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Samsung UE40F6200 review

 Review: May 2013  

Last updated June 2013

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: The Samsung UE40F6200 is an attractive TV with an eye-catching silver finish and great Smart TV, but suffers from low picture quality.



Samsung's 2013 range of LED TVs is like a tangled maze, and the F6200 series in particular is waiting to catch unwary consumers. The trick Samsung has pulled here is that at first glance the F6200 looks much like the more upmarket F6500, although in closer inspection it's chunkier and not as slim, although no doubt the silver finish will easily impress.

It still offers Samsung's fabulous Smart TV system that's easy to use and stuffed with useful apps like catch-up TV and the S Recommendation system that brings programmes to your attention based on your previous viewing history. In this way, it appears to be a better buy than the cheaper F6100 model that misses out on sexy features like Wi-Fi and Smart TV.

But the devil is in the detail. Or in this case, in the picture quality. In contrast with the F6500 and F6800 models that have a 400 Clear Motion Rate, the poor old F6200 has a Clear Motion Rate of just 100Hz. This puts its picture quality on a par with entry-level TVs costing hundreds of pounds less. The backlighting is also less polished. Problems include cloudiness, lack of contrast and motion blur.

While it's true that if you lust after Samsung's outstandingly good Smart TV offering, this is the cheapest model that includes it, we really wouldn't recommend buying it. After all, your TV may be Smart, but if the picture quality is low, you won't feel very smart after spending so much money on it.

Instead, we'd recommend stretching the budget to the 40 inch F6800 model, which offers substantially superior picture quality and is turning out to be the star of the Series 6 range.

Samsung UE40F6200 features include:

User questions

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Does this model of Smart TV have Freesat?

Asked by Carole from England on 22nd Oct 2018

Hi if I wall mount this tv, what size screws in length and width do I need for the rear of the Tv were 4 screws attach the back bracket?

Asked by Martyn from Uk on 24th Jun 2017

Can wireless headphones be used with samsung tv UE40F6200?

Asked by TERRY from England on 22nd Oct 2016

Reply by Jim from England on 9th Jan 2017
What is the answer?

See all 4 questions

Samsung UE40F6200 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 7 reviews:

Reviewed by Taylor from UK on 21st Mar 2017
Awful TV, blew up after 2 1/2 years. Would think a TV would last longer than that!
Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by jim from uk on 19th Jan 2014
Just bought this tv to replace a 32 inch LED series 3 samsung damaged in a fire.set up was a breeze.it instantly auto connected to my Samsung virgin set top box.the wifi connection was instant although I may invest in a wireless keyboard.all menus are intuitive and as yet I have no need to consult the manual. The main reason for choosing this model was my wife and I both have galaxy phones and the screen mirroring function is simply brilliant.my note 3 connected straight away and in seconds we where flipping through photos of nieces and nephews is stunning detail. So far I am impressed with both picture quality and the sound.my old set needed a sound system to boost the lacking bass but no such issues with this set .

Reviewed by Haz from Scotland on 8th Dec 2013
How do you add more tabs in the web browser, this is the only thing that is tainting this wonderful tv. Any help would be great thanks.

Reviewed by Not Identified from UK on 7th Nov 2013
I've bought the Samsung 50 inch UE50f6200. The picture quality is incredibly good.
Upon assessing in the shop, compared to other tv's within this price range, it visually seemed by far the best.

The sound quality is excellent. It gives deep bass.

The Smart functionality is very impressive... i've ended up signing up to several paid subscriptions as i'm that impressed at the ease of use.

Great tv, definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Dave Balfour from England on 10th Aug 2013
I have no problem with the picture quality as the set it replaced was a 32ins CRT, so my expertise is questionable. What really disappointed was the fact that I was unable to connect it to the internet. Neither the salesman at Curry's or the specifications listed on their website or on any of the review websites that I checked before purchase mentioned that this Smart TV would not connect to the web if the download speed available did not exceed 10 mbps. As my download speed is usually betweeen 4 and 5 mbps I have no chance. The only notification of this requirement is on the next to bottom line on page 14 of the user manual which states 'The TV does not support network speeds less than or equal to 10Mbps. I feel that I have been conned.

Reply by Praveen from Delhi on 14th Sep 2013
I am now facing the same problem.. the TV does not detect any WIFI signals, whereas all other devices do. It used to connect until 2-3 months back but not sure what has happened now.. may be some firmware update could have caused it! Speed surely is not a problem, it used to connect to my 512kbps to 2mbps DSL links through Wifi. Any one has any clue? I would be greatful for a solution.. pls send it to dpraveen@gmail.com.

Reviewed by Sefton Wallet from UK on 6th Aug 2013
.....I feel I should add to this review that the picture quality on the Samsung UE40F6200 was so poor compared to the Sony KDL-42W653A that my brother took it back and swapped it for the Sony KDL-42W653A which has turned out to be a fantastic set. It transpires that it does actually play some video content direct from the web and the menu system and navigation is actually quite simple and nicely defined compared to the Samsung UE40F6200. In addition you can restore the Sony KDL-42W653A to its factory settings at anytime via the set (something you can't do on the Samsung without contacting Samsung). So its 5 stars for the Sony KDL-42W653A and only 2 stars for the Samsung UE40F6200.

Reviewed by Sefton Wallet from UK on 24th Jun 2013
My brother has just bought the Samsung UE40F6200 whilst I've just bought a Sony KDL-42W653A for the same price. The picture quality on the Sony is far richer and more defined and the screen is 2 inches bigger however the web browser on the Sony is inferior to that of the the Samsung. Pages are presented better on the UE40F6200 and the cursor is easier to move around the screen and smoother to operate. Also the Sony appears only to be able to play any internet video from its dedicated YouTube app whereas the Samsung seemingly plays video content direct from an Internet search engine. Sony didn't allow this set to play popular file types rendering a full web browser rather pointless. I doubt Sony's software updates would change this so the Samsung is streaks ahead in this area but is compromised with picture quality. This sites review for the UE40F6200 seems spot on. Would like to see one for the KDL-42W653A.

Reply by Peter Lowe from Czech Republic on 10th Oct 2013
Please can you help me.I've just bought a Samsung UE40F6200.Installation was a breeze however I would like to use the Skype,Facebook apps but cannot puzzle out how to get acces to an onscreen keyboard to type in passwords etc. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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