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SAR values

User questions

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What is the radiation rates of vivo y83?

Asked by Pratik from India on 28th Nov 2018

Can u say SAR of OPPO F1s??

Asked by Srilakshmi from Indi on 22nd Nov 2018

What is radiation level of Aqua j1 mobile? Is it harmful?

Asked by NAGESWARARAO from India on 13th Sep 2018

Can u give sar of vivo v7 plus model?

Asked by Ritu from India on 28th Jul 2018

Can you please give me list of all smart phones whose SAR values are strictly below. 0.8 for head and body?

Asked by Kiran from India on 26th Jun 2018

Sar level of Sony experia M 5?

Asked by Dr iqbal from Bangladesh on 23rd May 2018

SAR value of lava A3?

Asked by Divij from Nepal on 13th May 2018

What's about GiOnee SAR?

Asked by Maheshkumar from India on 26th Apr 2018

What is the standard of SAR value for cell phone country wise??

Asked by satish giri from India on 20th Mar 2018

What's the SAR rate of my phone 'Walton Primo RM3s'?

Asked by Robiul from Bangladesh on 12th Mar 2018
I want to know my phone's SAR rate . Anyone can help me please..

See value of mi a1?

Asked by Pravi from India on 9th Feb 2018

OUKITEL K5000 5.7 HD sar???

Asked by Evgeny from Israel on 4th Jan 2018

The SAR values of motm G5S plus is safe for my head and body?

Asked by Sayooj from India on 9th Nov 2017

Where did you get these levels from?

Asked by Ma from uk on 21st Oct 2017
I found different values on this website https://www.rfsafe.com/phone/sony-ericsson-z600/ for Sony Ericsson Z600 - SAR Levels


FCC Approval Date
03 November 2014
US SAR Ratings
USA Legal Limit is 1.6 W/kg - FCC SAR testing is measured in watts per kilogram (or W/kg) averaged over ONE gram of simulated biological tissue.
Head SAR Level
Body SAR Level

What is SAR score of sony xperia x dualsim?

Asked by reshi from kerala on 21st Oct 2017

What's the sar value of Sony xa ultra?

Asked by Edwin from India on 19th Sep 2017

Is it safe to carry 3 mobile devices?

Asked by gary from uk on 8th Sep 2017

What is the SAR value for Moto G4?

Asked by Jram from India on 20th Aug 2017

What is SAR value for basic Nokia "dumb" phone?

Asked by Moreen Greenberg from Israel on 12th Jul 2017

Sar value on 2G, 4G ect.

Asked by John from Greece on 18th Jun 2017
I would like to know what is more harmfull on the human body when having your mobile phone powered on: 2G or LTE ? My mobile phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 32) has the option to choose between network type.. So.. more harmfull LTE or 2G? :)

What is SAR value for moto e 3 power????

Asked by sanil from india on 24th Apr 2017

Kindly help me to buy smartphone with 4g having sar value less than 0.3.

Asked by babloo from india on 24th Apr 2017

Reply by Rajaputheen from India on 21st Jun 2017
Asus ZenFone 2 laser

Reply by babloo from india on 27th Jul 2017
Thank you rajaputheen for your answer . Would you please tell me low sar valued keypad mobiles please.

I am using huawie nova plus. Is the phone safe for me with respect to SAR values?

Asked by rajesh from uae on 24th Apr 2017

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Apr 2017
Hi Rajesh, all phones sold in India must conform to US regulations for SAR values.

What are SAR levels for Redmi note 4?

Asked by vvkvaranasi from India on 27th Mar 2017

I purchased Gionee f 103 pro. Head sar value is 0.538w. Body sar value is 0.746 w/kg@1kg so pls tell me my smartphone is safe.

Asked by Samadhan from India on 15th Jan 2017

Reply by TYCHO from UK on 28th Feb 2017
THOSE ARE VERY STANDARD VALUES. I would suggest that nobody should ever hold the mobile against their ear especially for long conversations. A few seconds is ok. Always use mobile on speaker phone whenever possible. Especially don't hold the mobile against your head while it is connecting. This is when the signal strength is largest. The signal strength obeys the inverse square law so if it is not against your body the tissue absorption rate drops significantly.

What about xiamoi & coolpad sar values??? Is it good for use??

Asked by karthik from india on 2nd Jan 2017
In india lot of peoples using only above mentioned mobiles only. Without sar values how companies are trading their product?? Is it good to use mobiles eithout S.A.R values??
Kindly give awareness.

What is SAR level for Moto M which is released in Dec?

Asked by JK from india on 27th Dec 2016

If sar value cross the limit of sar value and we have no money for change the mobile so what can I do for decrease the sar value?

Asked by irfan from India on 11th Nov 2016

What is the Sar value for Lava newest mobiles like lava x81 and lava x50?

Asked by Altazi from Saudi arabia on 10th Nov 2016

What is the SAR value of samsung galaxy j3 pro?

Asked by supriyo from india on 1st Nov 2016

Sony Xperia Z1 (Imported from Malaysia) SAR value not able to find.

Asked by Nurulla from India on 24th Oct 2016
I have bought Sony Xperia Z1 imported (from Malaysia) mobile, but I am not able to find SAR value for this mobile.

Can any one please help me how to find SAR value for this mobile. I have tried by using *#07#, but its not happening.

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Oct 2016

Reply by irfan from India on 11th Nov 2016
Sar value is o.773.

What is the SAR value of TWZ Y55 smartphone?

Asked by Praneesh from Dudai on 3rd Oct 2016
I have purchased one smartphone, brand name is TWZ Y55 from awoke.com by online, I'm unable to find out the SAR value of this phone. Please help me out.

Which sar value is good for body health (below 1.6 or above 1.6).

Asked by vignesh from india on 29th Sep 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 29th Sep 2016
Vignesh, lower values indicate less radiation. So a lower value is better.

What is SAR value of HTC desire 820s?

Asked by Amey Ambekar from india on 28th Sep 2016

Anyone tell me moto g play SAR value?

Asked by sanju from india on 19th Sep 2016

Is it preferable to buy a moto G4+?

Asked by basil from india on 8th Aug 2016

Moto g4 plus radiation level good for health or not?

Asked by siva from India on 3rd Aug 2016

A phone with lower sar value is best or a higher sar value ? Like moto g4 or samsung note?

Asked by karthik from India on 24th Jun 2016
email karthiksb1598@gmail.com

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Jun 2016
Lower is better.

Nivel SAR del Motorola moto3g?

Asked by Ricardo from Peru on 17th Jun 2016

SAR level of LUMIA 950?

Asked by Victor from Ukraine on 17th Jun 2016

Reply by irfan from India on 11th Nov 2016

SAR value of UMi Super mobile which comes combination 9 brands?

Asked by senthilkumar from india on 2nd Jun 2016

SAR value of Nexus 6 mobile phone?

Asked by yedindas from india on 28th May 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 28th May 2016
0.531, as listed above.

SAR value for LG G7?

Asked by Kim from Israel on 17th May 2016

I wonder to know what the SAR value from Wiko Highway is? I bought this mobile in 2014.

Asked by Marti from Spain on 10th May 2016

SAR of Elephone M3 please?

Asked by Luca from Italy on 6th May 2016

Can you please give me the sar of sony xperia X and xperia XA?

Asked by jonathan deyto from brunei on 11th Apr 2016

What is the SAR value of lenovo k4 note?

Asked by Kumar from India on 27th Mar 2016

What is the SAR value in digits of ZTE Z958 mobile handset ?

Asked by Ratnam from India on 23rd Mar 2016
I want to know radiation risk. so pl. Tell me SAR of ZTE Z958.

What will be the best SAR value for a cell phone?

Asked by Neha from India on 24th Feb 2016

Reply by S21 from UK on 24th Feb 2016
Hi Neha, low values are best. We have created a list of the 10 lowest SAR phones currently on sale in the UK.

Reply by Neha from India on 25th Feb 2016
Oh!! Thank you for helping me in such a fast way.

Please, share SAR of Xiaomi Redmi note 3 (for EU)!

Asked by John Cama from Slovenia on 9th Feb 2016

Reply by Salthi from India on 6th Mar 2016
Juz sail *#07# to know sar value.

SAR & Health Resources

SAR Values - independent site showing SAR ratings
Powerwatch - an independent organisation working in the field of UK Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Radiation health
Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones - report by UK body examining concerns about the possible health effects from the use of mobile phones, base stations and transmitters (May 2000)

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