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Panasonic TX-40CX400B review

 Review: August 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Panasonic TX-40CX400B offers a low-cost entry into the world of UHD (4K) television. With a smart appearance, essential Smart TV functionality, and mostly good picture quality, it's the one to choose if every penny counts, although arguably you might be better off choosing a non-UHD model at this screen size.



This is the 40-inch version of the Viera 48CX400 we reviewed previously. Read our full review of the 48-inch Panasonic CX400 for a detailed discussion of this TV.

We're less convinced by the need to embrace Ultra High Definition at the 40-inch size, but if UHD is the way you want to go, the TX40CX400B is a good low-cost option to get there. 4K content is pin sharp on this screen, and we're impressed by the black levels and viewing angles too, especially considering the low price. The biggest issues are the relatively unsophisticated motion response of the screen, and the less-than-polished treatment of standard definition channels. But arguably these are less apparent on the 40-inch model than on the larger 48-inch version.

Apart from these nit-pickings, it's hard to argue with a UHD television at such a low price.

Panasonic TX-40CX400B features include:

User questions

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Is it screen mirroring in this model?

Asked by Karan from Uk on 13th Jun 2017
How to connect mobile phone to tv. Is it ant fuction is available in this tv .


How much it will be for a screen replacement? Ty

Asked by Ciprian from England on 26th Apr 2017

What does displaying mirroring mean?

Asked by mia from london on 4th Nov 2016
Is it like screen mirroring? and if it is how does it work?

See all 5 questions

Panasonic TX-40CX400B user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 6 reviews:

Reviewed by John from UK on 9th Aug 2017
This tv has been trouble from the start,as many have said before, it would not update software automatically and service engineer was reluctant to do so manually as he thought that the set probably had a manufacturing fault causing this problem, it switches off after only a few minutes at best when connected via BT Box but now out of guarantee, still in contact with Panasonic to solve the problem. My opinion is that as others had reported this problem long before I purchased this model that it should not have remained on sale as not fit for purpose. When only connected via it's Freeview tuner the picture is great so it is a shame that they did not sort this annoying problem earlier.

Reviewed by Amy from Uk on 28th Jan 2017
This tv was good until first it kept turning off so we took it back then when we got it back it needed an update.. We've now had to update this 4 times and now it's burning polo like rings through the TV so on paler screens you can see light polo shapes about 6 inch apart, has anyone experienced this yet?

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 10th Feb 2016
Bought this tv just after christmas. Did have an issue with it switching itself off at first, which was solved with a software update after connecting the tv to my hub via wireless. The picture is excellent for a relatively cheap model. Not had any issues with connecting dvd player or xbox via hdmi leads. The volume is a bit tinny. Would suggest going for bigger than the 40inch to get the most from the UHD. All in all a nice cheap option.

Reviewed by JoeWilkinson from UK on 31st Dec 2015
TV fine by itself. When fed with hdmi signal from old Humax PVR it switches itself off after a few minutes. And yes I have turned OFF all visible timers. When fed by Scart it is fine.
A new Samsung BD8900M blu-Ray and PVR can only drive it via hdmi, and again, it turns off after a couple of minutes, turning the Samsung off too.

Reviewed by CARTER from SCOTLAND on 6th Dec 2015
good picture quality very disappointed with sound quality - no controls available for balancing the high and low frequencies.
The main problem with this TV after a two weks use is that the set turns itself off after two minutes! Is this a changed setting - I have checked the outo off timing and it is not that. Is this a fault?

Reviewed by Mohammed from UK on 4th Dec 2015
Bought this tv thinking good value, tokk it home on the second day it started to turn off by it self took it back to currys, apparently they have a software problem, so be aware!

Reply by Margaret from Scotland on 28th Feb 2016
Did currys replace tv for you?

Reply by Gerry from Scotland on 23rd Dec 2017
I have always got Panasonic tvs but this is the last. Only 2 years old, had the tv in last Christmas getring gixed and its broken again. Panasonic should have recalled tge product as its a known fault. Never buying another Panasonic after this.

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