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Samsung RH56J6917SL review

 Review: December 2015  

Rating: 4 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung RH56J6917SL American-style fridge freezer has truly cavernous capacity, with its unique Food ShowCase design offering convenient access and flexible family-sized storage. Its stainless steel and tempered glass construction is beautiful and flawless. It's the perfect appliance for a modern kitchen, but very expensive.



Let's suppose that you have an enormous empty space in your new, designer kitchen, and also up to £2,000 excess in your bank account that you would dearly love to spend. Can Samsung help you solve these two problems in one fell swoop? It certainly can, with the help of the Samsung RH56J6917SL Food ShowCase fridge-freezer.

Design & features

This RH7000 series fridge-freezer is an awesomely impressive appliance. For a start, it's seriously big, with a 90cm width instead of the usual 60cm, and much deeper than most fridge-freezers. It's not unusually tall, however, so you won't have any problem reaching inside.

It's stunningly beautiful on the outside, and is built to perfection. Crafted from solid steel with an easy-clean finish, it both looks and feels like a luxury product. It's very high-tech in appearance, with an ice & water dispenser in the freezer door, and an ice-blue control panel. The dispenser is easy to use and to keep clean too.

Inside, the Food ShowCase door has a surprise in store. Samsung describes the design of the fridge compartment as a "fridge within a fridge." That's because, like in some kind of magic trick, there are two ways of opening the door, thanks to a split handle design. The first gives access to the ShowCase section (pictured below), which has 5 compartments and is designed for commonly-needed items like milk, juice, dairy, and snacks. When you access these items, the main part of the fridge stays sealed, keeping it perfectly chilled. You can open the ShowCase door to access the interior section, which is designed to store the bulk of your groceries, especially anything perishable, like meat, and also bulky items such as vegetables. You can open the main section directly, like a conventional fridge, in which case the ShowCase door acts like the door storage of a normal fridge. Although at first it may sound like a needless gimmick, in practice the ShowCase design works really well, enabling you to access the huge storage space of the fridge quickly and easily, while keeping the inner section as cool as possible. The interior sections are brightly lit by LED tower lights.

Many families would appreciate the ample space provided by the Samsung RH7000. It's the largest fridge-freezer we've reviewed to date, with a net storage capacity more than double that of many standard-width fridge-freezers. The fridge section is truly massive, with the extra-deep ShowCase door storage, and 5 shelves in the inner section, plus two vegetable drawers and an egg tray. The freezer compartment is about half the size of the fridge, but is also huge, even after allowing for the space taken up by the water & ice dispenser.

The appliance runs completely frost-free of course, so needs no maintenance other than regular cleaning. The fridge and freezer sections run on independent cooling systems, so there is no cross-over of odours, and you have complete control over the temperature setting of each compartment.

Efficiency, noise & reliability

The RH56J6917SL isn't a cheap appliance to run. Although it has a decent A+ efficiency rating, and plenty of energy-saving features, its sheer size means that it uses almost twice as much electricity as the most efficient A++ rated standard-size fridge-freezers. Still, compared with other American-style models, the RH56J6917SL does well for energy efficiency. The Food ShowCase door helps to keep the fridge chilled, and the appliance is exceptionally well-insulated. Even the metal door is used to help keep the interior cool.

Samsung's digital inverter compressor is very energy-efficient, and also runs quietly and reliably. It's not quite as silent as some of Samsung's smaller models however - but remember that this is twice the size of a standard appliance, so the motor is working twice as hard.

Conclusion - an exceptional product

The Samsung RH56J6917SL Food ShowCase fridge-freezer is designed and built to be an exceptional product, and it achieves this on every level.

Unfortunately, this also means that the price is exceptional too. It's not just high, it's exceptionally high. We've seen this appliance on sale for as much as £2,000, but if you shop around you ought to be able to knock hundreds off that price, especially if you buy during a sale period. If your budget can stretch far enough, we're confident that you'll be delighted with this purchase.

Samsung RH56J6917SL features include:

User questions

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How do i switch the door alarm off?

Asked by Michael from Uk on 4th Aug 2016
Fridge door alarm has been going off since i bought the fridge last week. Fridge is level. I suspect its some electrical problem since i had to remove the doors to get it in the house.

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