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Samsung UE40EH5000 review

 Review: November 2012  

Last updated June 2013

Rating: 2 stars

In a nutshell: This Samsung Series 5 is a good compromise if you're looking for a cheap 40 inch TV, but be warned that picture quality isn't the best.


Design & looks

When it comes to looks, the UE40EH5000 is a story of two halves. From the front it looks fantastic, with a narrow glossy black bezel and a convenient round stand. But peer round the side and you'll notice unattractive bulges at the back, making it look dated. This is in fact one of the thickest TVs currently in the shops, measuring 93mm deep.

The reason for the bulges is that this is an LED TV with direct LED backlighting. It makes the TV deeper than others, but unless you go looking for it, you probably won't notice.

Picture quality

This TV uses a PVA LCD panel with poor viewing angles and poor response times. The poor viewing angles mean that you'll get notice colour distortion and milkiness in the picture unless you're sitting right in front of it.

The poor response time manifests itself when there's any fast action on screen, such as in a movie or sport.

These factors are also present in the 32 inch version, but they are more noticeable in the 40 inch model.

Audio quality

The TV has stereo speakers with 2 x 10W power. In common with most other Samsung TVs it features SRS TheatreSound, which helps to avoid volume fluctuations and dynamically adjusts dialogue to ensure it can be clearly understood. This may sound good in theory, but in practice the small size of the speakers mean that bass is absent, making movies sound dull.


For a TV at this price, we'd expect better connectivity, though as it's not a Smart TV, there's no need for an internet connection. With only 2 HDMI ports, there could be problems if you plan to use this TV with satellite, a DVD player and a games console. But there is support for component input, composite input, digital audio out and a headphone.

Freeview HD is present, and also a handy USB port.

Conclusion - good value

To be honest, we preferred the 32 inch version of the EH5000 series. With a smaller screen the picture defects were less apparent, and the keen pricing put us in a forgiving mood. Still, there aren't many 40 inch screens available for under £400, so if that's what you're looking for, you could certainly do worse than the Samsung UE40EH5000.

Samsung UE40EH5000 features include:

User questions

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Weight of this Tv?

Asked by Ollie from U.K. on 3rd Jan 2018
Hi there. Any ideas where I can get the total weight of this tv? It's for postage and packaging purposes
Many thanks

How to set up wireless headphones?

Asked by bill from united kingdom on 17th Feb 2017
my tv is a Samsung ue40h5000 model

How do i get netflex on my tv?

Asked by Brian hegarty from England on 13th Feb 2017

See all 4 questions

Samsung UE40EH5000 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 14 reviews:

Reviewed by silver surfer from UK on 29th Oct 2016
Not so sure about the picture defects, seems ok but reason i am here is looking for an answer as to why it has an internet connection ? it wont upgrade firmware via internet so why does it have the connection ? goes through an on screen menu that tells me i am connected but to where and why .... lol .

Going to attempt to ask Samsung that very question .

Also the tv is a pain when connected via surround sound without using the toslink ,common prob with Samsung ,why should i have to pay for a lead to keep my auld faithful stereo in the family ?

Connected it via an av scart but the tv does not sense hdmi inputs and switch sound ,so cable box and tv need a lot of tlc and expence to keep them and hifi together as a coherent team ,overall a pain and about to enter the realms of service menu to shoe sound in to the equation properly but overall not a bad buy ,cheep and cheerful .

Its low on power use and picture is ok and will prob last 10 years .

just need to know why they bothered with an internet connection ....!!!!!

Reviewed by fraggle from UK on 14th Jul 2015
I bought this TV because we used about 13 of them in a gallery I worked at. They got moved around an awful lot, in and out of vans, in exhibitions, back into storage, etc and we never had one fail (over 3 years).

Hooked up to a 30 raspberry PI2 running OSMC - makes it better than almost any "smart TV" out there.

The fact that you can power the PI from the USB on the TV makes it the perfect solution. Control the TV via an app for android, iphone, etc - full remote control and the ability to watch youtube, movies, iplayer, etc - indeed way more functionality and scope that TVs five times the price.

Don't listen to the haters, this is a *superb* tv for the money.

Reviewed by Grace from Greece on 29th Mar 2015
Very happy with the TV, my only complaint is that I wanted to view programmes from my Samsung galaxy tablet on it. Have connected them with cable and adapter, but can't get it to work.

Reviewed by Larry from England on 15th Dec 2014
Got this TV 2 weeks ago. Got it for 269 from Very. Had it for my bedroom and I got the Samsung BD-H6500 Blu Ray for 99 which has made it into a smart TV. I can't fault it. It's for my bedroom and now I can't wait for bed!!

Reviewed by TOM from ENGLAND on 12th Dec 2014

Reviewed by Dominic from England on 7th Nov 2014
I bought this for my self to play some games mostly but now that I don't have time for them I settle with watching tv. Motion blur was not noticeable unless you stood only 1 ft away from the tv. Great clear graphics on games and even better with movies and tv shows. I can only fault the screen that suffers from a lot of glare when the sun shines on it but that's fine with me I just shut the blinds, sound isn't soo good but let's be honest you won't just have the tv you will buy a sound system. However I came into a bit of inconvenience when trying to wall mount it as the power cable was not long enough but that only set me back 5 to buy a longer one. Now it works a charm. Great tv honestly

Reviewed by Ron from Wales on 27th Oct 2014
Bought it in May 2012. It's been great. Perhaps tech. experts point out limitations but we just wanted a good, narrow TV with a large screen. I still don't know if it's a SMART TV - we do show Netflix films but I connect my laptop to the HDMI port - but I am more than happy with it. Blur? According to one review "if u can't see the motion blur u need glasses!!!" Well, I do have glasses and I have never noticed anything that looks like blur. For me it is a great tv and it was at a good price so I am very happy. So is my wife and perhaps that's the most important. :)

Reviewed by moodie from uk on 3rd Sep 2014
motion blur, especially watching football, is poor. i guess 100hz isnt fast enough??

Reviewed by John from England on 23rd Apr 2014
Outstanding TV. Cannot complain at all. 5*

Reviewed by keith9 from cyprus on 1st Mar 2014
outstanding 5* for the 40inch model in cyprus had a old sony b4 but thought give samsung a try very pleased

Reviewed by Freddy from England on 22nd May 2013
Just got this TV for 270 from Hughes. Amazing TV only, can't complain about anything yet, it has been a week, but still impressed!

Reviewed by bowatte from sri lanka on 22nd Apr 2013
I bought the 5000r version it says it has 100 motion clarity rate.. besides who wants to watch a 40inch tv closer than 3ft?...in that case do you think the viewing angle does play a huge role ?

Reviewed by Yewtreerob from UK on 9th Apr 2013
I bought this model in spite of some negative reviews and am delighted with it. I find no sign sign of motion blur, one of the biggest criticisms in reviews. Very good value. As for your reviewer saying the back of the set looks dated, who sits watching the rear?

Reply by moodie from uk on 3rd Sep 2014
if u cant see the motion blur U NEED GLASSES!!! LOL.

Reply by bob from cardiff on 4th Nov 2014
no blur , ignore the trolls !

Reviewed by Asif from England on 16th Jan 2013
Exellent tv worth price

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