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Washer dryers

Washer dryers are convenient space-savers, but have more to go wrong! Check out our washer dryer reviews to save yourself a headache. We cover all the top brands, including Bosch, Samsung, Hotpoint, AEG and Indesit. Find the best washer dryer combo and search for the best buy online.

Bosch WVG30461GB reviewBosch WVG30461GB review
The Bosch WVG30461GB is an impressive washer dryer with a big 8kg/5kg washing/drying capacity, a very high 1500 rpm spin speed, and an extensive range of wash programmes. The EcoSilence drive makes this one of the quietest washer dryers on the market, and comes with a 10 year warranty. This model carries the Allergy+/ECARF Quality Seal and is highly recommended.
4 starsClick for details
Samsung WD90J6410AW reviewSamsung WD90J6410AW review
The Samsung WD90J6410AW is a high-end washer/dryer with a huge 9kg washing capacity. It looks very futuristic with its LED panel display and crystal blue door, and it's efficient too, with an A-rating for energy use. Although it's expensive to buy, its direct drive motor offers long-lasting performance, and is guaranteed for 10 years.
4 starsClick for details
Bosch WVH28422GB reviewBosch WVH28422GB review
It's not cheap by any standards, but the Bosch WVH28422GB is considerably quieter in operation than other washer dryers, thanks to Bosch's EcoSilence drive system. That makes it very reliable too, so you should consider it to be a good investment that should last for years. It's A-rated for energy efficiency, and is one of the best washer dryers you can buy.
4 starsClick for details
Bosch WKD28351GB reviewBosch WKD28351GB review
The Bosch WKD28351GB built-in washer-dryer is one of the best of its types, combining a compact and neat finish with a full-size wash/dry capacity. But like all built-in models, it's quite expensive, has a low B-rating for energy efficiency, and can be quite noisy in use.
4 starsClick for details
Hotpoint WDAL8640P reviewHotpoint WDAL8640P review
This Eco Tech washer dryer has a large 8kg washing & 6kg drying capacity and an impressive "A" rating for energy efficiency. With a range of useful features, it's quiet while washing but can be noisy in spin mode.
3 starsClick for details
Siemens WD14H421GB reviewSiemens WD14H421GB review
The Siemens WD14H421GB condenser washer/dryer isn't cheap, but is exceptionally good value for a quality German appliance. Its 7kg wash capacity will be sufficient for most users, and it offers a good combination of programmes and a useful display panel. Most impressive is its super silent operation - it's one of the quietest washer dryers on the market.
4 starsClick for details
Siemens WD15H520GB reviewSiemens WD15H520GB review
The Siemens WD15H520GB is a premium washer dryer with a hefty price tag. Whilst not cheap, it's well-engineered, incredibly quiet, efficient, and comes with a large range of programmes, options and features.
4 starsClick for details
Hotpoint WDUD9640K reviewHotpoint WDUD9640K review
The Hotpoint WDUD9640K washer-dryer in Black has very distinctive looks and really makes a statement in your kitchen. It's a convenient space-saver, and very good value too, with a large 9kg/6kg wash & dry capacity. Featuring an LCD display with push button controls, a 1400rpm max spin speed and an A energy rating, it's a well-specified machine. Quiet when washing, although noisy when spinning, it's a good choice for an entry-level washer-dryer.
3 starsClick for details
Hotpoint WDF740P reviewHotpoint WDF740P review
This is a good basic washer dryer with a 7kg wash capacity and a decent 1400rpm spin speed. Overall energy efficiency is a moderate B rating and the machine can be noisy during wash, but there are some useful options such as a half load setting and a delay timer and the price is competitive.
3 starsClick for details
Hotpoint WDUD9640G reviewHotpoint WDUD9640G review
The Hotpoint WDUD9640G washer-dryer in graphite finish is a smart-looking but inexpensive model from Hotpoint's Ultima range. Its key features are automatic sensor drying, a useful LCD display control panel, and a good range of wash programmes. Its main disadvantages are noisy spinning and long wash times when using the full wash cycles.
3 starsClick for details

Washer dryers reviews & articles (archived)

AEG L75670WD review - The AEG L75670WD is an outstandingly good washer dryer. Although it doesn't have quite the load capacity of some other models, it excels when it comes to energy efficiency, ease-of-use, and reliability. The inverter motor makes this one of the quietest washer dryers, both in washing and spinning. And being an AEG, you can be rest assured that you're investing in an appliance that will last for years. We rarely give 5 star reviews for appliances, but this one deserves it!
AEG L77695WD review - The AEG L77695WD washer-dryer is an expensive high-end product, but the model we tested didn't seem quite up to AEG's usually extremely high build standards. But in principle it's an excellent product, with a cavernous 9kg washing and 6kg drying capacity, A energy rating, and 1600rpm spin speed. It's also one of the very quietest washer dryers available.
AEG L87696WD review - The AEG L87696WD is a high-performance, high-capacity washer/dryer that costs twice as much as a low-end machine, but should repay the investment with years of reliable performance. It washes and dries efficiently and effectively, and is one of the very quietest machines you can buy. It's a smart-looking appliance too, that will look good in your kitchen or utility room, and it's one that we highly recommend.
Beko WDA91440W review - This Beko washer dryer uses air to cool the condenser, saving up to 7,500 litres of water a year and making this one of the most efficient washer dryers available. With a large load capacity and the ability to wash and dry up to 5 shirts in 55 minutes, it scores well for convenience too. It's quiet in operation, excellent value for money and is highly recommended.
Beko WDX8543130W review - The Beko WDX8543130 washer/dryer comes with a 10 year warranty on its ProSmart inverter motor. It's a compact, entry-level machine, yet it can still handle a large 8kg wash load, making it ideal for a busy family. Although this is a top value washer/dryer, we've marked it down as it has a very budget feel, with the push-button controls quite fiddly to use, and the machine making a lot of noise while washing.
Bosch WKD28350GB review - The Bosch WKD28350GB built-in washer-dryer offers the benefits of combined washing and drying in a single compact machine. It's an expensive option however, and with a very small washing and drying capacity, it's best suited to a single person or a couple. It's also not the quietest washer dryer, nor does it score very well for energy efficiency. We can't rate it highly for value-for-money.
Bosch WVH28360GB review - This entry-level Bosch washer dryer has a relatively small capacity (7kg washing / 4kg drying), but makes up for this by being one of the quietest and most reliable machines available.
Bosch WVH2836SGB review - This attractively-finished washer dryer is very quiet in operation and offers Bosch's superior build quality at a realistic price. The touch control panel and LED display make it an easy machine to use.
Bosch WVH28421GB review - The WVH28421GB is a more advanced machine than the entry-level Bosch washer dryers. Its AirCondensation technology uses no water during drying for greater efficiency. Yet it's still only B-rated for overall efficiency, and the high price makes us question its value for money.
Hoover WDYN654D review - The Hoover WDYN654D is a slimline washer dryer with a small load capacity. It's cheap, but Hoover isn't a brand with a reliable reputation, and it's a noisy machine to have in your kitchen. We'd recommend it only if your available space is truly cramped.
Hoover WDYN855D review - This Hoover washer dryer can accommodate a large 8kg wash and a 5kg dry. Its fast spin helps to speed up drying, enabling it to complete a wash & dry in just one hour. It's good value too, but can be noisier than other washing machines. Be aware also that Hoover's reputation for reliability isn't the best.
Indesit IWDC6105 review - The Indesit IWDC6105 is one of the cheapest washer dryers available. It's easy to use, with automatic sensor drying and a handy 45 minute express wash. The tiny load capacity makes it most suitable for a single person or a couple. It can be quite noisy in use and energy efficiency is rated low too.
LG F1496AD5 review - The LG F1496AD5 is an entry-level washer-dryer, but that doesn't mean it's cheap - it's an LG after all! It's a compact appliance, but with a large 8kg wash capacity. The machine is easy to use with an illuminated easy-turn dial and a push-button LED display. The shiny metal finish gives it a high-end look. The machine is fairly quiet in use, and is good value, with a 10 year warranty on its direct drive motor.
LG F14A8YD5 review - The LG F14A8YD5 is a top-value washer dryer from a top make. Less expensive than LG's premium appliances, but built to the same high standards, this machine combines good looks with a large load capacity, plenty of wash programmes, and excellent all-round performance. It's one of our star recommendations.
LG F1695RDH review - The LG F1695RDH washer-dryer comes with a very high price tag, but justifies it in several ways. First of all, it has an exceptionally large drum, making it able to wash and dry far more than most rival machines. Secondly, it has stylish looks, and is very easy to use. Thirdly, it's energy-efficient, reasonably quiet, and comes with a ten-year warranty on its direct drive motor. We can't find any downsides to this machine.
LG FH4A8FDH8N review - There aren't too many black washer-dryers on offer, and the LG FH4A8FDH8N is a good choice if you're looking for an appliance to match a black colour scheme. It's not cheap, but it's a very capable hi-tech machine, with a huge choice of programmes available.
Samsung WD80J6410AX review - This compact version of Samsung's WD6000 series washer/dryer is finished in Stainless Steel, with a Crystal Blue door, and will easily add wow factor to any kitchen. Although it's expensive, we'd regard it as an investment that ought to last for years. Solidly built, and with Samsung's reputation for reliability, this model comes with a 10-year warranty on its digital inverter motor. The direct drive technology also makes it a very quiet machine to use.
Samsung WD906U4SAGD review - The Samsung WD906U4SAGD is a heavy-duty washer dryer with a big 9kg washing and 6kg drying capacity. The machine's digital inverter motor makes it quieter and more efficient in washing than many rival washer dryers, and enables Samsung to give a 5 year warranty on the motor.
Samsung WD90J6410AX review - This stainless steel version of Samsung's WD6000 series washer/dryer looks amazing, with its metal finish and Crystal Blue door. It has probably the largest capacity you'll find, with 9kg washing and 6kg drying. Its digital inverter motor makes it very quiet and efficient, and is guaranteed for 10 years. So while this machine is expensive to purchase, it should be regarded as an investment in your kitchen.
Samsung WD90J7400GW review - The WD90J7400GW is another high quality washer dryer from Samsung. This is a very high capacity machine with a top A rating for energy efficiency. Its digital inverter motor is quiet and comes with a 10 year warranty, and there's a choice between Eco Wash, Speed Wash or Silent Wash. With a large porthole door and an easy-to-read LED display, it's an excellent all-round appliance. It isn't cheap, but quality rarely is!
Zanussi ZKG7145 review - This Zanussi washer dryer is reasonably priced but has a smaller than average 6kg wash capacity and a tiny 4kg drying capacity. Although it has a reasonably fast 1400rpm spin speed, overall energy efficiency is low and it can be quite noisy in use too.
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