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Samsung UE50JU6800 review

 Review: November 2015  

Last updated November 2015

Rating: 5 stars

In a nutshell: New for Autumn 2015, the Samsung UE50JU6800 is the best of the company's affordable range of Series 6 TVs. It's a UHD (4K) screen with Samsung's new nano crystal technology, but it's priced significantly lower than the Series 8 & 9 TVs that first introduced this feature. The difference between this and the cheaper Series 6 models is subtle, but the price difference is slight, and as this is a 50-inch screen, we think it offers excellent value for money.



We have a new favourite in Samsung's Series 6 television range for 2015! The 50-inch version of the JU6800 hits us right in the sweet spot!

Design & looks

Like all of Samsung's 2015 range, the JU6800 has a very modern and stylish look. With a slim brushed metal silver frame, and a matching V-shaped stand, it looks premium and high-end. Mercifully, it's a flat screen, not one of the company's curved designs. It's the best looker of the Series 6 TVs.

As a bonus, the JU6800 starts at 50 inches, instead of the more usual 48 inches, giving a welcome boost to screen real estate.

Unlike some other models, you only get a single standard remote control in the package, but you can buy an optional smart controller as an accessory.

Picture quality

The JU6800 replaces the JU6740 as the best in the Series 6 range, with a Picture Quality Index (PQI) of 1400. There are several reasons why it's rated so highly.

First of all, this is a UHD (4K) screen, capable of displaying an incredible amount of detail, if you feed it with a 4K source, such as Netflix 4K. Native 4K material is scarce at the moment, but hold tight - it is coming. For the moment, you'll need a fast internet connection to stream it. The majority of your viewing will probably be HD for the foreseeable future, and the JU6800 upscales this effortlessly to 4K resolution. Standard definition content can look a little jaggy on a screen this big, but that's a problem common to all big screens.

Secondly, this is a VA-type screen with a very high native contrast ratio. That means that it can reach the very deepest blacks, as well as achieving good brightness levels. UHD dimming helps to reach even greater contrast ratios, while retaining plenty of shadow detail. Backlighting is nice and uniform, with very little clouding.

Thirdly, this is the first Series 6 model to feature Samsung's new nano crystal technology. The JU6800 doesn't have the full capabilities of the more expensive Series 8 & 9 TVs, but it delivers a wider colour gamut than standard UHD screens, for more natural colours. It's a subtle effect that not everyone will notice, but worth having.

This isn't the fastest panel we've seen from Samsung this year. It has a native 60Hz response time, and that can lead to slight motion blur while watching sport. Gamers should be happy though, as the screen has very low lag in Game Mode.

Like all of Samsung's VA panels, the J6800 does suffer from relatively poor viewing angles. This isn't as bad as some of the cheaper Series 6 models, but if you sit at about 45 degrees off-centre, you'll notice that the screen contrast starts to fade, and colours begin to shift.

Note also that this is not a 3D TV. Nevertheless, we're very impressed overall, and this is the best Samsung screen you can buy without stretching to the more expensive Series 7, 8 or 9 models. The Series 7, although it lacks the nano crystal colour, has a faster screen (120Hz instead of 60Hz) and supports 3D.

Audio quality

You won't notice anything out of the ordinary when it comes to sound quality. This is very much a mid-range sound system, with two 10W speakers producing good mid-range frequencies, but lacking in bass. It's good enough for general TV, but movie buffs will benefit from adding a sound bar or a full home cinema kit.

Smart TV

Samsung's Smart TV system has been overhauled for 2015, and is now based on the open-source Tizen operating system. The new system is nicely integrated into the TV's operation, and lets you select apps and input sources with ease.

You'll find streaming services Netflix and Amazon, as well as catch-up TV from the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5. Other apps include YouTube, a web browser, games, Skype, Facebook and Twitter.

The JU6800 uses a fast quad-core processor for a quick, smooth response.


The 6800 includes a built-in Freesat HD tuner, plus a good selection of i/o ports. 4 HDMI ports are present, and the TV supports ARC and MHL compatibility. There are 3 USBs, optical audio output, composite & component input, and a headphone jack, but no SCART. Smart TV access is provided by built-in Wi-Fi and an ethernet connection.

The TV also supports DLNA, and screen mirroring for compatible smartphones and tablets.

Conclusion - the best of the Series 6 TVs

Samsung waited until the autumn before releasing its best affordable TV. This is a very well-priced model - around £800 at the time of this review - and offers excellent value. We love its designer looks, superior picture quality, and excellent Smart TV. It also has the advantage of being a 50-inch screen, instead of the more common 48-inch size.

We'd definitely pick this instead of the entry-level UE48JU6400, or even the more expensive UE48JU6740.

Update (15 Nov 2015): The price of this TV has fallen further in the lead up to the Black Friday sales, and is now incredible value. We've uprated it from 4 stars to 5 stars to reflect just how good it is.

Samsung UE50JU6800 features include:

User questions

Sorry - questions and comments on this page are now closed.

Does it have a 2.0 hdmi connection?

Asked by Paul from Uk on 28th Jul 2017

I have this tv and was wonder what was the best picture settings and how do I get them?

Asked by Tim Brown from Uk on 14th Jun 2017

What does it mean when it says this TV supports HDR can you clarify please?

Asked by j from spain on 8th Nov 2016
Does this TV have HDR? Samsung ju6800 50 inch.

Reply by stephen from england on 7th Jan 2017
it dont say it has HDR on the box

Reply by Another Stephen from Irelamd on 13th Jan 2017
It does support HDR after the latest firmware update. But it isn't HDR because you need to have a 10bit panel, which this does not. But yes, if you (like me) have a PS4 you can enable HDR on this Tv.

Reply by Radu from Romania on 25th Apr 2017
To Another stephen: i have this Tv with all firmware updates and ps4 with the 4.5 update for hdr. However, when i check in the video options of the ps4, it says "your tv doesn't support HDR". This is funny because i downloaded the HDR video fron samsung's website to test the hdr and it ran wonderfully. If this has anything to do with the hdmi 2.0a, we can't use it on the standard ps4, as it only knows hdmi 1.4 Only ps pro knows 2.0a as hdmi input. Any solution in how to get my ps4 to recognizr hdr on my tv?

Reply by Radu from Romania on 26th Apr 2017
Wow…reply to my own reply.
So…apparently it works. This particullar tv sees HDR CAPABILITY only through HDMI 1 (the one with ARC included). Once inserting the hdmi into that port, go to UHD color and make sure that HDMI 1 is set to off.
This ia very easy done in game mide, which is how the tv changes when you turn ps4 on. You can do the same without game mode but you have to up your brightness by 20% at least.
Hope this was usefull.

Reply by gordon from UK on 5th May 2017
Hi Radu,are you the Radu who worked with me and Haide in Bucharest? if so please contact us on gordonbosson@gmail.com.

See all 22 questions

Samsung UE50JU6800 user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 23 reviews:

Reviewed by bazza3074 from UK on 6th Sep 2016
When I first bought this tv I was amazed at how amazing the picture quality was in HD however, after a few days I noticed vertical lines/bars going across the screen like something was casting shadows on it, after doing some research online I found out it was due lead panels built into the lcd panel and the backlight was casting shadows from them onto the screen from inside! I called Samsung and they had a tech guy come and replace the whole Lcd panel only to have same problem! Not as bad but still there so not as great a TV as I'd thought.

Reviewed by gary from Ireland on 27th Jul 2016
The stand is very unstable cheap plastic not a Samsung panel in 55 inch Chinese ips panel with banding terrible light bleed not even worth what I paid for it in my opinion returned it for refund going to go with lg plus slow and laggy on very poor tv.

Reviewed by Slacker345 from Uk on 30th Jun 2016
I've had the 50 inch version of this TV for a few weeks now. Watched several games of football on it and not noticed any motion blur. Have they perhaps fixed this with firmware update?
Picture is lovely, sound pretty good for flat panel, and like others say the tizen software works well and v quick. All in recommended...

Reviewed by Steve from U.K. England on 8th May 2016
Really like the TV and a good price, but having problems using our Bose Cinemate with it can only get it to work through the headphone socket which affects the sound quality, I hope Samsung or Bose can help solve the problem.

Reviewed by Chris2eggs from England on 30th Jan 2016
I agree with previous reviews about motion blur. First thing I watched on the TV was a football match. Close up shots were fine but when the goalie kicked the ball and the camera panned, all the players went blurred only to become clear again when the camera stopped moving. This will really annoy me as I watch a lot of football. Wish I'd have read the s21 review before buying as it does mention that the TV is only 60hz. This is really poor for a TV these days. Paid £749 at Currys. A previous review mentioned £999. This is the trick shops play so they comply with the law. They have to have it on sale at the bigger price for I think is 26 days. Which is usually a nonsense price. Then they drop the price and advertise it as reduced, special price or sale price. It's a total con. Back to the TV. Everything else about it is good and non fast moving pictures are excellent but I would advise anyone to go with a TV that had a faster hertz rating of higher than 60.

Reply by Michael from UK on 23rd Feb 2016
I spoke to a Samsung rep on live chat who told me that the following instructions should help motion blur:

Soft Reset
1. Go to the Menu.
2. Select Support.
3. Choose Self Diagnosis.
4. Select Reset.
5. Enter the 4 digit pin code. Default pin is 0000.
6. After the reset, the TV will turn itself off and on. Once the TV turns back on, set it up just like when you first got it.

Software Update
1. Go to the Menu.
2. Select Support.
3. Choose Software Update.
4. Select Update Now.
5. Wait for the update to finish. Make sure that while it's updating, the TV will not turn off.
6. Once the update is done, TV will automatically turn off and on.

Picture reset
1) Go to the Menu
2) Go to the Picture
3) Scroll down look for picture reset

Beware that I am not sure if they apply if you are watching sport using an ariel or sky.

See if you get on well with these instructions and post your answer to let me know if it worked for you.

Reviewed by Amorim from Portugal on 15th Jan 2016
Bought this TV on a campaign on December 31st, 2015 for 799€ and I am very glad I did! Although I think that TVs in general should be more cheaper then they are, I just could not wait longer to upgrade my old 40 inch LCD TV as I have been waiting more than 2 years to buy a 4K TV. I certainly will not spend more than 800€ for a TV because technology evolves fast (my last TV was in that price range). I prefer to upgrade TV every 7 or 8 years so spending 800€ or less is better than to spend 1200€ or more to buy features that I will not use or to get a better picture quality that does not make a great difference in day to day use. This TV has very good picture quality and UHD up-scaling, very good smart TV features (I upgraded software in system menu and now smart TV is blazing fast). When I saw 4K Youtube and Netflix videos, there was certainly the WOW factor! I spent countless hours in stores over the last 2 years comparing picture quality (specially 4K up-scaling) and this TV has the best price/quality of all brands and models if you can grab it with a good discount like I did (I do not buy TVs without a significant price discount).

Reviewed by Fran from España on 14th Jan 2016
Good tv and very thorough in everything, the only negative for my view is the image is a little disappointing.

Reviewed by Urimo from England on 2nd Jan 2016
His guys, I can confirm that Samsung smart remotes don't work (silly move Samsung). but that the TRACKNET with touchpad does it works very well doing what the a Smart remote should do (take note Samsung) and a bit more. It doesn't fully work on Amazon and YouTube ie Typing directly into search box but you can use the mouse on the trackpad which is a damm site quicker.. love it..

Reviewed by Jim from Benson on 20th Dec 2015
Because the refresh rate is set at 60Hz moving images suffer from serious motion blur which, once picked up on, is extremely hard to overcome. The quality of slow moving/still images however is great, and the smart TV operating system is brilliant. Great for pictures, terrible for sport or fast moving motion!

Reviewed by Mimmo from Luxemburg on 19th Dec 2015
Hi, I recently changed the new bought Sony KD-50x8005c by the Samsung ue50ju6800. The Android System on Sony is a disaster, Bug Software and I had to reset it 3 times. After a long trying to install the Sat channels, the day after these were all deleted?!? Now I'm very happy with the Samsung 50ju6800. Really good picture and better Sound than the Sony. Tizen Software of Samsung is really User friendly and without delay of response or bugs. Will never buy again a Sony!!!!

Reviewed by Karl from UK on 15th Dec 2015
static and slow moving pictures stunning. Fast moving picture suffer juddering, blurring. If smooth mode activated unreal movement.

Reviewed by Robert Piket from Holland on 14th Dec 2015
I bought this TV for my (Flightsimulator-) PC and, driven by a gtx980ti, he does excellent !
Paid € 999...

Reviewed by TrevHill from UK on 9th Dec 2015
I'm pleased with this set. Good picture quality though it must be viewed more or less directly to obtain best effect. The audio was disappointing. The only audio output at the back (other than the optical) is from the headphone socket and had to use this to connect to the phonos on my HiFi system. Make sure you switch on set top box first as otherwise headphone output doesn't work. Also, Netflix is unstable. Overcome this by not using the Exit button on the remote when returning to normal TV but simply use the source button on the remote. If use use Exit to get out of Netflix, the Smart Hub disconnects you and you have to reset the Smart Hub through 'System' on Menu before it will reconnect to Netflix. The BBC iPlayer and all other on demand TV has been superb. I can play blue ray on my laptop and so just connect the laptop to one of the 4 HDMI inputs at the rear. Love this TV.

Reviewed by John Bennett from U.K on 7th Dec 2015
Can't believe Currys have Hiked the price by over £300. At their offer price of £698 it was respectable, but now at £999 it is Ridiculously Over Priced, and a Total Rip Off. Someone at Currys needs to Learn some business acumen. I offered them £698 this week, which they didn't want, so I am going elsewhere for another make and model.

Reply by Mike from UK on 1st Feb 2016
So the price went up after the Black Friday sales finished. Did you not see that coming?

Reply by Mick from UK on 3rd Apr 2016
Isn't this a review of Currys' pricing policy,no mention of the TV quality?

Reviewed by Danny from Uk on 6th Dec 2015
Not worth £999 when it was £698 a £300 price hike lg have maintained there price !!!

Reviewed by Urimo from England on 5th Dec 2015
Hi guys, you've stated that the TV will work with an optional smart controller as an accessory.. Can you please confirm this and which model will work.. As I have been given a BN59-01181 and it won't wk.??

Kind regards

[Editor's reply: Please check with Samsung for official details.]

Reviewed by Beatrice from UK on 1st Dec 2015
I bought it yesterday but I am a bit dissapointed by the picture quality. What are your picture settings? Thank you.

Reviewed by florins from Ro on 30th Nov 2015
How works upscaling content SD to UHD? In my opinion, is the best future.
Picture quality is the best I was seen!

Reply by gavin saxby from uk on 10th Jun 2016
Is there any motion blur when watching sports particularly football?

Reviewed by karen walker from uk on 28th Nov 2015
This is the third Samsung we have had over the last few years, and both of the others are in good working order and being used daily. Reliability is Excellent. This TV is super - feels like the picture is in 3D so lifelike, and the smart facility is fast and easy to use. The TV turns on immediately which the last one sometimes used to take forever to turn on, and used to turn on itself when we were out or in bed !!, which this one doesnt. I wouldn't buy any other make, but I was tempted with the Sony when I was told they used Samsung screens.
A***** Brill TV - get one at £700 great value for money !!

Reviewed by Tom from Britain on 26th Nov 2015
Just an excellent TV. Stands head and shoulders above my old LG, which is now destined for the scrap heap. I echo everything the other reviewers said. I couldn't wait until Black Friday, and am hoping the price doesn't go any lower, LOOL.

Reviewed by terry from uk on 24th Nov 2015
10 out of 10

Reviewed by Joao from Portugal on 15th Nov 2015
Purchased 799 euros. Excelent tv. Great colors and deep black. Excelent to play playstation. I had a p50gt30 plasma from panasonic and this its much better.

Reviewed by Andrea from Italia on 5th Nov 2015
Purchased on offer at 899 Euros. I'm really happy, it's my third Samsung TV, a great TV at an affordable price.

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