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 In a nutshell  

Last updated February 2016

Vodafone was the UK's first mobile network and made the UK's first mobile phone call back in 1985. It launched 3G services in 2004 and 4G in 2013 and is one of the largest mobile operators in the world.


Key features

Vodafone now offers Wi-Fi calling for the iPhone 6s/6s+ and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge on certain tariffs. The company also makes the Vodafone Sure Signal, a 3G micro-transmitter that can provide you with 3G coverage at home or at work.

User questions

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How are Vodaphone charges calculated?

Asked by Lewis from England on 23rd Oct 2016

Reply by Kingsley from UK on 8th Apr 2017
This company is outrageous with regard to its charges would advise anyone reading this rouse O2 1p ee
Even tesvo mobile is better than this bunch !

Vodafone user reviews

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Average rating from 765 reviews:

Reviewed by Joel from Uk on 13th Nov 2018
Published 30 seconds ago

Worst broadband provider ever

Worst broadband provider ever. Will cancel it very soon. CONTRACT FOR £23 PER MONTH. actually paying within my contract Ts&Cs £28.
Money has been taken out a week ago by direct debit, no broadband today.

Reviewed by Kim from Britain on 5th Sep 2018
Worst company I’ve ever dealt with, a level of ineptitude and shocking customer service that I have never come across before, trying to talk to customer services is ridiculous, majority of staff English not their first language, anyone out there, do yourself a favour don’t touch Vodafone with a barge pole.

Reviewed by John from UK on 3rd Jun 2018
Over a period of 14 months, they have lied about fixing a small problem.. initially, they said it was impossible, but once I explained my daughter had bill notifications, they admitted it could be done. but after 14 months, with many phone calls, saying it was fixed, the problem remains.
Having now had enough, I have tried to amicably cancel my contract, I have spent all weekend on the phone.. (8+ hours just today) asking to speak to a manager, the reply being no managers here.. then getting to speak to a manager.. finally asking to be put through to someone in the UK, and told it is impossible.. and again, managed to be transferred, so lies upon lies.
I can only describe Vodafone as having the worst possible customer service ever.. and still the problem is not resolved. 2 complaints have been raised, and it is now going to be escalated to the ombudsman.

Reviewed by janet thwaites from United kingdom on 5th Apr 2018
The handset is great but they say they will cap usage then take £500 in one month. you ring and complain they say its definitely capped then a bill for £179 they are now saying i didnt cap it in feb and took cap off last year. Offered me £20 back. I have used voda for 18 year and now i cant wait to leave cant today as cost is approx £200 for one phone and £300 for other. so i have cancelled D.D and will pay by card. Once up will move to a more reputable company plus my 2 daughters and grandchildren are leaving. i would rate - 05 if i could.

Reviewed by Binni lagio from Eu on 11th Mar 2018
Vodafone roll over is crafty it makes you not use internet to free up service i would rather be able to get stuck in and use data i would rather be on a network that has sufficient capacity to handle the internet and binding 4g vodafone is a 2g network that is to expensive and its not worth having an expensive phone on voafone its like driving a sports car across a ploud field awaste of space.

Reviewed by Yunni tagar from Esssex on 10th Mar 2018
Pay as you go on vodafone. Is a lot of paying not a lot of going £20 for 6gb 1000mins having a laugh no £15 bundle roll it over your joking turn on then gone i would rather not bother you are being treated like a fool let them find another idiod and i didn't even have 4g in my area what a joke.

Reviewed by M.ali from United Kingdom on 3rd Mar 2018
Worst company i have dealt with nobody should ever get contract with them.Managers advisors all the team never can resolve issues in fact create more problems ,they need more training.They all speak in a very rude manner.

Reviewed by Ron lafferty from Pinner uk on 3rd Mar 2018
To expensive i live near london yet no 4g signal while all the other networks in area have 4g does not pay to be loyal.seems to be under invested in last few years slipping from number one to last always signal but old fashioned 2g.very slow internet the two super market networks have better faster 4g i gonna give them a go.

Reviewed by Louise from Wales on 1st Mar 2018
Be VERY wary of taking out a contract with them.
I have had no access to my online account since December so I can't see my bill or manage my account. There is a flaw in their system which means I don't receive the security code text to set up my account (I did originally have an account & don't know why this situation even arose). You'd think this would be a simple fix or they could just send me the number by some other means but no. I have spent hours on the phone to them, been sent a new sim, been told various different reasons for the problem & been told at least a dozen times that the 'technical team' are working on it. Still no resolution & it's now March.
If I wasn't in a contract, I'd have gone elsewhere already.
I have NEVER encountered such incompetence before.


Reviewed by Unknown from Scotland on 4th Dec 2017
Appalling service. After being a loyal customer with Vodafone for nearly 3 years. I upgraded my bundle to a new handset.
My delivery is now 5 days late.
Having taken 3 days off work to sit in for a delivery that was never going to arrrive. All that they can say is it's the dpd delivery, they dispatched on time. If they had my delivery would be with me. Worth customer service ever !!! Never have I experienced this with anything before. Very shocking.

Reviewed by Ross from United Kingdom on 3rd Dec 2017
Customer services are appalling. An error is made and then trying to resolve it is torturous. My wife and I have had plenty of issues with the services. Latest issue is the difficulty in trying to tell Vodafone that we have no wifi signal. I'm unable to tell them as not main account holder, wife can't pass message onto team as they have gone home, won't arrange callback. Their head of customer services should be fired for incompetence.

Reviewed by Raymond Frg from United Kingdom on 2nd Dec 2017
Well I've been with Vodafone for a number of years but as soon as my contract ends I'm off to o2. My phone was stolen in July this year, got a new phone a huawei p10 plus from you, on a 2 year contract (big mistake I normally do 12 month at a time) have contacted you numerous times to try changing the phone what a set of awful staff you have. The last contact I had with you was told it would cost me £960.00 to leave, was told had to pay full contract out even though I would not be making any calls. Also the guy was rude and did not give a toss about me wanting to leave. Did ask to speak to a manager with no avail. But whoever I was put through to was no better than the first one. Probably was sat next to him, was told they would give me £50.00 as a good will gesture. So still stuck here with same phone. Anyway have already got 3 people to leave and go elsewhere already. Lucky them. MY ADVICE TO EVERYONE STAY CLEAR OF VODAFONE THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL THE PHONE COMPANIES. SO BAD. HOPE THIS HELPS OTHERS. THANKS Ray Fry

Reviewed by Neringa Ruseckaite from England on 12th Nov 2017
Vodafone customer service along with the people working in Vodafone stores - the worst service I have ever experienced...
To begin with, in June 2017 I received a call offering me to upgrade my contract. The one I had was £20 per month for 20gb and unlimited texts and calls, however the girl taking to me asked if I wanted to change it for a contract that is £40 per month, it would include 40gb and unlimited texts and calls. I said no, because the contract I had was good for me. Anyway, after a month I received a bill that was for the new contract. I called Vodafone straight away and they were acting surprised that my plan was changed without my permission. The Vodafone Customer Care workers said that they will fix it straight away. So I waited about a week, but nothing has been done. I called Vodafone again and I got the same result again - nothing. I visited the store in Camden Town, London and explained the situation, but they just told me that it is not their business and I should call Vodafone Customer Care again. And so I did. Can you guess what result I got after a call? Nothing has changed, of course. I went to Vodafone in Selfridges and the girl working there told me that she can’t do anything, but she will put some note on my account so the next time I call Vodafone Customer Care, they would see it and fix it immediately. I called again. It actually took me around three more phone calls and hours spent on hold when one day someone picked up, listened to my problem and changed my contract back to normal and told that I can ask for a compensation. It also took me till around the end of July 2017 to get this problem over with. And, if you haven’t guessed, I didn’t get any compensation.
Anyway, this is not the end of my problems with Vodafone. My data allowance renews on the first day of the month. This month, on the morning of 4th November, I opened my Vodafone app and it was saying that I’m left with only 5.6gb. I was shocked, I knew that I couldn’t have spent 14.4gb in three days using instagram and google. I gave a call to Vodafone Customer Care straight away. The man on the phone said it is a system error and that they will give me additional data in few moments. Almost a week passed and nothing, as always when you call Vodafone. I wasn’t surprised at all. On Friday (10th November) I called again, they told me that I have to go to Vodafone store to get this sorted. I went to Vodafone store in Wedtfield in Stratford the next day. The girl who was supposed to help me just asked to open my Vodafone app and she said that there are a lot of customers with the same problem. She told me that it is clearly a mistake of the system and that I actually have more data than the app shows me. She told me not to worry about it and that I definitely won’t run out of internet soon. This morning (12th November) I received a message that I’m out of data... I called Vodafone Customer Care again and the girl on the phone told me that she will speak to her manager and then transfer my case to a team of techincians. She said that after eight working days I should start getting updates on that. She also tried to make me calm that on the 1st of December I will have data again. Amazing. Because ‘I don’t really need it for the rest of this month’. I recived a call from the manager few minutes later, he asked how is my day and said that they will have a look at this problem... Once again Vodafone proved itself absoulutely unreliable. Yes, the people are polite when they speak to you, they make you feel like you are important, and they will try their best to help you, but the truth is that they don’t. I’m really dissapointed and would never recommend anyone to sign a contract with Vodafone if they just want a reliable service without constantly having problems. Vodafone definitely offered me the worst service I have ever had in my life. What will I do next? Probably try to terminate my contract somehow and look for another telecommunications company. I believe that absolutely anything would be better than Vodafone.

Reply by Rob from UK on 30th Nov 2017
Just don't pay - you didn't agree to the contract so tell them you aren't paying and cancel your Direct Debit. Set-up a Standing Order instead as they can't change the amount. I don't pay by Direct Debit as I don't give my bank details out. Good luck:)

Reply by Teri-Anne from Uk on 3rd Jul 2018
They won't do a standing order. I hate paying anyone by DD. Especially since vodafone only confirms why I hate DD by not being consistant with payment dates.

Reviewed by Megan roberts from England on 10th Nov 2017
I have just been in the phone to vodafone and asked for an extension to my mum's bill until the 17th of november I was quite rudley told that I could not do that unless I pay £10 today or her services will be restricted I am absolutely disgusted.i myself am a 3 customer and they are miles better than Vodafone as soon as this contract is over I will make sure I or any of my family or friends ever go with Vodafone again!!!!

Reviewed by Roland from UK on 2nd Nov 2017
I cancel a contract because be finished time. I called back to the end of the contract and they told me that I did not cancel a contract and need again pay for 1 monts. If you cancel contract write date and name with what you talked about cancel contract.

Reply by Rob from UK on 30th Nov 2017
Always follow-up with an email so they can't deny what's been said. All the best!

Reviewed by Andrew from England on 11th Oct 2017
Stay well clear of vodafon.
They take numerous payments out of bank phoned up hundreds of times to get money back still haven't got it back customers services is shocking 1 hand doesn't no what the other hand is doing would never recommend.

Reviewed by Prasanna from United Kingdom on 5th Oct 2017
I want to switch from BT to Vodafone and Vodafone cancelled my account twice for no reason. when I spoke to the Vodafone rep they said that it is their system fault. The price of Vodafone 76 was 24 GBP/ month now it has become 20 GBP/month. Pathetic customers service. They said that they will contact me but they haven't. Avoid Vodafone. I agree. 

Reviewed by Sally from Wales on 17th Sep 2017
Charging me £50 for a £37 month contract. Advisors told me they would refund what I've been paying. Only not to be refunded and put back on the £50 p/month contract I didn't even give permission to be on. Saying I now owe them £187. All the advisors have told me different things! Seems to be no communication or input on their systems after they have spoken to you. Please avoid this company at all costs other wise they will cost you more than what you think!! Disgusting behaviour from Vodafone.

Reviewed by andi from england on 21st Jul 2017
HI, i wouldn't recommend vodaphone as a provider, all good when they want your custom & happy to take your money,
I currently was paying for my own phone & my daughters phone,both with vodaphone
i wanted to end my daughters mobile phone contract that was coming to the end of a 2 year period, tried 3 different times to cancel ,them saying i need to give 30 days notice , this was 31 days before contract was due to end ,so couldn't end it, phoned again later the following evening to be told the department to deal with this is now closed. phoned again the following day to cancel, after 10 minutes or more after a nightmare to try and cancel was offered a very good deal not to be missed, nearly half the price i was currently paying each month for my daughter, i told them i don't want to be paying for this phone no more myself ,and asked if my daughter can pay as she is now 19, they said it was fine ,so we gave all bank details etc for future payments for her mobile with vodaphone.
next month i get my bank statement & see my phone bill is the same as before, so spoke to them about this, was told it would be sorted, next month same thing , phone and speak again hoping this will now be sorted out.
next month same again, spoke again been passed around every department explaining everything over & over again, still nothing sorted ,then told i was entered into another 2 year contract myself, which i did not ask for or agree to.

Reviewed by Rob Griffiths from Wales UK on 16th Jul 2017
Hi Everyone
Apologies but I've never complained about a company in this way. I feel that as a 15 year customer of Vodafone my experience over the last years is horrendous.

Quick summary
New phone taken out
2 weeks and several visits to shop
Eventually working but several of my contacts could only text and not call me
This got worse over recent months
Been asking for help for many days
Office in Alexandria have lied not called back on numerous occasions. In fact never called back. 2 mangers on the same day swearing that they would never let me down. Can't estimate the number of hours spend on my landline. Still no resolution and stuck without a phone.

Complete havoc and Vodafone employees are actively moving me about because they can't or won't deal with it

Its been 1 year....Any advice......I'm sure Vodafone wouldn't have been so gracious if I has withheld payment since I received my phone!

Feel sorry to have to leave such an awful review

Ps... I have all the managers names but this seems hopeless as well. Their colleagues just refuse to put you through!

Reviewed by Leanne from England on 15th Jun 2017
Disgusting company! Rang them to sort an issue with my phone randomly dropping calls on me regardless of where I was. They did look into it after I spent hours and hours on the phone but never actually fixed the problem. It was even escalated to their customer relations who are even more useless than their customer service where I was accused of being a liar!!!! I began to stop paying my bills until they fixed the issue telling them that once the issue was sorted I was more than happy to pay the amount owing. Vodafone decided it was a better idea to cut off my contract and charge me cancellation which I refused to pay. Now two years later after them telling me, after a complaint I made, that the debt was written off and not sold to a debt collection agency it has now been put on my credit file as a default after they sold it to a debt collection agency!!! My credit rating now a mess because of this company and their lies! I was a loyal Vodafone customer for years but would never again touch these conmen for a contract. They completely refuse to rectify the issue and any time I speak to them they simply say there is nothing owing even though this mark still remains on my credit file from this company!

Reply by Richard from UK on 9th Jul 2017
Complain to Ofcom in future, they gave me good advice on what to say in a letter when I received a 'bill shock from 02. The bill was written off so had a successful outcome.

Who did you switch to?

I'm with Plusnet for my mobile service now.

Reviewed by Margret verge from England on 11th Jun 2017
I just want to say that I have had very satisfied dealing with a lovely polite and patient young man with me to day, nothing was to much trouble and hopefully my problem has been sorted, we walked me threw it which took quite long,sadly I've forgotten his name but would like you to know I was at my end with my phone but his cited it and learnt me so much about my phone I didn't know,so yours gratefuly M Verge.

Reviewed by Rosemarie from Scotland on 21st May 2017
I have been a Vodafone customer for 13 years. I trusted Vodafone as everything was great for tye first few years.then last year I noticed my bill almost doubled.I phoned Vodafone and they knew it was not right and sorted it. I then started to look back all my bill. To my shock for about 5 years they had been charging me for things I used or had. I contacted them and was basically shouted at by customer services, I was trying to explain where and when it all started but he would not listen. For months I was neve off the phone as I would ask for copies of my bills that I did not have, was give the run around for almost 5 months. I then said I would pay no more and and was going to ombudsman to get it resolved. I was not owe them money but they cut my phone off and told me I would get it back on when they had requested paperwork that they had to get back within theor own company. A man named omar in customer resolutions team blatantly lied to me on the phone and he and his senior left me on hold for almost an hour for no reason. All this resulted in bank charges even affecting my credit scoreand was paying for a phone contract that they turned off.luckily I had all the evidence to prove that they had been over charging me. They then offered me £357 off my bill but I was never even owe that money in the first place so all they were doing was correcting their mistakes. I spent 7 months having to get it sorted some days I would have to call 5 or 6 times as they would say yes sort it now then wasn't. For all the hassle and stress of being lied to almost every day for 7 months having no phone and credit score affected. They offered me nothing. They said as a good will gesture they would wipe the bill that I never owed them. That was only for last year. I will now be going back to ombudsman with all my evidence of bills bank statements of when it started 5 as I never got the past bills resolved. Feel totally let down by a company I had been with 13 years and was treated in a discussing manner through it all. Can definitely say I won't be renewing my contact and wI'll be not recommending them to friends and family.

Reviewed by Mohammed from UK on 13th May 2017
So, I thought I would treat my wife to a new phone as her old contract had run out. She liked the new Samsung S8 an placed my order on 03/05/17 so not even 5 mins later I called up again to cancel it and get the S8+ which costs more. I was told i wasn't able to do that now as the order had been completed and they weren't able to cancel it and that I had to wait 2 days to get the phone and once i got the phone i would need to call up and ask for a returns bag which would take a couple of days and then once they have received it back another couple of days it would take to get the new phone S8+.it was all a long winded but i thought oh well what can you do, the guy who worked in the orders dept advised he would give a case as a gesture of goodwill {i still don't have this!}. anyway i got the phone Friday so I tried ringing Vodafone to arrange to return it but there was huge wait times 20mins+ each time. After 2 days of trying and on hold waiting I finally got through to someone on Sunday and it was agreed I could go in store and do the exchange, so I went to store with my kids who are aged 14, 11 and 4 to get the phone exchanged, when i got in-store i got treated really badly which i truly believe was due to my ethnicity, the way i was talked to, looked at reminded me of growing up in the 90's anyway they wouldn't do the exchange but offered to cancel the order and re-input it at a higher monthly plan and £50 handset charge (making more off me) I have my landline, broadband and another mobile phone contract for which i'm paying £100 a month for. Vodafone doesn't value its customers they just want to make more money. anyway i got back home and rang the complaints department twice now and had to make another trip to another store 14 miles round trip but this time i was assured i could go in-store and exchange at no further cost, guess what yes that's right i couldn't. This time instore they said it would cost me £70handset charge and £4 per month extra to what was agreed!!!

Reviewed by Mizzie from Scotland on 1st May 2017
Rubbish . Very poor network coverage but still need to pay full monthly charges. Will not stay with Vodafone when contract is finished.

Reviewed by Sophie holvey from Britain on 14th Apr 2017
Just upgraded my phone with jordan at the middleton offices. 14th april 2017. Not a bad word to be said about him. Number one customer service. Helped me choose a new phone with goos knowledge of the products i was able to upgrade too. Even though it is bank holiday he was happy to help with all my queries. I hope you do incentives for staff recieving good reviews because this guy should get something in return for his brilliant customer service. Could not fault one part of the phone call with him. Thanks again jordan. Looking forward to recieving my new phone.

Reviewed by Barry Stein from USA on 11th Mar 2017
My wife and I just returned from a month long trip to Europe. In Venice Italy we purchased 2 sim cards for 120 euro from the Vodafone dealer. We have the receipts they provided.
We were told these sim cards would work across Europe!
They promised us: 300 talk minutes, 500 text messages anywhere in Europe.

Phone Numbers: 3486196625, and 3461631318
Codice PUK 11159665, and 27233917

However, we left Italy three days later and the phone sims stopped working!

We were lied to by the Vodafone person. He spoke perfect English so we understood each other very clearly!

I would like a refund for my purchase please!

I contacted Vodaphone HeadQuarters 4 times via email....NO RESPONSE!!!

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 22nd Feb 2017
It strikes me that if you took any notice of all these reviews of all the mobile providers, no body would ever have a phone LOL.
Ive been a Vodafone customer for over 20 years and ive never had a problem with them.

Reviewed by Steven from Angell on 19th Feb 2017
I won't go into all the bad experiences I have had lately with Vodaphone but I will say to anyone who reads this stay away from Vodaphone. 7 years iv been with them. 3 months this issue has been going on even had a letter written to them. 8 visits to the store them txting saying to come in then denying it. Get a message saying they will ring in 30 minutes to speak about the complaint. Get the phone call they pass me around the departments then hang up on me. They are rubbish can't wait to leave them.
Worst customer service I have ever had with any product ever, bear in mind over 10 hours of calls to them.
Clearly the repair centre don't have a clue.
Vodaphone stores don't care or want to know.
I suggest giffgaff or Tesco mobile.

Reviewed by Rhonda Mcnutt from United Kingdom on 2nd Feb 2017
Myself and my partner visited the Richmond centre shop in Londonderry after i accidentally put the sim card in upside-down, the service we got was absolutely brilliant, the young boy Joe was extremely helpful and attentive. Everybody concentrates on the negatives but i believe we should recognise the positives, thank-you joe and Vodafone.

Reviewed by Elisia from United Kingdom on 24th Jan 2017
Last year I purchased mobile broadband for 8 a month which in actual fact I never used so a waste of money really. I completely forgot about it and carried on paying for it as I agreed to that contract. I had two contract phones with Vodafone plus the mobile broadband so they were getting a lot of money from me a month. At the start of last year my monthly payments were extremely high compared to what I normally would pay but I assumed without checking maybe it was because I was going over my data. I thought nothing more of it until about 4 months ago when I went to cancel one of my contracts. I cancelled it early and was willing to pay the charges I waited for the end of the month and still no cancellation on the contract. I phoned again and finally someone cancelled my old contract properly on the 2nd attempt. When my bill came in for that month which was around 167 I thought it was even higher because of the cancellation of my old contract. Paid it thought nothing more until the following month when I received a bill of 225! I phoned them immediately and asked what is going on with my account to find out they had re-installed the mobile broadband on my account from 8 to 30 for 2gb a month then the last two months 100 a month for 5gb!!!!! I never signed a contract for this and never asked for it to be put on to my account. The 8 a month mobile broadband yes but not 30 or 100 broadband !!!! They told me it was an error and they will refund me for this. Was told I would get a call back but nothing. I called about 7 times about this situation was promised I would have a refund of over 500 plus compensation but no email as requested to confirm this. I phoned again and again and finally after false promises constantly I spoke to a gentleman that kept to his promise and after 4 hours of his listening back to phone calls and chasing up the problem they issued me the refund. Once my last contract ends in December I'm afraid I will no longer use Vodafone. I can't believe for a whole year I never noticed that the money was taken out of my account until they started taking a ridiculous amount of 100 out! Just a good job it happened really. Also the communication with colleagues at Vodafone is appalling they do not write enough notes on your accounts for the next person that you speak to so you have to go through the whole process again and many of the people that work on the phones do not understand English. Waste of time and wouldn't recommend anyone using them also would like to say that the signal can be very temperamental sometimes it's okay in the same location and then suddenly the next day no service.

Reviewed by David Huxley from UK on 19th Jan 2017
Rubbish customer service.
Will not offer courtesy phone whilst mine is sent for repair.
Repair centre has replacement phone on back order after they failed to fix the problem.
Even when it cannot be repaired the store cannot provide you with the same replacement phone that the repair centre will send you. The local Store has the same phone in stock but they cannot give you one.
Been without a phone now for 15 days.

Reviewed by Danny Murphy from United Kingdom on 18th Jan 2017
Worst Phone Provider, Awful customer service skills!!!

I have experienced such bad experience for the last couple of months with Vodafone. I was originally in a contract with them , so when it came to the upgrade time I wasn't too keen on staying on with them, however after they promised this deal and told me how much I'll be saving I ended up fallen for the trap.

At the start the sales people promised you so much, it is unbeliveable really how nice they are to you. They tell you, you will be having this deal and you won't be paying for this extra component to your bill for a couple of months. So once I finally agreed to a set price for my contract I left it at that. With work I work away quite often so I didn't check my banking for a couple of months and I eventually came across the history of the direct debits and I got so angry. I ended up speaking to a member of their customer service team in which they said they would investigate and get back to me. However, this turned out to be complete lies as It ended up taking me to get back into contact with them regards this issue.

When I eventually spoke to a member of there team , they ended up telling me due to it being more than 2 months they couldn't listen back to the phone calls from the past as they only keep the recorded conversations for 2 months. So they said or on less you can get some sort of concrete evidence as in email or text saying the promised charge of my monthly contract they couldn't do anything.

I have been let down by this phone provider so many times I honestly would not recommend them to anyone. I have never experienced such a stressful and hard time dealing with something like this. One thing I would recommend would never ever believe anything they say. The countless amounts of time where I was promised and told something by there customer service workers and nothing ever came about it or happened. The worst is when they say they will get someone to call you back, If i was to wait for that I would never ever hear from them.

Reviewed by John from England on 9th Jan 2017
Worse provider at the moment! Do not sign up with Vodafone if you want a terrible service and signal.
I have had nothing but problems for the past 9 months. I was promised great coverage where I live but that was clearly dishonest.
The signal has been poor for 9 months and when I actually get a signal calls would drop out.
I have had no compensation, I can't wait to end my contract.

Reviewed by Richard from UK on 18th Dec 2016
I have an ongoing problem with them, cancelled within the 14 days cooling off period (they could not fulfil the contract) but they still took my money despite saying they had not. I tried for 3 months to get it back, they even refused me a deadlock letter. Finally I could go to the Ombudsman after waited the forced time, the Ombudsman found in my favour. Vodafone dragged it out again, even going beyond the 28 day period the Ombudsman graciously allowed them. I spoke to Vodafone asking where the refund is from the Ombudsman's ruling. They are still prevaricating and do not pay up. Playing every delaying tactic possible.
There urgently needs to be new legislation in place which FORCES companies to pay up and gives the Ombudsman real teeth. Then cowboys like this will be put out of business where they belong.
I would vote zero stars but it will not allow me.

Reviewed by Kim from United Kingdom on 14th Dec 2016
Was a loyal customer for a number of years I really relied upon the 10% pay later option to re activate my subscription- i need my phone. And as a single mother of two kids working part time with bills to pay and food to put on the table, some months were harder than others. I always cleared my outstanding balance in the end and was always impressed by how flexible and understanding vodaphone was as a company. I recently got myself a new job after losing my previous job due to staff cuts. Inevitably I accrued some arrears during this rocky period with every intention of paying it back as I'd done so previously, to learn today that they have now scrapped the flexible option and insisted I pay an unaffordable amount to reactivate my subscription or do without a phone were my two choices. It's no wonder they've been rated as the worst phone provider in the UK. Holding in my case a loyal customer who has always paid their bill to ransom in that way is not something I will play party to. My contract seems to have extended by a year when it was only set up over 24 months. They're not interested in u the customer. To them you're nothing more than pound signs. So now if I want to contact anyone I'll have to be over WiFi via what's app or fb messenger. Will be looking to terminate as soon as humanly possible. Disgusted.

Reviewed by Rita from Uk on 9th Dec 2016
Vodafone have been taking money from my account every month even though my number is a payg and the only reason they could give was their system generated it falsely😳😳😳.. and now they sent me letter saying i owe them money. Meanwhile they owe me. Useless network. Aviod.

Reviewed by Lynne from United Kingdom on 6th Dec 2016
I have not got a vodaphone phone nor would I want one,as my friend and I were verbably abused for the 3rd time by a jumped up little squirt due to my friends phone being faulty.
My friend put a complaint in and is awaiting the result. I tried complaining but because i havnt got an account I apparently can't complain. Well watch this space Vodafone. I am disgusted by your company so think people before you go there.

Reviewed by Rachel batten from England on 18th Nov 2016
Vodafone Reading are the most useless ,time wasting ,overcharging ,horrendous , haven't got a clue type of people I have ever had the unlucky misfortune of meeting in my life. They harass you and tried to scam you all the time !! Charging you for items they have never given you like hundreds for iPhones ? They don't let you upgrade as apparently they don't have a program on their computers to do so, however they will make you wait there for hours for no apparent reason. They will tell you to come in upgrade today waste your petrol pay for parking to do it especially ,then inform you after a long stretch sat waiting that they don't have the programs to do so. I hate this place and these people. To make matters worse I did not end up leaving here with a phone as they told me they couldn't do it but they have charged me for one when I wasn't even there amazing how I can sign for a phone in store when I was in river island they have also signed me on to a 100 a month 2gb contract no phone included when I wasn't even there.

Reviewed by Susan from Uk on 10th Nov 2016
Anything to do with Vodafone should be avoided at all cost - I closed my account 2 years ago and yet it still appears on my credit file as open, loads of others have same/similar problem, Vodafone either couldn't care or just can't do, either way I will never have anything to do with this poorly managed company, well that is after I eventually get rid of them from my credit report. Oh and if I could review them with nil stars I would but there doesn't appear to be that option, shame.

Reviewed by anonymous from UK on 9th Nov 2016
I don't see what everyone has a problem about, i have been with vodafone UK from before the iPhone 4 and the signal is great, the 4G is really fast and now i get better 4G coverage then others on EE. I would definitely recommend to anyone, they might be a bit expensive but if you are a long time customer then you get a large discount.

Reviewed by Samuel.B from England on 5th Nov 2016
My dad ordered a new phone from them which they said would arrive in 3 days but a week after he called them and they said they had no idea when it would arrive as they didn't have it in stock. 4 weeks later the phone arrived and it worked. I was supposed to get my dad's old phone but Vodafone had locked it. He then had to fill in a form for a cod to unlock it and 10 days later they say it is unlocked but I use it and it doesn't work. Dad then calls Vodafone and tells them and we spend 5 hours talking to them before they tell us to talk to Apple who say Vodafone haven't done it properly and then Vodafone say that we didn't fill in the form properly and we had to do everything again.

Reviewed by Karla from Australia on 2nd Nov 2016
Used to have a number of plans with this teleco.
Including 2 mobiles and 1 mobile broadband wifi a/c after fullfilling 2nd 2 year contract with on our mobile plans, they failed to offer anything else which was even close to the current plans we had- so we went elsewhere, this left us with just our mobile broadband and after switching to the NBN - as vodafone doesn't offer and NBN plans, cancelled our broadband with them- Or so I
thought but received a bill 8 weeks later!!! For the billing period after the one I had cancelled! They simply refused to admit it was their fault and best they could do was 'reduce' the bill, needless to say that the account was inactive for 2 months! Pretty disappointed! And unprofessional for such a large company! Gee Vodafone pick up your act- plenty more telecos out there that are willing to look after their customers!

Reviewed by Overcharged and Fed Up from UK on 30th Oct 2016
Avoid this useless company, false promises to sort out overcharging, completely incompetent, will never use Vodafone again. AVOID this disgrace of a phone provider.

Reviewed by L Bangs from England on 11th Oct 2016
Appalling terrible company. Loads of issues, including regular overpayments and then accusations that money is owed. Promises to deal with account not upheld, have been round the world! Usually put on hold and then disconnected. When I am told I will be called back this never happens. Customer services beyond terrible. Need to speak to somebody urgently. Nobody interested! Help needed. Am considering making placard and standing outside local shop sharing my experiences. Told call centre this but rude lady didn't care! I feel I am being robbed monthly and am at a loss as to what to do! Please help.

Reply by Lynn from England on 8th Nov 2016
I also am a customer who has been dealt with shockingly. I am hoping to go to the media with this terrible service from Vodafone. I am owed money after returning a phone and cancelling my account within the thirty day cooling off period. Vodafone have taken 150 from my account and promised four times (and one of these was from their so called customer complaints department) that my money will be returned. It's offcom next and then rallying other customers so we can be a united force to get action against this shocking company.

Reviewed by Jasveer singh from U.K. on 10th Oct 2016
Very bad. I'm not happy.

Reviewed by Sarah Turner from United Kingdom on 28th Sep 2016
1.Terrible repeated customer service
2. promises never fulfilled
3. credits promised but not fulfilled
4. i would advise after over 15 times of contacting them NEVER to use them as a provider.
5. even-though my parents have been with vodaphone for over 20 years they still dont seem to care.
6. signal is very temperamental, and just cuts out for no reason.

Reviewed by Nelson from England on 28th Sep 2016
Extremely poor service by vodafone. I've sent the following email to vodafone over a year ago but unsuccessfully:
"I, Nelson Pita account no. 686 882 667, hereby to let you know about the poor service given to me by Vodafone since I have made a phone contract.
This contract was made on September, 17th 2014. Sadly the sales adviser just made me sign it without my Samsung S5 being set up for the entertainment package including Spotify, Netflix and a Sports channel for free during the 24 months of contract and also the first 3 months free data.
My first bill dated on 09/10/14 came up as 88.27, when should be 57.49/pcm. Surprised with the total I contacted Vodafone to explain that amount when I have been told that was a month and half, because started on 17th. I asked to myself: "why did not the adviser aware me for this on my first bill?". Also on this bill I've been charged 3.13 for (extra 1GB data), when I did have a 3 months free data.
December 1st, Netflix charged me 6.99 from my PayPal account. Why???
December 9th, has been added to my bill 9.99 for Spotify. Why??????
I spoke to someone in Vodafone where I made the contract (Brixton) and the adviser cancelled those extra charges for future. (Please note, I have not been refunded).
January 1st 2015, Netflix charged me once again 6.99 and on 9th my Vodafone bill came up again 9.99 for Spotify.
Extremely disappointed I went back to Vodafone and once again another adviser cancelled those charges and said that was a mistake and I must be refunded for everything. Also he said that my case has been given to a manager for a solution and within 48 hours someone would call me back. A few weeks passed and nobody has contacted me. ( I have to mention that on this visit to Vodafone I have changed my address.).
February 1st, once again 6.99 for Netflix plus 9.99 for Spotify on 9th.
Frustrated, I went back to Vodafone and surprisingly the adviser said that they could not do nothing there and I had to call Vodafone customer service. So I did. I spoke to someone for over 30 minutes and nothing could be done so, someone should call me back within 48h. After 72h passed I called again but that time I requested a manager so the call was transferred to someone named "RAHUL". It was a long chat but hopeful I was talking to someone responsible, so that guy discounted on my bill (dated on 09/02/15), 2x 9.99 for Spotify and said to wait for his call to resolve the Netflix issue. That annoyed me because of previous bad experiences from Vodafone (never called back), but this "RAHUL" mentioned to do not worry about because the case was in the right hands. This happened on February 16th, when was the limit to pay my bill. As I used to do it by mobile (calling 191), something went wrong in the process and then the call has been transferred to an adviser and when I confirmed my details for security my address details was completely WRONG.
On Tuesday 17th I had an appointment to open an account in Barclays and THANKS TO VODAFONE I could not do it. What's wrong with my credit history?? Do I earn you something?
On 19th I called Vodafone to talk to the manager "RAHUL" and nobody knew that guy (does not exist). So I asked to talk to another manager and for twice the call has been transferred to different advisers. Then technical department got my call (without any sense) because I requested a manager. During that call the technical adviser said that extra charges was made because my entertainment package was included only one service, either Netflix, Spotify or Sports channel. None of this have been told me all this time and in special when have been several Vodafone Advisers involved in this weird situation.
I would like to let you know also about another complaint I have sent to this same email address without any proper answer back. (Just automatic replies)
I think that will be everything for now but..

Attached find the proof of Netflix charges from my PayPal account.

PLEASE NOTE I will go further with this case with someone competent to cancel the contract that binds me to Vodafone."
Well my contract came to an end after 2 years but vodafone decided to keep it going and keep charging the same costs, however prices are way cheaper these days. Despite my distraction to cancel the contract in time I called vodafone to do it right away however once again they messed up everything again changing my address without my request what made me impossible to go through security questions. Then a few hours later I could do it but just after going back to the store, losing all afternoon just to get rid of their services. Then I've been contacted by vodafone 2 days after to get a better offer on bundle. What a joke...
Look after your customers before losing them.
Hasta la vista!

Reviewed by Abdul khalisadar from United Kingdom on 22nd Sep 2016
I joined Vodafone when I got the iPhone 4 in 2010 I thought it was a bit pricey but they claimed to have the best coverage, first three years were ok I did though I did notice that my bills were coming up much higher then they were with the last provider.

It started 2013 with the change of my direct debit without informing me! Which caused me to be charged by my bank, realise the direct debit was cancelled tried for three months to set it up again Vodafone kept saying its sorted the filling month? NOTHING! Eventually when I asked to make a complaint they where able to set up the direct debit.

In February 2015 they took money out of my account twice, I contacted customer service who to my Horror that they can't see the second transaction?! I was then told to contact my back to make sure that it was actually taken twice even though I could see the transaction on my mobile banking and to print out a statement and take it to a Vodafone store to get my refund, so I left work early I took I rushed to the back grabbed my statement only to betold at the store that they don't do refunds all they can do is put a note on the system, so I go home and rang Vodafone guess what? We still can't see it and even through you've shown a memeber of our staff proof we still need to run an investigation to why and where, 8 days later nothing I contacted Vodafone again made a complaint "someone will call u regarding the complaint" no one did I was not surprised, the following week I called up and demanded my money back irrespective of where they where at with the investigation and I wanted to know what was happening with my complaint that was the day I realised Vodafone where actually doing nothing! I was astounded by the shear disregard they have for their customers and the high level of amateurism they display on a daily basis, eventually someone told me they don't know what's happening with the money and there was no complaints logged, I contacted the communications ombudsman whom told me to get a dead lock letter before they could proceed, when I asked Vodafone for the dead lock letter all of a sudden they have this department called customer relations! When all that time before this point I was lied to hung up on and ignored countless times, once I to customer relations all of a sudden they calm see that money has been taken from my account twice they refunded my money and gave and threw some more money at me for my money for my troubles.

August 2016 I called to cancel my line because my contact had come to an end and I had enough of their disgusting customer service, I was put through to a team that is meant to dive me my PUK code, they agent made it very clear that he doesn't want me to leave as I've been a very loyal customer, I told him I wanted the iPhone 7 plus and that I was going to O2 he said please don't cancel let us keep you happy and like a fool I believed him. On the 9th September I woke up early to order my phone by 8:23 my order was done told told the agent about the last I had conversation with Vodafone and surprise surprise he had no notes to go by but it didn't bother me too much when I didn't receive any confirmation of my order I started to get worried, Sunday the 12th I called again and spoke to someone called Simon who said that there was no order for my I completely lost it and asked to speak to the customer resolution team the agent Simon was adamant that there was no such team after calling me the wrong name he asked me to hold and went off to find out what was going on, came back and said my order was placed on a secondary system and it was fine and that I would receive my confirmation on Thursday, Thursday came no confirmation I call again and again no order he been placed they said I need to place an order today if I want the phone on time I asked it's now 6 days since the order was originally meant to have been placed would that not delay my phone? Apparently not which I did not believe having no choice but to place an order after being sent from puller to post I eventually placed my order I then requested to speak to the customer relations team and miraculously they appeared again but it's to late their closed, I called the following day and they gave me a discount on my line but they said they can't do anything about my phone due to the delay and high number of orders for that particular model I will have to wait! Since then they have put my on a contract I did not request until I get the phone when they will put me on the actual I ordered and they have cancelled my entertainment pack, it's now the 22nd of September and Ive received a email from them saying they will let me know what happening on the 26th I fly out on the 2nd of October. By far the worst ever experience I have had with a mobile company and this is coming from someone that was with 3G and T-Mobile at the time, when my contract is up in 24 months I will be leaving even if they offer me the best contact they have for free.

Reviewed by DD from UK on 19th Sep 2016
I signed up for broadband and they refused to issue me with a PIN number, insisting that I also signed up to a Vodafone SIM package at more ongong expense. It does not state this in any advertising and so their adverts are misleading. Then without the PIN it made the broadband package currently being advertised as unuseable.

Cancelled broadband within 14 days (cooling-off period)
Brief summary of your experience/query:
Despite cancelling within 14 days they deducted 49 from my bank account on -- August 2016. Their advertising states they do not make any deductions until everything is completed - it was not completed.

However I have had lengthy discussions with them and they are playing every trick in the book to refund me my 49, have even wasted hours and hours of my time and money in petrol, phone calls and time.

They admit (in writing) that they owe me the money but state it can only be refunded over the phone and that they cannot contact me by phone. They also state that the only way they will refund me is if I give them my debit card details over the phone so they can refund it. Sounds very much like the sort of thing a scammer will do as you normally use a card to pay for something, not the other way around. So I am very worried about that.

I have offered 7 other solutions including just send me a cheque. They refuse outright and persist in keep on stating countless times that it can only be done by phone - yet their phone system will strangely never connect to me. We are now at 5 weeks and the way I see it they are just waiting on purpose until I can take action with the Ombudsman after 8 weeks.

This is all unnecessary, time consuming, costing money, wasting hours, days, weeks of my time. They also refuse to issue a 'deadlock letter' despite saying they would then retracting that statement. As I said, just waiting out the time and do nothing. They know they owe me the money (and should also compensate for this) but just do nothing.

Reviewed by Steven holiday from England on 17th Sep 2016
Worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Customer service is non existent, constant handoffs,no one is willing to take responsibility. I have tried to complain 5 times since December 2015 and they are only just looking at my complaint now. In short they cancelled my contract in error whilst my son was in intensive care and I needed my phone the most to keep in contact with family. They then carried on charging me for the cancelled contract, when I rang them about this they told me to ignore the letter. They then passed it to a debt collection agency which he's now effected my credit score. I am44 years old and have never had any bad debt. I am furious with them. Do yourselves a massive favour and avoid VODAPHONE!!!!

Reviewed by Mohamed Serry from United Kingdom on 7th Sep 2016
I don't have network coverage over 5 months in my home. Customer Service are very rude and say that I can't cancel my contract because it is for 24 months. One time they say that they are working on the problem and another time they say that there is no problem and that it should be working fine when it isn't. I am in the process of taking my complaint to the communication ombudsman.

Reviewed by Sara Smith from United Kingdom on 2nd Sep 2016
I am distraught . I have been contacting vodafone for 9 months telling them the amount taken from my account via direct debit was wrong. I have had my daughters and my own phone cut off several times as they say I have not paid my bills. I state that I have always had m( for 17 years) had a direct debit account. They say I owe 600!
You get told little as they seem to know little. I am unable to view my bills on line and they cannot see them either and just say they will send a request into their IT department.
Last night after another gruelling hour on the phone to them getting nowhere I tried the Live Chat and after 3 hours explaining and asking questions again, I was put through to someone in Egypt who told me I was not paying my bills for 3 phones. This time though when questioned the operator revealed the amount each month fir months that had been taken was for numbers which are not even mine. WHAT! Ohhhh and to top it off I have another persons name on my account with my direct debit details on it!!!
He was dumbfounded too. So still not sorted out. Vodafone you are a disgrace!!!
I want this sorted asap!.

Reviewed by Truth from America on 31st Aug 2016
Vodafone's customer service is absoulutely horrific. Called 4 times for help, they claim to have fixed the problem but ignore it on each of every occasion. This review isn't false, it is true. As good as some deals might sound, it's not worth it because they will rip you off.

Reviewed by Jim from England on 27th Aug 2016
I've been with Vodafone for around 20 years, started with a brick phone. Good service and coverage. Pay as you go worked well for me and the 10 freebie is all I need each month. Unfortunately in the last year or so they have taken to saying thank you for topping up at 1 o'clock in the morning or later which is very annoying. Have complained but they won't stop doing it. It drives my wife mad and I can't say I am too pleased. Be sad if we have to change after all these years!!

Reviewed by Beverley from U.K. on 24th Aug 2016
Absolutely dire service, transferred to Vodaphone in October 2015, why oh why did we move our service to a company who does not know what customer service actually means. We are yet to have one correct bill, along with it taking over 4 weeks to port one of our numbers, no one takes responsibility of a customers concerns over their account, your call is transferred time and time again and then you end uphaving to repeat yourself. Not one member of staff we have dealt with, has resolved the problem with our account or they never call
you back when they say they will!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. 1 Star is too good !!!!!!!

Reviewed by Chris from Uk on 17th Aug 2016


Still waiting for a phone call from a manager

In this time I have phoned and spoke to staff who haven't got a clue what there job is or how to do it

Iv TRYED contacting the chairman after speaking to at least 60 members of staff

Still no luck
Very very very very very very very
Poor signal.

No 1 at vodaphone cares that's what it seems to me

They expect we will get our debt and credit cards out and pay for such a bad service

When I was 10 I had a pay as you go Voda phone phone I had a paper round I payed for credit on my phone with it

I'm now 26 still with you vodaphone On contract

Iv been a loyal customer to vodaphone until now



CONGRATULATIONS On becoming greedy like you never used to be



Reviewed by Lindsey from United Kingdom on 12th Aug 2016
Unbelievably poor service. Vodafone have lied time and time again claiming they have sorted my incorrect bills. Not once have they sorted it and this has been wrong since may. Constantly I'm getting charged for 2 phones when one of them I don't even own!! Can't believe so many people are incompetent and unable to fix this. I am absolutely leaving vodafone and never returning, I advise you don't even think about joining their diabolical company.

Reviewed by Francis from UK on 29th Jul 2016
Same old story been with them for 23 years and had 7 phones and until they changed the billing system and kicked my Direct Debit out in 2015 all had been reasonably ok, since then theyve been an utter nightmare, wrong billing/bundle charges etc. I refused to reinstate the DD or pay the correct outstanding amount until they rectified all their faults ,despite countless hours on Livechat and 191 they promised the earth but never delivered.

In the end I finalized the bill to what I reckoned it should have been, received a goodwill gesture of 100 for all the issues Id had, got the PAC codes and Ive left. Prior to the phones being cut off I received my last little surprise despite the bill being agreed and settled in full,and being at the end of my contract, a text saying my last months bill is 1223!!! and thathat was with 7 phones on 8.50/mth contracts go figure, Nothing they say or do can be believed, Im in the process of taking them to court.

Reply by David Banks from United Kingdom on 7th Sep 2016
I've had nothing but hassle with this company and they are causing me to have a nervous breakdown. I had to return a phone they sent me without a battery the person I spoke to said all phones come with a battery I said this one didn't and the lady the other end said you will have to pay for it I said I won't then she said your have to pay your months line rental again I said I won't I haven't used the phone and how can I without a battery. I cancelled the 30 day contract I'm very unhappy with vodaphone.

Reviewed by Louisa White from United Kingdom on 26th Jul 2016
Vile company! Recording false information about me on my credit file. Have been with them for 4 years and has always shown as a 0 balance. Now, suddenly, I owe 1,267.....which is news to me?!
Asked them to sort this and they promised they would, yet have done nothing - 5 months later!!
Save yourself the hassle and use another network for your mobile provider.
I shall be leaving as soon as our contracts are up!!!

Reviewed by tom from england on 23rd Jul 2016
Not a good company quick at letting you know when you owe them money not so quick at resolving problems, like refunds I wish I had read reviews before getting involved with vodaphone, great at ripping people off full of excuses. If you don't want months of agro and stress keeeeeep awwway from this company.

Reviewed by John from United Kingdom on 22nd Jul 2016
For my sins I have been with vodafone for many, many years and to be fair never had much in the way of problems with the phones I've had or even the network (albeit that it's the only network that gets no service at my house).

HOWEVER, the second something goes wrong or requires you to make a change or speak to the ironically named "customer services" it goes from an average, slightly overpriced service to being so awful that you are left asking yourself if you're being pranked by some rubbish reality TV program!

Like so many others on this site I've been overcharged (hundreds of pounds) and taken 6 months+ to get it (or at least some of it) back. I've been lied to consistently and have taken to asking for a transcript of the call or "chat" every single time. Obviously they always say yes, they'll send it. And predictably they never do.

I can only hope that people will read this and regardless of the "deal" on offer go to absolutely ANY other provider for their phone.

As soon as I can extradite myself from my contract I will. In fact, if I won the lottery tomorrow I would use the money to pay my way out of the contract before I even started looking at cars!!

Please don't sign up to vodafone....

Reviewed by Karen from UK on 14th Jul 2016
I have been a Vodafone customer for many years but never have I seen such poor customer service! Mistake after mistake & I still haven't received the phone I have ordered twice now! Twice my first order was delivered to the wrong address & when I finally managed to make the order again it got cancelled! All in all I have spent 6 or 7 hours either on hold or in store in the last week. Oddly, they haven't had any such trouble charging me for the higher priced contract I upgraded to when I tried to get the phone. Having spoken to 6 of their staff so far all have been incompetent & I still don't have a phone or any way of getting one.

Reviewed by Debbie from UK on 12th Jul 2016
Here's my experience of my most recent upgrade with Vodafone. The following is the review I sent to Vodafone. Online upgrade offers were poor so I called to find out what I needed to do to leave Vodafone. Cutting a very long story short the lady offered me a good upgrade on the phone I wanted (Samsung Galaxy Note 4. During the conversation I repeated at least 3 times that I didn't under any circumstances want a black phone. The lady offered me white of gold and I asked for white. My phone arrived today, it's ......BLACK! Ringing the call centre was just as much fun - I used the call back service which rang me back about 5 mins later to hold me in a queue for 10 mins. Once I did get through I was told that they couldn't help because the relevant depart was now closed until tomorrow morning - lucky me I get to do the whole thing again tomorrow and have even more delay a getting the handset that I want!

Reviewed by bill from england on 10th Jul 2016
Never get involved worst company going , always saying you owe them money when you don't. Can't get any sence out of anyone. if you have any sence you wont get involved more trouble than its worth!

Reviewed by Debi from England on 10th Jul 2016
Got new phone 6 months into contract the screen is duplicated. I need the phone for my business so it is essential I have a replacement phone . After calling Vodafone and speaking to Apple they decided the phone had to be sent off for further investigation. Told us to take to VF shop for a phone on loan while it gets repaired . No phone to loan me ... Adviced me to go to another store 10 miles away so I went no phones to loan me . VF shop could not ring VF . Assistant manager can not make any decisions for himself so really just a sales person not aloud to make any decisions at his own discretion. Really annoyed and sale assistant asked me to leave or the would get security. Came home rang VF said ring first store ask them to ring u when a phone comes in to loan me . Left two messages over two wks and no returned call . Been with VF for 17 years on top contract. Been bought a cheap phone and posting phone for repair that if the call centre has done thing correct this has gone on now for six week . This is the worst company I have ever delt with and it used to be the best . Not anymore I can't wait to leave.

Reviewed by karen from england on 9th Jul 2016
worst company i have ever had the misfortune to deal with. appalling customer service. i pity their employees having to try defend poor service. i am very happy to say i willingly paid cancellation fee so i could leave them. worth every penny. if i could give a minus rating it would be -100.

Reviewed by jim from uk on 7th Jul 2016
My 1 star should be -5 absolute discraceful company i had 2 phones on my acount mine and my daughters my daughter ran up a huge bill and was having money problems i phone vodafone to see what i can do they offer me a payment plan 12 months i agree and asked if i can check my daughter can pay it and phone back this was agreed daughter agreed phoned them back the new operater said vodafone dont do 12 month paymrnt plans offered me 2 6 months payment plans one to run after the other finnishes (ok that sounds like a 12 month plan however she put it ) agreed made payment told every month on a pr arranged date this woud be debited from my card and id still need to pay my normall bills begining of every month agreed sety up dd for normall bill following month no dd i phone up operater says dd cancelled the plan its asking for full amount so i was offered a new 12 month plan (yep 12 month not 2 6month 1 12 month plan that they apparently does not exist) i agreed and payed 05110 of my bill to start the plan and csancelled the direct debit following month i get a text from my bank saying i was 05870 overdrawn on my overdraft i phoned voda tey had set up a dd without my permission and had taken the lot and tryed denying it thurther phonecalls made till they sent my money back at this point i send the MD of vodafone an email he didnt read it i got a call from vodafones sulutions department telling me i can have only a 3month plan and that was it i asked about the dd reply was u have the money back it sorted end off cheeky as far as im concerned setting up a dd and taking money without permision is theft but they dont agree i took this to onnibudsman while they imfestigated this vodafone kindly cut my phone off but not my daughters phone unbeleivable since i never went out side my plan in the 5 years i was with them and my daughters phone was the one that caused the problem every month i was billed for both in may they cut both phones off completely and added cancellation charges , ombudsmnan has now finnished their investigation vodafone told them that they would not have offered me a 12 month payment plan but she could see on the evidence vodafone sent that they treid to set a 12 month plan up and o0ffered me 0575 pound of of my now hugely 052040 bill and a letter of appologie ombudsman dont get to listen to the calls that are recorded for training and legal purposes ,yet they on their own would prove vodafone are in the wrong here.

Reply by jim from uk on 12th Jul 2016
made a typo bill is 052040 not what i posted up there.

Reply by jim from uk on 19th Jul 2016
corecting my typo and my typo corection bill is now two thousand and fourty gbp

Reviewed by lorraine from scotland on 27th Jun 2016
Worst company in the world avoid using this company you will save yourself the trouble they give you they upgraded my phone without my permission in Nov 2016 and as I didnt accept delivery of there phone I am now trying to cancel my contract that is up in June 2016 but not according to Vodafone who says its now Nov 2016 once I have got rid of this vile company with no customer service I will never use them again.

Reviewed by kisha from uk on 27th Jun 2016
Been charged for eight months now at the wrong amount 25-00 more told every month that it is resolved to find out when the bill comes in im still being charged and today i have been told they have a problem accessing my a/c and when i asked to speak to a manager was told i will get a call back within 4 days.
VODAPHONE ARE A JOKE i have contacted trading standards who say they have broken 3 sales of goods acts with my case.

Reviewed by Dave from Uk on 26th Jun 2016
Upgraded to an iPhone 6 2 weeks ago and was toldd the sim would be activated in 24 hours. 14 days later and 5 store visits to Kings Lynn and no service still! They continue to fob us off with false promises, needless to say EE are a much better option. I am returning the iPhone to store.

Reviewed by Salli from UK on 23rd Jun 2016
I'd give a lower star rating if possible. I started a contract with them thinking they were reputable. However they would always add "late" payment fees to my bill even when I told them multiple times that it wasn't made available online because it isn't yet the bill due date. So basically I'm charged extra for paying my bill "late" when I'm paying it 2 days in advance. They're also no helpful if you call them, and when you speak to them on live chat they always promise to remove these charges but do f all. Now waiting for my contract to end so I can change to another network.

Reviewed by Craig from Uk on 22nd Jun 2016
They will listen to what you say but don't do anything about it , I hate doing reveiws and as this one would take so long I can't be bothers as there's to much to say, just keep away from them. Craig

Reviewed by Gary from UK on 18th Jun 2016
Been with Vodafone since 1998 and always been happy - until now.
Issues now with internet connection not being available when away from Wi-Fi for nearly 3 weeks.
Numerous calls and 'online chat' and still no resolution with me being treated like some sort of idiot.
I have just emailed the entire exec team at Vodafone and will see what that achieves. Will also contact the ombudsman.
What kind of company only accepts complaints in writing (via post) in the 21st Century?? Vodafone apparently.
Online chat and calls which are fielded outside of the UK (India and Egypt I am led to believe) lead to further frustration as when the problem or issue goes 'off script' there is no logical answer. Requests to speak with supervisors aren't granted or even taken seriously.
Can't believe a multi-national company treats its customers this way.
Time to review the options......

Reviewed by Liane from England on 16th Jun 2016
Worst company ever Group of butchers who just rip peoples off.
Got over charged twice first time they refund me after so many weeks on phone.Now they did same.
Simply leaving them now.Friends n family advised me to not to go with VODAPHONE but now i think i should have listen them.
They even dnt deserve 1 star but no choice here...

Reviewed by Peter from Great Britain on 15th Jun 2016
Looking at the other reviews all I can add is worst company, worst customers services. Well done Vodafone you top the list at being the worst company ever!! In my opinion any way....Looks like a lot of people agree...

Reviewed by Malcolm from England on 13th Jun 2016
I have been a loyal customer with Vodafone since the 1980's but over the last two years I have become disenchanted as their service becomes less and less satisfactory. Over the last two weeks we have had so much waffle and poor service with a simple sim change on two phones we are leaving the company as our contracts expire. Two phones out of 5 in the family have already left and a third will go at the end of this month. The others will go in September and October. A few of the operators have done their very best to sort out our issues and we have had a raft of apologise but no action and a lot of hours lost along with false promises and inadequate communications.. FOR A COMMUNICATION COMPANY don't you think this is awful?

Sadly customer loyalty does not count anymore so I do not expect a response or anything more than sales flannel if I do get a response.

No more recommendations from me.

Reviewed by David from Scotland on 8th Jun 2016
Signed contract with Vodafone a year ago. in the last month Vodafone started updating their software and I began having problems with my phone. Two weeks ago, after a lot of messing around on the phone with them, I took it to the East kilbride Vodafone store where it was sent out for repair. Got a call last week saying it couldn't be fixed as it had a dent in it and therefore out of warrantee. After another weeks wait to get it back to the East Kilbride store, I went in today to be told they would not fix it. Because I carry it in my pocket, the silver edging is chipped away. This means it is damaged. After being kicked out of store for telling them what I thought of their service, I went right into the Samsung store in Glasgow. Only an hour later, I was out with my phone fixed. It was simply a software issue (I think because of Vodafone updates) So to the Samsung guys in Glasgow a big thanks, but to Vodafone, I will let my money do the talking and walking.

Reviewed by Ian Gott from UK on 4th Jun 2016
Its a shame that there isn't a zero star. I have a Vodafone data dongle which I topped up last week and it is using data when not connected, I keep buying a bundle but it runs out after a few minutes. Tried their website, it cant show my usage, tried live chat they cant help said I should call an 03333 number for technical, tried this there is no option for technical. So tried " I want to leave Vodafone" option and someone answered! I'll put you through the technical, OK so waited for 30 minutes with a dead phone (no hold music or sound) DONT EVENT THINK about using Vodafone, they used to be so good but now are SO bad.

Reviewed by M Lewis from uk on 3rd Jun 2016
There are far more morally decent and polite thieves to donate your hard earned money to. It would be rude to employ the term 'service' to the Vodafone company.
Corporate suicide would be more apt. They will leave a lasting effect on you.
Avoid this brand of bandits.

Reviewed by Jayne B from Ireland on 3rd Jun 2016
Worst company ever to deal with when minor problems occur. Have been with vodafone for nearly twenty years and can't believe the problems with getting a problem resolved, pulling my hair out with sheer frustration. Do not deal with vodafone....they are not the business that they used to be..awful experience.

Reviewed by Hrushikesh J from ind on 27th May 2016
The card hasn't been activated and 72 hours has been passed since I was told it would be activated in 24 hours. The worst part is that the employer didn't update the details in the system as they giving me a reason of restarting the cell. Seems to be ignorant. Disappointed.

Reviewed by Stef from Uk on 26th May 2016
Avoid at all costs. They will convince you to upgrade with them by offering you discounts. Discounts will drop off after couple of months and after that you will have to call, and call and call. Nothing ever gets sorted, they never admit errors and treat you like fool for months.
My Vodafone nightmare ends in two weeks and I will never take anything from Vodafone again.

Reviewed by Lee from United Kingdom on 26th May 2016
What a poor customer service, been with them over 10 year, I have my contract with half price monthly charges for 27 months, suddenly start from the 20 month , they started to charge me full price for the monthly charges, I have chasing them to get the refund, it tooks me nearly 6 months time hasn't solve out the problems. Very very bad customer service and their computer system always break down. Lucky my contract end soon. Somemore the signals in my area wasn't very good. frustrating........

Reviewed by Nicola from U.K. on 25th May 2016
Been with them for 11 years, what's happened, services agents give incorrect information, make promises that will not be upheld. Consequence for me charge for data! Not sure how my phone can uses nearly 2gb data in 1/12 hours whilst it was in sleep mode! I don't use that much when it's active.
4th may 2016 told that vodafone had a major technical fault causing customers data to be incorrect and will get a refund, still have 1.83 gb left. Now face a 78 bill which they will only refund 50 as gesture of good will.
Can't wait for end of contract....

Reviewed by Caroline from Uk on 25th May 2016
Can't stress enough how much I hate this company. The stress and lies that have lead to me being furious. Days waiting in for a new phone to arrive. Countless days taking time off work and more promises that this time it will be dealt with. My daughters phone was due to be transferred over from pay as you go to the contract taking her old number. Still waiting months later. Paying both contracts in the process. We are told by each person that this time it will be done!!!! Really???? When??? We are still waiting!!! 😡😡😡
Have been with them 10 years. Nice that they treat us like this. The story goes on and on. Hours and hours of calls and call backs that don't happen. Even had another sales person tying to renew the contract from another sales person and starting again. Telling me it's not a new contract and cancelling the already long awaited phone that still hasn't arrived months later 😁

Reviewed by Lm from Uk on 24th May 2016
First issue: major security breach (just after talk talk were hacked). Clearly ballsed up, never investigated and no reply. EVER. Second issue: overcharged for data I never used or got in first place (happened to my sisters too). Checked data and had 4gb left that morning, was in work and only listened to spotify on way home from work. No way I could have used all data up. They suggested data leakage and to have handset checked (which I did). Guess what? No issues with handset. Phoned to challenge *SEVERAL* times. Cut off, fobbed off and no further on. Fed up being passed around and having to tell 20 people the same story. Just stalling tactics. Was supposed to get call back next day and i'm still waiting two weeks later. Just found out he never bothered escalating it.
And now? Bill has jumped to 50 for no reason whatsoever. Supposed to be half that. Still have data and everything else unlimited, so no reason for this. Also being charged for new handset I haven't got. Losing the plot.

Reviewed by DAE from UK on 19th May 2016
Terrible experience with Vodafone and their customer services department. My complaint has been passed all over the world, when I sent my letter to their head office in Newbury. Disgraceful service.

Reviewed by Mirel from Uk on 11th May 2016
Worst experience.

Reviewed by kevin from uk on 11th May 2016
Rubbish useless - can't speak to anyone avoid at all costs as soon as my contract is up - i'm off !!!!!!!

Reviewed by EMMA from uk on 10th May 2016
They are thieves, liars and time wasters.
Do not go with vodafone-you will regret it!
On going problem which they caused. It's taking weeks to sort out. They keep taking money which they don't account for, disconnected the phones twice. Changed contract dates for an extra 1 year. Also, changed contract amounts per month. So now paying a lot more. Never asked for any of this.

Reviewed by Chris from Wales on 6th May 2016
I don't even receive bills anymore, not paid them since feb, tried to call them etc etc, on line chat, they really are useless...
I don't mind a free phone but I fear one day they're going to hit me with a bill for lots of money.

Reviewed by Alan from united kingdom on 5th May 2016
Impressive service but because red data is limited I always keep three network handy, I like the fact voda don't limit how I can use red data, but usage without tethering should not be limited especially not to rooted devices.

Reviewed by Pat Ford from UK on 28th Apr 2016
If I could give a less than one rating, I would. Every time I ring customer services, I am promised this time it will be sorted out, but now I have completely given up. I can't wait for my contract to end! Basically, I can't get reception in my house, unless I stand pressed against my bedroom window and, even then, the reception generally goes within minutes. I have been consistently told by Vodafone that they have experienced difficulties in my area, but these are being worked on - really? I have been told that I would not be charged because I have not been able to use the network - the reality was that I was offered one month free. Ridiculous when one is signed into a two year contract. I have been advised I would get better reception if I altered the setting to 2G - crazy when you think networks are now having no trouble on 4G. In any case, this made no difference! It is also hopeless when you ask to speak to anyone in a more senior position - apparently whoever you speak to holds that position of authority! I have only recently found out that the Vodafone store in my area actually closed because of the lack of reception in its locality, but they still won't release me from my contract without me paying off the full amount left to run - what a nerve! So take my advice - DO NOT, whatever deal you are offered, enter into any contract with Vodafone.

Reviewed by Rajinder kaur from Manchester on 22nd Apr 2016
Omg why has this company not been arrested I've just read a review which is exactly like mine they renewed a contract that I clearly stated I wanted cancelled now debt collectors are ringing me. I have rang ten times that's not even exaggerating I've written to head office. They have listened to the phone call I was told I was incorrectly charged now all of a sudden they have rejected my complaint and are saying I owe them that money I am fuming if I could rate no stars I would.

Reply by Ewa from UK on 28th Apr 2016
Oh, so this is what coming then?? they have done everything bad possibel to me, even overcharging me whilst on morphine in hospital after serious life-saving surgery! I have wanted to quit for so long but i have to stick to this for another 4 months till my contract runs out. From what you say i might be stuck to them forever!

Reviewed by Dani from UK on 21st Apr 2016
Absolutely awful, everything about them is bad, the cost of their contracts, their customer service and their signal. After being with them for close to 10 years i have moved to another provider, both of my contracts. I guess you just get fed up of being charged incorrectly each month! Then being fobbed off by 23 different people: "OK all done now, next month your bill will be back to where it should be" wait a month, over charged again. Will never use them for anything ever again! One star is too much...

Reviewed by ANDY WRIGHT from United Kingdom on 17th Apr 2016
Before buying the Galaxy S7 I asked 2 separate online customer advisers if the S7 worked with wifi calling at this time and they both assured me that it did and tried very hard to get me to sign up through each of them but I said I was going to think about it. The next day I decided to buy online and collect at my local store.Once at the store I asked the staff member to confirm the s7 will work with wifi calling now and he also assured me that it did, great can you set the phone up so it will work for me when I get home. Before leaving the store I again asked that the phone had been set to work with wifi calling and he said it had.Once home I discovered that it had no option for wifi calling so I called customer services and they said the S7 does not work with wifi calling.So 3 different Vodafone staff members either gave wrong information or lied to me to get a sale.Back at the store was a nightmare...the same staff member ( assistant manager) thought it was acceptable to shout at me at the top of his voice in front of other customers that he hadn't told me it would work with wifi calling, after reminding him of our earlier conversation when I bought the phone he again shouted in front of a shop full of customers ..WHO ON EARTH BUYS A PHONE WITHOUT KNOWING HOW IT WORKS!! very intimidating..I left the store and called customer services to complain but they wasn't interested saying they could only put it on my notes so I wrote a letter and posted it to the address on their website recorded delivery but they didn't even acknowledge my letter or reply. After making several requests I finally received a returns bag and have now cancelled my contract and sent their phone back.NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE VODAFONE AND I HOPE IF YOU'RE READING THIS VODAFONE YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME .......IF YOU CAN BE BOTHERED THAT IS.

Reviewed by ian godden from britain on 16th Apr 2016
I beg you do not use vodafone, everything they tell you on phone is a lie. they deny everything and make you feel a liar, wish i never went with them.

Reviewed by AL from UK on 12th Apr 2016
Avoid like the plague. Truly awful experience trying to arrange an upgrade.

Reviewed by John from UK on 11th Apr 2016
Vodafone haven't cancelled a contract that was renewed back in November. They are now trying to bill me for the months that its still been active as well as adding cancellation fees on top! We gave them the 30 days notice in October 2015 that they requested but they still didn't terminate the contract after it expired. They have now cancelled our other 2 contracts due to not paying our bill for the contract mentioned above. Vodafone have all of a sudden lost all notes of us calling them and have no recollection of us trying to cancel the contract although we have talked numerous times and walked into a local store to discuss it.

Quite simply, Vodafone are bullies and thieves!!!!!

Reply by Lynne from UK on 21st Apr 2016
Same situation but a few years ago. Just received summons from Lowdell to go to court. Unbelievable and would advise anyone considering Vodafone to look elsewhere.

Reply by Kayleigh from UK on 4th May 2016
Exactly the same situation as I am in... except my notice was given in November. Despite the fact that I have written notes on every phone call and am able to tell them the exact date and time of calls there are, miraculously, no notes on my file from those calls. The amount I allegedly owe is different on the letter they have sent me to what they have on file for me. I have had enough now and I am filing a subject access request for all information they hold on me and will be challenging every discrepancy. I have explicitly told them I will not be paying this 'debt' and I will take them to court if I have to.


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