago when it all went downhill. Customer services are awful, don't even get me started on live chat, I'd have more luck explaining my problems to my hamster. Stupidly I got suckered in to a new contract as I was desperate to upgrade and I've never known it take so long to transfer my number over to my new sim, weeks. To make it worse they continually said it was done and I waited and waited. Contacted them again and they said it wasn't done and they'd filled the form in wrong twice. Anyway, months on and I'm stuck with over £300 to pay off and to rub it in my partner has a cracking deal with Vodafone using the same phone as me paying half what I pay with O2 and better signal. Plus they're always ringing him up offering him better deals and taking money off his bill. Wish I could afford to get out now!

Reviewed by Philip williams from United Kingdom on 15th Aug 2016
I got a high pressure sales call from this company I was on pay as you go and they said if I paid by dd monthly I would save money, that turned out to be more expensive so I cancelled my direct debit and they blocked my phone also they said I would go in the bad debts, don't deal with this company they are rubbish.

Reviewed by Lazenby from UK on 12th Aug 2016
Dreadful customer service experience. Took 6 attempts and a 25 minute wait for my call to be answered.

Reply by Trevor Macdonald from UK on 6th Sep 2016
After they failed to collect their money via DD from the new bank account (which they confirmed they had on screen in July) for two months and three calls from me to find out what problem was, they stopped my phone. After 1hour and 10 minutes to get through to someone in Jo burg, I was told they had tried to collect the money but my bank had refused it!. They lie, they dont care about customers (their staff turnover is so high they know they wont be there the following month to answer any questions) and they operate on the basis of we will bully you into submission.
I have since cancelled all payment facility to them, told them if they want any outstanding money (they are very quick to contact you if you owe them!!) they can take me to County Court. I am perfectly happy to let a Judge see all my calls to O2, their texts, recorded conversations, bank details etc and let a sensible legal person make a judgement over who is in the right.

Its a shame that All O2 users couldnt get together and all stop paying - then watch O2 go into freefall. All it takes is a little care and some genuine customer service to resolve these issues.

Needless to say I had my phone unlocked, threw away their sim card and bought a new one with another provider - NOT ON CONTRACT - if they mess me about - I walk away.

Reviewed by Mrs williams from U.K. on 25th Jul 2016
Worst phone network I have ever used my son took out a contract was told simm card posted would work as soon as he put it into phone it was meant to be paid direct debit they took a pound from his account to check that it was a valid account the Sim card turned up never worked it was the wrong Sim card supposedly one year later he gets a bill that is been passed on to a debt collecting agency for £123 for something he never used because they never sent the right Sim card nobody 02 seems to be able to help or advise on what was going on right royal rip-off.

Reviewed by Alison from U.K on 12th Jul 2016
I spent almost an hour on the O2 online chat service, to find out why they are suddenly charging 10p per minute to a South African landline when they quote 3 p per minute using the international sim. Went round in circles, very frustrating. Made me call both landline and moble numbers in South Africa. Eventually tried to fob me off by saying the price had been increased, but not changed yet on their website! Rubbish!! They said I should phone their support team at 25p per minute to see if they could sort it out. If that took an hour, imagine the cost of the call! Something very wrong with their service.

Reviewed by Dana from U.K. on 15th Jun 2016
A huge thank you to Gordon. He is profesional, helpfull and very funny. Thank you for everything.

Reviewed by julie from uk on 6th Jun 2016
Had constant problems with network coverage cant use data on phone outside of house for nearly month now. 02 dont want to help but are quick enough to call text etc when bill due. I want to know if i can get a refund for bills when i cant use data.

Reviewed by Cath from Uk on 27th May 2016
O2 have been the worst provider I've ever had! I've been with them 6 months and I can't text get emails make calls for hours at a time! Money quickly vanishes even with data turned off and phone not used??? To get hold of customer service is impossible in kept on my landline for 35 or more having had to use my landline as mobile keeps cutting out due to ? Poor coverage. orange/ EE million times better I'm going back to them as my phone is redundant / useless with O2 very poor show . As for gurus ha the two young Indian guys with a market stall should be given immediate jobs at o2 they resolved what 5 02 gurus in Peterborough couldn't !!!

Reviewed by Jay from United kingdom on 22nd May 2016
I joined 02 when I was 15, I have been a loyal customer for 8 years. Over the past two years I have had the worst experiences with 02. They issued me a contract with a special deal for being a loyal customer. Only to find out they had filed me into two more Sims, which they had advised were family and friends without stating I would be the one paying for them. Why would one person need to have 3 activated sim only contracts? That was cancelled taxi!y and the charges were reversed. Then last November I received a sudden bill for 125 pounds. Baring in mind the contract come with unlimited texts and 300 mins call allowance for 10 pound. However I went over by just under 200 minutes and they sacked another 115 pounds on top. Rediculous!!! I then lost my phone the following December. The security questions were ridiculous to try get help with my account. Relied on memory of an elephant who has nothing else to do with their life but watch their 02 account. One of the first rules you learn about questionnaires is not to rely on customer memory. It is now the fifth month of not having this phone. I attempted to get the contract cancelled five times. In January I managed to cancel the account but quickly learnt from my next bill that this wasn't done. I was told my phone account had been cancelled and not the payment account.... wait a minute, I thought this was the same thing? Nevermind that, I carried on presiding the cancellation of the account. Yet again the stupid security questions. The long process to get anything done and a 02 guru saying they could help. Finally today I have been able to cancel and have it confirmed however have to pay another bill. By that time I would have paid 6 months of contract I having used.

Yet alone to mentioned, when they were getting on good I was a student with a budget. I would receive the most ridiculous bills each month which now have me sitting in a planned overdraft and trying to get the paid off. They are a greedy network with shot signal and really long processes to get anything done. They are a financial burden and risk you take on. Beware, they do not value their customers and unfair . The only part I think is good is their gurus are very friendly and patient. Feel sorry they have to be serving in this company and performing ridiculous protocals. Why would I need security to cancel an account?

Reply by raz from uk on 8th Jun 2016
thanks for the info. I was about to go into a contract with 02 they was giving me all the good deals but the truth is there network is rubbish.

when they rung me they kept cutting me off which I thought was weird but now I know what they are up to

thanks jay

Reviewed by Gerard from UK on 21st May 2016
O2 are awful I get "no service" on my iPhone, can't send messages.
Suddenly O2 is awful.

Reviewed by A. Burns from Scotland on 4th May 2016
No service for 5 days. Poor response from 02. It is not good enough in 2016.

Reviewed by Andrew irving from uk on 29th Mar 2016
Be with o2 for 14years when to upgrade to day the phone i want was s6. Deal with o2 was very poor o2 rubbish may go 2 network.

Reviewed by Helen from UK on 25th Mar 2016
I've been with O2 for over 15 years and have always been really impressed. Still happy overall with their service, coverage and prices, but they've really let themselves down with the failure to sort our problems with the my O2 app. It suddenly refused to recognise my pin, I had to sign in using my password, and there's nowhere to "reset" the pin I've had ever since downloading the app. Tried live chat to see if I could sort it, but gave up waiting. Never a great sign when everyone in customer services is too busy dealing with other people's issues...!

Reviewed by Yutong Han from UK on 24th Mar 2016
Three days ago when I checked my online bank account I noticed the balance was going down very quick. I then checked the details and noticed a surprising charge of £135.42 from O2 without any explanation. I then checked my messages and emails and there isn't any information about that outstanding charge at all. I thought it was probably somebody else using the title of O2 and called the O2 customer service. And it was for the over-allowed minutes. My friend using 3 company has their minutes automatically stopped once it's reached the allowance and I get nothing, nor a near allowance notice and no notice even once I have been charged over a hundred pounds! It's just been charged secretly and this is just like a thieve?! When I suggested the customer service to do reminders or auto cut they just don't like it and start persuading me to unlimited minutes. My monthly average is only 100 mins and this is not the point okay? Anyway I finish my contract this September and will never continue using again.

Reply by Hj from United kingdom on 22nd May 2016
I had exactly the same problem . Was on a ten pound contract for being a loyal customer of 7 years, with 300 minutes included. I went over by 200 minute and they bills me for 125 pounds with no notice or warning as it was accrueing.

Unfair service.

Reviewed by James from England on 22nd Mar 2016
O2 seem to think its OK to renew contracts for you without your permission, that combined with some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
If you ever find yourself considering getting a contract with them know you would do better simply punching yourself in the face every day for a couple of years.

Reviewed by Muhammad from England on 12th Mar 2016
Train your sales team to be honest and not lie to your customers. Very dissatisfied by the information. Complete lie and not accurate information. I cancelled the contract, didn't pick up the iPhone. You tricked me into signing up to another tariff. Called 6 times to resolve the issue. Still not received the order cancellation confirmation. Now that I have my pac code glad I am leaving a dishonest organisation. You should be ashamed you lost a customer of more than 10 years. Extremely unhappy.

Reviewed by Vince Henry from U.K on 9th Mar 2016
O2 customer for more years then I can remember.
What I do know is the bigger they have gotten the less they care!
The service in general is poor! My phone the signal the waiting for a fix or solution the crass excuses and the biggest issue of all! O2 if I don't have phone service for a week no reduction or refund! But 1 minute over my agreed tariff then its flood gates open for hitting me with additional charges! Why? I have had no phone service for practically 1 month! Apart from wifi or data roaming! O2 solution it's your sim mate!!! Now new sim no different!!! I go abroad all of a sudden I have a signal!! 17 quid extra on my bill which again I do not understand!! It's all unlimited yet the tariff I chose was 18 for service 15 for phone and yet it has never been 33 pounds in total although I have unlimited everything!!! Total con total rip off from a company that once cared but know basically says I have your money now get lost.

Reviewed by Ruqaiya from united Kingdom on 18th Feb 2016
They have been taking money through my account even after cancelled my contract. Not only tht when I contact them regarding this, they told me they will investigate and let me know. They did not contact me instead they pass me to the credit service. Will not recommend to anyone. They only care about money and not customer services. From the customer service team to the manager all not helpful.

Reviewed by julie heminsley from england on 17th Feb 2016
Why are O2 ripping off customers by charging them 1gb per hour to go on utube?

Reviewed by Baz from United Kingdom on 5th Feb 2016
Poor service , worst network in uk , If you dont want to receive your call and text then join o2 , you may have signals but no calls and text , There app is more worse then their service . Avoid on any cost.

Reviewed by Stacey from England on 26th Jan 2016
Iv topped up my o2 sim by £40 maybe more this month and to be honest I think o2 is a rip off. I'm not happy at all. I use more data on my o2 sim and not only does o2 eat my credit it has ate my data, I had £10 bought my daily data which was £1 and paid my £1 I borrowed so why did I end with 50p ? 02 ur a con !

Reviewed by jazmin from uk on 22nd Jan 2016
Worst network i have ever come accross that always has to have low network where ever i go! Absolutely hate this network! Had this problem ever since i made the biggest mistake of being with o2 last year!!! So annoying! You cant fix or get anything right on time what soo ever! Absolutely hate it. Im furious! I wish there was a -0 star button instead of 1 star! This is a disgrace!

Reviewed by daniel from england on 10th Jan 2016

Had been with them for many years and was happy with there products and services. BUT!! It's all changed when I took out a o2 refresh I paged off my handset with 1year and cancelled my line rental (with no times contract ) I 3days later had a e-mail to say I had to pay £135 for line rental when called they said it was a mistake as I payed off my phone so no line rental was due I was told by 4 o2 customers services that it would not be taken out of my account. BUT in the 28th of April o2 took £135 FROM my account took me ages to get it back they where rude to me and even put the oh one down on me.. finally got the money back but found out FROM my back that o2 have set up £135 DD from my bank account to be taken every 3months until further notice.. they are scum and scammers STAY AWAY they are big trouble and will cost you big time.

Reviewed by Russell from england on 5th Jan 2016
02 are total rubbish. I have been with them for the last 4 years. In the last year their network in my area has become majorly conjested to the point where i cannot access the internet for hours at a time during peak times (6am-11pm), and then when it finally conects i get sub 1mb/s speeds. They now share the network with both tesco and giff gaff but dont seem to be upgrading the network to meet demand. Their south african call center is useless, the staff just agree with you or lie to you. I suggest recording any conversations you have with these people. I think zero stars would be more apt.

Reviewed by HelenB from England on 2nd Dec 2015
Utterly utterly terrible in all respects. Think the on line chat people must be paid for each minute they keep you on chat as I have spent hours and hours trying to get answers to straight-forward questions about billing. So frustrating. 0 would be the correct rating.

Reviewed by Sheila smithurst from G on 1st Nov 2015
Tried to cancel my contract what a carry on my son eventually did it for me after waiting 40 mins the staff in the shop were very unhelpful going back to tesco.

Reviewed by Chris Carter from Gb on 28th Oct 2015
O2 have gone from brilliant to pathetic over the last few months, purchased new phone again with them nearly six months ago and they can't and won't resolve the issues I have, plenty of empty promises etc, don't use this company at the moment unless you have a good working phone already,I can't wait till my two years contract is finished with them, lime I say pathetic.

Reply by Kathj92@googlemail.com johnson from England on 24th Jul 2016
I brought the new aquarist x5 back in march. From the start it kept freezing. By may it went altogether. Took it back and they sent it for repair. Had a new one and within days it went again. Took it back again and all I got was sarcasm. They said it was some apps causing problems. deleted apps. Still went again froze and could only sit and wait for battery to run out. Went back shop and they said I just wanted a different phone I said yes this one's faulty don't trust it. They refused to change it. I rebooted it and was fine for 2 days then went again. Again shop said I couldn't have it repaired cos time had elapsed. I said I only had it since may. It's only July now. So been left with out phone. Went argos and brought Samsung. Don't use o2.

Reviewed by Jo Brown from England on 24th Oct 2015
I am very frustrated with the queuing system introduced in my local store. I cannot just pop in for a mobile data sim without being told I have to wait about 20 minutes. It is a quick purchase-- no advice or discussion needed yet the person who greets me is not allowed to do a till transaction. Where is the sense in that?

Reviewed by Nasimul from England on 17th Oct 2015
Totally utterly rubbish network coverage and customer service.

Reviewed by Mark O from GB on 13th Oct 2015
02 used to have one of the most efficient customer services going. Friendly staff who you could even have a bit of a joke with if you were having problems.

Last couple of months UTTER rubbish.

The new staff who sound South African don't can't understand half of what I'm saying and just say yes to anything you say or "I understand" when they clearly don't.

Whenever they sent me a text questionnaire I always said it was great to speak to a human being rather than a computer. No it's gone totally the opposite way.

I can't give a 0 rating but it's what it should be right now.

Reviewed by Adam james from United kingdom on 15th Sep 2015
If I could give this review 0 or even minus starts I would this company has no loyalty to long serving customer they have no deals and signal keeps dropping their customer service is discusting and will not help you at all I deserved better then this when I hand over my hard earned cash and pay for the contract I am very discusted and will be leaving for another company that actually cares about there customer shame on you o2 the last 2 years you have really got it all wrong.

Reviewed by lynnette from UK on 1st Sep 2015
I got a blackberry Q5 in February 2014! Had no problems up until 2months ago, my phone freezes, won't let me use my data, turns itself on and off, it won't let me send texts as it freezes and I could be waiting days for a text to come through! I rang 02 to complain about this and I sent it off for repair, I had to go 10 days without a phone! But still had to pay all of my monthly bill. I have been treated really bad everytime I phone 02 all I get told is we'll send it off to get repaired, I've been a loyal customer of there's for over 6yrs always paid my bill on time! Now they want £90 of me so I can upgrade ridiculous I don't think I'll be renewing my contract when it runs out!

Reviewed by John from N.Ireland on 1st Sep 2015
Can't wait for contract to expire..... Coverage has just got so bad that phone is totally redundant for hours at a time.... Customer service from 02 has to be some of the worse i have ever experienced... Alot of my friends have switched to EE from 02 and cant believe how good it is... i will also be switching to EE.

Reviewed by Thomas from O2 on 20th Aug 2015
Up until not too long ago O2 used to be a fantastic Customer Services team but it seems like they have all been moved I think to South Africa or another country that uses english as a second language. The staff speak english but nothing gets sorted in 1 call any more ! I changed my 30 day sim only tariff a fairly simple process I have done it many times throughout the years. But this time first they deactivated my data because they used the wrong setting which put me on the wrong APN for my type of phone then when they sorted that in the process they managed to stop my service. Then on top of that they did almost the same thing to my girlfriend who at my recommendation of great service had decided before the whole situation to come to the same type of 30 day contract with me. But yes indeed you have guessed it they screwed up with her as well.

Reviewed by Katy Wright from UK on 20th Aug 2015
Terrible service form O2. Complete daylight robbery. They have debited my account an extra £40 this month for turning my phone on for 5mins when my flight landed . Data roaming was switched off within 2 minutes and I have still been charged £40 for email coming into my account. I didnt open them or download any extra files .......£40 unbelavable. when I phoned to complain they said all info was on there website so would not refund me. I have been with O2 for 6 yrs but will not be renewing my contract in Oct !

Reviewed by mark from uk on 7th Aug 2015
Confused... paid 20 gbp for 1500 minutes a month on a new galaxy s4. i checked log and altogether i made 23h 30m calls. so i used the calculator 60 mins x 24 hours is 1440 mins should leave me with 60 mins left right? No! not according to o2... i only have 5 mins left... what? Check your mins people... you pay for it.

Reviewed by Lee from Uk on 5th Aug 2015
Very poor coverage even in cities and major towns! Not the network it used to be.

Reviewed by Kat from Scotland on 3rd Aug 2015
After more than 6 months into my 2 years contract I can genuinely say I have nothing good to say about o2. The network coverage is bad so now I dependent on the free WiFi from public places. From my 5 Gbites of Internet I can hardly use 3 because the coverage is so bad.
My job involves travelling a lot and I can honestly say that some locations are so bad I can't even make a phone call never mind using the Internet. Rubbish, rubbish and more rubbish. If I could rate if minus 5 stars I would.

Reviewed by Sarah from UK on 29th Jul 2015

Reviewed by Pamela from Wales on 24th Jul 2015
From day one I've had nothing but trouble paying my bill phones been cut off I can't pay it online tried ringing all the numbers you can think of for O2 but the call wouldn't even ring it would cut straight off so can't pay over phone and i haven't got a land line so how am I supposed to ring up and pay my bill to get my minutes and texts back? Thinking of leaving O2 and going back to EE they are far better to deal with never had any problems with them .. O2 need to sort it out to be honest or your going to be losing a lot of customers.. If I could give the rating 0 stars I would but the lowest is 1 so that'll have to do


Reviewed by jamie from uk on 8th Jul 2015
I think i have been saved by these idiots refusing me for credit. Took them 6 days to confirm this, while sending me my contract, confirmation number, collection number for the store. Went each day to the store to collect and turned away, called 8 times, cut off 4 times. had broken promises of return contact to me to advise of what is happening. They seem to be utterly hopeless in the basic job of adding a new customer god knows what they would be like when they have you tied into a contract. Now gone to another network, passed credit no problems and phone next day. Looking at the number of 1 star reviews i consider my self lucky !!! But O2 seem shambolic !

Reviewed by judi hardman from uk on 4th Jul 2015
Rewards impossible to claim.

Reviewed by Daniel from UK on 19th Jun 2015
I am not one for submitting reviews usually but given the number of 1 star reviews I thought I would take the time to submit a review to add a positive aspect the negativity that is on view. I realise that we all have an opinion based on experience so my comments are not intended to disprove any comments, only to share my opinion.

I have been an O2 customer since the days when they started out as 1-2-1 back in the 1990's. In that time I have had a number of phones, some on contract, some on PAYG, for me, my wife and my kids. I am still with O2 as is my wife. My kids have grown up and are now responsible for their own contracts and are still with O2. There was a brief foray with VirginMedia a few years ago with one contract but their mobile phone customer service was atrocious so the contract was not renewed (I am with VirginMedia for landline, broadband and TV and I have had no issues). In all that time I have always found O2 to be helpful and courteous when I have contacted them and quickly resolved any issues.

Reviewed by tegs map from uk on 27th May 2015
I have just tried to resolve some problem with O2 customer services. In doing this I had to make at least 8 phone calls Got deliberately cut off three times for try to get name of operator or give them my number ironically so they could call me if line was disrupted. At the end of it all and a good deal of time being asked obscure ever changeing questions I did something I have never done before I gave up with the matter unresolved I could not take the billigerence and ignorance anymore and passed the matter on.

Reviewed by Hugh Asher from UK on 24th May 2015
Yesterday my phone was cut off for the third time due to an administrative error on the part of O2. I have spent hours on the phone to customer services who blame the last person I dealt with, blame the computer systems and promise it will not happen again, but then it does. Very poor service.

Reviewed by william Tait from Scotland on 11th May 2015
All netwprks are basically the same. They want to take your money.
O2 is no different.
I was given £3 in rewards and it was taken away.
I went to O2 shop and they said I have phoned a premium rate number which is a total lie.
After this I removed all my tariffs and when I topped up £10 it did not register.

O2 are a bunch of monkeys.

Reviewed by David Jarvis from England on 16th Apr 2015
So o2 are the best so tell me this after my partner Caroline Calvin paid her mobile phone bill with o2 they have cut her phone off a total of three seprate times. After speaking to a women on the telephone today 16.04.15 she was told it was the systems fault. When Caroline told her she spoke to a male colleague of hers in person she replied oh.
When her contract expires she will be leaving o2 for poor customer services. its a disgrace and Caroline is disgusted. COWBOYS

Reviewed by Marie from UK on 31st Mar 2015
DON’T FALL FOR O2 ATTRACTIVE ONLINE OFFERS! Unfortunately it is very likely that you’ll be screwed, just like me. I’ve ordered online a Sony Xperia Z3 at a competitive price with the help of an advisor via the tchat. It was supposed to be delivered the day after. Two weeks after and with the MONEY DEBITED RIGHT AWAY still no news at all, 0 emails, 0 papers to say they came and no one was home, 0 calls, 0 email alerts or something. I had to call them 3 times, plus call UK mail as I was asked by O2 to finally find out that they tried to deliver it 3 times and then they sent the phone back to O2. If you don’t work or spend the whole day home you will be fine. But if as me and as most people your are not home during the day, you are very likely to have the same issue as me. They don’t give a time span within which they would deliver it. So unless you have a few days off to take to make sure you are home for your delivery, it will be sent back to O2 without any advice. I finally went to an O2 store and explained the problem to a nice advisor who tried to help me by calling O2 customer service, which is actually not at all a customer service because their only reply was: “Too late Miss, we can’t sent it back to you. You’ll be refunded but if you still want the phone the only possibility is to re-order it and now the price has gone up by £120. Bye!” Now this is one week after, and STILL NO REFUND… 3 weeks lost, no phone, money debited… And this a famous company…? Wondering why they steal from clients if they have billion pounds of turnover. Just be careful with online orders…

Reviewed by Tony L from united kingdom on 29th Mar 2015
I've been an loyal o2 customer for many years and have recently thought about paying off my refresh device plan and join another network. o2 signal in hampshire is ok but in most cases signal is very weak and 4g signal in some buildings is very poor where as other friends phones with different networks have excellent reception and great 4g coverage! Don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth with o2... and their refresh tariff deals are horrendous and not very generous when it comes to 4g data deals compared to other networks... and their upfront price is a joke also where as other networks ask for lower upfront price or is free with better tariff deals! Goodbye o2 you lost another customer LOL

Reviewed by re from england on 15th Mar 2015
I have had to continously contact o2 about picture messages not sending and a message appearing saying 'queuing for sending'. I ended up going into the shop to have this issue resolved. It has now happened again. Am I going have to keep traveling backup the o2 shop once a month to get the issue fixed? I should be entitled to £5 off my bill every time this issue occurs to o2 fix the contract and honour there terms and conditions. This is a long term problem as it's posted on all the forums.

Reviewed by carolyn stewart from ireland on 11th Mar 2015
I changed to 02 on the recommendation of friends. I did this on 6 March and by now, 11 March I have had so many issues and made so many calls to their customer services I feel that I have made a terrible mistake. I now have no internet!

Reviewed by Koulla Panteli from Uk on 28th Feb 2015
Please do not join O2. Very poor service I have been with them for a number of years and recently I have been charged a disgustingly pricey bill. They are very unhelpful when queried. The direct debit is taken at willy mildly times when it suits them and you can be barred even though you paid your bill. Discussing I will never join O2 again and will tell my friends too.

Reviewed by Ken from Uk on 24th Feb 2015
Used to be the best now without doubt the worst.

Hope 3 sort them out.

Reviewed by Russ from UK on 21st Feb 2015
After a frought relationship with Vodafone, (I was a customer since the Marconiphone days) I switched to O2 initially on a pay as you go basis.
Following repeated marketing calls from O2 I agreed to take out a contract, the hook was "the smartphone of my choice after 12 months with no cost to myself and no changes to my contract conditions", call me neive but a contracts a contract (verbal or otherwise), now the initial 12 months is over the offer "does not and never did exist" (all calls recorded for training purposes" Only when it suits! Sum total myself and family migrating far away from O2, conned me!!!!!!

Reviewed by Sophie Yelverton from Iraq on 30th Jan 2015
I think that o2 has the worst customer service ever!! I spent 7 hours on the phone to them but all they did was hassle me and transfer me through to other departments. I am not impressed what so ever! this is a disgrace to humanity and I believe that o2 should be shut down! the incompetence of them unforgiveable I feel betrayed as a loyal customer. NEVER USE O2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Nigel from UK on 8th Jan 2015
I have just had a debt collector turn up asking for £600 for an O2 contract I know nothing about!!!
O2 fraud dept has washed their hands of the case and insist I owe the money for a phone a contract I know nothing about.
Corporations at their absolute worst. Pay £600 or have a marker on my credit rating. I am at a complete loss about this one...
Avoid O2 at any cost if you value your peace of mind.
(If I could give no stars I would)

Reviewed by Stuart from UK on 2nd Jan 2015
I ordered my upgrade iphone 6 over 4 weeks ago. I received a series of texts telling me that it was on its way but so far I haven't received it. It's to get through to anyone to complain, they just give platitudes and say that the order is 'being processed'. They want one to use the on-line chat, but this is like going into an Alice in Wonderland world of double talk. The complaints service just buries the complaint. There is no way to post on their Facebook page and Tweets are ignored. Overall they are a total shower with non-existant customer service and a cavalier attitude to their customers. They be avoided at all costs.

Reviewed by Keith from UK on 2nd Jan 2015
The last time I needed help from O2 business support, three years ago, the service was excellent. Calls were answered within a minute and everything was very professional. Sadly the opposite is now the case.
I have recently needed to call every day after an order for a new phone went badly wrong. I have been passed pillar to post, spent ages in queues, and the people I have had to speak to come over like a bunch of crooks!!. All they seek to do is get "orders" and after that you are "on your own". You really feel that they are out to con you one way or the other. I actually lost my temper, a rare occurrence, due to constant repetition of the phrase "I can only apologise".
This company seems to be going down the tubes.

Reply by Kathj92@googlemail.com johnson from England on 24th Jul 2016
I rang chat line and sure it's run by robots. I said my new phone I had in may has froze. Reply how sad. I said this is the second phone the first was brought in March that went back because it was faulty. Reply how sad. I said is that all you can say what about advise. They said return to shop. I said done earlier that all I got was rudeness ill manners and sarcasm. Reply...how sad. If you want a phone that works don't go to O2. I found argos much easier. If you have a faulty phone take it back they change it straight away no fuss at all.

Reviewed by Henry from UK on 6th Dec 2014
Finally!! Breaking free from the cowboys that are O2 after 5 long years!

Constant overcharging, ridiculous roaming charges and having to stand out in the cold due to calls continually dropping. Astounding that they wouldn't budge when I presented them with evidence of 2 years worth of invalid charges while abroad or calling non-UK users due to lack of service. (god knows if I had the entire 5 years worth of information on what they charged me.) This despite the fact that my contract was up for renewal for another month. A battle to even get them to waive the termination fee which is really like rubbing your nose in it to the last degree.

To make it even more laughable, I called their own direct customer service line 3 times this morning before I could get through as the first 2 cut out. Absolutely laughable, 4 bars connected and dialing their own line and the stability of the line still couldn't be maintained.

If you ever want to feel what the urge to go on a murderous rampage is, then talk to 1 of their live chat "experts". 5 minutes on that should give you a clear indication of what it would feel like.

O2 have cleaned me for thousands I reckon over the last 5 years. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH O2.

Reviewed by Martin from UK on 1st Dec 2014
Just bought a Lumia 1020 from them ( only network supplying it at the time). Tried to register it with them for the free camera handgrip for 2 weeks so far !!!
Waited over an hour today to speak to someone and finally spoke to no less than 5 people none of whom could actually sort it out.
No response to emails . All I get is the blame shifting response or being transferee to someone else despite asking not to be.
I left vodaphone for this . Why oh why oh why .

I'm just out of my cooling off period too. What a shame .

Today I fimd they've withdrawn the handset so I've no idea what happens now.

Reviewed by Gary from Uk on 21st Nov 2014
Terrible company now I have been an 02 / cellnet customer for 20 years they used to have the best signal & customer service and they were relatively cheap.
Now they pass your details onto 3 rd party's azzuri who sign you up to overpriced 24 month sim only contracts with out your permission / authorisation.
Now for my story!!!!!
I called O2 directly looking for a new iphone 6 after waiting in a cue for 25 mins I gave up .and decided to try later on second attempt I waited 40 mins with no idea what position in the cue I was finally when I got talking to some 1.They told me I was no longer an 02 customer. I said this must be a mistake as I have been with 02 for years I was then told I was with azzuri now who!!!!! I said you need to call azzuri and then proceeded to give me the wrong no for azzuri after some googling I managed to find azzuri only it was to late to call the office was closed.
I ended up buying a handset from apple directly I was so sick of getting the run around
My contract is up in august and it won't be made easy to leave but I am PAC ing off to some other network. What a joke 02 are now.

Reviewed by Grant from UK on 5th Nov 2014
I live in central Brighton. Not a huge city, but it is a city. You can walk to the official city centre in 10 minutes. But O2 coverage normally hovers between two bars of 3G and E. Calls divert to voicemail from lack of signal several times a week. There has been no improvement in this situation in the last 6 years. However in the last year other networks have improved so I'll be moving my provider once my current contract expires.

Reviewed by andrew davis from uk on 2nd Nov 2014
To contact an actual person that you can speak to is very difficult and the contact number will keep you on hold forever without any indication or queuing system to let you know how much longer you will be waiting in the end it is usually the norm to hang up as it is so frustrating waiting with no info at all to tell you anything - i will be cancelling my 02 contracts as soon as i can - i have been with them for 6 - 7 years but have finally had enough as it has not changed.

Reviewed by Julie from Uk on 29th Oct 2014
Most of the advisors are useless and few of them seems useful but after few days you realise that in fact they are liars. I have been waiting now for 3 months to get a voucher for referring a friend and I don't think I will ever have it. But I had the "pleasure" to spend 2 or 3 evening with the customer service on the chat...for no results, but Dan, Kevin, Bill, Jasmine...I know them all now!!

Reviewed by toxana from scotland on 27th Oct 2014
The Lowest customer service i ever seen in my life

Reviewed by Anne Seth from England on 21st Oct 2014
I have had a contract with O2 for many years but the price just kept going up. I thought I would try and discuss this with customer services but after half an hour on the phone of being told I was in a queue I decided to drive to Cambridge to discuss face to face in store. There were 4 assistants and no one else in the shop but no one wanted to help me. I was given a phone to speak to customer services about terminating my contract/taking out a new one. An hour later I left the store. I felt I was treated very poorly NO ONE could be bothered to help me .
I drove to Bar Hill, went to Tesco Phone Shop who were helpful,polite and at least seemed to care. I wouldn't ever recommend 02 to anyone.

Reviewed by David from England on 17th Sep 2014
we took a 24 months corporate contract with O2 in 2013 for 14 handsets. Their network coverage in Hampton, Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge is very poor. There is either no coverage or calls drop with no reason. Other times the voice quality is very poor.

There are also problems with mobile data on 3G network.

The only good thing about them is that they have hotspots in shops and town centres. So I can connect to internet for emails and other business use.

Reviewed by Nasir from UK on 18th Aug 2014
Avoid O2 at all cost. The UK signal coverage is poor.
Been with O2 for over 7 years and the customer service is miserable. Unable to take mobile phone calls at home with no signal, need to go near a window to carry on telephone conversation. The monthly direct debit contract is 24 months and very expensive compared to other networks. The 3 G signal is never available, and yet O2 is eager to launch 4G.
I agree O2 was very good in the past, but now its customer service and signal have both deteriorated badly. I have no intention of renewing my contract after over seven years.
The replacement handsets were also faulty, with no mobiles to use. The case went to the Ombudsman services to resolve.

Reviewed by Paul Davies from UK on 12th Aug 2014
Like most of the reviewers on this site, I too have been with O2 for many years and have unfortunately witnessed their gradual decline in quality from their customer services to their strength of mobile signal. The latter, I blame on their eagerness to forge on with the lucrative 4G market whilst letting the 3G network suffer as a consequence.
An example of the signal issue is this ... last year, in my kitchen and lounge, the signal on my phone was (to coin an old CB expression) blowing the windows out. It was terrific. Today, I am lucky if I get one bar. Nothing in my home has changed and I have tried several different phones but the issue is the same.
O2 can't give me an explanation for this, stating that there signals are working well... This really doesn't give me confidence to renew my contract this October.
In my mind, O2 have lost the edge on both quality and price which is a damn shame as 12 months ago, there were so dog!!

Reviewed by Ellie from UK on 19th Jul 2014
Exactly O2 has lost it's Mogo - the shop assistants are half heated about helping & I made the mistake of going into there shop on Camden high st : I have been with O2 for a decade yet because I got a new number two years ago they only have records of me being with them for 2 yrs : I wish I had let my contract just end I got talked into a rolling sim 4 different O2 reps told me different things not once did they say this rolling sim is a upgrade when I was offered it : u can tell they r happy 4 people not to be to aware of whats benefits there coustomers more what they benefit - yet there is a lot of competition out there - the last good thing priority moments yet half ok

Reviewed by Mirza Ali from UK on 19th Jul 2014
O2 used to be good, now going down in reputation and service, with poor customer service,expensive plans/handsets.Without the customer's knowledge they appoint Azzurri to take charge of accounts, so the customer is pushed from pillar to post for any issues arising from mobile phones. With faulty handsets, it took O2 more than 5 weeks to send re-furbished handsets which were also faulty, with customer at the receiving end of this miserable service. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS, THEY TREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS OF OVER 7 YEARS VERY SHABILLY. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS NETWORK PROVIDER TO ANYONE.

Reviewed by AB from UK on 19th Jul 2014
what has happened to o2? used to be good now going down the pan with shoddy customer service, expensive plans/handsets. heard a rumour of a merger with three, if that's the case i'm off, three are a company worth the watching. Shame as they used to be good.


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