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Virgin Mobile

User questions

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Switching to another mobile provider?

Asked by peter from UK on 4th Feb 2018
Good evening,

Having recently telephoned the Virgin Mobile Customer Service team, I was shocked to have received such a rude service.

It appears that Virgin have no desire to retain my custom, and this was reflected in the level of service provided.

As I work in a customer contact center, I am fully aware of how challenging the role can be, but it is important to offer a professional approach.

02 are more than likely to be receiving my service, even if it means paying off £94 to settle my Virgin account.

Virgin offering me a new contract?

Asked by Michael Arnott from Uk on 12th May 2017
I have a 3g sim only deal with unlimited calls,texts,and mobile data at £22 per month which I am happy with. My usage is usually low but occasionaly when away in my motorcaravanning I use a lot of mobile data to watch BBC iplayer and the like. Yesterday Virgin rang me to offer a new phone and tablet to change contract. What would be the reason?

Reply by Arthur from UK on 1st Dec 2017
The same 4G data contract for less?...

Has anyone received a letter from Virgin saying..."We're making improvements to our mobile network, so you need to swap your SIM"?

Asked by Norah from United Kingdom on 14th Dec 2016
I'm not sure if this is a genuine letter, as what reason would I need to swap my SIM.

Reply by F Eastwood from UK on 20th Feb 2018
I've had a letter and text messages and emails about this. I've not requested a new SIM. It's a bit of a hassle do I want to know why exactly I need to replace my SIM? Will my phone not work if I don't? As I said its a hassle to be expected to do this. I've been on the same network and contract for almost 3 years and would only go to this trouble if I was upgrading my phone.

Reply by Kaylee from UK on 11th Apr 2018
Yes I have but the letter doesn’t mandate that I have to change it and the numerous telephone calls from virgin seems to omit that particular phrase.
I have had no clear comms on why I need to change it and I have told that I ‘have’ to until such time it’s not my intention to do anything .
I’ve heard when you migrate the service doesn’t work so if I do I will attend a virgin store but until then I’ve ignored all comms because it’s not clear.
Usually comms give clear direction that you must do something this doesn’t.

How much is Essential tariff per month...1g a month?

Asked by Joanna from United kingdom on 31st Oct 2016
Was on an unlimited sim only deal 20 month woke up one day and my tariff had changed to 1g a month...why wasnt i informed as thought Virgin had to give me months notice? New tariff was Essential tariff 8 per month so why is Virgin telling me its now 20 a month? For 1g foreign lady insisted Essential tariff is 20 a month even when i pointed out its advertised on screen at 8 am i missing something? Sick of this.

My unlimited data has now run out and i was never given any notice my sim only deal would change..i am now stuck with no data can virgin do this legally?

Asked by Joanna from United kingdom on 20th Oct 2016

Reply by John from UK on 21st Oct 2016
Virgin Mobile data is constantly monitored, any sudden demand in data is slowed down or stopped immediately. Please do not watch any full HD videos, streaming YouTube HD videos or any HD CCTV apps etc. Basically it's only for surfing the Internet and sending/receiving small emails.

Reply by Joanna hamilton from United kingdom on 11th Dec 2016
That did not answer my question..i was informed at the time virgin had stopped all unlimited plans..in your rules not mine it stated that if a change was detrimental to me i should have been given prior warning..why did this not happen?

How can I check my phone package on my mobile ie unlimited calls and texts etc on my Nokia Lumia please?

Asked by Georgina Westbury from England on 23rd Aug 2016

I have a pay as you go SIM card but my balance is reducing although I am not using the phone?

Asked by McCormack Sheila from England on 22nd Jun 2016

Reply by Bob from Britain on 22nd Jun 2016
Have you got mobile data switched on?

Letter from virgin... Need answers quick!

Asked by Kaye from England on 13th Jun 2016
I received a letter from virgin last week telling me that my "unlimited" internet was now going to be 1 gig a month. I've lost my letter, but on it was a text number to opt out of the contract, without paying the rest of the contract.

Phoned Virgin, got through to Bangalore or wherever it is. They put me through to a retention line in the uk. The stuck up advisor told me the number was on the letter, and she wouldn't tell me the number I needed. Said it was tough luck, I should have kept the letter!!! Any advice would be grateful asap.

Reply by Helpful reader from UK on 13th Aug 2016
Hi Kaye,

We've received a similar letter today and they said to text 'Cancel' to 80197 or call 0333 000 0077 from 8 - 8pm on Monday to Friday and 8 - 6pm on Saturday.

Hope this helps.

However it's baffling how they can change the terms and conditions of the contract entirely when you haven't changed the service you've purchased.

My daughters go over their plan regularly, they been on virgin contract for 10 month's, can I upgrade their plan?

Asked by Sue from UK on 7th Mar 2016


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