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Panasonic TX-42A400B review

 Review: June 2014  

Last updated June 2014

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Viera TX-42A400B is Panasonic's entry-level 42 inch TV for 2014 and is one of the cheapest 42 inch LED TVs available.


Design & looks

The Viera TX-42A400B is Panasonic's cheapest 42 inch TV in its 2014 range, and is essentially a makeover and upgrade of last year's TX-L42B6B. It looks good for such a cheap model, with an ultra narrow bezel bringing it firmly into the year 2014. The glossy black finish combined with the black stand lends it a "teenage boy's bedroom" look, which won't fit every room, but in a contemporary setting it shouldn't look out of place.

It's not a TV for hanging on a wall either, measuring a rather thick 7cm deep, and definitely not in the "slimline" category. But for the money, we're not expecting Gucci styling.

The TV comes with a standard remote control and is rated A+ for energy efficiency.

Picture quality

A 42 inch screen for £350 is incredible value, and if you judge your TV simply by the size of its screen then you won't be disappointed. It's a full 1080p HD screen too. But there are compromises involved in getting such a large TV at a low cost. Although colours look bright on this screen and the dynamic range is relatively good, the 100Hz backlighting is too slow for a 42 inch screen, so motion effects can be a problem, especially when watching sport or action. Having said that, we're impressed that Panasonic can deliver a screen this good at this price.

Audio quality

This model has two full range speakers, with V Audio simulated surround sound. The total power of 10W x 2 is typical for a cheaper-end television.

Smart TV

There are no Smart TV features on this TV.


The A400B comes with just 2 HDMI connections, which is limiting. Use one for a set-top box, the other for a Blu-Ray player or DVD and there's nothing left if you want to add a games console. On the plus side, there's ARC compatibility for home cinema compatibility, a USB port for plugging in a digital camera or other device, plus component and SCART inputs for connecting to older AV equipment.

Conclusion - good value for money

The A400B is an impressive TV for the price and is incredibly good value if you're after a "no-frills" model. Picture quality is pretty good, and the fact that you can get a 42 inch screen for this amount of money will give it wide appeal. There's no Smart TV of course - you'll need the step-up AS500B model for that - and we must draw your attention to the fact that there are only two HDMI connections, which will limit the number of devices you can connect to the TV. However, if that's not a problem, then this is a good TV that will surely satisfy many people.

Panasonic TX-42A400B features include:

User questions

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This is my dads tv it keeps going to av instead of tv when turning it on can you tell me how to set it up?

Asked by Jane from England on 10th Jun 2018

I have this tv but I can't find a power plug for it, what plug should I get and where from?

Asked by Liam from England on 11th Jan 2017

Can you give me information on a 42inch 2013 Panasonic tv?

Asked by Peter Dobson from England on 1st Aug 2016

Panasonic TX-42A400B user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 15 reviews:

Reviewed by Phil from UK on 26th Feb 2018
This is a good all round value for money TV which is ideal in many viewing situations . The lack of. A further two hdmi is only a problem if you want to plug and play lots of equipment . On the upside the USB and older equipment options e.g. Scart is great , robust looks and small footprint would I buy again yes.

Reviewed by AaJohn Ogilvie from Scotland on 17th Nov 2017
Great Tv but am baffled by the eithernet port on back off TV ,what is its point , ? Help

Reviewed by martin from england on 17th Jul 2016
terrible factory presets for color temperatures make my humax hdr look like washed out
no way to alter them either the inbuilt freeview is ok but you can not record to a usb stick
tinny default sound cured by optical out put to amp
and biggest annoyance is leave it in standby mode for a few hours and you have to power it up by the main
button on back of the unit
avoid like the plague

Reviewed by Shaun from UK on 2nd Aug 2015
Reasonable price, great picture and sound, my only issue is that since we got the TV for some reason it turns itself off then back on, it happened 4 times yesterday, I've checked energy save settings and time out settings and there all off, I've even reset the TV to factory settings but it's still doing it. Anybody offer me any help would be greatly appreciated, email me please: shaunyirvine@icloud.com

Reviewed by Sarah from Uk on 6th Jun 2015
Bought this as my LG died, also got a Sonos Playbar that doesn't seem to want to connect to via digital optical cable was told in shop it does support can anybody advise.

Reviewed by Mark from England on 22nd May 2015
I had a limited budget of about 250. Paid 259.99 and for that price the 'faults' are trivial. Great picture for that money. Sound from the TV isn't great but since I used my external surround sound speakers it's not an issue. No Smart but I knew that and again I simply hook up my tablet via a HDMI so no issue - even if it had Smart capability I'd still use the tablet or a laptop anyway, lots more flexibility.

Slightly annoying is the guide function with Freeview: 1) my old Panny let you switch from channels as rows with time in the columns to the other way around so I could much easier see what one channel had on for the rest of the day but you can't do that here; 2) when browsing the channels you move up/down to what you want and press OK but no, that doesn't do anything (which is what is instinctive) - you have to press the guide, exit or return button to select it; 3) the red next day button only takes you to midnight, not +24hours which makes it pretty much useless. Surely a simply software upgrade (if Panasonic can be bothered) and trivial issues but annoying.

Otherwise fabulous for the money though if I had paid 450/500 for it I'd be sending it back.

Reviewed by John from England on 11th Apr 2015
I was a bit unsure purely because of the price but i'm pleasantly surprised. The picture is spot on via our Sky+HD system. We had a 9 year old 32 Inch before that was just HD ready so anything would be an improvement. The sound quality is a bit too treble heavy for me so we got a Sony sound base to go with it. Much better. Sub woofers are volume adjustable. Basically a good tv at a very good price and I'm chuffed to bits with it. I'm only giving 4 stars though, because of the slightly dodgy sound.

Reviewed by Richy from Scotland on 22nd Mar 2015
After a little choice I decided to go for this tv due to size and price ! I think that the picture quality is very good ! And I also purchased a freeview + box so that I could enjoy the HD feature that the TV offers ! And its great with my playstation 3 ! Amazing sound quality as well ! A bargain buy ! And would recommend this set to anyone !

Reviewed by john from uk on 11th Feb 2015
This tv is good for the money only trouble is is when you wall mount it the hdmi leads force the bottom of the tv out from the wall so you need to buy angled hdmi leads to solve the problem picture and sound quality is good downside is only 2 hdmi sockets.

Reviewed by crprev from uk on 1st Feb 2015
What a ridulous review, "teenage boys bedroom"??
Its a black stand, and wouldnt look out of place in any home environment, unless youve got stupid perceptions about appliances such as the reviewer..
Not one for hanging on the wall??? Yes you can, it's got holes at the back for mounts and its not even that thick, just not picture frame thick.
I haven't got the TV so I have no biases, but would appreciate an intelligent write up.

Reviewed by howard from uk on 29th Jan 2015
bought 2015 nice looking tv,reasonably priced picture quality,poor i would never have bought this tv if it was 50,so sad such a nice tv with a well below average picture.hope they,ll exchange for a samsung.

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 13th Oct 2014
Question really - not a review, although I do really like the TV quality.

Question: How do I use the ethernet connection? When I got a Virgin Media Tivo package I asked them if I could connect the TV to the SuperHub router for viewing the internet on the TV and said yes and told me to simply plug the provided ethernet cable into the back of the router and then into the TV slot. Have done this and checked connectivity on the TV menu and it shows "Pass" - but I have no idea what to do next - or what I have achieved in this making this connection. The TV manual says nothing other than describing the six input choices under "Network" in the menu. What next? Anything?

Reply by ade from uk on 9th Dec 2014
Ethernet won't work its not a smart TV so can not get internet..

Reply by ste from uk on 1st Jan 2015
What are the network settings for?

Reviewed by Jimmy from England on 13th Oct 2014
Bought this for the bedroom,it might not have all the toys like sd card but for the price cannot complain. Hd channels no problem free view perfect, got remote code for sky off internet 1664,works tv on/off sound channels up/down and teletext perfectly For the price cannot complain at all.sadly free view is not ok everywhere

Reviewed by moomintroll from uk on 5th Sep 2014
i just swapped a samsung40h5000 for this because the motion was poor... same problem here!!! watching footbal gave me a headach after a short while.
how can this be classed as HIGH definition???
100Hz isnt fast enough.
more motion blur while panning.
awfull, will be goimg back to currys AGAIN on monday, maybe try the LG... nnrrrrg!

Reviewed by rob from uk on 12th Aug 2014
I bought one of these only to find it doesn't seem to have freeview HD. robert4wales@yahoo.co.uk

Reply by ste from uk on 1st Jan 2015
It does have Freeview HD.
Is your aerial up to spec?

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