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Samsung Galaxy J5

User questions

Sorry - questions and comments on this page are now closed.

What colour can you get in Samsung galaxy j5?

Asked by Alice Salt from Leeds on 20th Nov 2017
It comes in three different colours and it is more faster to do things then a Samsung j3 and it has got a bigger screen and I am going to be on it next year and my old Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 📱 I am not going to be on it much longer and I have asked for a new phone 📱 and my parents agree that I get one and I am getting my Samsung galaxy j5 in blue and I would love ❤ it

I'm using a dual SIM, then I can't access my sd card. Is it because I have two SIM cards In the phone or is it something else?

Asked by Mmaphefo from Rsa on 27th Jun 2017

Reply by George from UK on 27th Jun 2017
I'm pretty certain that the sd card holder doubles as the second sim slot.

Hi I don't have reminders on my phone.. it's there but doesn't show on phone the time something should be reminding me?

Asked by Sabrina from Ireland on 19th Jun 2017
J5 one week old.

The backlight on the screen has become dark and makes reading the screen very difficult.

Asked by Don wooloff from England on 10th Jun 2017

Reply by J from United Kingdom on 13th Jul 2017
Scroll down from the top and there should be a bar which adjusts the backlight for the screen.

I cannot transfer some apps to the micro sd card so nearly all the space on this phone is used. Any solutions?

Asked by Ali from Britain on 3rd Mar 2017
I am now limited to the apps I can download due to limited storage. It says limited space all the time.

How do I make my apps smaller as they are much too large on my Samsung J5?

Asked by Mullen from England on 3rd Feb 2017

Can I use j5 battery in j1?

Asked by Bharath from India on 7th Jan 2017
And is there any problem to mobile?

How to get my reminder in s planner?

Asked by Masood from India on 29th Dec 2016
I updated software in j5 but due to it all my reminders in s planner was deleted.
Now i want to know how to get it back.

Does the samsung galaxy have good sound quality when making a phone call?

Asked by Jeff from Uk on 15th Dec 2016

How do you receive photos on my phone galaxy j5?

Asked by brian metcalfe from england on 3rd Nov 2016
Could you please tell me in plain English new phone and I'm struggling with it.

Reply by S21 from UK on 3rd Nov 2016
Hi Brian, where are you trying to receive photos from? Could you explain exactly what you are trying to do.

How much is a second hand galaxy j5 worth?

Asked by Margaret from Uk on 27th Sep 2016

May I take samsung j5 mobile with me at fligjt?

Asked by chinmya from india on 25th Sep 2016

Is this phone made for China market? Which country is it made?

Asked by Sam from Ethiopia on 21st Sep 2016

How can i reduce 4g to 2g?

Asked by Makori from Kenya on 2nd Sep 2016
Does it have m-pesa services?

I need to recover some deleted photos from my samsung galaxy J5. I have already downloaded different apps but they do nit work properly. Is it possible to recover my lost photos or i have lost them forever?

Asked by Alison from Malta on 3rd Aug 2016
I need to recover deleted photos. Is there a particular app or i need to take it to someone professional ?

Reply by Kevin from United Kingdom on 19th Aug 2016
Have you tried photos. Not camera roll. Have you tried drive as mine is set to save in two places drive and memory card.

I bought a mobile samsung galaxy J5 in Apain. My question: Can I use it in Sudan directily?

Asked by isaac martin from spain on 21st Jul 2016

Does the battery come out?

Asked by Ritika from uk on 14th Jun 2016

Is it better than the moto g generation 3?

Asked by Rajj Tunka from india on 12th Jun 2016
In a general review does it beat it?

Reply by Ash from Uk on 12th Jun 2016
The moto has full HD where the j5 is only 1280, just the j5, s amoled more than makes up the difference. The moto is better made with a metal chassis while the J5 is plastic. The Moto has a built in battery while the J5 is removable. Both great phones I prefer my j5 whilst the wife prefers her moto g 3rd gen. The J5 is slightly faster and lighter the moto weighs the same as a brick and the J5 has a better call quality but the moto has two speakers which sound great.

Reply by S21 from UK on 13th Jun 2016
Actually both phones have 1280 x 720 pixel screens, but as Ash says, the Super AMOLED display of the J5 is superior.

Do I need ram?

Asked by cathy from ireland on 4th Jun 2016

Can photos be downloaded from the Samsung J5 to my computer?

Asked by Sylvia from England on 2nd Jun 2016
I take a lot of photos on my phone and, having just lost my samsung mini with all the photos and contacts I am keen to get a phone that I can down load stuff from to my computer.

Does it have a calendar reminder?

Asked by diana from england on 2nd Jun 2016

How long is the battery life is in this phone?

Asked by Pawel from UK on 27th May 2016
How long is on standby mode?

Have just bought Samsung j5.Everything is ok except can't get any sounds to work?

Asked by Alan from Britain on 26th May 2016

Does the galaxy J5 have a LED indicator?

Asked by gill from uk on 21st May 2016
Hope someone could let me know.

Reply by Tom Piper from England on 2nd Jun 2016
No. I'm afraid it does not. Bit silly really as I understand it has front flash. Bad bad design flaw. I cannot get 4G in mine. And, Samsung should UPGRADE to Marshmallow. Motorola G a better bet.

Samsung Galaxy J5 V Galaxy A3 which is the better model?

Asked by michael from uk on 19th May 2016
Thank you.

How can I get my Samsung J5 message alert to repeat? I have set it to alert every 1 minute but nothing happens.

Asked by jo from uk on 17th May 2016
Have had the phone for a couple of weeks now and hate not having it remind me that a text has arrived, found the notification under the ACCESSIBILITY heading. Have turned it to be on but no reminder happens.

Can you get snap chat on these phones?

Asked by Lindsey from England on 16th May 2016

Reply by Simon from UK on 16th May 2016
Yes, and on any Android phone.

Why front camera colour very bad in video call?

Asked by muddaser from Malaysia on 6th May 2016

Samsung J5 - gr8 fone but rubbish text notifications - can this be improved?

Asked by Hugh Black from N Ireland on 5th May 2016

Why are dual SIM card phones cheaper also can you use a dual SIM card phone with a single card?

Asked by Iain young from Scotland on 30th Apr 2016

Swapped from apple to samsung. Acouple of friends on apple can no longer send me texts but they recieve mine?

Asked by Carol Dolder from UK on 28th Apr 2016

Can I use my Samsung galaxy J5 in Tanzania which I bought in England?

Asked by Ahmed from Tanzania on 28th Apr 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 28th Apr 2016
It shouldn't be a problem, but you may need to get your phone unlocked to a new network.

How do I pair my J5 with my Sony car radio?

Asked by Steve from UK on 27th Apr 2016
Do I need to download Windows 10 as my previous phone and radio paired ok through Windows 10?

Where do you place usb?

Asked by helena from uk on 15th Apr 2016
Have Mp3 player how can I download music to Mp3 player from you tube?

Reply by Steve from UK on 15th Apr 2016
You can't download YouTube videos to any kind of phone or other device. They are not mp3 format, and cannot be played offline.

Reply by skyler from RSA on 3rd Aug 2016
yes u can of u know how .. well not all tge videos will allow u to doenload for offline usage. i use uc browser to download all videos e.g Youtube to my phone storage easier!

Do I have to update and install for Samsung J5?

Asked by helena from uk on 15th Apr 2016
I have a notification saying J500FNXX00 it displays install download never had to do this with my other Samsung Android not sure on this.

Can you watch sky and bt sports on the j5?

Asked by Dave from England on 14th Apr 2016

Reply by sarah from england on 16th Apr 2016
Yes download the sky app im not sure about bt though.

I'm trying to buy a phone cover for my j5 phone. What other phone is it the same size, as j5 very rarely listed.

Asked by Emma from England on 6th Apr 2016
I'm after a walking dead one but they are all galaxy s rather than j.

Hi, whats the difference between the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015) and J5(2016)?

Asked by Jucheck from UK on 4th Apr 2016

How can I find out how much credit I have got left on my phone?

Asked by Pat Lamb from England on 29th Mar 2016

Reply by Clive from UK on 29th Mar 2016
Depends on your network. On Vodafone, dial *#1345# to check your credit balance. On O2 it's *#10#.

When phoning someone is there an option to "video call" them ?

Asked by old woman from England on 23rd Mar 2016

Reply by skyler from RSA on 3rd Aug 2016
suppost to . depending on network not all network do video call.

Why is it that my j5 won't play or record video?

Asked by glenn paul from Philippines on 19th Mar 2016
And if it records a video, the time rate scale is 1second is to 5seconds. and when i play the recorded video it plays in slow motion. and the audio wont play. i cant record sound in the sound recorder. please help me. what should i do?

After upgrading the sofware, when i open any video or something like that then the option of "Always" And "just once" is disapear?

Asked by Sajjad Ahmad from Pakistan on 18th Mar 2016
Its big problem for me . Plz tell me some one . How can i back it?

How do i add my music on to the track section of ringtone picker?

Asked by Rhys from Uk on 15th Mar 2016

How do I remove the sim card?

Asked by Donna from Scotland on 11th Mar 2016

Reply by Steve from Uk on 12th Mar 2016
Remove the back of the phone, take out the battery. The sim card and memory card slots are now accessible.

Does the samsung galaxy j5 allow *Flight Radar 24* app to download?

Asked by ianmalcolm88@gmail.com from united kingdom on 10th Mar 2016
Flight radar 24 is an aircraft tracker.

Dual sim question

Asked by michael zaharias from United kingdom on 10th Mar 2016
I have just purchased this phone from the Caroline warehouse and it does not take two discards as SIM card two is bricked off. The phone was bought on path on EE. Does anybody else experienced the same spec?

What size Sims card does this take?

Asked by coach from uk on 4th Mar 2016
I have two phone so would like to use both SIM slots, one micro sime I normal SIM. Would these fit?

Reply by Steve from UK on 12th Mar 2016
The J5 uses micro-SIM card size.

Does this work with the gear s2?

Asked by rich from uk on 28th Feb 2016
Got told it did but having prove synching it so I have suspicions it's a no.
Any help appreciated.

Reply by Steve from UK on 12th Mar 2016
According to the Samsung website: "Gear S2 pairs with smartphones running on Android 4.4 and higher. Requires a minimum of 1.5GB RAM." So it ought to work.

Does this phone have notification lights?

Asked by Leo from uk on 22nd Feb 2016
When a message from text emails or whatsapp comes does a little light flash/blink to notify you?
Can it be set up?

Reply by Eliud from Kenya on 25th Feb 2016
Sadly No.... Could've been much more awesome though!.. For led notification blippers, buy an Xperia T2 or Blackberry Z3... its in that class.

How do I unlock it?

Asked by andrea from argentina on 20th Feb 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 21st Feb 2016
Please see our unlocking guide.

How do I assign my own message tone?

Asked by Bev from UK on 17th Feb 2016
I can use my own tone for calls but can't find a way to assign to messages or whatsapp.

Reply by ? from UK on 19th Feb 2016
You cant! Download the app Zedge it's free and worked for me.

How do I answer phone?

Asked by Rosemary from England on 15th Feb 2016

Reply by Thomas from UK on 15th Feb 2016
When someone calls you a screen should pop up. It has the name and the number of the person calling you and underneath there are also two icons: a green phone and a red phone. To ignore the call you just hold down the red one. To answer the person hold the green one and it should work. Then you just hold it to your ear and talk as you normally would. Hope that helps.

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