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Tesco Mobile

 In a nutshell  

Date: September 2007

Tesco Mobile is a virtual mobile network, using the O2 mobile network to supply its services, giving it 99% coverage of the UK population.



Tesco also offers mobile phone insurance on pay monthly phones it sells.

User questions

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For my £2.50 how many text messages do i get?

Asked by liam from kelly on 15th Sep 2018

Why can’t I access my emails?

Asked by Julie Burgess from Tunisa on 16th Jun 2018
I have used my safety buffer within 10 mins of being in this country it just went without me even using my phone now I’m stuck with no data , mins or text.

Who is my contract with if my phone is faulty?

Asked by Allie Crewe from Britain on 2nd Feb 2018
I have a contract with Tesco Mobile. My Samsung phone over heated. I returned it to Tesco in the pre-paid envelope. They offered me a new one, then changed their minds. They said they would get back to me and called once the next day whilst I was working - though I have no record of that call. All phone calls are recorded so there will be a record. 9 days passed without contact. I went into my local store today to ask for help and they gave me their landline to facilitate the 32 min phone call. Tesco have said that I must go to Samsung. They offered me £50 compensation for my inconvenience. I use my phone for business. They offered to permit me to buy a new phone. I have taken no action as yet and asked for a record via email.

My rights state that:

If your phone forms part of your mobile phone contract, your claim would be against your mobile phone service provider and you may be entitled to a free repair or replacement as part of your contract.

It’s worth checking your mobile operator’s terms and conditions to see what you’re entitled to.

In addition to your mobile phone operator’s terms and conditions, you also have your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act (which replaced the Supply of Goods and Services Act from 1 October 2015).

This means your mobile provider – in addition to providing their service to you with reasonable skill and care – has to ensure the actual handset is of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

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Tesco Mobile user reviews

Sorry - reviews and comments on this page are now closed.

Average rating from 857 reviews:

Reviewed by Joe from United kingdom on 21st Jun 2018
Never had so many spam calls or messages before I changed to Tesco and my wifi allowance is eaten up even with roaming switched off. Someone is scamming!

Reviewed by Beth from United Kingdom on 8th Jun 2018
DO NOT USE TESCO MOBILE! Appalling service and returns policy. My brand new Motorola stopped working after six months, still in guarantee. I could not return the phone via the store I bought it from, had to wait for a jiffy bag, then post it back to them. They tried to blame me for the phone not working and offered to SELL me a replacement! I am going back to my previous phone company. Their Customer Service and returns policy comes nowhere near the main Tesco standard. Very untrustworthy which makes me question my loyalty to Tesco. GO ELSEWHERE.

Reviewed by Sylvia Jenkinson from Uk on 5th Jan 2018
I have a monthly contract with Tesc Mobile, but am in South Africa for 6 weeks and find my phone virtually useless while here, txt messages won’t go and I don’t receive them most of the time either, I’m afraid I shall be cancelling my contract when I get back home , hugely disappointed.

Reviewed by Philip Knaggs from UK on 26th Dec 2017
Ripoff merchants. Confusing data upgrade so I ended up on the standard rate instead of new data plan for a couple of days, for which they charged me £65 instead of the usual £15 I am careful to keep to. I was sent 3 'reset' passwords at the same time, so locked myself out trying to check the situation. Zero sympathy from the helpdesk, who announced they were proud to work for a ripoff company. Good bonus, no doubt.

Reviewed by Alex Laing from UK on 18th Dec 2017
Utter rubbish. No signal in most of East Anglia, limited signal in Dorset and Hampshire. Monthly deduction from Tesco varies each month by 25p, not massive, but annoying and unable to get any explanation from Tesco at all. They don't actually know! But no refund, of course. Stopped using their shops ages ago, cannot wait to dump this contract and get a decent one.

Reviewed by Eric from England on 4th Dec 2017
Swapped from Vodafone to Tesco Mob using I-phone 4s. Everything was great. Bought my wife an I phone SE outright and took a Tesco Monthly SIM contract. Everything was great.

The old IPhone 4s battery was failing so upgraded to a Tesco 24 month deal on an SE with a Tesco monthly deal. Needed 2 SIMs before it left the store. Need a third SIM a few weeks later because I could not respond to some texts.
The problem stops for a few weeks and then recurs. There is no noticeable pattern for the intermittent problem, not always the same number that fails, and the number can be texted from my wife's phone from the same room.
Have had several 'on line chats' that frequently bring no progress. Spoken to a UK CC operator who sent another new SIM (number 4. Problem struck again Sunday 3 rd of December.

No logic when My wife's phone and SIM work perfectly and mine doesn't. Feel like dumping the deal.

Reviewed by cc from england on 3rd Nov 2017
Got a new mobile phone as my old one kept turning itself off.New one came with no visable phone number , no paperwork . I phoned support using a much older phone -So the advisor tried but ...
the numbers they told me to use, didn't work - then they have said I cannot use my new phone for 24 hours.
The customer services have no idea how to deal with people with disabilities .Reeling off long lines of numbers while having to try write it down .The team seem to imply it's all so easy.

The sim cards in both phones Do Not work now .

I think I could quite easily stop using a mobile phone because if you are talking to customer services on a broken phone , well you just can't.That is why you get a new phone or one reason at least.
I think the next time I want to phone or text someone I'll use the public phone box it will be a lot quicker.
I'd like to know what part of being disabled the tech team don't get.You cannot be expected to hold a phone and write down numbers when they talk so fast if you do not have use of both hands.I felt so annoyed and upset and yes in valid.
It was like failing my exams.


Reviewed by zoe from england on 27th Oct 2017
Fed up with the service from the tesco live chat team! no one seems to know what they are doing! i ask for something and they do the opposite..



Reply by Eric from England on 4th Dec 2017
You're right.
Waste of time.

Reviewed by Michael from England on 21st Aug 2017
Their Triple Credit is good but when topping up £15 or more it's not clear what gets used first, is it the free credit (the tripled credit) or the free bundle that you can choose?

Reviewed by N K from UK on 28th Jul 2017
Tesco mobile has no 4G coverage anywhere in the UK. Not in London, Scotland, or Manchester. I find it so frustrating.

Reply by Dave from england on 1st Aug 2018
I get 4g all the time, everytime.

Reviewed by tiff brown from cleethorpes on 16th Jul 2017
I find tesco mobile internet,slow, over priced,and never is 4g available. all the bundles(rocket packs)give less allowance than other networks.the phones are locked so you cannot use on another network if you leave.I cannot work out why any one bothers with tesco.

Reviewed by Larry from UK on 10th Jun 2017
I was already with them when my wife's phone went kaput, so I decided to update to another phone and gave her my old one.
In store I asked about swapping my contacts and pics over but the assistant was useless and I lost them.
When I've hit my safely buffer and asked for a one off bundle I've been unable to log in with my phone. Doesn't accept my username and/or password so then I get in touch with customer help but it happens the month after and will happen again
The tesco app is just as pointless. It tell me what I've used and that's it.
No more tesco Mobile for me.

Reviewed by Bethan from Wales on 3rd Jun 2017
Absolutely appalling and unacceptable customer services. I'm a new customer and was trying to purchase one of their sim only deals which sounded too good to be true.. turns out it was! I tried for 4 days through their website, their telephone services and finally in store. All of which told me I had "reached the limit of attempts and I was to try again in 24 hours". Well I did as such. I waited more than 24 hours on every occasion and they still said the same "I reached the limit of attempts and I was to try again in 24 hours". After the fourth day and actually going into the store and speaking to a lovely lady who in fairness did absolutely everything she could for me and said how rubbish their so called "award winning" customer service was, she even rang the customer service herself TWICE in front of me because she had no trust in your support team. She was embarrassed to tell me there was absolutely nothing she could do for me and she didn't understand why the website was not working and nobody could give her any explanations. This was one of your very own staff! Long story short... I gave up and took out a contract with another company. So well done Tesco mobile.. you've lost a brand new customer.

Reviewed by Morgan from United Kingdom on 26th Apr 2017
We will never use Tesco Mobile in future and parents especially need to look for a much better provider.
We purchased an Iphone 5 for our daughter. We expained the phone was for a child, we needed to keep costs down, didn't want to be going over monthly tariff etc. They recommended a £17 a month contract.
We were not informed a buffer could be placed on the phone, despite the sales person knowing that the phone was for a teenager.
February Bill and March Bill was £117 per month !!!!. Cheaper to buy the phone. Our daughter had forgotten to turn off the data. I went into the store to take out this contract - I did so in order to receive advice - if i knew what I was doing and all about buffers and contracts I would have ordered online. I feel the advice fell well short of a standard I would expect. Myself, my husband and other children have all had contracts with a range of providers and NEVER been charged like this ??
I feel very let down.

Reviewed by Sid from u.k. on 8th Apr 2017
Phone went wrong, 0nly had it 4 months, so went to Tesco. They said a prepaid return box would be sent to me, which arrived 1 week later. After two weeks the phone was returned to me, I would have thought Tesco would return the item and not me, still not happy with the phone. Wont be going back to Tesco again, I will go to a phone specialist shop when the contract is ended. Not Happy.

Reviewed by ivor from tesco uk on 29th Mar 2017
What a load of rubbish Tesco mobile is. Never ever had a 4g signal even though I have an expensive 4g phone.I down loaded a weather app it took over half hour while doing this it dropped out 4 times still you get club card points.and every little helps a decent 3g 4g signal would be nice don't put up with rubbish leave I did tesco mobile is a cash cow even there phones are triple locked a law unto them selfs.

Reviewed by Paula from Uk on 14th Mar 2017
Just switched from o2 which I had 2G of data a month which I never used. Apparently Tesco is saying I have used my 3gb of data in 3 weeks and over night when I've mostly had it switched off I have used £6.02 in extra charges as well as another 1g data I have purchased.
This has now rolled over so I have no data until the 13th April!!!


Reply by Eric from England on 4th Dec 2017
I hit my £2.50 buffer every month. When I ask why theysay it could be overlong texts, MMS, or countless other causes.

They never say exactly why !
I think they are scamming.

Reviewed by Josephine from United Kingdom on 7th Mar 2017
They should just stick to Groceries because their telephones contract are horrible.

I have Samsung S5 with 1GB internet allowance. The internet finishes in one blink of an eye.
Every month I'm forced to increase my safety buffer resulting to me paying £70 by the end of the month.
Today was my last straw, my £10 safety buffer finished within 5 minutes.
At this rate it will cheaper for me the end the contract than increase my safety buffer.

I deeply REGRET getting this contract.

Reviewed by Pete from Scotland on 7th Mar 2017
Why don't tesco mobile offer any extras for existing customers?

Reviewed by Robert Henderson from Uk on 4th Mar 2017
I have had an appalling experience. Bought my son a Apple 5s from Sunbury Tesco with 4 g. 3G and 4 g never works. Rang over 10 times spending hours on phone. Been to shop twice. Always fobbed off, no one takes responsibility. Everytime I phone there is no history. I just want to end the contract. Surely if I buy something and it's not delivered the contract is void. This is unacceptable, poor customer practice, never again and I will actively discourage anyone from using Tesco mobile, excuse makers. No compensation for my time. I am an educated professional and. Director with 850 staff. I will be making sure that no one buys Tesco mobile. Tried to rate you on internet but can't for other customers. Is there a link please or is this deliberate attempt to avoid negative feedback?

Reviewed by Jodie from United Kingdom on 13th Jan 2017
I set up a monthly plan with Tesco on the 5th December 2016 I then cancel it because I don't need the phone so I sent it back with in a week, I rang them to find out if they have received the phone and when will I get my refund back they said the receive the phone on the 29 December 2016. The guy said I should receive it in 3 to 5 days a week pass call agin talk to other guy he said the same thing 3 to 5 days it the 13 January 2017 and still waiting for my refund. The joke is someone told me today I will get the my refund on the 23 January 2017 now due to the fact that how the contacts goes but I started my contacts on the 5 December. But why couldn't the People who I talk to first couldn't have told me that first of all. Am just not really happy how they deal with me it just seem like no one really know what they are doing........

Reviewed by johnnyreggae from United Kingdom on 4th Dec 2016
Great company to deal with. Spoke with a gentleman called Devon earlier today & he was very friendly helpful & considerate. Been with Tesco Mobile for over 2 years now as has the Mrs. We're both on sim only deals and find their prices to be very fair, certainly a lot more affordable than some of the 'big' boys. Never ever had any issues with them to be honest. Keep up the good work Tesco Mobile!

Reviewed by Kerry jennk from England on 25th Nov 2016
I had an awful experience with tescos mobile i was messed about so much I went to the durrington tescos branch phone shop on the 14th of November and the guy there ordered a Samsung galaxy s7 in for me as they didn't have the colour I wanted in stock . I asked him when will it be here he responded tomorrow guaranteed tomorrow by 3pm i was chuffed so I went home came back the following day the 15th and guess what there was no phone there, I went to the click'n'collect no phone I went to the phone store they hadn't received it either I asked the guy working there where is my phone he couldn't tell me and was in fact useless I was more annoyed the fact the first guy who ordered the phone in had given me false information it's not very good customer's skills he tells me to go home and wait for an email which I was not told by the first guy. So I do so I recieved an email the following day the 16th so I go in collect my phone from click'n'ollect all good so far. Go to the phone store department for them to put my old number on my new sim so the woman working there Sophie took the number off the box of my new phone and took down my current number put into the computer and said it would take 24hrs. So I waited till 130 the following day (17th 24hrs later) phone not swapped over so I call tescos customers care tell them the situation and my detail and got told that Sophie in durrington tescos store had taken my the phone number down wrong off the box I just think staff should take more care when doing this then there's no incorrect information filled in so any the guy asks me to read the number off the box to him so I did he repeated it back to me I then read it to him a second time so there wouldn't be any incorrect information passed over he then read it back to blame again it was correct I was then told I would have to wait another 24hr by this point I was just so annoying and disappointed with the lack of skills of the staff the guy said he could deducted so much of my next issued bill for the inconvenience then to recieved an email 2mins after finishing that call " please can you call tescos customers care there's been some incorrect information" I thought it was a joke so anyway I called them back again and spoke to Ahamer who was in fact very helpfull and the only member of staff the took the correct information he told me that the previous guy had taken my number down wrong( I didn't think it was possible as he even read it back to apparently he'd taken down a 2 instead of an 8) so I gave him the number again he read it back dreading I was then going to have to wait another 24hrs i was told then again for the inconvenience my sims would be swapped over with the next couple of hours which in fact were within the hour so a phone I should of had working on Tuesday I actually in fact had working Thursday and I'm really not happy with the service I was give prior to this amends and demand some sort of compensation as my bill was not deducted and for stuff to take more care when taking details.

Reviewed by Vaughan bowen from Uk on 13th Nov 2016
Coverage in llandudno junction and Mochdre areas have seriously declined complaints to tesco have not improved the coverage.
Request to change provider met with tesco trying to charge extra.
If you are experiencing a reduced coverage please make a formal complaint to tesco.
Very poor customer service from tesco mobile.
In store help at Llandudno junction 1stclass.

Reviewed by Frances Mepham from UK on 11th Nov 2016
Just filled out Customer Survey on line, and forgot to mention the assistant who served me. her name was Lola and if anyone should get a pat on the back its her. So patient and understanding of my needs.

Reviewed by Julie M S from UK on 8th Nov 2016
Have a problem with Tesco Mobile, have contacted them 9 times , have been promised each time the problem is resolved and it still isn't.
I have asked to make an official complaint twice and still haven't had a call back.
If they want your money they contact you, if they have messed up heaven help you they don't care.
I have been waiting for a manager to call back for a month , im expecting to see Santa first.....

Wish I could give minus rating they don't deserve a 1......

Reviewed by Jane from Uk on 30th Oct 2016
I bought iPhone SE and the coverage is absolutely useless, my daughter can't send me messages from school and never gets mine until she gets home. Yet my son on Vodafone had no problems. The phone is more or less useless when the contract is up I will be moving.

Reply by Emma from U.K on 22nd Feb 2018
Jane- this is exactly what’s happening to my daughter!! I get texts from her I reply but she doesn’t get them so she keeps texting me asking why I won’t answer, she only gets the texts when she gets home and her phone connects to the WiFi! I’d understand her not being able to text if she runs out of her monthly text (pretty sure she has unlimited texts but if not she has enough that she shouldn’t run out) but there’s no reason why she shouldn’t receive texts. Will try and call them out it but probably won’t be any help. (She has an iPhone se too)

Reviewed by zara from ireland on 29th Oct 2016
I absolutely hate tesco mobile as for they charge me extra bills that I don't ow them I don't advise them to anyone I can't wait to start with 3 ie. 😠😤😡😬

Reviewed by Benben from United Kingdom on 29th Oct 2016
Coverage for tesco mobile is rubbish in worlebury. I don't know how they get away with it. Whats the point of paying for a mobile if I also have to have a landline?

Reviewed by Ben from Uk on 26th Oct 2016
Awful company loyalty counts for nothing, greed will only send the company bust as 1 unhappy customer turns many. Can not get the truth from this company they lie to please.

Reviewed by mary from uk on 28th Sep 2016
I have had 4 new phones and contracts over 4 years with Tesco mobile without incident. Suddenly since May this year I have had the worst time with my line.
Error messages that are nonsense, cant call out, getting cut off each time, cant send or get texts for days at a time.
Solutions included phone repair but there was nothing wrong with the phone. Had 5 Tesco sim cards in 5 different phones in 3 days, and they all showed the same fault.
Went out and bought £5 credit sim with a different large provider, tried it in my phone and it works fine. Tesco tech cannot figure out the fault, meanwhile I was left with a perfectly good phone with still 5 months to pay, that wont work properly.
This contract ends in about 4 weeks so regretfully I am leaving tesco, and taking the second mobile also to a new network. I would not recommend Tesco, unless they sot this problem out, from what I gather I am not the only person with this tech problem that has gone unsolved and it is so annoying. They have been great at refunding me stuff and trying to sort it out, but the CS is rubbish most times.I have to leave Tesco mobile, as I can be paying monthly for a contract that I cant use. :(

Reviewed by Adam from Lowestoft on 23rd Sep 2016
Love tesco network pay £17 get
Brilliant offer good 4G sometimes 3G but family and friends on the network keep up the good work :))

Reviewed by Will from England on 16th Sep 2016
Worst phone company. Wrongfully charged me £12.50 a month for over a year after I requested my contract to be terminated. Found out this was the case so blocked payments. Customer support apologised and said they would try resolve the issue and make a refund. Instead they sent a debt collection agency to come a collect more money from me for preventing more money coming out my account. Robbed me once behind my back and then again in front of my face.

Reply by Alda from Scotland on 19th Nov 2017
I have an issue very similar to this ongoing at the moment. How did you resolve the matter and did you go to the ombudsman ? Did you prove to them that you cancelled the contract ? Would be very interested to hear. Thank you .

Reviewed by Dannii from England on 16th Sep 2016
I have been with Tesco's about 3 years or so and never had a problem but for the last few months I have been running out of texts, I have 5 thousand, it's not possible to use that many texts in 1 month!

Reply by Megan from UK on 15th Jun 2017
The messages will send triple times to who you send them to! My mates have been showing me when I send one message they'll get it 3 or 5 times. I will NEVER EVER EVER use Tesco mobile again once my contract ends. Worst service ive ever had.

Reviewed by John Kusz from Scotland on 8th Sep 2016
Got a great deal a few years back from Tesco at £7.50 a month for sim only deal which gives me 1000 mins talk time, unlimited texts and 500 my data. This suited my needs perfectly. At that time they used the Vodafone network and reception was good, but they then changed their network to EE and reception in Hamilton is now very poor. The staff at the phone department at the Bellshill store are really very helpful and pleasant and very knowledgeable when I paid a visit to them . Apart from the poor reception I am happy with my deal, which incidentally has never been seen again.

Reply by John from UK on 22nd Oct 2016
Tesco Mobile only use o2 network.

Reply by Bill from UK on 23rd Nov 2016
John Kusz, Asda Mobile used Vodafone network and later switched to EE network so it was Asda Mobile you are talking about. Tesco Mobile has always been on O2 network.

Reviewed by Fay from Scotland on 4th Sep 2016
Think tesco should review the network they use as coverage is VERY poor in many areas. I cannot understand the 99% coverage! I must the majority of the time be in the 1% that isn't covered!!!!

Reviewed by Christine from Denbighshire on 8th Aug 2016
Terrible service will not be using again. Phone is faulty with a processing error which they are aware about send of repair they refused due to damage on the back. Granted now this phone from day 1 has been kept in a hard shell case with a leather cover round it, get it back from them to see a slight chip out of the top of the back cover (which must have been there from day 1. Infant it looks like it is part of the cover. Anyway because of this they won't repair the processing error unless I pay £45 the phone is on,y £60 new!!!! Work that 1 out!!! Never again will I use tesco.

Reviewed by steve from United Kingdom on 3rd Aug 2016
I have been with Tesco for over 3 years, previously used orange, o2 and EE.
I have found no reason to complain at all. My tariff, coverage and customer service had been very good throughout.
I would fully recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Michael from Wales on 2nd Aug 2016
Be aware if your contract is at an end tesco will keep charging you £9.00pm unless you phone up and do a new sim only contract. A saving of £1.50pm for same allowance. So if you have paid for your mobile and are happy with a sim only contract give them a call as they won't let you know.

Reviewed by Hilary from UK on 1st Aug 2016
I have been with Tesco Mobile for years and I have 4 phones under my contract, 3 for my children and one for myself. I have had no real problems only queries and have always had these answered/resolved politely and efficiently.

I was with Vodafone before who were terrible, as you could never speak to anyone.

As long as you understand the contract you are in and Tesco customer services, will answer/explain this to you and do not make you feel stupid when asking very basic questions.

I have a buffer on all 4 phones and have never had any surprising bills. I have been able to upgrade early very easily.

One thing I will say I have dealt with all upgrade/queries by phone, which has been very good but recently I found a nearby Tesco store where you can go in and see someone, which was even better and I will be doing this from now on, as we got the early upgrade and phone at that visit together with SIM swap all sorted at that time. Brilliant, thanks Tesco.

Reviewed by Stuart cooke from Uk on 27th Jul 2016
Basically missed a payment of 20 pound and was not told by tesco the next 2 months payments went out as normal then got an email saying that I had been cut off and I owe tesco 249 pound for the rest of the contract I rung them to see if I could make a double payment to catch up and the woman basically said no it's 250 pound in the next week or it's passed on to a dept collector absolutely shocked by how this has been handled by tesco would not pass them on to any one I no and all this from missing a payment of 20 pound it's a right joke has anyone had a problem like this or apart from settling the dept have tesco gone the right way about this or what ? Let me no cheers.

Reply by Stephen from Ireland on 17th Aug 2016
The same thing happened to me. Missed a payment in November and instead of notifying me they continued to stop charging me whilst notifying me by text every month that my bill had gone through. Now my incoming and outgoing calls and texts are barred and my data is disconnected. Now I'm being told that I owe 200 up front of a 750 debt I've accumulated to reactivate my phone.

Reply by Chris from England on 30th Sep 2016
Yes same thing happened to me absolute joke.

Reviewed by Di from Somerset on 24th Jul 2016
Have stayed with telco mobile for 7 years because it had a good signal where I live (most networks don't) however 2 weeks ago a local mast was so called upgraded and now I can't get a signal at home at all. Really disappointing as I recently converted 3 family members over and they all have the same problem, pleases put it back as it was !!!

Reply by Karen from U.K. on 11th Oct 2016
I'm the same. Turns out the upgrade included switching off one of the 3 masts in my area so now I have no signal. Luckily my contract ended this month however my partner upgraded 3 months ago and is now in a 24 m contract and we can't get calls or texts at home! I'm off to find a supplier that works at my house. Shame as I've been with tesco for years.

Reviewed by Jane Smith from Uk on 22nd Jul 2016
Wanted a simple new phone with new number from Tescomobile. Thought it would be straightforward. How wrong could I be. I took out a phone on monthly contract but for some reason unbeknown to anyone but himself the so-called manager decided to give me a different number to the one on the SIM card. I assume he knew what he was doing and trusted it would be OK. However, the phone did not work when I got it home so I went back again the next day. I was seen by another assistant who assured me, after an hour that he had sorted it and it would be working ok the next day. Again, trustingly I accepted this. What a fool I was. Of course it didn't work so I had to go back yet again. This time another different assistant who said he wanted to give me another number but by this time I had had enough and told him to cancel the whole thing. I'm just hoping now that they have cancelled it and I don't get a bill. I'll stick with my old phone and iPad. Much easier.

Reviewed by Ken from UK on 20th Jul 2016
Why cant I have a contract with NO BUFFER as it used to be. If other people need a buffer then they can ask for it but it shouldnt be forced on to everyone. If you don't want it why have it.

Reviewed by Georgia from England on 19th Jul 2016
I have never had an issue with Tesco mobile. They cap my allowances, meaning I am never 'scammed', I am almost always in signal and I think my 8gb a month with thousands of texts and 750 mins isn't too bad for a meer £18 considering what others charge.

Reviewed by S from Uk on 11th Jul 2016
Great network, never have any trouble with signal etc, much better than my previous provider.

Reviewed by Michelle from United Kingdom on 1st Jul 2016
I hardly ever have a signal unless I stand in the middle of an empty field. When I do have a signal my phone cuts off mid-conversation and I then have to restart the phone. Most people can't get through because it goes straight to voicemail and when they do get through they can barely hear me because my signal is so bad. It's infuriating that I am paying monthly for a phone I cannot use!

Reviewed by A Charlesworth from England on 30th Jun 2016
Tesco's signal no matter where you are is rubbish I won't be staying with Tesco after November.

Reviewed by Mr from Hussain on 24th Jun 2016
Tesco mobile, signal is very poor! I'm on 3G and it keeps dropping to E which is annoying. Why is it doing this?????

Reviewed by Rob from United Kingdom on 22nd Jun 2016
Poor customer service, high prices for rare 4G, data in general and many limitations throughout the phone! Most mobiles use more storage than they should and the contracts are made to scam you...

Reviewed by Walter Lomax from England on 20th Jun 2016
I have a Motorola E mobile on pay as you go. I put £10 on yesterday and have sent 4 text's since. Have checked my credit £8.97p which means the phone has taken £1.03p for 4 text's. What could be taking my money? I'm on standard tarif? Have loads of apps on the phone that I don't use & don't go on the Internet with it. Anybody got any ideas why it's charging me 25p+ a text. Also how can I get rid of the apps?

Reply by S21 from UK on 21st Jun 2016
Hi Walter, it sounds like you may be sending MMS messages instead of SMS. This can happen if you go over your character limit, or include emojis, or if you send a group message.

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 19th Jun 2016
I've had a Tesco Mobile sim only plan for a few years and cannot fault Tesco Mobile. If I ever need to call CS for any reason they are polite, professional and knowledgeable. Coveragewise as it uses O2 I have no issues at all. A happy customer.

Reviewed by dave from uk on 10th Jun 2016
Had no signal on my tesco mobile now for 2 weeks absolute rubbish do not go with tesco mobile you will be wasting your money.
very unhappy customer.

Reviewed by michael from England on 10th Jun 2016
I took a contract out but decided it wasn't for me I went back to the store with in the 14 days of taking out and got told I can swap the contact over to someone else I rung up tesco mobile to make sure the contract was changed because of a falling out with the other people I then get told I can't swap the contract over but if I still wanted to stop the contract I can take the phone back into the store and ring up tesco mobile and because I was LIED to by one of their advicers I would have to pay anything then I got told by 2 other people from tesco Mobile that I will have to pay the full amount to stop the contract STAY AWAY FROM TESCO MOBILE I was LIED to TWICE by them in order to get more money out of me.

Reviewed by Reavell from U.K on 8th Jun 2016
I have had Tesco contract since January. Appalling made countless calls regarding signal.Had new sim card phone returned for check. Still disgrace intermittant signal cannot send messages calls straight onto voice mail phone cuts out mid conversation. I am constantly being told maintenance on mast receive call to say evetything now fine. WELL ITS NOT and probably never will ne. Now been offered chance to leave my contract with no payment BUT I have to pay for phone no chance..Are there no managers at call centres like banging your head against a brick wall. AVOID TESCO AT ALL COST.

Reviewed by Kathleen bowron from Uk on 7th Jun 2016
I thought Tesco mobile used EE so I imagined the coverage would be great. Researching online and it seems to be O2 network which is useless in the house and lots of other local places. Wish I had realised before signing up. I wanted the new phone mainly for internet at home as I don't have a computer, what a waste of time that was.!! Lots of places just say Emergency coverage only. Wish the sales persons had checked the coverage though I can't fault them otherwise.

Reviewed by Annoyed from UK on 2nd Jun 2016
Voicemail PIN keeps getting reset though Tesco Mobile deny this is possible.
Every 3-5 days i have to set my PIN again.
So annoyed will change provider.
Avoid Tesco Mobile, argumentative support staff.

Reviewed by Unhappy from UK on 1st Jun 2016
Tesco Mobile sold me a new contract (to replace the existing month by month contract I was on).

And continued to charge me for the old one as well as the new, the bills get emailed so I did not notice straight away.
When I did notice, I did online chat(wasted 30 mins) to no avail. I was advised to call in business hours. I did this and I was told that because I had made one 7 min call on the phone they left on contract instead of making it pay and go, they would not refund me the 3 months contract !!!!

I advise avoidance where contract is concerned. They also tried to charge me for cancelling the contract they had not cancelled originally.

Reviewed by gregg from uk on 22nd May 2016
Has no signal more often than not. Support is limited to saying "you should get signal in 99% of the UK".

Reviewed by Marc from uk on 21st May 2016
no immediate provision for emergency credit as I am only person in my circle to be on tesco.

an up to 3pounds loan would suffice which which when runs out is taken from your future balance top ups.

Reviewed by robert price from UK on 11th May 2016
I lost my pay as you go mobile so needed a new one I got a new one from tesvo glossop which was sold to me as being the same payg as I had on my old mobile where by I paid for credit when this ran out I dialed 4444 and got more credit I have now found out I was tricked in to buying a phone and that service as it does not supply me with product I asked for you also stole £20 worth of credit that I put on the phone when I bought this payg phone I asked for it to be on the same credit payment as the old phone used; and as such this phone is of no use to me as I cant afford to use it I now need you to put me on to the way I paid before as I reqested when purchase the said phone or I will commence peceedings to recover my losses do you try this on with all your customers or was I just unlucky?

Reviewed by TrishS from England on 9th May 2016
I have to agree with most of the posters on here Tesco are a disgrace. I am in my fourth year and pay for 3 phones for members of my family. Each year they have become worse and worse. I have had so much trouble this year and still have another 10 month to go. Will I renew - not on your nelly as the saying goes!!! Wish I could give them - 5.

Reviewed by M b from United Kingdom on 3rd May 2016
Tesco mobile well what can I say .Tesco mobile keep breaking the contract between tesco and customers.buy providing rubbish phones I have had 4 phones from tesco all have gone wrong all they say is sorry we understand no they don't they wouldn't put up with it so why should all the customers my new phone should of been here today but no Tesco have asked yodel to take it back to tesco what a mess up on Tesco behalf.

Reviewed by Laus156 from Uk on 2nd May 2016
Tesco you are amazing! I have had 2 personal problems and rang Tesco who assisted me straight away! I can't believe I stayed with Vodafone for the 15 years I did as they are rude and would never of done what tescos have! i cant thank you enough as this tough stage of life!

Reviewed by Lisa from Ireland on 22nd Apr 2016

Reviewed by Cerys from Britain on 12th Apr 2016
So, my phone stopped working completely at around 7pm last night so I checked my monthly allowance and it said how I had used all of my minutes, 5000 texts and 3000mb of data. Basically everything I get with my monthly package from the 23rd of March to the 11th of April, even though I checked on the 10th and I had near enough everything remaining, so I contacted my phone network and it was a problem on their behalf and would take from 2 to 6 hours to reimburse everything. I woke up this morning with still nothing left, so I went to the store and ended up contacting a manager who was very rude, and they had suspended my contract because I had used around 100 text messages in one day, when I'm entitled to 5000, they had planned on suspending my contract until the 23rd of this month which would of left me with no way to contact anybody unless I was connected to wifi. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of, suspending my whole contract because I used roughly 100 text messages in a day leaving me with no data, minutes, texts and also charging the £2.50 safety buffer I have in place.

Reviewed by Mags from Scotland on 12th Apr 2016
Cannot wait till my contract ends worst signal ever the coverage is absolutely nil so disappointed.

Reviewed by n hutson from England on 2nd Apr 2016
U feel that tesco don't care about you or your complaint after you have signed a contract with them have moned 4 times about coverrigde to sg192nj but falls on death ears even video trying to get a call out to prove to them that what im saying is ture hay ho 4 mouths to go.

Reviewed by Jennifer from Ireland on 31st Mar 2016
My husband wanted to buy a new phone online on tesco mobile web.He bought it and paid.we got the confirmation email too. However the next day the purchase was declined for none reason. Just great. Tesco has the worst customer service. And the best our money will be refunded in the next 6 to 7 working day. If we want to buy another phone we are not allowed to do it for the next 6 months and the customer service told us to read term and conditions. SO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BUY ANY PHONE FROM TESCO THINK TWICE BEFORE DOING IT AND BETTER FOR YOU TO READ THE TERM AND CONDITION PROPERLY. 2 years that i an a customer of tesco..i an very dissapointed ...and its the second time that tesco treat me unfairly. Thanks a lot tesco mobile.

Reviewed by n hutson from uk on 29th Mar 2016
Brought s4 18 month ago had no reception the hole time sg192nj have taken phone back 4times but get a negative response and phone put down on me from customer care went in today to be told we can send phone away and you can keep sim but you still pay for air time even video try to make calls but I'm only one person will be going back to O2 and that suck for customer care.

Reviewed by Tyler James from United Kingdom on 22nd Mar 2016
Brilliant network, better than the ones I've been with before! I recommend tesco mobile!

Reviewed by Aqsa from Scotland on 15th Mar 2016
Tesco customer service have gone out of their way to help me provide documents which needed every little detail, to my insurance company for my claim. Every time I called, the advisors were polite and extremely helpful despite my persistent pestering, they made sure I receive all the required detail. The customer service is topnotch!

Reviewed by becks from uk on 10th Mar 2016
My phone is great i love it. But the fact that tesco charge me extra if sending longer texts is really bad. This catches me out alot, I pay enough for my contract as it is thankyou very much!

Reply by Paul from UK on 23rd Mar 2016
If your text message converts to a MMS, this would be why youre getting charged extra. After about the third page, send the message and continue to write out a new message with the rest of your text. This should avoid it converting to an MMS and being charged 25p :)

Reviewed by david vallis from uk on 9th Mar 2016
WARNING ....don't in my view ever consider using Tesco mobile. If something goes wrong and you need help the inaptly named customer service staff work as robots and have no idea of the meaning of customer service. There is no hierarchy they can pass you onto if you are not satisfied with their assistance leading to further frustration. Then of course there's the the signal which is at best intermittent and/or weak thereby giving a less than acceptable service. I should have read the reviews before signing up with them as it appears most people agree they are a bunch of wasters.

Reviewed by Malcolm from England on 9th Mar 2016
To be fair to Tesco mobile customer services, they have always been polite and helpful during my contact with them. However the actual mobile service is the worst I have had the misfortune to use. constant lose of signal and very weak signal at the best of times. Using sims from 3 or BT networks I have a full strength signal so it's not my phone. Unfortunately only 3 months into an 18 month contract so a high charge to leave early, there should be regulation to allow us to leave if the service is constantly poor. Should have read some reviews before signing-up. Lesson Learnt.

Reply by Mark from UK on 10th Apr 2016
That will be your area, as BT and 3 are using a different group of shared masts than what o2 and Vodafone use. As they keep upgrading the network they seem to be getting bigger and better, however you need to ask questions to Tesco about your post code and coverage.

Reviewed by Colin Pepper from England on 6th Mar 2016
Don't have anything to do with Tesco! They have cut my phone off EIGHT times in the last year saying I have exceeded my buffer limit when I have not. None of their staff can give me an explanation! They did it 4 days ago with the promise of a call back in 24 hrs, needless to say not heard a thing! Save yourself a lot of hassle if you are reading this and go elsewhere! I would not even rate them 1 star if there was the facility to put zero!

Reviewed by John wood from Uk on 28th Feb 2016
Contacted teso mobile customer care Sunday morning. Phoebie was able to put my mind at rest. And solve my problem many thanks for all your help regards John Wood. Ref to premium texts.

Reviewed by DR ANDERSON from uk on 25th Feb 2016
Well been with tesco Mobile for 7 and a half years and in that time, it's been good, the only problem I used to have is when they only did pay as you go, and their data rates used to be £4/mb now the thing that really set me off is if the Internet button got pressed by accident then there goes your weeks top up.
Since tesco started doing contracts, I join one of them it was 3000 minuets 3000 texts and 1gb for 30 pounds a month, what a deal at the time and triple clubcard points as well, then in 2011 I took out a new contract because my phone died for good 750 mins 5000 texts and 1gb of data, this was on a Nokia N8, great phone for its time however as that started to get fairly dated thanks to Nokia and Their Symbian operating system, I decided at the end of that contract it was time to upgrade and opted for an S4, only problem I had was the sim card was a different size, so called tesco and they said they can transfer my number to the new sim card within 24 hours I said great, they did it within 2 hours of that call was very impressed.
Now that contract is up, I took out a ten pound a month contract same minuets same texts and data and now I even get 4G! where I did not before!
So to sum up been with them 7 and a half years and in that time I have not been with any one else but I would recommend them to anyone.
Got 10 people to Join tesco and they haven't looked back.
Signal is good in most places and prices are amazing if I could give this 10 stars then I would but 5 is good enough!

Reviewed by Joy from UK on 24th Feb 2016
Bad customer service, terrible app store!! I regret getting a contract phone with Tesco mobile!!! worse decision ever in my life!!!

Reply by Dean from England on 5th Mar 2016
I joined Tesco Mobile last year irbid the best Network I have been with as I was with EE now that is the worst Network going!

Reviewed by Gary White from England on 20th Feb 2016
Worst customer service ever. A month after i was told I would receive a refund on a former contract, arranged in store. nothing!.3 weeks later was told original contract was still active even after my number was transferred to a new sim and contract. I will be playing their game when the next bill arrives, I am cancelling the direct debit until they sort it. Hard to find a phone number and link for the mobile section. Very good at selling, very bad with after sales help unless it involves selling more products to you. I should have stayed on payg.

Reviewed by Shaz from UK on 18th Feb 2016
Tesco are absolutley amazing in UK. Very good customer service skills. Always sort problems out in one phone call. Never been let down by Tesco. Only wish i could have joined tesco years ago because my previous service provider VODAFONE was a total disgrace.

Reviewed by Tanya from United Kingdom on 17th Feb 2016
I switched to tesco mobile just under a year ago.

The tariff I am on is a pay monthly sim only and it's a lot better value for money than Orange that I used to be on. I only pay £12.50 per month and I've only gone over that once when I had to make calls to numbers that weren't covered within the plan. (Which by the way was set out clearly in the T&C).

I've travelled back and forth through England and Scotland and never had any issues with signal either.

Changing over was quick and easy and the only time I had to speak to customer service was when I activated my sim and the staff were very efficient and friendly.

Well worth it!

Reviewed by Tony Tardelli from UK on 17th Feb 2016
Tesco mobile is absolute disgrace. Never go with this company , they just want your money and staff at their Alloa store need to be re trained, they don't know the basic of the customer care and in particular their manager.

My phone is locked by Tesco because I have now got a new sim only card from another company. I have been advised that my phone should be unlocked between 7 to 28 days so I decided to get a new Tesco as you go sim for the duration . I hardly use my phone but it appears that my credit go down about £3 a day , I am not sure what I am paying for?

Reviewed by T from Scotland on 14th Feb 2016
My phone keeps sending one person the same text over and over I've blocked the number it still happens how on this gods earth how am I supposed to get it to stop it isn't showing up on my messages? Customer services are as much help as a chocolate fireplace. HELP!!!!

Reviewed by Monica Birchall from UK on 13th Feb 2016
Terrible service rude customer service and a total rip off.
Took out 2 year contract couldn't get a signal but they insisted I could even when I told them to check that I hadn't made ONE CALL from my address in 6 months.
I eventually bought an i phone and started to get a reasonable signal so I assume it was the phone they had given me!
As the end of the contract drew near I was in hospital phoned one day before the end for a PAC but didn't have the new sim card with me and was told I had to pay an extra month because I would be using their sim for one more day until I got home.

Reviewed by Percy Thrower from England on 10th Feb 2016
My Tesco PAYG mobile is the biggest load of junk ever. Incoming & Outgoing calls keep cutting off ( wherever I am ), store assistant's only remedy was to wipe sim card no clue after that. Avoid like the plague !!!!!

Reviewed by Mr Hunt from United Kingdom on 5th Feb 2016
I have never known such a bad company in all my life. my contracted phone broke with in two month and even though i was insured they refused to repair or replace my phone. the phone was already faulty but i was blamed for the damage after 6 months of them finally taking my phone and hoping for a new one they return the phone after 6 months and tell me there is water damage in the phone when the phone had no water damage when i sent it off. so even though i didn't own the phone for 6 months they still charge me and don't even apologise about my phone but will happily take my money. after the realization of not getting my phone fixed they said they will fix it for 90 pounds even though you could buy the same phone for £70 and the newer model of the phone for £85. so to rap everything up i have never known such poor customer value in any company and realize that they are happy to take my money for a non working phone.

Reviewed by IL from UK on 30th Jan 2016
triple locked tesco phone 1pound for 4 minutes on pay and go cor we will have some of that I kiss you

Reviewed by Mrs Heron from Uk on 27th Jan 2016
Disgusted in Tesco, again! Will they never learn! Read the press. Not shopping there anymore. Who do they think they are!

Reviewed by M hillier from Uk on 26th Jan 2016
Never buy a phone from tesco. They don,t want to do anything Just take your money.

Reviewed by Am from England on 26th Jan 2016
Taking more money off of me every month supposed to pay £33.50 a month for 2GB internet, 5000 texts and 2000 minutes for an iphone5s terrible deal total rip off. Constantly saying every month I've gone over when I still have all my internet, texts and calls!

Reviewed by Simon Harfield from England on 21st Jan 2016
Tesco is a store highly suitable for old people as I saw a worker guiding an elderly lady to their car whilst holding their heavy bags of shopping. I also think that Tesco provides suitability to their customers because they provide benches where the elderly have a chance to sit down. Overall, the store provides well for all their customers of all ages!

Reviewed by Dougie Shaw from UK on 18th Jan 2016
Tesco Mobile instore assistants & customer service are an absolute disgrace. Bought my phone from them together with a 24 month contract in September 15. Phone would not start up last night so took it back to Tesco Warrington. Assistant told me the battery had gone and being a sealed unit I would have to send it back to the manufacturers.
I asked what I was supposed to do without a phone. Assistant said buy a pay as you go from us.
Iím not sure what my rights are but Tesco Mobile were in no mood to help me in any shape or form.

Reviewed by Pete from England on 16th Jan 2016
Love the Tesco mobile app. But I can't find out how to update it
And why can't it automatically stop me overspending??
I only have a limited amount of money.

Reviewed by Thomas gourlay from Scotland on 13th Jan 2016
So many thing wrong I could go on forever rear but the main thing I'm annoyed about is that one day I got a £10 pound top up for my Microsoft 535 only used it very briefly outside my house and then again the next day a bit longer and I'm already out of data I don't know why anyone would chose to use telco to be honest because it is the worst network ever would rate 0 stars if possible.

Reviewed by FrancesO from U.K. on 10th Jan 2016
Don't even think of it! Appalling customer service and technical support. Never helpful, took 6 weeks for my new phone to turn up as courier kept misleading everyone and not delivering it and tesco unhelpful. New phone then broke down and tesco said warranty was void because back cover was damaged. When phone came back, there was no damage. Can't wait for contract to end as had to get a new phone so I am paying twice.

Reviewed by c.arbuthnott from england on 8th Jan 2016
I had my android stolen in Trafalgar Square late 18th December and rang Tesco 19th to cancel the sim and order a new one. I was told that I would get it in two days and that all my data would be available again once I rang them to activate the sim. By Christmas eve I still had not received the card and had to use a temporary number. By January 5th I still had not received the card and so rang again to order a new one .Again I was told to ring to activate once I had it.
I received the re-posted sim card on January 7th and rang to activate even though the number seemed active but there was no previous data - no contacts, apps etc.
When I rang I was told that there was no need to activate the number and that my data would not be retrievable unless I had saved it somewhere else. The operative was very surprised that I had been given all the above information by other colleagues.
So there were three incorrect pieces of information - the phone could not be delivered in two working days, there was no need to waste time ringing and holding on to find someone to activate the card and, most important of all, the data was not saved. I am more than disappointed.

Reviewed by Jaime from England on 5th Jan 2016
Found Tesco Mobile fantastic! Had a good 2 years with them on my contract, I was able to change my tariff and I liked that flexibility as some months I would use more internet than others. I also liked how they texted me to remind me of my bill payments, and when I ran out of mobile data, texts etc.

I was very impressed when I cancelled my contract (not due to anything they'd done wrong) and they didn't try and sell me a new phone or contract that I didn't want, they simply cancelled my contract and even gave me advice on what sort of deal to get next based on my usage of minutes, texts and data.

The only thing I would complain about is that signal was occasionally bad. But this wasn't often and there will always be areas where it's hard to get good signal anyway!

Reviewed by lauren from england on 4th Jan 2016
Stop moaning will yas about signal and coberag3 how about u have 14 days to cancel if it that bad bunch of jokes.

Reviewed by Frances Crook from England on 3rd Jan 2016
Couldn't wait for my 24 month contract to finish - it did in September 2015 but Tesco didn't let me know .. only realised when I did a search. Tesco uses O2 network - HOPELESS!! Rarely got a signal at all - had to tell everyone never to ring me - couldn't switch of phone messaging and as a result of never getting sufficient coverage to retrieve messages, this caused me potential catastrophic health problems. Would I recommend Tesco Mobile ... sadly not!


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