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Sony KD-49X8309C review

 Review: September 2015  

Rating: 3 stars

In a nutshell: Sony's X83C series provides an affordable entry point into the company's UHD (4K) TV range, and the KD-49X8309C is an attractive and nicely-sized option for family viewing. It comes with the benefit of Android TV, and offers excellent connectivity options. Upscaling from HD content to UHD is excellent, and viewing angles are nice and wide, making this a good choice for family viewing. However, picture quality isn't the best we've seen in 2015, and this model is quite pricey for an entry-level UHD TV.



The Sony KD-49X8309C is almost identical to the KD-49X8305C, except that it has a lighter chrome stand and a better Motionflow rating of 1000Hz, compared with 800Hz for the X8305C. The X8309C is exclusive to Currys / PC World.

Read our detailed review of the KD-49X8305C for more information, as these two models are basically the same.

Sony KD-49X8309C features include:

User questions

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Dose this tv support Alexa?

Asked by Mel from England on 30th Dec 2017

Does anyone know What is the difference between the 8305 and the 8309C?

Asked by Peter from Ireland on 25th Nov 2017
I know the 8305 now has the alexa app for voice control, youd think that the higher the model number is the newer the TV is however it would appear that the 8305 is a newer model than the 8309C.

Is the 8309 Sony ultra hd better then the 8305?

Asked by Charlotte from UK on 23rd Nov 2017
Do you recommend the 8309 model or the 8305 model.

Reply by peter from ireland on 25th Nov 2017
From what I can gather the 8305 is a newer model than the 8309, strange I know but the 8305 supports Alexa whereas the 8309 as yet does not, hope this helps.

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Sony KD-49X8309C user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 16 reviews:

Reviewed by michael_scott from uk on 10th Aug 2017
This Sony (in the 43" KD-43X8309C version) is a lovely television:after correctly installing the (latest) firmware (july/august 2017)it has no satellite access at all through the setting menu whatever options are chosen.
I wonder whether Sony firmware designers check ALL functions after a firmware change......? Very frustrating.
The settings menu(s) are not user friendly as much as other high quality TV manufacturers,such a pity!

Reviewed by Ross from Uk on 30th Dec 2016
Had this tv for 6 months its very good. Only thing is its abit slow at first but after that its brilliant.

Reviewed by Jim Davies from U.K. on 14th Dec 2016
Had this tv for 12 months. Excellent quality picture and sound best of TVs without using a sounbar. However, would no longer recommend Sony as I have had this set changed due to software continually rebooting at least twice a week on average going back to android reboot.
Also in-built Youview very slow to change channels and reduces quality of picture.
Changed to Sony from Panasonic due to "screechy" sound on Panasonic.

Reviewed by Colin Birks from United Kingdom on 15th Nov 2016
Hated it! The software is rubbish. Bought a Samsung 8 series a week later.

Reviewed by Tillee from UK on 11th Nov 2016
I have this television - had it just over a year and have had no problems at all. It is connected to Internet and Sky TV. Updates run exactly as they should, you get asked if you want to run the update "now or later, as the TV cannot be used during the update time". You need a sound bar to get a higher volume of sound though.

Reviewed by Tim from UK on 8th Oct 2016
Can't get satellite tuner to work.
If I select "preferred satellite" from the inputs menu then select channel search, the satellite search option is unavailable.

Reviewed by Rob from UK on 19th Aug 2016
DONT BUY THIS TV!!, ours has been updating for 7 days now. Sony sent out usb stick to plug in and it didn't make a difference. Sony IT don't work weekends so I've been told today Friday the 7th day without a TV we will get a call back in 24 - 48 hrs!! Very poor service and will be 10 days without TV come Monday.

Reviewed by joe quinn from n.ireland on 20th Jun 2016
Having just bought one of these tvs, I would like to know how to get freeview on it. When I
bought this, I was told that it had freeview and Saorview(for Irish Channels) installed. Having checked with Saorview ltd, i found that they are not on this tv at all.

Reviewed by Michael Campbell from Uk on 4th Jun 2016
TV is slow at doing anything can't change channel most the to and when you finely think it's going change channel it don't and then it freezing.

Reviewed by Don from UK on 31st May 2016
I like this TV the picture is superb. However it would be nice to have a user manual that covered most of the options! A manual can be downloaded from the Sony site- 102 pages but it still looks a bit sparse.

Reviewed by Jim Suttie from United Kingdom on 12th Mar 2016
Worst TV I have ever had, very poor support manual is not helpful does not provide enough detail on problems, the TV is not used often as in a sun room, however when switched it defaults to no picture / audio only. It is difficult to amend the picture status and the remote control is very slow to respond. Finally reset all the settings on advice from PC World help desk and this has not resolved the issue, back to using my old Sharp TV which provides a picture on power up. Would not buy another Sony product which is a shame as my main TV is a Sony Bravia around 3 years old and it is excellent.
Please note that I am not someone who is not technical, I am an electronic engineer.

Reviewed by Ashley from England on 27th Feb 2016
Just returned this Sony to Currys, TV would not boot up so was left with a blank screen after 3 hours of trying, in shop they had another so asked to see it working before I took it home, no prizes for guessing this one was exactly the same a total piece of junk, will try a Samsung or the new Panasonics due out soon, no faith in Sony anymore.

Reviewed by Mike Hobbs from UK on 3rd Jan 2016
I purchased this TV on new year's eve with particular interest on seeing the fireworks in upscaled HD. I personally find the picture fantastic and haven't experienced any of the issues described below. Colours are superb and images sharp with HD upscaling. The 5 year guarantee gives confidence too. The only let down is the sound quality. The guy in the store (curry's) told me it would be very poor so advised me to buy a 250 sound bar and sub-woofer as there are no phono outs (that would enable me to wire to my hifi. Being naturally sceptical I told him I'd see how I got on with it. On setting it up I found the sound is very tinny to be fair and I decided I would wire it through the hifi via the headphone 3.5mm socket. The sound is actually good, but I've decided to order an adaptor for the optical output to phono connections which should make the sound great.

Other than that I think the TV is great and can't wait until 4K is available. At 699 I think it's a fair price for a 4K TV and would recommend it.

Reviewed by Pippa from UK on 22nd Dec 2015
I have just returned this TV after 1 week of constant trouble. Pixilating picture, constantly needed re-tuning, freezes in the menus and difficult to set up at certain stages. Screen sometimes went blank and froze in catch up TV quite a lot. Basically a week of stress. Luckily Curry's let me bring it in for checking and it performed badly for them too so I got a full refund. Word of warning, you need to prove to Currys that there is a fault before any returns or refunds are granted if it is unpacked. I will be going back to a Samsung now.

Reviewed by George from uk on 3rd Dec 2015
I Exchanged this model for the KD43X8309CBU I had purchased three weeks before and did not expect that this the 49" would end up having the same problem?
The remote when you want to change channels, fail to work you can operate other functions on the remote.
You end up having to turn it off at the mains socket and restart the TV, happened quite a lot, you can turn it off with the remote & but you are left with the sound of the channel you had been watching and a blank screen. have now returned it to store.

Reviewed by Tom from UK on 6th Nov 2015
Looks great on paper and when I first bought it I liked it although it didn't have a number of catch up services. Recently they have added itv player, all4 and five on demand. But the biggest gripe is the android OS which is simply not good enough. Constant freezes, unresponsive menus and weird things such as TV being off but sound continuing to play. I will probably have to return it based on this because it's unusable.

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