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Tesco Mobile

User questions

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For my £2.50 how many text messages do i get?

Asked by liam from kelly on 15th Sep 2018

Why can’t I access my emails?

Asked by Julie Burgess from Tunisa on 16th Jun 2018
I have used my safety buffer within 10 mins of being in this country it just went without me even using my phone now I’m stuck with no data , mins or text.

Who is my contract with if my phone is faulty?

Asked by Allie Crewe from Britain on 2nd Feb 2018
I have a contract with Tesco Mobile. My Samsung phone over heated. I returned it to Tesco in the pre-paid envelope. They offered me a new one, then changed their minds. They said they would get back to me and called once the next day whilst I was working - though I have no record of that call. All phone calls are recorded so there will be a record. 9 days passed without contact. I went into my local store today to ask for help and they gave me their landline to facilitate the 32 min phone call. Tesco have said that I must go to Samsung. They offered me £50 compensation for my inconvenience. I use my phone for business. They offered to permit me to buy a new phone. I have taken no action as yet and asked for a record via email.

My rights state that:

If your phone forms part of your mobile phone contract, your claim would be against your mobile phone service provider and you may be entitled to a free repair or replacement as part of your contract.

It’s worth checking your mobile operator’s terms and conditions to see what you’re entitled to.

In addition to your mobile phone operator’s terms and conditions, you also have your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act (which replaced the Supply of Goods and Services Act from 1 October 2015).

This means your mobile provider – in addition to providing their service to you with reasonable skill and care – has to ensure the actual handset is of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

Safty buffer?

Asked by Debbie from Nottinghamshire on 24th Oct 2017
I received a tesco text message telling me that I've ran out of my £5 safty buffer. But I don't understand what it means.?
Please can you explain
Thank you.

Does tesco mobile support WiFi calling?

Asked by DL clark from Cerdigion on 11th Sep 2017

Reply by Laura from UK on 14th Sep 2017
In a word, NO!

I called a friend and then had an emergency when i next looked it had cost £20 an hour had gone by she had not cancelled the call any recompence a silly question!

Asked by irene from scotland on 26th Jun 2017

If there is a cap on my sons account will that include charges for emojis?

Asked by Lynne from UK on 20th Apr 2017
I think we increased the cap from £2.50 to £12.50 when we were abroad, but recently he has sent lots of text messages with Emojis. I'm worried that he will be clocking up huge charges even though there is a cap in place.

What gives Tesco the right to sell my mobile number to cold callers?

Asked by Paul White from UK on 15th Mar 2017
My spare PAYG mobile is a Tesco mobile and the number has never been given out to anyone as we never use it, it's purely for emergencies and is on a different network to our contract phones. I usually just hang up on cold calls but decided to answer this one, it was a call for my wife whose name is on the Tesco clubcard we used to activate this phone. So I am convinced Tesco sold our number!

Reply by Keith from UK on 1st Sep 2017
I suspect Tesco are doing this too - or staff are stealing them.

Every time I ring their support spam calls ramp up.

Why am I being charged twice on some text messages?

Asked by John Shephard from England on 6th Feb 2017
After sending a text, a ping and new balance is shown, then randomly get a second ping and another new balance. This may or may not happen every time. Am I being 'mugged-off' with a TESCO scam?

Why am I suddenly being charged £2 per text when it was only pennies?

Asked by Frances from U.K on 24th Jan 2017
This just seemed to happen in last couple of weeks. Have pay as you go and only use it for texting.

When in Spain using U.K. mobile why do all Spanish numbers say number not allocated while uk numbers are ok?

Asked by Alma Cook from Scotland on 20th Sep 2016

Why do I get charged twice for texts?

Asked by Sandra from UK on 19th Sep 2016
Every time I send a text I get the ping to show my new balance and then a couple of seconds later it pings again and has taken another text cost off. Does anyone know why this is happening please?

How to de-activate roaming?

Asked by catherine garcia from uk on 9th Aug 2016
I am in spain currently & have had to activate roaming but when I wanted to de activate it I couldn't find the option to do so. This has happened previously, wen at that time all my money was used up ?????.

Why did my safety buffer get used up when all I rang was to another mobile who is on the id network? I got tesco minutes left.

Asked by Lizz from Britain on 8th Aug 2016

Why am I losing money on my phone when I'm not using it? Every day it happens.

Asked by Mrs Christine Upton from England on 22nd Jul 2016

Reply by sheila from United Kingdom on 30th Aug 2016
Most probably because you have had scam mobile texts which cost you £4-50 every time you read one.
It happened to me and had to change my number but that does not garantee it will not happen again.

Why is the app not working?

Asked by A from U.K. on 21st Jul 2016
The app says I have used my safety buffer up but I clearly haven't gone over anything.

Why have I no service?

Asked by Natalie from Scotland on 16th Jul 2016
My phone has been away for a repair for a week and after getting it back I have put my sim card in it. My sim card has been acknowledged but still no service at all after 12 hours. How do I fix this?

Why have I not had any service for the last couple of days meaning I haven't been able to use my phone or receive any communication from anyone? has the network been down?

Asked by Kirsty from England on 5th Jul 2016

Reply by mark from uk on 10th Jul 2016
Have you contacted Tesco to ask?

It could be linked to o2 who provide the network but unless you ask, they won't answer.

Why have i been denied on the credit rating for tesco mobile?

Asked by Jennie fielding from England on 21st May 2016
I have been with vodafone for a while now so dont understand why i have been denied by tesco.

What message do Tesco mobiles give when someone rings them and they have got no signal?

Asked by Marh from England on 8th May 2016

I would like to go onto the test go tariff with unlimited calls unlimited texts and unlimited data could you please tell me how much this would be sim only?

Asked by Phill blondell from England on 5th May 2016
At the moment I am on an O2 contract.

Im on pay monthly but only have 9 mins talk time left can i top up with a voucher as a 1 off?

Asked by Julie oatley from England on 6th Apr 2016

Why can't I upgrade my sim only?

Asked by Dean from UK on 23rd Mar 2016
I am on a 12 month contract with tesco I have made my payments on time but can't upgrade when will I be able to upgrade thanks.

My balance depletes when not making calls on my pay as you go phone. Why?

Asked by Peter Allchin from Wales on 18th Mar 2016
Two days ago I had £1.86 balance. Today, nothing. No phones or texts have been made. Depletion of my balance happens too often.

Reply by Steve from UK on 18th Mar 2016
Probably it's your smart phone sneakily nibbling data. Updating apps, checking emails, that kind of thing. You can set it to use Wi-Fi only.

Reply by Tim from Uk on 4th Apr 2016
Have you got internet on your phone? If you have turn off data roaming and my location.

How do I change the number for my Tesco Mobile app?

Asked by Bob from Uk on 25th Feb 2016
I changed the number soon after I bought the phone so as to retain the old number. But the app shows data for the old number.

Reply by William from UK on 14th Mar 2016
Uninstall the Tesco app and then reinstall it and doing this it then asks for your tesco mobile number.

What to do about No Service on screen all the time on contract with Tesco Mobile?

Asked by Tony from Uk on 14th Feb 2016
This is the second sim card I've had to use because no service stays on screen can't be bothered with 3rd sim card please help.


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